I fell in love with a married man verse: deal with it carefully

Poems for a married man in love

I remember your date of birth, I remember everything about you. Today is a day of blessing – You are my lover, only mine!

I congratulate, opening the door, Come in my beloved, my life. That we shall be forever together, Never parted.

I’ll give all my heart for you, Take it with your hands – that’s love. You’re the most, the most in the whole world, I’m waiting for you again and again.

I’m ready to look at you all the time, I love you, my love, very fervently. You’re like a ray of light To give me joy through a hundred clouds.

You warm my soul With your warmth, Though sometimes you don’t know it. I want to sail with you in the same boat, And reveal my relationship to you.

I love you so much, so madly But it’s a forbidden love You’re married, ringed with another, I’ll cry, I’ll suffer again.

You’ve broken my heart, It’s not our destiny to be together. I’ll never be happy with you, I’ll just have to forget forever.

♪ Fate gave them half an hour to get out of the vicious circle, To look in their loving eyes Once more, to go mad with each other’s tenderness ♪

To melt their bodies, to love greedily Like no one else in the world. Who’s to blame For feelings burning like the wind?

The invisible thread that life has tied them to each other forever. They’d be happy to change things, But commitments, family, spouses, children…

They are, as usual, condemned by men, In the eyes of others – vicious and insignificant. But, “lovers” – they are from “love”, So only God can judge them.

I’m in pain that you are with another, I’m in pain that your peace will only bring back tears.

I’m still in need, I’m still on the sidelines, And the world is laughing at me.

♪ To a married man in tears ♪

Break the clock. Stop the clock! Forget the dawn that I am with you. I know It’s useless to say How much I’m tired of being second. You will not listen to me now. Tired of the tears that keep flowing…. ¶¶ Your calls, presents and flowers With every second in the past ¶¶ ¶¶ You’re losing me like day loses night ¶¶ ♪ I can’t stop the moments of loss ♪ ¶¶ I’m taping up the shards of feeling ¶¶ I want to leave without slamming the door quietly…. ¶ I love you ¶ ¶ and I’m sorry for loving you ¶ ¶¶ It’s not my fault that it happened this way ¶¶ Please let it go, and let it go into eternity. I’ve only dreamed of being near you.

I love you, suffocating in the nights From the impotence of darkness that cannot be hidden by rays, And thoughts of sadness eat away at my mind: You are not mine! My feeling is tearing me apart!

And love doesn’t look at the fact that married, In this bright fire, are we to blame? I cannot not love! I’m burning and smoldering Because I can’t live without you!

I love you! But it’s not enough. I’m burning with this love. We can’t be together, I know it: You’re married, I’m alone… alas… You come in the evening dark And leave at dawn in the fog. We are in love! For us it’s happiness. For her it’s only deceit…

Through the mirror I see you, tanned, slender, strong, But I don’t see myself with you – You’ve got a wife to love. On my lonely window There are five pink tulips in a vase. I’ll give half my spring and half my summer For a real meeting I’ll give half my spring and half my summer – With you there’s no trouble, but a sign of happiness all the same!

You’re just a lover, and in such a word, And meetings, and feelings steal. But as they say, we only live once, We must love without a trace.

I love you, without a rest, I dream of a sudden passion, Only beside you I sleep peacefully, Only with you I am sweet!

With you, I don’t notice the time When we spend our evenings together Nothing can replace you And I’m already happier than yesterday

With your smile and your face I’m glad to be with you When I cling to your soul And feel your warmth to me.

I am happy, you mean a lot. And I’m glad you’re in my fate. When will I see you again? I’m looking forward to it.

I can’t forget your eyes, And your strong arms That at night you embraced, Though you’re not mine And I’m not yours tonight, And your heart is clenched in ice so fiercely, Your words that there’s no freedom, But still I can’t forget your eyes.

My dream suddenly came to life, In you it suddenly came true. I used to live without you, Now I’m in love with you.

