How to work for yourself?

6 ways to start working for yourself.

The idea of “working for yourself instead of your uncle” has become increasingly popular lately, resulting in some people leaving a stable place to develop their own businesses. Some of them succeed, some of them fail, because the development of any business is hard work, and you can’t do without a certain amount of luck.

But you can start working for yourself without leaving your usual workplace. Perhaps in the future it will allow you to quit your day job and become “your own boss,” or maybe you’ll just get a nice and steady pay raise.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy tip that will allow you to dramatically change your life. But we’ve put together 6 ways for you to start working for yourself, and at the end of the article you’ll find tips on starting your own business.

1. Get into dropshipping

The easiest way to start a business with almost no investment is dropshipping. To do this you do not need to buy equipment and rent storage space, just choose a niche product that interests you, find suppliers (the best platform for this – AliExpress), run the online store and place the goods on it with a markup of about 50%. When the customer places the order, buy the corresponding item on AliExpress and provide the customer’s address for delivery. The seller will take care of everything else.

We have already published a detailed article on how to do dropshipping with AliExpress, read it here .

What is the advantage of such an activity?

  • You practically no risk, except for the time and expense of marketing and advertising.
  • If it suddenly turns out that the goods you have chosen are not in demand, you can simply replace them with others.
  • The business can go anywhere: at home, in a cafe, on the main job during a break.

2. Start your own clothing line

If you have the skills of a designer and some free time, you can start your own clothing line. It is not necessary to know how to sew or open a sewing shop, you can cooperate with services like VseMayki, Printdirect or Pink Bus, which will produce the product and send it to the client for you, you need only to create a design, run an online store, link it to the selected service and receive a commission from each order. Particularly popular are t-shirts, but you can experiment with other items of clothing and accessories, the manufacture of which is engaged in your chosen service.

What is the advantage of such an activity?

  • You can start selling clothes immediately after opening a store. And you don’t start making products until after the order, so if your design proves unsuccessful, you don’t lose anything.
  • It’s nice to create products that people will use every day.
  • You can channel your creativity in a profitable way.
  • Seeing your ideas come to life is priceless.

3. Earn with your creativity.

Another way to channel your creativity in a profitable way is to sell your work online.

If you’re an artist or photographer, you can sell postcards and posters of your work, print them on T-shirts, mugs, and more. This is where Printdirect or Pink Bus, which we mentioned in the previous paragraph, come in handy.

If you already have enough subscribers, you can take orders. It makes sense for artists to learn English, because Western clients in most cases pay more and nag less. Don’t be shy and don’t put low prices. Look at the prices of artists or photographers already earning at your level and target them.

If you are a musician, you can give your beats, songs, samples, and other stuff for money, or sell your music on stock services like AudioJungle , EpidemicSound, or Shutterstock .

Another option for making money from your art is Patreon . This service lets your fans support you financially and get stuff in return, like being able to download your work in good quality, vote on what your next work will be, etc., depending on what you want to do and what you have time for.

What is the advantage of such an activity?

  • You can be a part of someone’s life, and your work can make its way into your clients’ homes and headphones.
  • For some people, creativity isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life. And this way you get a chance to make money from something you enjoy.

4. Become a freelancer.

There is always a demand for talented writers, designers and developers. As a freelancer, you can apply your skills and help people from all over the world with their projects (while earning money, of course). You don’t have to take on large, long-term projects that will eat up all your free time. Choose shorter and simpler tasks that fit into your schedule.

The most popular freelance exchanges in Russia are, and If you speak English well, try Upwork or Fiverr.

It is worth noting that Fiverr is slightly different from traditional exchanges. All prices for jobs there are multiples of 5 dollars. To earn more, customize your offers so that you can easily sell additional services to your clients.

For example, as a basic $5 service, you could offer to write an introduction to a 150-word blog post and charge $10 for every additional 150 words. See how others do it, and price your services so that the final price is worth your time. You can also read this article about working with Fiverr .

If you’ve chosen freelancing as your main source of income – read our tips on working from home .

What is the advantage of such an activity?

  • Freelancing allows you to choose the projects you want and to work at a place and on a schedule that suits you.
  • It’s nice to do something you’re good at and get paid for it.
  • If you’re a newbie, freelancing is a great way to get experience in different areas and add to your portfolio.
  • You might discover talents in yourself that you didn’t even know you had.

