How to write to the girl that I like her?

23 ways to hint and tell a girl that I like her

As a preface I would like to point out that I am always against memorized templates and pre-prepared material. So don’t use the material in this article as a magic pill.

Always learn to generate the right words yourself.

The best thing is not to hint, but to tell it like it is (a girl is not a telepath).

The best thing is always to say it straight and as it is.

For example, tell her, “You’re cool. You’re awesome! I like you! “

  • Tell her why you chose her over all the other ladies. And then she will feel chosen by you! And then she’ll feel special to you! And that’s super attractive and powerful.
  • It’s better not to hint, but to say it directly! A girl is not a telepath and cannot read her mind.
  • Thus, you remind yourself why you have every reason to be with her, and why you are attracted to her. Hence the motivation and confidence.

Here is the first point on how to tell a girl that I like her.

2. If you are really attracted to her appearance (hair), voice it

For example, you can compliment her hair if it’s really cool:

  1. “I like your hair.”
  2. ” Wow, I like your hair! “.

3. hint at a future together where you’re already a couple in love

You can use phrases to project your future together where you’re already a couple in love:

  • ” What are you doing for February 14? “.
  • ” What are you doing for Valentine’s Day next year? “.

These are such subtle hints of liking a girl.

4. You can give compliments about her cuteness, if she’s really cute

Compliments about how cute a girl is can be thought of in many, many ways.

If she’s really nice, there shouldn’t be a problem with that.

If only because she reads off your face the charm of her femininity.

For example: “You’re so cute. I’ll definitely give you a gift for the New Year.

Thus, I do not worry about how to hint to the girl that I like her.

5. Let her know what’s going on with you inside because of her

You can tell her implicitly, thereby creating some sort of intrigue.

“Why are you doing this to me? ” – ask her that, thus letting her know that she is very attractive to you.

6. Hints about her style at the beginning of acquaintance

6. “Hi, I like your style”-you can start the acquaintance with these words.

I’m talking about the case when the beautiful woman is a total stranger to you and you make the first approach to her.

7. Offer to play funny roles like in a novel, voice your script

“Let’s play an affair where you get me pregnant and then we have to get married” – with this phrase you offer her to play different roles on the funny tops.

Having said about these words, I no longer wonder about how to let a girl know that I like her.

8. Use this phrase to show sympathy for her and mental intimacy

” Do you want to be my other half? ” is a phrase of sympathy for her and mental intimacy (an example of an oupener to start a conversation with a stranger).

By no means say these words from the position that you can’t live without her, and she will supposedly complete you somehow.

9. Giving her compliments and blaming her for it at the same time

” You’re so cool and pretty. What are you doing to me? ” – I compliment her and blame her for it at the same time.

For example, these words close the dilemma on how to admit to a girl that I like her.

10. Be as close to her as possible

“I want to be close to a nice girl”-say this if she doesn’t understand what’s going on, and you get close to her.

That way she feels your state of mind better, it’s passed on to her. This also happens in cases where the guy knows everything about how to flirt with the girl.

11. In case you want to ask her out

Let’s break down the issue of how to hint to a girl for a relationship correctly.

  1. It is not necessary and not necessary at all to hint about a serious relationship.
  2. A relationship will begin only when you spend the night in bed together. And you don’t have to think about it until afterwards. Not before. So it makes sense to offer to meet before that – zero!
  3. If I like a girl, I usually tell her that I want to see her more often. You do not have to copy my words word for word.

It’s something like this: “Look, you’re cool, and I feel good with you. Let’s see each other more often and have a great time together!”

Then I usually ask her what days she’s available more often.

I never have a problem telling a girl I like her and asking her out.

For those who want to declare their love for her

For those guys who are wondering about how to tell a girl I love her.

First, ask yourself:

  • Have you slept together before or have you never had anything? If not, it’s silly to rush into such a statement.
  • Do you want to tell her this because you don’t feel self-sufficient and think the girl will somehow complete you? If the answer is “Yes,” then she will probably dump you sooner or later.
  • Is the feeling mutual according to your feelings? If the answer is “No,” then why rush to make such statements again? Better say your approximate words as in point 11 just above, or run through and pick the right words for you from all 23 points.

