How to win the man Cancer woman fish?

How to win a man-rabbit.

In building a close relationship between representatives of different sexes, a significant role is played by the horoscope, a girl needs to know the features inherent in her beloved in accordance with the sign of the Zodiac.

To fall in love with a man of Cancer, a woman should take into account that such a man needs not just a spouse, but also a mother who will fully understand his interests and desires and listen carefully when a man wants to share his ideas with her, even if the woman herself does not like them too much.

Representative of the fairer sex will be able to win a man of Cancer, if wholly dissolve in it, taking as its strengths and advantages, as well as many of its weaknesses. Really like a man of this zodiac sign can be very modest, homely, housewife girl, providing his beloved maximum household convenience.

How to fall in love with a man of Cancer

If a woman is a good hostess, is able to accurately and economically keep the house, cook delicious food and make the house cozy, then her chances of falling in love with a man born under the constellation Cancer significantly increase.

However, this is not enough, a girl should also relentlessly admire the positive qualities beloved, it is also very important for her appearance, because the Cancer is very developed aesthetic sense, this man definitely will not pay attention to the woman who does not care for yourself, allows untidiness in dress or makeup.

But physical attractiveness will also not be enough to conquer the heart of the man of Cancer. The girl needs to be soft, intelligent, feminine, vulgar and rude behavior will repel such a man immediately.

Cancer is very valuable in the representatives of the female sex mental development and a high degree of intelligence, but it is important not too show your intelligence, otherwise a man will think that a woman is trying to manipulate him and put pressure on him.

How to please a male Cancer

For a Cancerian man, a real family, a cozy home nest, children are of great importance. A girl, aspiring to become the chosen one of this man, be sure to let him know that she dreams of the same and can not imagine life without children. At the same woman in any case can not behave too assertively, brazen and tough, it immediately put an end to any relationship with Cancer.

Men-Racs endlessly tied to the mothers, and their girlfriends vital to find common ground with his beloved’s mother, try to make friends with her. If a girl at least once will express about the relatives of the beloved not particularly respectful, a man of this sign will almost certainly stop communicating with her.

Is it possible to discourage a married man-Racus?

In life, it can also happen that a woman will fall in love with a married man born under the sign of Cancer. A girl, of course, will be concerned about whether it is possible to discourage a busy man-Racus and how to do it.

Women who have married such a man should not worry that he is able to leave the family easily. If Cancer considers his wife really “his”, an ideal companion for himself, he will never break up with her and allow himself only a one-time accidental infidelity.

Girl, who met a man of Cancer in life, will ponder on how she behave if he is married or if he has a girlfriend. It should be remembered that it is necessary to meet him with affection, understanding, sympathy for his problems, delicious food, cooked his own hand.

In this case, the representative of the female sex really has a chance to make Cancer his own, even if he is not around at the time of their acquaintance. However, different signs of the Zodiac also have different characteristics, so a woman should know how her own constellation combines with the constellation of Cancer and previously study the relevant recommendations of experts.

Aries woman

Male Cancer and female Aries sign usually look great together, she is most often a bright, spectacular woman, and a gallant and polite cavalier will always be able to create a beautiful and romantic environment for her. Cancer will not suppress Aries tendencies to leadership, next to him such a woman will feel quite comfortable.

However, the Cancer is very often changing the mood that can be very confusing and burdensome to the woman Aries, it will seem that her partner just does not like, although it is wrong. A woman of this sign often does not understand the state of mind of the beloved Cancer, which may sooner or later lead to a breakup.

In the case of marriage, it is desirable for Cancer to deal with children and the household, while Aries is better to provide for the family. The distribution of responsibilities in all spheres equally would also be an excellent option.

The Taurus woman .

The male sign of Cancer and the female Taurus, both distinguished by the household, thoroughness, thoughtfulness, in the first place for each of them is the home comfort. They will become in all respects a wonderful couple, but the woman of the sign of Taurus can be a few irritated by the excessive slowness of Cancer, and she sometimes will not be able to keep the negative emotions.

But conflicts between people belonging to these two signs are rare, the Cancer man does not often decide to finally break up with the Taurus woman. Such a union has many chances to last a very long time, they have a lot in common and they usually find a way to come to an understanding.

A Gemini woman .

When it comes to compatibility between a woman born under the sign of Gemini and a Cancer man, this pair often seems quite strange and not particularly suitable to others. Female Gemini is usually open, sociable, she is alive interested in absolutely everything, while Cancer is a very homely and self-contained people.

