I love a married woman what to do: explain all the nuances

Falling in love with a married woman

It very often happens that a man falls in love with a married woman. That’s not a bad thing, it happens, people’s relationships can be anything.

Why do people cheat and why is cheating so condemned?

Love in a permanent relationship always changes. In place of a bright passion comes a calm and measured feeling. But this happens only when people really suit each other. When this does not happen and it turns out that the connecting thread for the partners was passion, the marriage collapses like a house of cards from a gust of wind.

There are several categories of women, as well as men, who suddenly realize that they fell in love with another person.

This is usually due to the fact that lovers are very much in love with married men and want to be their wives, but lovers often take advantage of women and do not want a serious relationship. People think sometimes that women lovers are not as loving and so they judge them because they believe that husbands are always good and wives cheat on them.

That said, mistresses don’t think of their wives as stupid or bad because it prevents the mistress’s self-esteem from staying afloat, but it’s different in the case of lovers. They usually understand the situation as if the wife does not love her husband and only uses his money and is sleeping with the lover. This happens when the lover is not in love and does not know what is going on in the family. If, however, he has really fallen in love with a married woman, and realizes that the feelings are mutual, a situation will arise where he will have to take responsibility for his woman. His guilt and his worries that she is not doing well in her family and needs to get her out of there to give her a better life can especially get in the way.

These situations happen often when strong feelings arise for a married woman and the man begins to ask her to leave her husband, even if there are children in the marriage. But such things happen less often than when a mistress asks to marry her.

This is because, in principle, men are more characterized by sex without any commitment. Because of this, married women are usually condemned because they think they don’t respect themselves and give themselves over to other men, while treating their husband poorly.

If you have fallen in love with a married woman, pay attention to her behavior when you first met her, when you were not yet communicating and talking to each other about love. If she says she’s too temperamental and sensual, throws herself on your neck without talking to you, without getting to know you, and you haven’t shown your initiative in any way, she may have a problem or deficit in the sexual sphere.

If she brags about her temperament, she probably has no interests in life, no values, her head is empty, and she is completely unattractive. It should be borne in mind that so ardently she may behave only if you have long been in touch, in love with each other and burning with passion. Then you can appreciate the gesture, otherwise it would be very strange.

If you know that your woman is married, you have to communicate before the first intimacy with her much longer than with a free girl. Can you show her? That you are very interested in her as a friend, as a person, and even as a woman, but there is no need to rush into sexual intimacy. Let your romantic story be a long one. Create your own love story first in correspondence, then in dating and get used to each other. Give her time to think about leaving her husband and make the decision to divorce.

Love in a long-term relationship

What does love look like in a long-term relationship? When you’re married, you usually don’t pay as much attention to each other because over time you get used to each other and the relationship doesn’t line up like it did in the beginning. You don’t have to think about your partner every minute, but he or she is like a background in all your thoughts.

In a long-term relationship, there are usually many different emotions devoted to your partner, but not all thoughts every minute and overall you’re fine. If those emotions are positive and you are in balance, that’s enough to stay together. That being said, everything you have becomes overall and basically there may be a lack of passion in such a union.

It happens that some people are too inert and passive, and the other partner wants some emotions, love and passion. But the thing is, you can’t be in a state of excitement all your life. On the one hand, it’s okay, but on the other, it’s not, and it’s better still to have your partner be at least somewhat similar to you in temperament.

When this does not happen, it is very common to have affairs on the side and other difficult situations. In fact, it is not so important how often there is intimacy in your family life, the most important thing is creativity and developed sensuality. If you’re acting like rabbits from morning till night, keeping up with each other, then that can be a problem because it will crowd everything else out of your life.

But if it doesn’t interfere with other things like work, socializing with friends, living and parenting, then maybe this sexuality is just a feature of your personality. Then it could be normal. There are times when one thing gives you energy for everything else for example love can be the main thing in your life and it gives you energy for work, for life for everything else.

When it comes to married couples, you have to evaluate them not only in terms of romance and sex, but also in other areas. There are times when romance is too important to you, but it doesn’t mean that much to your spouse, and therefore your relationship can deteriorate, your significant other will suffer and conflict with you. It also happens when the husband in the family is too dependent on work, and has absolutely lost interest in the family, in his wife, so conflicts can arise and also someone from the couple will be pulled to the side.

