How to write a guy that I want him?

How to get your favorite man by SMS: words and phrases that work without fail

If a woman knows how to excite his man, even at a distance – she knows how to do everything. A guy should always remember you and look forward to the next meeting. How to excite a man by text message correctly and what to write is not necessary, you will learn from our article.

The best texts of intimate texts: turn on your boyfriend in no time

Guys love it when girls take the initiative in the intimate sphere. It is not always possible to express their emotions with kisses and touches – typical manifestations of passion. How to get a man by correspondence? Surprise your partner exciting messages and then reap voluptuous fruit in real life.

Short, but meaningful erotic texts

How do you get a man to text you without too much effort? Send him a succinct sexy text that will excite his mind while he is at work, on a business trip or fishing with friends. Write him messages like this, and he won’t be able to think about anything else but the impending sex with you:

  • “I bought some new underwear, but all I want is for you to take it off me sooner!”
  • “I want to snuggle up to you with my whole body, feel your passionate breath and feel you inside me!”
  • “You have no idea what vulgarities come into my head when I think of you.”
  • “You’re the only thing missing from my bed.”
  • “I’ve made dinner and I want you for dessert.”
  • “I want to touch you and caress your body without stopping.”
  • “I dreamt about you tonight, we made love so passionately in our dreams… Let’s make the dream come true?”
  • “Remember how we did it in the kitchen? That memory gives me goosebumps.”
  • “I want your strong hands to hold me tight and caress me everywhere.”
  • “I can’t sleep because I imagine you naked next to me.”
  • “Let’s spend the most unforgettable night tonight?”
  • “Tie me up and do what you want. I’ll see you tonight at nine.”
  • “I want to kiss you softly on the lips and then go lower and lower…”
  • “Let’s make love all weekend long? I’ve been dreaming of surrendering to passion for a long time.”
  • “Thinking about you turns me on better than pornography.”
  • “I hope you’re not too tired at work tonight. I need you awake tonight.”
  • “I’m so tired tonight, will you help me get undressed tonight?”.

Use the phrases you like best to excite the man in your correspondence as effectively as possible. Most likely to be followed by an immediate response from the guy in the form of passionate text messages in return. Take into account the possible busyness of a man. If he is at an important meeting or engaged in other pressing matters, it is worth postponing these texts. Choose a convenient time, and your messages will hit exactly on the target.

Exciting poems

If you are often visited by the muse of poetry, you can excite a man by correspondence just with the help of rhyming messages. Even Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin did not shrug off the creation of obscene poems, what about us – ordinary fans of poetry. How to get a man from a distance via SMS? Try to send him something like:

1 Be with me affectionate, be with me rough, Let me caress everywhere your lips! I want a hot embrace from you, I’m burning from them, as from the fire!

I want you in every position, Though you are far away now! I’m in full bloom today, Take me deep!

I want to be with you, I want to be with you, I want to be with you! I can’t forget, I can’t forget How close I am to you now! I miss you more and more Every day!

I wish your torso was as beautiful as God’s, I wish the road would lead you to me! I’d love to stay together all night long And make all our problems go away!

5. I lay in bed alone And without you I have no time for sleep! Come in the silence of midnight, Bliss me in haste!

6. How I want to take you in my arms And kiss you as soon as possible! I’m burning with desire for a long time, Take me, just like in the movies!

7. Love me passionately, love me tight! You’re my hero, and I’m your baby! Cry me quick, come to my rescue, I’m on my knees and you’re behind!

8. You’ll hear my sweet moaning in the night If you come to me in the evening, and you don’t write! I want a hot kiss, Drop business, here you blow!

9. I remember all the time Your caresses and your embrace! I can’t help but feel the burden of Waiting so long for your love!

10. I want you to take me by force! Come to me tonight, my darling! Tie me up and take me down, Love’s passion is not to be spared!

11. I’m in a state of passion, I want us to have THIS tonight! I’m dressed up beautifully: lingerie and stockings, You’re not enough, hurry up and run!

I want to have sex with you even in my dreams! I’m dreaming of our union, Such a confession to you!

13. ♪ I’m yours with my clothes off ♪ # Love me like you’ve never done before! You’re my hero, you’re my king, Run home to me now!