5. Record a series of instructional videos

This will allow you to generate passive income from your knowledge. Record a video where you explain a topic you’re good at and post it on your personal page. You can also become a teacher on Skillshare or a similar resource. Of course, recording training videos will require effort, but if you manage to create a popular and valuable course, you will earn a regular passive income from the students who will sign up for this course.

To record your first online course, think about what topic you know well and learn it well enough to be able to explain it to a perfect dummy. The topic can be anything – web development, music writing, social media marketing, etc. When you’ve decided on a topic and prepared all the necessary materials, download an app that can record your actions on the screen and your voice explaining to your students what’s going on.

You can start by trying the free CamStudio app for Windows, Jing for Mac and Windows, or ScreenFlow for Mac.

And it doesn’t hurt to download a video editing application. This may be a professional Adobe Premiere Pro, which can be accessed for about 2000 rubles per month (1300 rubles if you subscribe for one year), but you can also choose free or low-cost applications such as Shotcut or Lightworks.

Even if you’ve never recorded or edited a video before, you can find instructions on YouTube or just on the Internet. Who knows, maybe you’ll get so good at these programs that you’ll even make your own instructional videos on how to use them.

What is the advantage of such an activity?

  • You just take a few days (or weeks, depending on how complex the subject matter is and how much detail you want to explain it) to record a series of videos, post them on appropriate resources, and then sit back and enjoy the rest of your day.
  • You already have the knowledge; all that’s left is to share it. Focus on teaching what you already know well, and the rest will come naturally to you. And it doesn’t matter what it is: developing Android apps, creating accounting reports, or using Vkontakte ads.
  • Helping people is always a pleasure, and if you also get paid for it – it’s twice as enjoyable.

6. Become a tutor

You can also earn on your knowledge in an active way. If you know something about the subject and do not feel uncomfortable talking to people, try tutoring. You can the old-fashioned way to find students in your city and either travel to them (as a rule, then the lesson is more expensive), or take them at home (then the price is worth putting lower). If you decide to take students at home, set up a separate place for this, where nothing will distract neither you nor your students. Ideally allocate a separate room, or at least a balcony.

Or you can register on Preply service or other similar resource and teach online via Skype or other program that supports video calls. Here you need only a computer, Internet access, a webcam and a headset, but it is better to take care about what is visible behind your back, so students are not distracted and confused by the mess in your room or snooping back and forth housemates.

Tutors are sought not only for school subjects and foreign languages, but also for programming, painting, music, and many other subjects. Preply even has tutors who teach the intricacies of playing Dota 2 !

Decide on the topic you want to teach and the age of the students. Programs for children tend to be easier, but you will often have to find an approach to the child and/or their parents. Adult students are more attentive and interested in learning, but may not have time to do their homework due to busyness.

If you are seriously thinking about tutoring, read this article , which will tell you about the possible difficulties and pitfalls.

What is the advantage of such an activity?

  • You set your own schedule and curriculum.
  • Most students are motivated enough so you don’t have to force knowledge into their heads like in-house teachers have to do.
  • If your students are doing well because of you, it is always nice.
  • With tutoring, you can learn a lot for yourself and become much better at the subject matter.

The options presented above are some of the easiest ways to start making money for yourself. They don’t require much of an investment, and even if something goes wrong or you realize it’s not for you – you lose virtually nothing except time and some marketing and advertising costs. Unless, of course, you scandalously quit your job after the first order.

Perhaps you have other ideas how to open your own business. In any case, if you want to start and grow an online business, you need to go through the following five steps first:

1) Research the market.

Even if you have a great idea for a startup, it’s not a fact that this startup will make you a profit, your product may just not be in demand. Don’t repeat our mistakes with Getwear and before you invest time and money into a business do some research first and see if it would be interesting to potential buyers.

You can order market research from a specialist or agency. For independent research, you can use Yandex’s Wordstat service. And here you can find instructions for its use.

2) Start producing goods or developing a product

If you’ve determined that there is demand for your future products or services, it’s time to start making them a reality. If you decide to sell goods, you need to find a manufacturer, if you decide to launch an app, you need to find a developer, and if you decide to provide some services, then register on relevant exchanges and post your packages there.

If you decide to do dropshipping, you can skip the phase with making goods. Just choose products that you are interested in or that will be in demand.