How do you get a woman out of your marriage and make her yours? How do you get a woman out of your marriage or push her into thinking that way?

The fact that your beloved woman is married to another man is too weighty to ignore and you need to slowly and consistently prove your love and affection to make her want to leave her husband. You have to do this if you are really very much in love and want to start a family with this woman (and are willing to love her children as your own, if she has any).

You have to understand that if a marriage has cracked, it’s not necessarily worth saving, so you have to act on the basis of your specific situation. You can really fall in love, you will end up taking the woman out of the family, and you will be happy together. All you have to do is behave properly and don’t forget about the ethics of the relationship.

Understand the important thing, if your woman is having a bad time in her marriage, she probably has a real war going on every day. From offensive to sabotage. When a man and woman have children and no one wants to get away from them, conflicts and wars over territory and various emotions are very common. The woman may feel that she had no rights before and rebels. The man, depending on his character and other reasons, may give in or conflict or give in again, but eventually the scandals can get to both of them and this can be repeated many times until they realize that the marriage has run out of steam.

You should be patient in this situation and support your beloved if you are really interested in her. You’ve fallen in love with a married woman, after all, which means the whole process can be long. How long? About a year to a few years. And there’s an important point – the more proper, tactful and decisive you are, the faster you’ll be together.

Stages you have to go through for a woman to learn to trust you and want to get out of the marriage into a new marriage, but with you:

1. Acquaintance and friendship. When you have just met and started communicating, you should take an interest in her, her life, find her attractive if you really think so and rejoice in her victories, if there are any. Be friends with her, support her initiative in any development, help with what you can, and wait for the situation to develop a loving feeling between you;

2. If you have fallen in love with a married woman, when your love flares up, begin to show how you are different from her husband. In a better way;

3. Listen to her as carefully as you can. That way you’ll learn all about her family relationship and you can understand what’s wrong with her, why she feels unhappy, and how you can help her with her problems;

4. 4. If the woman has a child, start taking an interest in her child, because when she gets out of the marriage the child is 98% likely to stay with her and you will have to get along with her. It’s good if you find a common language right away. If the child is less than 6-7 years old, then there is a good chance that he will even call you Daddy. Yes, and you yourself get used to him as if he were your own. First, because this child is a part of your beloved woman, and then because he has become dear to you as well.

How to date when the woman is married so as not to compromise her?

First, it’s worth saying right away that if you’re really in love with a married woman, you can’t blackmail her into telling her husband about your relationship if she’s not ready to leave him yet and you’re madly wanting to push her. This is the stupidest thing you can think of and it can make your relationship very much worse.

Secondly, you don’t need to stand guard outside her house and call her when she is with her husband. Yes, jealousy can take its toll, but you’re an adult who can have control over your emotions, and that’s extremely important when jealousy runs rampant.

Third, never insult your woman. Anger can manifest itself in a completely different way, and it is certainly not the way to direct your emotions of hopelessness at your beloved. It only shows the weakness of your character and that you are incapable of holding yourself together. It can be dangerous and scary to be with you. Why be with you? Think about it for yourself.

Fourth, you don’t need to communicate and establish a relationship with her husband. Not only will it be difficult for you, but you risk blabbing something that will put both you and his wife in an awkward situation. Try both of you to make sure your husband doesn’t find out about your relationship until later, or better yet, that he doesn’t know about it at all. After the divorce, it won’t be his woman and who he is with now is none of his business. If they have a child together, he will soon find out about you, but that will already be a normal situation.

Fifthly, try on the role of the father of the child, if the woman has one. Of course, this is worth doing only if you really want to marry her, and she is attracted to you and does not hinder communication with the child. You won’t have a choice, you can’t leave your child in the care of grandmothers and have fun, you are responsible adults and making such a commitment, be the best version of yourself and raise this baby as your own, giving him the best that you know and have. Chances are, the woman will get your participation and want to have a child together, which will be to your advantage if you yourself have dreamed about it.

Sixth, try not to give gifts that may have questions. This applies to delivering flowers, as well as large or conspicuous items. But if the woman’s husband is a man who essentially doesn’t care and their relationship is breathing heavily, you can give, but you’d better talk it over with your beloved beforehand.

In what case is it better to abandon the idea of a relationship with a married lady?

