I do not want to go to work – let’s consider in order

What’s the best excuse for not working?

I really don’t feel like working today. Since we have a very strict manager, we need the best excuse from work.

What a great question the author asks. Yes, I do agree with you that there are times when you just want to sit at home and relax during the work day. What can come up with reasons and excuses not to go to work today, let’s see.

First, you have a burst pipe and you’re waiting for plumbers from the housing and utilities company, while wiping the floor with water yourself so as not to flood the neighbors.

Secondly, you can not go out of the house, as the lock or key to the apartment is broken. And you can’t jump out the window either, because you either live on a high floor (the fifth, seventh or higher). And if it turns out that you live on the first floor, then you can say that you have bars on the windows, or you’re just afraid of heights, although the first floor.

The main thing is to have a little faith in what you came up with. to get out of work and be very artistic and convincing.

In – third, you can say that you have any – something about health problems, such as a grain in his eye, or suddenly got sick wisdom tooth.

The best excuse is a documented illness. For better or worse, medical books and, of course, certificates of illness are now readily available. A 1-day certificate can cost in the neighborhood of $5 to $10, depending on the city. Alas, how much long term certificates cost, I do not know.

I think a migraine might be fine for a day’s illness, although you have to lie down for a few days or even a week with it too. If your certificate says “migraine,” you walk to work the next day without a mood, as if you still have residual symptoms. You could try an upset stomach. As I know – with diarrhea they keep you in the hospital for days. Perhaps, as an excuse, tell the boss that you were discharged at your own responsibility – had to lie in the hospital for another 3 days, but you had an urgent need to work and you were released.

The best “excuse” is the one that is not repeated. Today – leave for a “flooded” apartment, tomorrow – take sick leave. The main thing – to start the work on the formation of “excuses” must be in advance, a couple of days at least. It should not dump on the head suddenly. For example, coughing nauseatingly a couple of days, at the question of going to the doctor answer the denial, citing the importance of work. And then the right day and call, say that will be away for a day to the doctor – just to get advice and the next day at work, but how – after all you can be treated without a break from work, you’re not losing consciousness. And seriously, the best option (and honestly, by the way, too) is to be a good worker, who is valued and will be given time off at any time.

It is almost impossible to find a real excuse that is not documented in such cases, but your question reminded me of a funny case. About twenty years ago, a friend of mine, a russified Estonian, showed up at midnight. He was a nice guy, we were friends, but he was weak on alcohol. Anyway, he came in drunk and almost tearfully started begging me to help him get out of work, because he had gone on another binge. He was an excellent musician, worked in a circus orchestra, but drunkenly rolled down to a worker in the factory. Anyway, it was his last job, which he was very afraid of losing. I asked how I could help, and he explained that I was to play the role of his cousin, who had come from Tallinn, whom he had not seen for years, and who was only passing through town for two days. There was nothing to do, a friend had to be helped out. So we showed up at the factory during the night shift, he called the master, began to explain everything, and you should have seen, guys, as I pretended to be a Baltic and uttered Baltic accent! Anyway, the foreman asked him to write a statement without pay and let him go for two more days:).

Why I do not want to go to work and what to do about it: the causes and solutions

Hello, at certain times in life we have a desire not to work. Here would be to win or inherit from a mysterious American relative a billion dollars and live at your own pleasure, not caring about making money. Such luck luck is falling out for the lucky few and the rest have to lift their bodies from the sofa every day and stomp to the hated office, workshop or somewhere else. It so happens that your favorite profession begins to strain. And, waking up another weekday morning, you can not get rid of the thought: “I do not want to go to work to tears, what to do? So you force yourself to wash up, get dressed, drink a cup of coffee. And then through “I don’t want to,” wiping away tears, go to work. Why does this happen and how to combat it?


    1.1 Chandra, depression and burnout 1.2. A woman should stay at home 1.3. Chronic fatigue 1.4 Fear of the new 1.5 Low salary 1.6. Unbearable schedule 1.7. Wishing to hide from people 1.8. Constant stress 1.9. Tired of working for an uncle 1.8.
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Reasons for denial

Some people say that unwillingness to work is a sign of an idler. There are also such phenomena, but often behind the “laziness” are serious psychological problems. Let’s talk on the bursin.ru blog about the most common causes of denial of work activity.