For those who want to declare their love to their date, you should remember and realize the following .

A woman doesn’t want to be an adventure, she wants to go on an adventure with you. She wants to go for a bigger and more meaningful event than herself. Otherwise, if your focus is entirely only on her, she loses interest in you, and you become needy in her eyes.

Keep this in mind, this way you won’t need phrases on how to hint to a girl that you want to date her and remove all doubts.

12. Invite her to go on an adventure with you

” Do you want to go on a date? Do you want to have an affair with me? ” – this is better to say to an unfamiliar hottie when you first saw her.

You’re asking her out on an adventure.

And I don’t even say it with the intention of inviting her or asking her out, I just find any excuse to start a conversation with her.

It’s all done playfully and the words have to match your condition, so there has to be congruence.

Otherwise this point won’t work for you.

Then you can continue the conversation by changing the topic to any other topic.

13. Use jokes with hints about bed.

“I just posted on Facebook that we made love” – rapprochement through positive emotions and humor.

With this I can further develop the topic of how to tell a girl that I want her.

Ideally, there should be no filters at all. Know everything about how to get rid of shyness in communication and in life in general.

14. Be the one who chooses, not the one who is chosen

“I choose you, I like communicating with you”-with this phrase you show that you choose her.

15. If you see her for the first time

“I just saw you and couldn’t help but approach” – use when approaching a stranger.

You don’t have to be mega charismatic to know everything about how to meet a girl if you’re shy.

16. Tell her she’s better than all the other women around

“I like you better than those girls,” and point to any random girls around you.

One more word as an addendum to the discussion of the topic of how to tell a girl I want her, beautifully.

You can do this either at the club if you’ve just met her or on a date.

17. Jokes about the wedding and her mom

“Can I call my mom and tell her I met my wife?” – Hints at your marriage as a joke.

18. Voicing your feelings and feelings for her with humor

There’s so much chemistry between us, like in the TV series “Breaking Bad”-voicing how you feel about her with humor.

It’s always better to talk about your feelings for her in your own words without memorized text.

So you’ll pump up this ability, you won’t need any ready-made material and you’ll know everything about how to communicate with your girlfriend.

19. You don’t have to give a reason why you’re attracted to her

“I’m really attracted to you. I don’t know why” – voice your strong attraction to her.

20. Let her know that she’s the one you want to be with the most right now

“I like being in company with you more than with my friends” – you’ve chosen her among others and you want to be with her most of all.

21. Kiss her.

On the subject of how to hint to a girl for a kiss:

  • Proceed from the position that you’re giving the kiss, not taking the .
  • I usually kiss myself and don’t verbally ask permission in any way .
  • If you have initially positioned yourself correctly, there will be no resistance to the kiss.
Like I did.

I had a case where a woman deliberately started dodging my kiss. I initially did everything right and saw no reason to resist.

I did not want to play this cat and mouse game and immediately said, “I want to kiss you.

To which she replied, “And if I do not know how to kiss? ” (and everything became immediately clear).

To which I replied, “I’ll teach you.

And there was no more resistance. That’s how easy it is, without any games or other nonsense you can hint to the girl’s first kiss.

Video of my approach.

In addition to the topic, I decided to show my video where I meet a hot woman at the mall.

In it, you can clearly see what I wrote about in this article.

In it you can also find answers on how to tell a girl that she is beautiful, in your own words.

I talk about finding a topic for talking to women on dates in another article on the site.

22. Using the role reversal chip

The role reversal chip between you and leads to a future together:

  • “If you take me on a date, where will you take me?”
  • “Where will you take me on a date with you?”
  • “Stop seducing me” is a tricky role-swapping phrase with which you take responsibility off your hands.

Even if it’s not her seducing you and you seducing her, it will remind you that you are a man and a woman.

23. Subtle not repulsive words about her figure and face at the same time

“Put your breasts away, hide them from me, I only want to see your beautiful face.”

This is the kind of compliment to her figure and appearance at the same time, which helps you to confess your sympathy for the girl, you can give.