14. I want to fall asleep and wake up sweetly with you, I’m going to bed now, I can’t wait for you! I want you to come home from work, I’m waiting for you, I’m burning up! Leave your cares at once to meet the dawn with me!

15. Good night, my darling! Why aren’t you with me? ♪ I want to be happy, I want to give you wild sex! ♪

16. You stole my heart a while ago, Now you’ve stolen my peace at night, too. To no one else be harmed, Come and take me, my lord!

Examples of such verse texts will help you in the question of how to excite a man by correspondence. He will be intrigued by the unusual message. You only have to choose your favorite or come up with your own. In fact, to rhyme cute lines is not too difficult and very interesting. Believe in your ability to poetry and compose from time to time inspired erotic quatrains.

Erotic humor

If your significant other is all right with a sense of humor, then you are in luck. Laughter is known to prolong life. Combine sexual innuendo and jokes is quite possible. How to excite a man via text message? Write him one of the funny erotic phrases:

  • “I want your bolt in my nut!”,
  • “Want some buns? Just not the ones for tea.”
  • “Let’s play a game: I’ll be the bunny who wants to get his favorite carrot immediately.”
  • “Dear subscriber, you have won a free massage from a sexy hottie. Wait for you to pick up your prize at…”,
  • “Was reminded of you at the store today when I saw a bunch of huge bananas. Would you like to see me eat them erotically?”
  • “A sex-hungry girl waiting for her boyfriend at home in the comfort of her new negligee.”
  • “Make me moan like I’m having a sciatica attack?”
  • “I’ve been looking at your horoscope. It’s your sex day, but we’re not together. So watch out for the boss.”

Only write these kinds of messages if you’re sure the guy will appreciate your humor. Don’t skimp on the emoticons to emphasize the joke. If a man responds with similar funny phrases, rejoice. Now you’ll have a relaxed conversation along with stimulating correspondence. Humor and sex make our lives brighter, and their combination will perfectly decorate the dull weekdays.

What can not write a man if you want to excite him?

In a burst of emotion you can accidentally hurt your partner and hurt his feelings. Re-read the message before you send it and imagine the reaction of a man. Weed out those messages that may alert him or push away. What can cause a negative reaction in erotic messages:

  1. Attempting to cause jealousy. Don’t write something like, “We haven’t seen each other for so long, but I often have a cute neighbor come over for salt. Watch out, or else he’ll steal you away.” The man may not understand such a joke and get seriously offended. And if he takes your irony at face value, he will lose confidence in you, begin to control every step or beat an innocent neighbor. Don’t play with fire, be careful and pick delicate ways to seduce a man with messages.
  2. Discussing flaws. Many ladies believe that men don’t care about flaws in their appearance, so they’re allowed to say anything to them. Messages like “that would now like to duck into your round beer belly” or “your crooked legs turn me on so much” are the worst option you can come up with when trying to excite a man via text message. Guys have vulnerable souls. Don’t think messages like this are funny or unusual.
  3. Lack of originality. If you write every day “Hello, I want you,” then understand that a violent reaction from your partner it will not cause. To surprise a man and excite his mind, you need to change tactics and write different erotic texts. Today send a poem, tomorrow funny joke with an intimate bias, and the day after tomorrow, give him an opportunity to prove himself and fascinate you with a hot phrase.
  4. Too vulgar and foul language. It’s possible that during sex, a lot of guys might enjoy this kind of voiceover of their feelings. But on the phone screen as a message, these same phrases will seem too crude. Man expects from a woman a manifestation of tenderness and passion, and the text message from the range just shock them.

Now you understand how you can turn on a man by SMS. Impress the guy and excite him through texting is not so difficult. Rely on your imagination or resort to our recommended phrases. If you’re not sure whether to send a message or not, put it off until later. Be sincere in your outbursts of feeling and you’ll achieve your goal!

Message want you: 170 challenging messages sexting men and women

One of the best ways to like, pique interest, ignite passion and seduce is through provocative, hot, provocative and spicy messages. Messages of this kind, where you say want you to the person you’re talking to, are called sexting. Correspondence will help to add fire before the upcoming meeting, drawing the other half into a whirlpool of imagination and passion.