Moping, depression and burnout

If you have moping due to personal failures, related or unrelated to the profession, or emotional burnout due to overload, you can fight it yourself:

  1. Moping is chased away by a change of scenery or vivid experiences. You can rearrange the furniture in the house, feed the mosquitoes on a weekend in nature (preferably with overnight stay), go dancing with a girlfriend in a nightclub, fly in a hot air balloon, jump off a bridge on a bungee lift or parachute out of the corncob. There are plenty of options, and the point is to shake things up and renew yourself.
  2. Emotional burnout signals psycho-emotional overload, which usually occurs against the background of severe fatigue. Your nervous system is screaming: “I need a rest”. Take a vacation at work, or at least a few days off. Spend them on total relaxation. You can lie in the bathroom and on the couch, turning off the phone and pulling the curtains. You can get drunk to the ceiling with a significant other or go to the mountains for a couple of days. Some people find it helpful to go shopping or run through beauty salons, while others take a fishing trip with friends. Here everyone will figure out for himself how he can rest, restore strength and mental balance.

But if the thought “I don’t want to work” is a consequence of depression, then you can’t do without a visit to a psychologist, who will not just give helpful advice, but will prescribe a full treatment. Depression is really a disease, not a banal bad mood or moping, with which it is constantly confused. If your moping stretched out for months, and life in a global sense seems pointless, then get your feet in your hands and go to a professional. Believe me, this is the only way you can quickly and without consequences get out of this oppressive state.

A woman should stay at home.

A woman – the keeper of the home. She should stay at home, to create comfort and culinary masterpieces, raise children and embroider cross. For this you are prepared since childhood, because it was in your family. What if it’s time to “split off” from his parents, and go to work there is no desire? Urgently look for a wealthy husband!

If a husband has managed to appear, but with his wealth did not work out, then you have three options:

  1. Increase your husband’s earnings (even great rulers were advised by wise wives) – help him up the career ladder or change his job to a high-paying one.
  2. Monetize your hobby. Bake cakes to order, knit toys, sew cute onesies for newborns or pet beds…
  3. Start making money online. Master one of the trendy and in-demand online professions – marketer, target marketer, copywriter, web designer … Work, of course, will still have to, but from home. At least half of your dreams will come true.

Or look for a new husband with a lot of money (just kidding).

Chronic fatigue

One of the most common causes is chronic fatigue. Such a condition is preceded by months or years of hard work, on which domestic worries and worries about children are superimposed as a second layer. It is the constant companion of workaholics who give themselves up to the work. Are you tired? Then it is time to rest. Go on vacation, you probably haven’t been on vacation for several years. And, being on vacation, discard the idea to finish everything that was left undone at home, and redo things for the year ahead. No pots and pans, no beds and no repairs. It’s better to go somewhere, where your mind, hands and soul are rested from the strain. A seaside hotel from the “all inclusive” series is the best option.

Fear of the new

The thought “I don’t want to go to work” often comes to yesterday’s students, who received their long-awaited diploma and are thinking about how to get rid of immediate employment in their specialty. The parents or conscience press on them, and they are afraid to start “adult” life, or they are banal lazy. The lazy person will be helped by a “magic pendel”, and those who are afraid – by friendly support. If you’re in the second category, then lean on the shoulder of a “comrade in misfortune,” who received his degree along with you, and try to get a job together at the same company. Together it will be much easier to adapt to the new place.

A similar problem arises for those who haven’t worked anywhere for a long time, such as mothers on maternity leave. Of course, they keep their jobs, but for a year and a half, let alone three years, a lot of things change – and bosses, and the team, and mindset. Believe me, this is a momentary fear. A few days after you go to work you will be back on track, you will blend in with the team and even find a number of advantages. You’ll finally be able to rest without the five-minute “maaaams. You’ll be able to eat in peace during your lunch break, and no one will take away the candy you’ve been saving for tea. You will regain your human look and desire to look beautiful, and makeup and hair in the morning will become a habit. Dear moms coming out of maternity leave your fear behind, it is worth it.

Low Wages

About the low wages and it is not really necessary to write much. And everything is clear: you work hard as a horse, and you get a penny. That is why I do not want to go to this hard labor, but I have nowhere else to go. There is, in fact, somewhere to go. Look for another job with decent wages. Development and self-improvement is never too late. If you are reading this article, it means that the Internet you have. There you can find jobs and learn a new profession. Now studying remotely is fashionable. But do not be overheated and do not quit immediately. First, prepare a “safety cushion” (find a new place), otherwise you risk of losing your livelihood.