Key important points to keep in mind

  • You let her know that you make her stand out and why you like her.
  • When you tell a girl you like her, look her straight in the eye. It’s silly to look away, to look away, and to say nothing.
  • Keep it as simple as possible!
  • Be goofy, don’t be serious about everything.
  • Enjoy the process.
  • When expressing yourself, don’t try to impress.
  • Don’t be afraid to touch and touch her. She expects it herself.
  • Never see your openness in liking a girl as a weakness. That’s always a plus and it’s strong.But at the same time, don’t think she will immediately float after your words and want you.
  • Be honest and congruent. Say what you think (don’t forget about appropriateness).
  • Let your emotions come out and they will attract her.
  • Don’t emphasize prepared words! Let yourself say it ugly, but from the heart. And it will be your best words than borrowed from someone or prepared in advance.
  • Do not try to mimic James Bond or another movie character from the movie, voicing his cool phrases. You’ll only get to be a cheaper and more unnatural copy of a movie character whose life you can’t live anyway.
  • The best thing you can do is be your best self.
  • You need to understand that many of the phrases were spoken in a state of flux, and you shouldn’t expect unrealistic reactions from a woman and quick acceptance after these phrases. In any case, you need to keep communicating and not depend on prepared phrases.
  • The sooner you let her know how you feel about her, the better. The longer you procrastinate with how to show sympathy for the girl, the more awkward it will be later.
  • Talk about your sympathy in places where there’s no social pressure or unnecessary judgmental stares from people. Better – in private.

Why the Internet or texting are the worst ways to show sympathy and feelings

If this is the first time you want to confess your sympathy and intentions to a girl, then never do it over the Internet.

Better to ask yourself: “What prevented you from doing it in your first minutes of dating when you met?”

What kept you from hinting to a girl that you liked her the first time you saw her?

Why is the Internet so bad for this:

  1. A girl can read your message and just go online without even answering anything to your deep lines about mad love.
  2. On the Internet, very beautiful women on social media get love declaration letters from sometimes a few dozen men a day. Do you want to be one of those gray suitors?
  3. All the sincerity and honesty of your sympathy, all the openness to the woman you can pass only through your eyes at a meeting face to face. But not through the monitor.
  4. Women may think that you’re lying, or just kidding, after reading your message. And there’s already a mis-positioning and misunderstanding of you.

Author: Deonis Skvortsov.

Author of articles on the site and a book on social dynamics. Founder of the FeelPassion project. Mentor on the topic of dating the opposite sex. Video blogger.

How to tell a girl how you feel and not be rejected

We all know what it’s like to have a secret love. Butterflies fluttering in your stomach. Joy mixed with sadness and anxiety. One day feelings may break out, but not at all the way you would like them to.

A good friend of mine texted me the other day, “What should I do if I’m shy about admitting my feelings? We have known each other only recently, and I am afraid that she won’t take me seriously. I advised him to start by finding out about the girl’s personal life and her tastes. If it turns out that she is single or prefers a different type of guy, it can be an unpleasant embarrassment.

If you are afraid to say directly about your feelings, but the sympathy for this girl is getting stronger every day, it is time to think about the confession. And it is best to prepare for this moment in advance, so that you do not lose the power of speech and do not look silly.

Prepare for the moment

To confess your feelings to this girl, first try to establish a friendly communication.

If you do not know each other, find an opportunity to strike up a conversation and find interesting topics. It’s best if you are introduced by a mutual friend or acquaintance. If not, you’ll need to be creative and brave.

Not sure if the girl communicates only with you? Check her social networks with the service Scanprofile and find out the truth!

For example, you can meet in a park, in a restaurant, in a parking lot or just on the street. The main thing is that you don’t look like a stalker and don’t scare her. Find a reason to approach the girl you are interested in with a question or a request.

  • Can you tell me how to get to the fountain in this park?
  • Excuse me, where did you buy your car? I’ve wanted one for a long time.
  • I happen to notice that you’re reading Paulo Coelho. Can we talk about this book?
  • Can I use your phone for an emergency call?
  • You’re so fragile, why don’t I help you carry the bags to the car?