In this relationship, the basis becomes physical intimacy, as long as these two are really good together in intimate moments, they will not break up, and the union can last a relatively long time.

But in ordinary life, a Gemini woman and a Cancer man have diametrically different characters, and with the help of sexual harmony, they are unlikely to be able to create a strong, harmonious family. For Cancer, the family is the purpose and meaning of life, while the Gemini woman is not too eager to stay at home and take care of the household.

The Cancer woman

Some people believe that people of the same zodiac sign are perfect for each other as partners, but this is not quite right. If both are Cancers, they really understand each other quite well, but the inherent stubbornness and tendency to be touchy make their life together much more difficult.

Long-term relationship between a man and a woman belonging to the constellation Cancer is possible only if both are successful, in another situation they will stop dating at a certain point, constantly presenting each other with claims and recriminations.

Each of them is dominated by feelings, abrupt changes of moods, such a couple should avoid all kinds of scandals and clarifications of relations.

Female Leo

The combination of a woman of the sign of Leo and a man of Cancer is very difficult and contradictory. Acute conflicts between them are actually inevitable due to their natural differences.

From the constellation of Cancer men will require a great effort to keep a woman Leo, he will have to provide her not only in the emotional and physical sphere, but also in material terms, these representatives of the fairer sex adore luxury, bright and expensive clothes, fine jewelry.

Over time, this union will be simply unbearable for Cancer, he almost certainly will not be able to meet the requirements of the Lioness partner. Such a man is simply intimidated by the expenses of his wife or girlfriend, over time he will realize that he needs a more modest and homely companion, while the Leo woman needs a more energetic and capable of satisfying her ambitions partner.

Virgo woman

The Cancer man and the Virgo woman are perfect for each other, and their union usually becomes strong, long-lasting, and happy. The partners have a lot in common, they don’t have any particular divergences.

In such a pair there is usually no excessive romanticism, most often both the man and the woman have many useful ideas, plans and intentions. In this case, each of them feels quite accomplished, both financially and internally, spiritually, and the Cancer man and the woman of the sign of Virgo are usually happy with the companion.

Both are very thrifty, cautious, practical, do not like wasting money, as a result, this pair will eventually form a good family capital.

The Libra woman .

The union between a woman of the sign of Libra and a man of Cancer is not too common. Men born under this constellation are extremely cautious, while the Libra woman is a very inconsistent creature, as a rule, and she does not know exactly what she seeks at the moment.

At the same time, the sensitive, gentle Cancer and the loving woman of the constellation Libra may have enough in common, but both are indecisive people prone to hesitation, which imposes its mark on their entire coexistence.

Both usually put off solving any issues to the last minute, which causes them problems in all spheres of life. But if each of them truly desires marriage and family, the relationship can last more than one year.

The Scorpio woman

The pairing of the Cancer man and the Scorpio woman can rightly be called perfect, both partners have everything to make the union long-lasting and very happy. These two are perfectly capable of giving each other sincere, genuine feelings, act as support and protection for the partner.

Harmony in such a relationship depends more on the male Cancer, who prefers to think with his heart rather than his head, it is he who creates the necessary atmosphere for the Scorpio partner.

A woman in such a pair will certainly be the leader, if her husband or lover is depressed, she will make every effort to bring him out of this state. In turn, the Cancerian man will give her a genuine emotional warmth, peace and comfort.

To the female Sagittarius

In the relationship of a Cancer man and a Sagittarius woman, there are many difficulties and contradictions. On the other hand, if they do have a real feeling, they can not only live in peace and harmony, but also to achieve significant progress.

Female sign of Sagittarius is very energetic, has a real vitality, and what attracts a man of Cancer.

Their coexistence will never be too calm and serene because of differences in personality and outlook on life, active female Sagittarius, who loves traveling and travel, can be burdensome too home life Cancer. Nevertheless, if the man manages to adapt to his partner, their union can last a long time.

Capricorn woman .

Between a Cancer man and a Capricorn woman, marriages are not uncommon, one could argue that these two are literally made for life together. Upon first acquaintance, they usually feel mutual sympathy, the relationship often develops not too quickly, but turns out to be strong and long-lasting afterwards.

The Capricorn woman and the Cancer man have a lot in common. For each of the main value in life is home, family and existing traditions in this family.

In married life, they can fully rely on each other, they do not have violent conflicts and clarifications of relations, in this pair there is a quiet but constant love, mutual understanding, all kinds of support for each other.