Unbearable schedule

About the intolerable schedule is worth talking separately. If it is combined with low wages, then there is nothing to think about. Firing is the only true solution. Sometimes the pay is good, but the work takes all the time and energy. Then, waking up with a clear thought “I don’t want to work”, you get up and go anyway, you need the money. There are individuals who are “a sin not to ride. Meet me, I am the girl with excellent student syndrome and a level of responsibility that borders on insanity. Now I understand it, but before…

There was a time in my life, when I worked from 8 to 23. The schedule meant alternating two working days and two days off. In fact, I got 3-1, 4-1 or even just one day off a week. I hardly ever saw my family, and I tried to clean the house on the few days off that came in a month. I went to work with snot and sore back, justifying myself with the fact that I could not let down the bosses and the team. What did it all add up to?

One day my daughter, who was 3.5 years old at the time, got very sick. She started coughing in the evening and had a high fever during the night. So I went, but not on sick leave, as I was supposed to, but to my “favorite” job. I left my daughter with my grandmother (my mother) and my husband, who had the day off that day, and went to call the pediatrician. Near lunchtime, my husband called me and told me that the doctor hadn’t arrived yet and that the baby was very sick. His voice was frightened, so I ran home instead of dinner, thank God it was not far. What I saw at home and the events that followed completely turned my worldview upside down. My little girl with blue lips was lying on the bed, and she wasn’t even crying. She was breathing very heavily and rarely, whistling with every breath. I almost died of fright while waiting for the ambulance. I immediately called my boss and told her I was going to give my resignation through my husband. And I quit.

You know, the system didn’t collapse. That day they worked fine without me, and then there was another fool who shouldered the burden that I had been dragging for two years. A big salary is good, but your life and the lives of your loved ones are more important. You can find a job with the same salary (or less), but with a good schedule.

I want to hide from people

“I hate working with people and among people” – is that about you? Then you are a misanthrope and / or introvert. In your case, the salvation will be:

  1. A position that involves a separate office.
  2. Remote work.
  3. Working among machines (e.g. automated production).

Immediately look for any of the above or keep getting over yourself (just kidding).

The collective is a ball of poisonous snakes

Another factor that turns the work into a nightmare is an unfriendly group or an individual in it, who hates the world and poisons the life of everyone around. If this is the reason why your eye twitches at the thought of work, try the following:

  1. Invite your adversary over for tea or something stronger. Find out the reason for his hatred. Sometimes enemies turn into cronies after the annoying factors are eliminated.
  2. Draw the attention of your superiors to that person’s behavior. No, this is not “snitching,” but an attempt to return to the office a healthy working atmosphere, and to return your ability to work.
  3. Find accomplices, together it is easier to cope with the attacks of the “viper”.

None of the above helps? Then you have to be patient, reducing communication with the team to a minimum. Or look for a new place.

Constant stress

Sometimes this viper in the team is the boss. He nags, pressures and does not let you work in peace. Why? Three possibilities are possible:

  1. He just has that kind of temper. In this case, you are not the only victim.
  2. He sees you as a promising employee and, by keeping you busy, wants to raise a true professional.
  3. He doesn’t like you outright, and he’s looking for someone else to take your place.

Leave everything as it is definitely not worth it. Do not be afraid to make it worse. If you do not let go of the thought: “I hate my job,” which brings to tears, and because of it did not want to live, then there is nothing worse. You are already under constant stress, fraught with health problems and going into depression. Choose an opportune moment and have a heart-to-heart talk with your boss. The main thing is to find out the reason and then dance from her. In the first and second cases, ask the boss to reduce the intensity of pressure, explaining that it prevents you from working fully. In the third case, consider the possibility of firing. Sooner or later it will happen anyway.

Tired of working for your uncle

Certain people have an aversion to work the moment they realize that they no longer want to work for their uncle. Usually they are great masters of their craft, who have achieved excellence in a certain field. And they are just sorry to give most of the money to the “master” who makes a fortune on the talents of others. The only way out is to put yourself at the helm, to start your own business. To begin with, you can not quit your job, but try to combine income and business. If the business will go up the hill, then the departure from the “uncle” will happen by itself.

To sum up

Is it possible to live without work? Yes. There are several ways to do this – a good marriage, an inheritance from an American relative, and passive income (when you invest a lot of money in something profitable and live on the dividends, or rent an apartment left by a good grandmother). You can also buy a house in the countryside. Live there in peace and quiet, eating what is grown in the garden. Still have to work, though in a different way. A doubtful option, but someone will like it. That’s it for me. Share your stories in the comments. Goodbye.

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