3) Take care of the legal component

Of course, not everyone is working officially these days. For example, few tutor makes IE and reports to the tax. But if you want to work legally and not be afraid of possible questions from the tax authorities, it is worth doing everything according to the law: to register as a legal entity, open a special account in the bank and submit all the necessary reports to the regulatory authorities. If you have never done such a thing and are afraid of making a mistake, it is best to consult a lawyer.

Many banks provide special packages for small businesses, which will make your life easier: for example, Sberbank Business Online or Alfa Bank for Business . Read the reviews and terms and choose what is more convenient for you.

By the way, recently in runet there was a wave of panic because supposedly banks report to the tax authorities for each account transfer and from each transfer may be required to pay tax. However, in reality everything is not so bad. We advise you to read this post on the blog of Tinkoff Bank.

4) Find Suppliers

It is important for an online store to find good and reliable suppliers. If you choose a service that prints images with your design on T-shirts and other clothing items, try ordering something from them for yourself first and see if you are satisfied with the quality and delivery time. If you decide to get into dropshipping, spend time looking for reliable suppliers on AliExpress. If you see that a certain supplier is the one you order the most, you can do business with that person and get a discount, a chance to put your logo on the product or packaging, or something else.

5) Create your own website and establish a system of payment

Some of the services we mentioned above (like Printdirect ) allow you to create your page with their website builder, and they handle the payments, you just get a commission. For dropshipping or creating a business card site with a resume and portfolio, it makes sense to create a full-fledged website. There are many platforms for creating websites, most of which have a trial period or free plan. For example: Tilda , Squarespace , Shopify , Shop-Script, etc.

To receive payments (if it is not built into the platform itself) you can use Yandex.Paymentzhka service. There are alternative solutions: Robokassa, Wallet One, AllPayments, etc. As a last resort, you can just put your wallet numbers (Yandex, Webmani, Kiwi, etc.), but it does not look appropriate and may discourage your potential customers.

Well, do not forget to add to the site Chatra to answer questions from visitors

That’s all. We hope that you will find our article useful. If you’ve been thinking about developing your own business for a long time, or if you just want to make some extra money, it’s time to take the first step. Good luck!

If you know any tools or services that can be useful to aspiring entrepreneurs, share them in the comments.

For yourself or for an “uncle”? Starting my own business

Friday has sneaked up on me. It’s a good time for a cozy discussion on today’s topic. Today we’re going to talk about employment options. How people come to choose, the impact of the 2020 pandemic on workers’ views. Pros, cons, pitfalls. The entire story is based on real events and personalities.


Let’s define right away that there are two categories of people. Some are risky and adventurous, while others value the bird in the hand. These factors are decisive in decision-making, and not only in the plane of work.

Most of us work for an “uncle”, whether it is a remote option or an office. Not everyone is satisfied with the order in which things happen. Many have an imbalance of interesting work and pay.

Since this is a resource for IT-specialists, who are better off in terms of income and freedom, we’ll talk about non-IT-specialists. They have less money, and the “Uncle” is harsher. The premise of this article – not the envy of the IT sphere, but a story about how it is with others.

So, after another call “on the carpet” an engineer Petrov or a manager Valera have an idea – why don’t you fuck it all?

Example No. 1

One of my best friends was trained as an ecologist. Naturally, as with a good half of VOshnikov, to go on specialty failed, and he switched to other areas of activity.

After working as a merchandiser and sales agent, he worked his way up to head of the sales department. Working “in the fields” occupied 70% of his time. He would pop into the office for tea and meetings. For him, sedentary work was hell. That’s how he worked for his “uncle” for 6-7 years. Despite the smooth rhythm, the burnout set in. Thoughts of self-employment had been on his mind for a long time. He was enterprising and always offered me some variants of joint activity. I, due to my “tit” nature, tactfully declined.

And so, in small steps, he left the office and started buying/selling/repairing cars. Before I knew it, he already had a couple of cars in the works.

It was tough at first. It took about 2-3 years to sway. Pitfalls in this area of work a lot, you know. The second-hand car market in the CIS countries is still a funny business. How many stories were with false documents, hidden damage and the rest. But nothing, he confidently worked his way through.

Did he regret leaving his stable job? Periodically, he had thoughts of returning to the office, but the next car and a successful transaction canceled out the campaign. He’s always on the road, searching, which has similarities to his previous job.