There are some very obvious signs that the woman does not need you and she uses you only for sex. As strange as it may sound, because usually men think they are taking advantage of women.

  • She’s only dating you to make love to you and doesn’t want to communicate with you, doesn’t ask you anything and isn’t interested in your life;
  • She doesn’t introduce you to her child;
  • She says she hates men;
  • She demands money and gifts from you (if you pay yourself and give yourself, it’s okay);
  • She criticizes you;
  • She doesn’t want kids unlike you;
  • She has no intention of getting a divorce and tells you so openly.

It’s worth thinking hard if you see that you’re being openly taken advantage of. If you have fallen in love with a married woman and she demonstrates that you are nothing to her, then wind this relationship down before you lose your head. If you value your dignity and don’t want to get bogged down in an unhealthy relationship, just ignore her the next time she calls you out and try to shift your attention to other girls.

Don’t be afraid to lose someone who doesn’t appreciate you and who doesn’t care how you really feel. After all, you want a good, strong family, don’t you?

What should you do while you’re waiting for your woman to divorce?

Keep in mind that if there is a young child in that marriage, the divorce may be delayed and should only go through the courts. Litigation is energy-consuming and nerve-wracking, try to be supportive for her. If you are confident in your feelings, you can propose to her to prove your serious intentions and instill confidence in both of you for the future.

While the divorce procedure is going on (your husband may not agree and it will take three months, sometimes more, sometimes less), you should prepare a place for you and solve the paperwork: arrange everything so that the child is taken to the nearest kindergarten or school, so that the bride has no problems with registration, as well as the child.

It may be worth changing jobs so that you get paid more. If you want a child together, take care of the fact that you will have to provide for a family of four. How prepared were you for that when you fell in love with a married woman? Now she will be married to you. And if you caused her divorce, she left for you, and you are madly happy about it, then try to make her life better than it was before you. So she doesn’t dream of leaving you like she did her ex-husband.

Although, maybe you really are different and can make her happy. So all that’s left to do is to wish her happiness, if things have worked out so well that she’s decided to break up her sick relationship and give herself a chance at a new, better life. You only have one life and maybe this is a real chance to make things better than they were before and one single man and an unhappy married woman will make a strong family.

What should I do if I’m in love with a married woman?

Actually, it’s a really difficult situation. Because now you have a lot of questions in front of you, such as: “what do I do if I’m in love with a married woman?” , “will she leave her husband for me?”, “maybe it’s better to forget her, not to call anymore, and not to meet?” Such questions are difficult to give an unambiguous answer, but we will try to help you sort out the situation.

Why do women seek love outside of marriage?

According to a study conducted by Eric Anderson, a professor at the University of Winchester in the UK. Married ladies seek entertainment on the side to replace the lack of romance in their marriage. He conducted a survey of 100 married women between the ages of 35 and 45 who had a relationship on the side. They all responded in much the same way. And they said they were looking for an emotional and sexual spark that was missing in their personal lives. Interestingly, not one of them said that she intended to leave her husband. So, the conclusion to be drawn from this is that a married woman having an affair is essentially using her new partner. To satisfy a craving for sex or some other desire that her husband cannot fulfill.

Case in point.

In certain cases, a married girl seems to be the ideal object of love for men. I have a good acquaintance, and he told me that he was in love with a married woman. He met this girl at his new job. She didn’t really want to start an affair with him. But he liked this girl so much, and he was sure that if he worked hard enough, she would reciprocate. He kept saying, “I realize I’m in love with a married woman. But I can’t help it. So I will try to get the same love from her.”

One day she told him that there had been a serious conflict between her and her husband. It was a sign to him that there were problems in their marriage. And that he would soon be a new man for her. He really loved her a lot, even fell asleep rereading their correspondence and thinking about her all the time. But unfortunately, she didn’t pay him the attention he deserved. She even told him that they couldn’t be together and they should stop seeing each other. But he just couldn’t accept it, and kept courting her. In the end, the girl cut off all contact with my acquaintance. She even got them transferred to different offices and they never saw each other again. That’s the unfortunate end of the story. And this is not an isolated incident.

Having an affair with a married woman can have a negative impact on your life.