I want to be with you all the time, Never let you go from my heart. I want to breathe your warmth And be warm from that warmth.

You know I live with you… No matter what people say. I’ll never be able to part with you And I don’t care what happens next. Even if it hurts, even if it’s not forever But you’ve touched my soul, do you hear? Let me give you warmth And it’s so important to me that you’re breathing… Please, don’t let me at least once in a while be with you On my shoulders with your hands And caress me with your hot gaze… Today again in the whirlpool of your eyes… And now I can do no other way!

It’s night again and when we part, I have only one wish, To be always near you… To spend this night with you, This night, till dawn, together, And so slowly the candles are melting, In this fantastic world of mine… Oh, but fate is cruel, I found you so late, My son is already growing up, Husband, job, family, friends… If they judge me for treason, I don’t care what they say, I’ll walk through the wall of indifference, On my feet I can stand… Let it be hard for me… I know! ¶ but I can stand up for myself ¶ I love! Even if I have to fight for that right!

# A heartfelt poem to a married man I miss you

I’m ready to look at you all the time, I love you, my love, very fervently. You’re like a ray of light To give me joy through a hundred clouds.

You warm my soul With your warmth, Though sometimes you don’t know it. I want to sail with you in the same boat, And reveal my relationship to you.

You’re cheating on me with your wife I won’t reproach you, But don’t ask me not to cry You come to me on weekdays And you always look at your watch.

And you can’t decide whether to stay or go. I’m in my twenties And I’m in a hurry myself.

You cheat on me with your wife, You cheat on her with me. # You cheat on my wife and I love you # You’re unfaithful to both of us.

When you say goodbye you look long and long, Your hand lingers in my hand. I’ll leave a lipstick smudge on your cheek I’ll leave it on your cheek.

When you come home, your wife will notice And you’ll think it’s revenge. I want everyone in the world to know that I’m there, too.

You cheat on me with your wife, You cheat on her with me. # You cheat on my wife and I love you # You’re unfaithful to both of us.

I had an impossible dream. And you, who appeared in a strange dream, You suddenly said carelessly, That you’d come to me forever.

You ask what you are to me, I can’t answer in one word. You are a spark for my fire That is hard to put out. You’re the sunbeam in my window that falls silently on my eyelashes. In my glass of tart wine, My dream that I so often dream You are the smile of joy on my lips, A sad, occasional tear. You are the frantic devils in my eyes, From the thicket of the forest a narrow path. You’re the thin string of my soul, A sip of water that saves from thirst, The lamp-light in the silence of night, The drug that will kill me one day. You are the first knock of rain on my window, And the breeze that caresses my shoulders. You’re the one I’ve been sick with for a long time. You are the medicine that will cure me.

Passion has bound us together, It has grown into love. All that I’ve searched for, I’ve found in you.

I want to give myself to you Body, heart and soul, To bow before you, So good to me with you!

Married. For a long time. But not to me. The stamp in your passport isn’t that important. You whisper of passion in the moonlight …. # My body’s all feeling, but it’s in custody. In the morning you’ll be gone again To another woman, with whom you’re bound in marriage. ¶¶ You’ll be gone, putting your dreams to sleep ¶¶ I get it: you have to! You won’t stay with me. ♪ Don’t promise me you’ll get a divorce ♪ My heart tells me I’m a stranger. Why do you swear me to the contrary? I don’t want her to cry. A woman doesn’t deserve to suffer! There’s you and me, but there’s a wall that will be destroyed by expectation!

A married man in love

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Poems – Men are different

Men are different – good, evil Men are anchors, there are helmsmen, Men are ah you! Men are ah you! There are oligarchs, there are prostitutes! There’s gigolo guys, There’s sergeant dudes… There’s all kinds of men, In general, mutants. There’s boy-girls, there’s mama’s skirt. There’s cool macho guys And boys are a joke. There’s communists, there’s liberals And there’s even metrosexuals. One-party, deputies And a separate caste: “Fuck you!” There’s doctors, there’s builders, there’s lawyers, There’s president.