The female Aquarius

The pair of a Cancer man and a Aquarius woman does not often become harmonious, strong, long-term. People of these signs are so different that, more often than not, they simply cannot understand each other, realize the life attitudes and values of their partner. For a man of Cancer is extremely important traditions and rules, while the female constellation Aquarius is always looking to the future, it is only interested in the new, unexplored.

Cancer lives by the established rules, it is very difficult to understand a woman of Aquarius, different complete unpredictability and passion for freedom.

A man of this sign need stable, quiet family relationships, evenings in the family, that all the desire is not able to give the Aquarius woman, who is not satisfied with this lifestyle. Such a family is able to exist only through constant compromise and only if the partners really really want to stay together.

Female Pisces

Male Cancer and female Pisces are fully compatible. Based on the available statistics, divorce is quite rare in such a couple. These two have very similar temperaments, both gravitate to the same way of life. Together they create their own small and cozy world, in which they can quite happily spend many years.

Each of the partners always have ideas and plans that they are happy to discuss together. In this family there is full understanding, in difficult moments, either spouse will help the other and support.

Union between the male Pisces and Pisces woman gives both this harmony and happiness, especially if all the problems they will discuss openly and find the right, satisfying both solutions.

Pisces woman and Cancer man zodiac sign compatibility – 93%

The Cancer man is emotionally responsive, empathetic, sensual and romantic. Can be selfish and lazy – the man’s character strongly depends on society, the conditions in which he grew up. Courageous, responsible, sometimes indecisive.

A Pisces woman is flexible, tactful, has a high level of empathy and empathy towards her interlocutor. Romantic and dreamy, values family and permanence.

Envious people bite their elbows, friends wipe away tears of tenderness and whisper “ooh-poosy,” and the chief astrologer drives pink unicorns into the stall to reduce the degree of this universal harmony just a little. “What happened?” – those not interested in melodrama ask. What, what – the Cancer man and the Pisces woman found each other. And now they do not care about those around them – the pets of the Moon and Neptune have sunk into their cozy and quiet underwater world and surrounded each other with tenderness and care. But Cancer and Pisces do not suffer from an overabundance of “sugar” in the relationship. Pisces gives his man love and passion, and Cancer carries his beloved in his arms, not forgetting about the main thing – the financial security.

And even if there are disagreements between them, they always know how to find a compromise. They manage to maneuver among the turmoil, continuing to drift along the stream of a happy family life, simply not paying attention to the difficulties that arise.

But not all in this union is not so cloudless – problems can throw up the appearance of heirs in the family. The Pisces woman will be happy to try on the role of the mother, and the Cancer, in spite of the fact that he dreamed of children, can quickly cool to the new status, safely sailing all the “parental” duties on the fragile shoulders of fish. However, if they manage to survive this crisis, the family ties will be even stronger than before.

How to win a Pisces woman to a man of Cancer

Cancer likes the softness and calmness of Pisces. Especially valuable it will seem to him after experiencing a painful relationship with another woman. Cancer finds in a Pisces friend and sensual partner – for this, they just need to talk a little bit. A female Pisces is not difficult to interest a man, but to keep him close and make him believe in a joint happy future will not be so easy.

Cancer – resolute and impetuous, if engaged in the subjugation of a woman, but when the initiative comes from the Pisces, can take the position of waiting, doubt the need for relationships. The main reason for indecision is the fear that he will be hurt. But Pisces knows how to be patient and gentle. Gradually, the man will realize that Pisces is not capable of breaking his heart and sincerely wants to make him happy. This knowledge will help Cancer to trust, to appreciate the Pisces woman or lead to the fact that the man will agree to be around, enjoying the comfort and unselfish care of his partner.

How a Cancer man can win over a Pisces woman

Pisces is perceptive, romantic and impressionable. She will like an open, confident and charming man. They have something to talk about, speculate and dream. Cancer knows how to court beautifully, make grand gestures when in love. The man can be a little reckless, rushing events, but this will only please Pisces, because she will feel the sincerity of the impulses. This woman has many suitors, but she intuitively senses those with whom she will be happy, who is able to treat her with respect and appreciate the moments spent together.

Pisces is little interested in a man’s wealth, his status – more important is a rich inner world, talents. However, she will gladly leave the solution of financial issues to the Cancer while she will lay the foundation of their cozy family nest.