At times, women resort to affairs outside of marriage. They want to get relief from the problems in their family life, or from their angry and abusive husband. But the problem is that in this case girls are usually too scared to leave their husband. And they simply won’t let you interfere in their relationship. This scenario can make you desperate because there is nothing you can do. You worry and worry about what your husband might do to her if he finds out about her cheating. You worry a lot when you don’t hear from her. Your life becomes a constant strain. And even when you’re together, you worry that you might be seen and then things will get worse. It’s a really challenging situation. One that negatively affects your personal life and your mental health.

She won’t leave her husband for you.

In most cases, married couples put quite a bit of effort into developing and maintaining their marriage. In addition, husbands have to work hard to provide for their family. With such a man, a woman feels safe. And she is unlikely to give up such stability. When it comes to the question of who she wants to continue her life with, they tend to choose a certain stability and security. They want to be sure that their partner can provide and meet all of their needs. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Women are simply programmed that way. Plus, you have to remember that just as she is cheating on him now, she will probably be able to cheat on you in the future. So if a woman leaves her husband, how can you be sure she won’t do the same to you in the future?

How to end a relationship with a married woman

If you are in love with a married woman, and you have realized that you should break up. Then do it at the beginning, before the relationship goes too far. Because this affair can turn your head, and you won’t even realize how you will destroy someone’s family. So if you’ve made the decision to end such a relationship, do it quickly and confidently. Don’t drag this situation out, hoping that the problem will resolve itself. Do the following:

  • Talk to the girl and tell her that you are not ready for such a relationship;
  • Don’t call or text her anymore;
  • Don’t answer her calls or messages;
  • Delete all contact information;
  • Delete old messages and photos;
  • If necessary, change your place of residence or even your job so you don’t see her anymore.

In this case, if a man is deeply in love with a married woman, then he may be faced with a grieving process. This is normal, and happens in almost all cases when a man has strong feelings for someone, but is forced to leave his beloved. In such a case, one must give oneself time. And make a conscious effort to get over her. Start spending more time on the things you enjoy. Find new hobbies and interests. Attend different events. Meet friends and have fun with them. Just don’t immediately look for someone to take her place. There is no need to rush. It’s better to give yourself time and rest after such a relationship. And after some time, find a free girl with whom you can build a long and happy relationship.

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Thank you, interesting article, have been hopelessly in love with a married woman for several years.

The case is unique, the woman is just a poet’s dream, an experienced, virtuoso heartthrob who has made a career and financial “cushion” of security on her talent.

I have seen a lot of women (I’m over 50), but this, just a unique beauty and genius, manipulates me as a puppy baby, always keeps me in suspense. Does not let go, and does not bring, and hanging out . At the end of my life, I realized a simple thing: The love of women is the most precious thing in the world. I want to die, I don’t need anything without her.

Even at 50 it happens? I think it is wonderful to love. but to love a married girl is very painful. also faced with this.

Your case is far from unique. And she’s not unique either. I know what you mean. I fell head over heels in love with a married woman myself. She’s smart, she’s modest, she’s hot in bed. But why let her manipulate you, especially when you know it? Manipulated means used. Although, maybe I’m being manipulated too.

For 10 years I was in a relationship with a married woman. the beginning was magical! but, as time went by, the more I loved her, the faster she cooled down. In recent years, our meetings decreased exponentially, 6 sexes a year, then 4, 2, and then 1. she began to say that the danger of pandemics and that her daughter was home to sit remotely. but I felt that leaves the need for me. Before the new year we communicated very rarely and only on my initiative. And then, on my bundles of texts came a cold yes or no. She did not have sex with me at home and I never doubted that I was her only lover. But now I think she has found a replacement for me. constantly sitting in facebook, sometimes until midnight. Once upon a time and with me so corresponded(((. The last words in her texts were that it was my fault that she made such a decision, because I scandalized a lot and was jealous of her. Now I’m in a total bummer, 10 years and now I love her! How could this happen to me? I never wanted to break up her marriage because there’s a child there for 18 years already. Her daughter would never forgive her for that, and neither would I forgive myself. I didn’t. a couple of years after our affair, my correspondence with her was read by my ex-wife already. She divorced me after one year. I was very sorry, I understood that I had betrayed her feelings. But the passion was stronger than me. Now I realize it’s like punishment for the past. I’m 50 this year and I don’t know how to live anymore. I don’t want to live without her, I just dissolved into her. Now it’s like they cut out half my chest. Just emptiness and the pain of silence.

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