Then you can offer to have coffee the other day, as a compliment. If the girl starts to refuse, explain that you have no bad intentions, and you just want to thank her for the pleasant conversation.

Of course, there is a chance that the woman you are interested in will refuse to engage in a conversation and ask to leave her alone. Well, don’t get upset, but rather ask if she needs help and support.

Three Simple Steps to Confess Your Sympathy to a Girl

If you’ve already used our dating rating and found a girl you really like, then confess to her. A beautiful confession can become the first brick in building a future relationship. However, not all men have the courage to declare their feelings in person.

Think about it, are you ready to do it, looking into the eyes of a girl you like? According to a survey of men under the age of 35, the vast majority (about 75%) prefer to send a message rather than confess their feelings in person.

So, if you dared to tell about the sympathy one-on-one, you need to follow three steps consistently:

  • Pick a place and time to talk. The setting should play into your hands, creating a favorable mood and not distract from the most important things. The ideal meeting place will dispose to a heart-to-heart talk. For example, this could be a secluded bench in the park or a table in a corner of a coffee shop. The main thing is that no one and nothing could disturb the course of your thoughts and confuse you.
  • Tell the girl about your feelings and intentions. A heartfelt confession backed by a bouquet of flowers or a small gift can make a great impression on a girl you care about. But don’t shower her with vows and marriage proposals. Try to explain why you decided to declare your love now, and give at least three reasons why you think the girl is special. Compliments made from the heart will show your sincerity.
  • Do not demand a response here and now. After a confession, you can probably guess whether she is ready to reciprocate or not. At least, if she didn’t turn everything into a joke right away, you can offer her to start a relationship. But don’t ask for an answer right away, give it time for reflection, a week or more. Your willingness to wait will only confirm the seriousness of your intentions.

How to confess to a girl in an original way

Confessing your feelings is a responsible step that must be taken seriously so that in the end it does not look like a joke. Tell about your feelings, you can tell calmly and without fervent confessions. Or you can do it in an original and unexpected way. It all depends on the relationship you are involved at the moment and how impressed she is.

If you can tell why the girl is special to you, she will be pleasantly surprised.

  • “I realized I had serious feelings for you when we were walking in the rain. You were laughing, telling a story about your dog. And I was so happy just to be around you.”
  • “I remember that morning when I first saw you. You were in jeans and a T-shirt, but I haven’t seen a prettier or more charming girl.”

Compliments should not be empty, talk only about the real thing. Be sure to praise her character, habits, interests. Name the things you like best. For example, responsiveness and willingness to take care of others. Or her determination and persistence towards her goals. Compliments should help clarify your attitude and the depth of your feelings, but don’t go overboard in eloquence. There has to be a measure to everything.

In case you get rejected, do not be too emotional. Show that you respect her decision and are willing to wait and prove your love. After all, there can be many reasons for a girl to reject you. The refusal now does not mean that you have no chance at all for a relationship with your beloved.

In any case, before you confess your sympathy, answer yourself honestly to the questions:

  • How serious will our relationship be?
  • What level of freedom do I allow for myself and for her?
  • Do I plan to start a family in the foreseeable future?
  • What am I willing to do for the girl I love?
  • Will I be able to adjust to the other person?

To avoid disappointment, think of everything ahead of time. Confession is only the first step on the way to a harmonious and stable relationship.

How to confess in correspondence

Are you sure you want to do it through the Internet? Of course, writing a message is a safer option. You won’t have to get too nervous and try to overcome awkward pauses. But you won’t have the advantage of showing your best side, affecting the girl’s senses. She will not be able to see you, to hear your voice, to smell a good perfume.

However, you can express sympathy in a message on facebook or any other social network. If you have a phone number of your beloved, popular messengers such as whatsapp or viber will help you.

If you want to sincerely write to a girl about your feelings and experiences, follow the four basic rules of “love correspondence:

  • A simple message “Hi! How are you?” will be enough. If you do not know her yet, you need to write who you are and how you got her contacts. For example: “My name is Alexander, I am a colleague of your brother, I hope you do not mind friendly communication?”.