Can I say he’s happy? No, but he is much more comfortable than he was in the office.

Example #2.

I have an HR acquaintance who has been in the same place for over 15 years. Very comfortable conditions, we can say – greenhouse. He was paid on time, had a small workload, and took regular vacations. That is how he spent those 15 years, just drifting with the flow. The man loved comfort and stability, more than self-development and money. One day, he realized all this. He realized that he had given up his best years, sitting in a warm office on an average salary. The man is family-oriented and risk-averse. That’s my excuse for his behavior. But, better late than never.

When he decided to change jobs, he realized that he had lost a lot of time and did not have enough skills to compete in the market with the tops. After working at several companies, he realized he had two options: catch up with his colleagues or work for himself. He chose the second option.

With a huge base of contacts in the business world, he successfully opened his own recruitment business. There were already orders at the start. At the moment he is successfully doing what he loves, but on his own. About the office and does not think, especially in the current situation of 2020.

Is he happy? Absolutely! The only thing he regrets is that so many years have been wasted.

Example #3.

I was watching my neighbor who had opened her own grocery store. A very common occurrence. How she came to her decision – I don’t know. An outsider’s view showed that the person was spinning 24/7, working with vendors. Vendors were changing – like the weather in Iceland. At the start, she was in high spirits, her eyes lit up. With each quarter and six months, the motivation dropped. Toward the end of her activities, she was already trading on her own, for the vendors were unscrupulous. Her business lasted about two years.

Was she happy? The first six months. After that there was only agony and going to zero. Perhaps she had chosen a very competitive niche.

Uncle’s job

I singled out separate examples of people who went to work for themselves because the vast majority of my acquaintances work in an office.

I did not go through courses as an entrepreneur, but I can say with confidence – not many people achieve what they want, passing on the path of self-employment. There are many factors, such as: character traits, niche, luck, sticks in the wheels from the state.

So, it’s about office workers. They sit around, panting, everything is usual and ordinary. Frequent complaints about the moron chief, how they are all fed up – it’s all familiar to everyone. Despite this, many are happy with it. Stable income, often, turn off the brain at the end of the day and on weekends. Vacations are scheduled, all organizational issues are handled for you.

Pandemic 2020 is another reason to leave slavery

A year with surprises, no argument. Things got turned upside down for most. Many have been hit with layoffs and other repression. But every cloud has a silver lining.

I have always respected enterprising people who grasp and assess situations on the fly, in a flash. I have a couple of acquaintances who were not confused when they lost their jobs in a cozy office and started working for themselves.

Some started sewing masks and selling them cheaper than state-level speculators. Others switched to delivering goods. Those who left to work remotely, changed their mind about the situation and quit, picking up the hacks. There are dozens of such examples.

Against the backdrop of belt-tightening and employer impudence, it’s time to turn on your brain and look for yourself. In today’s fast-paced world, this is how it all happens. Whoever doesn’t keep up – loses.

So what is better: stability or independence?

It is difficult to answer at once. Leaving “for free bread” is a lottery, from which, often, there is no way back. There were cases when acquaintances tried their hand at self-employment, losing experience in their former field, and they did not manage to return. They were left at the broken trough, moving into the third dimension.

Those who sit in offices are not 100% satisfied either. Most of them are family people. Those with young children are less risk-averse and need stability. The older guys, occasionally look over the fence.

There are point personalities who manage to work on two fronts – for the “uncle” and for themselves. Among my acquaintances, three or four people are at that level. They are very talented people, they can multitask. It is true that they have to deny themselves a lot of things. In time spent with their family, in ordinary human pleasures. They’ve chosen this path and they’re certainly not going to get off it. I have noticed that workaholics are forever.


Everyone will decide for themselves, I can only express my opinion. The modern world, with its digitalization and opportunities, hybrid types of earning is a very favorable ground for a change of vector. There are a lot more opportunities now than there were even 10 years ago.

I wish everyone to be in their place and enjoy what you do. Share your views and stories. I read them with interest.

As advertising rights.

If you’ve decided to start your own even small business, you could definitely use a website or online store these days. Virtual servers to host websites or any other projects and tasks – this is about our epic ! DDoS protection, automatic installation of the handy VestaCP control panel, the ability to use Windows. Try it once!

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