Exchanging defiant messages I want you

What is sexting? Sexting is the exchange of messages of an erotic nature to pass the time between encounters, as well as to arouse interest and fuel attraction. Sexting adds a spark to a relationship, ignites passion, provokes an early meeting, and creates a strong attraction.

Sexting is a kind of flirting, it’s just hotter, more provocative, bolder, naughty, dirty and dirty. By using sexting to exchange texts or messages I want you, we improve the quality of the relationship and take it to the next level of passion. What types of naughty and dirty messages can be? Examples of topics for naughty messages:

  • Messages with slight hints of wanting to make love.
  • A desire to show something interesting from underwear or skills in bed.
  • Words that you are very attracted to and physically attracted to the person.
  • A message about being partially or completely unclothed right now.
  • A message of wanting you directly or veiled.
  • Provocative nude or nude photos.
  • Messages with emoji that make it seem indecent.
  • Memories of the hot, hot nights you’ve had.
  • An explicit invitation to meet to have sex.

How to write racy messages correctly and what should you keep in mind?

  • Take the initiative in sexting by initiating messages want you.
  • Find out how free and unbusy the person is so you can correspond freely.
  • Start from afar, building up passion little by little, starting with light and ending with more explicit messages.
  • Speak sincerely, showing your real attraction, not using lies or fakery.
  • Be bold, provocative, provocative and frank, not skimping on details and words.
  • Use provocative emoticons, emoji, and stickers to make your messages hotter.
  • Use voice messages to make your sexting hotter.
  • Give free rein to your imagination, desire, and passion to make messages full of your emotions and attraction.
  • If you want to send a candid photo (nudes), warn them first, so as not to embarrass them when the person is not alone.

Girls can take pictures with no underwear, photos with something covering your breasts, photos in a defiant pose, photos in erotic clothing, photos in the bathroom, photos in lingerie, photos with deep cleavage, photos in transparent clothing, photos with provocative facial expressions. Men usually take pictures of muscles, guessing contours under clothing bulging passion, smirks and other hints.

These sexting tips will help make your communication as pleasant, comfortable, hot and effective as possible. This kind of correspondence will help you open up more strongly, seduce each other, look forward to meeting or even provoke a meeting.

The pros of sexting and defiant messages want you

Sending hot messages is the best way to work on your relationship, bringing in all the things that make it really hot, sincere and unforgettable.

  • Sexting adds intrigue to communication.
  • Sexting maintains intimacy between you.
  • Sexting creates a strong sexual tension between you.
  • Sexting brings vicious dreams into reality.
  • Sexting brings your intimate life to life.

Sexting has only pros and no cons. If your significant other doesn’t accept this kind of play, they’re a boring, low-toned person. It’s better to find yourself someone who likes to mess around in messages and bed.

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with sexting messages to say I want you to the person you like. Usually nothing comes to mind to say in your own words, and some of the examples on the internet are too pathetic. Here are some great message or text message examples you can use to seduce your soulmate.

Sexting is the perfect foreplay before a meeting that will arouse attraction and passion in your bodies. Interesting messages for a girl or a man with which you can start a conversation or develop it to a hotter one.

1. Thinking about you and it caused me to blush.

2. I don’t know what you have for dinner, then I know what might be dessert…

3. Taking a bath and thinking of you made me feel messier again because of the thoughts.

4. I lose control of myself when I think of you.

5. Let’s do something “we don’t have to do that.”

6. What kind of underwear do you like best?

7. After the meteorite fell that killed the dinosaurs, there is no hotter person on the planet than you.

8. Just lying in bed in a T-shirt and texting you. What are you doing?

9. When you show up, I’ll let you do whatever you want.

10. You look hot and attractive today. How do I know? You always look like that.

11. If you behave yourself, I’ll buy you a present.

12. I’ll see you tonight. I promise I’m not up to anything decent.

13. I had a dirty dream last night, but I don’t know if I can tell you.

14. When I see you, I’ll tear your clothes off.

15. I want to wake up and go to sleep with you and do naughty things together.

16. When you look at me, I get very hot.

17. I can’t sleep. Thinking about what we would do if we were together around you.

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