Before you tell her about your liking, make sure it’s the right day. She may be too busy or upset. Remember, telling her how you feel is like starting a marathon, not a short-distance race. Vlazhivaya all at once, you risk to be misunderstood and rejected without explanation.

  • Don’t forget to pay a compliment. Just saying “I really like you,” “I want to be your boyfriend,” or “You’re the girl of my dreams” is like cutting the wire of a bomb. You can’t take the words back, and the reaction will almost certainly be different from what you want.

It’s much better to write “I like your taste in music” and “You have very nice photos in your profile.” This approach will let you know how she feels about you.

Try to read between the lines, pay attention to emoticons and other signals of interest. If she responds dryly and does not give feedback, then perhaps you picked the wrong moment.

  • Think about what you’re writing. There’s no need to play games and try to hide your true intentions and feelings. It’s silly to talk about your successes in the love field to the person you want a relationship with.

Impress with your erudition, politeness and literacy. Be confident and don’t be afraid of failure. If she is single, she is sure to be won over by your interest, presented without any vulgar innuendo.

  • Admit it, finally. When the communication is established and you see that the girl is friendly, you can move on to the most important thing. Formulate your confession in such a way that it’s immediately clear what you mean. Do not show that this is very stressful for you. When you confess your feelings, you can expect four ways to respond:
  1. She likes you, too – great!
  2. She’s not completely sure how she feels – not bad!
  3. She doesn’t feel the same way about you – fixable!
  4. No response – oops!

In the first two cases you should definitely invite her to lunch or dinner to talk in person and to clarify all your concerns.

In case the girl did not reciprocate – explain that you were upset, of course, but that you respect her choice and would like to continue communicating as friends. Perhaps over time, the situation will change in your favor.

Finally, if the girl did not respond to your confession and communication was interrupted. You do not need to send hundreds of messages with demands and requests. Try to resume correspondence after a few days or weeks.

Top 15 phrases for a declaration of love

Especially for you, we have selected the most tender and romantic declarations of love. They are best suited for expressing sympathy through correspondence, but they can also be useful in personal communication.

  • Honey, when you’re near me, I feel boundless happiness.
  • Loving you only motivates me to get better
  • Before I met you I didn’t realize how much I could love
  • Your eyes are the clearest and your hands the softest
  • There’s no girl in the world more beautiful than you, my love
  • You make me feel so good I forget all my troubles
  • You’re so important to me, so much more important than anything else
  • I want to keep you safe and protect you, for you are my treasure
  • You’ve bewitched me with your smile, and I can’t think of anyone else
  • For your happiness I’m willing to move mountains
  • You’ve brightened my life Like the sun after a long night
  • I thank fate and God for meeting you
  • My heart belongs to you completely
  • I didn’t believe in love until you came into my life
  • You occupy all my thoughts, I literally live and breathe you

If you want to show yourself a true romantic, then read a poem to your beloved . Or send it in a message if you can’t express your feelings in just a few words.

Let it become to you, dear, pleasant From tender confessions and sincere words. My feelings for you – they are immense! And love, of course, rules over them! *** I look out of the window and I don’t see the rain, All the trees are blooming, I look at the flowers, and they are blooming on me Since I love you infinitely *** Let me love like I know how, Let me burn to the end, In the bitter cold I will warm, And in the heat I will be cool

♪ What mistakes you shouldn’t make ♪

You must respect the personal space and freedom of choice of the chosen one. Not enough to tell a woman that you like her. Prove your feelings with actions. And the longer your relationship lasts, the more serious the evidence should be. Fervent confessions are relevant only at the beginning of the novel. Ultimately, women look at the actions.

Here is a list of those mistakes that men most often make at the beginning of a relationship. Categorically not:

  • Restrict your partner’s freedom
  • Impose their views and tastes
  • Show disrespect to friends and family (yours and your partner’s).
  • Being stingy and skimping on every detail
  • Talk about your life plans in a vague, uncertain way.
  • Constantly use the pronoun “I” instead of “we
  • Criticize the appearance and actions of the woman
  • Take a “pause” for reflection

Approach the recognition with responsibility and enthusiasm. After all, by ruining the first impression, you risk losing your attractiveness in the eyes of a woman without the possibility of rehabilitation.

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