Verse – Man and Woman

Man and woman are eternal themes. They have love, or divorce, or problems.

Their eternal conflict is from the creation of the world. Once there was paradise, but today it’s an apartment.

Infidelity and jealousy, division of territory. Man and woman have hundreds of theories.

In a woman who loves and works The man is usually a lecherous, promiscuous man.

The man in the family is an example, The woman is a bitch, a slacker, a megawomaniac.

Man and woman love each other, Their feelings are discussed a hundred times and judged.

Man and woman – gossip.

Verse – I fell in love with you like a boy

I fell in love with you like a boy, Why, I don’t know why. I thought it was a simple affair, But I can’t be without you.

But I can’t live without you! It’s not a whim of mine! I don’t know What to do, tell me, you’re my happiness, my love!

Though we seldom see each other, Your image I keep in my heart. Cupid’s arrow very well, Hit me – I love!

Poem – To fall in love

To fall in love is like being born again! Above the clouds, flying like a bird. To break through from encirclement, To meet body movements. To break through to God’s will Across fields, across paths. To burst through the gates of paradise To touch your ovals, To make my heart thump in my chest. Breathe in the fragrance of inspiration, Forget in the languor of the moment. # To surrender to the tides of happiness, To fly away in an instant, Where under the noise of the surf, You’ll only be with me…

Poems – Men

Men are sometimes like children You want everything here and now. You make a toy of relationships and turn all of us into dolls.

I’m not the only one Who’s the only one Who’s the only one Who’s the only one Who’s the only one Who’s the only one Who’s the only one Who’s the only one Who’s the only one Who’s the only one.

You cry and stomp your feet When all your plans go awry. And behind your mother’s back, hiding your wounds, you can carry on with your life.

But we’re not dolls, we’re just people We want warmth and kindness But we grow up too early Trying to educate.

Verse – Men, women

Men, women. Men, women, again, Brought together now by passion, now by wit. In love the level of stubborn hillbillies, Striving to get along with the cattle.

How good it is, when eternal and pure love pierces, In these domestic interstices, Making a man burn again.

And how strong is he who dreams of it, And how weak is he who gets bogged down in everyday life, Naive as he is, dreaming of summer, And how blessed is he who celebrates spring.

Poems – Men don’t cry

Men do not weep, men weep, When their happiness is forever lost. Often foolishly and without compulsion, They, like children, lose patience. And reach out again to the one who comforts, And again in a circle, and I, alas, am a sinner.

May 19, 2012

Poems – Men don’t need compliments.

Men don’t need compliments. Leave the compliments to the non-men.

There is blood and light. There’s blood and light All the rest is shredded in words.

Would you further shred the trifle? Ah, my fakir! …my god! …my golden-haired…

But silently the blood flows. No chatter. Shut up. You don’t know men.

They will come. And instead of all the gods, they’ll put their shoulder to the stuck world…

And push the universe out of the ditch. And go back to the bar. Drinking their beers.

Poems – Men, why do you ruin it?

Men, what are you doing to us?! Don’t you know How you hurt our hearts With your deceitful words? You play us like puppets. You play us like puppets with your words and your caresses! You have made us feel so good that you drive us out of the house! Our souls weep with bloody tears, The wounds of our hearts bleed, That you lead other brides to the wedding. You were in our lives so long-awaited. And we were pure and clean And our eyes were radiant. We warmed you soul and body, Love us.

Poems – Men about women

In the days before March 8 Men got to talking About what kind of woman they should be, To make sure men don’t feel guilty.

One said that a woman’s job Is to Cook well and be able to do the laundry. A woman doesn’t need to be educated To bear children and clean houses.

Another needs to be gentle in bed with him and to caress him. And the third needs to have fun and eat and drink less!

“The fourth said, “It’s all nonsense. We’re discussing the consequences of causes. And we will not find in women.

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