Advantages of the union

Cancer and Pisces create their own special world, hidden from the prying eyes of others. Their home is cozy, always tasty food and orderly, even if there are young children. They live in harmony, enjoying the benefits of the union:

  • Stability, longevity. Both realize the value of family, children and cherish their partner’s feelings. They are not prone to conflicts – they prefer to get positive emotions at home, and they have enough problems in the outside world.
  • They have no conflicts, solve arguments in a productive way. Most often give in to Pisces, motivated by the fact that she is a wise, understanding woman, and the master of the house is a man. But Cancer should not abuse this, as her patience and benevolence are not limitless at all. Both are open to frank dialogue, seeking to avoid quarrels and understand the person close to them.
  • Similar temperament, world outlook, values. They are well together, no one will condemn if someone in the couple wants to be alone and immerse themselves in their world. The couple has a terrific physical and spiritual compatibility.

Disadvantages of the union

The characters of water signs, as well as their elements – changeable and contradictory. Cancer and Pisces in different relationships behave quite differently – their decency and positive qualities depend on the person next to them, the feelings they have for him. Not all flaws as well as virtues are inherent in Cancer and Pisces unions, but in most couples, it is these that create the problem:

  • Cheating, neglect, jealousy. When faced with all-forgiving love, it’s hard to resist the temptation not to test the boundaries of these all-encompassing feelings. While Cancer in love – will not think of betrayal, but over time, Pisces ability to praise the loved one, her overprotection and loyalty can bore a man. He periodically needs strong emotions – he can get them at work, through hobbies or at home. If all spheres are quiet and there is free time, he can diversify his life with a new hobby.
  • Dissolution in a partner. Pisces is so concerned about the lover that he forgets about his needs and goals. At first Cancer appreciates care, then he gets used to it and takes it for granted. Later, he can start to demand that Pisces perform his duties, although previously he accepted them with gratitude and was surprised by the attention.
  • Inability to resolve conflicts, confront life’s hardships. Adversity knocks the couple’s life out of its usual pattern. If the man is strong enough and pragmatic enough, he will take them on himself to solve them. But if both do not know what to do, they prefer to avoid the problem and its solution, hoping that everything will resolve itself.

It is written everywhere that Cancer and Pisces are a wonderful union. I don’t know, my parents are both Cancer and Pisces, separated a year after I was born. He couldn’t be a good father. And my mom, although it is believed that Pisces are not adapted to the household, dragged me alone. Love, 20 years old

Intimate life

Astrologers believe that in this union there is high physical compatibility – in many respects this level of mutual tenderness, openness and sensuality becomes possible thanks to the emotional responsiveness of both, the sincerity of their attraction. The passion of Cancer is transmitted to Pisces – doubly returns the emotions received, than causes the man’s desire to give her even more. This cycle is endless, it works until selfishness, jealousy, misunderstanding appear in the relationship – then in an instant all the magic disappears.

The attraction of Cancer and Pisces is so high that at times it is difficult for them to take time away from each other to attend to daily activities. They would rather lie in bed all day than go to the theater, an exhibition, or a movie. They need the company of a partner to be happy, but drowning in it is important not to lose a sense of reality – do not forget about the responsibilities, work, promises made.

What kind of parents they will be.

Pisces and Cancer are capable of raising children in love and comfort. It is important that a woman does not take full responsibility for the upbringing and care of the baby, and gradually accustom a man to deal with part of the issues.

Families do not strive for material possessions. Their priority is spiritual development, but at the same time, both are aware of the need for decent work and earnings to support children, of which the couple often has more than one.

The Pisces mother is ready to devote her life to her children, she creates comfortable conditions for their life, education. If necessary, she can be strict, demanding, but only if she thinks it is necessary for the child.

Papa Cancer with tenderness and love for his children, will take an active part in the life of the child, if he realizes the need for it. Emotional connection, constant communication is important to him, otherwise he may be cynical and indifferent, especially if he rarely communicates with children.

What their children will be like

Children of Cancer and Pisces are often not ready for the cruelty of the outside world. They are deep, versatile personalities, from childhood the example of decent parents who care about the moral side of life is in front of them. For this reason, it is difficult for children to communicate with their peers, especially if parents fenced them off from difficulties and obstacles.

It is important that the children of Cancer and Pisces attend circles, sports clubs, kindergarten – this will help them adapt and understand the ambiguity of life and situations. The inner conflict of the child may worsen in adolescence – under the influence of the company or dysfunctional “friends”. This period is important because children find themselves, define their goals and future life, and become stronger. In adulthood, they appreciate and love their parents, if they do not interfere too much in their personal life.

Is a Pisces woman prone to cheating

Pisces can cheat if deeply unhappy in a relationship – there must be a loss of trust, love, respect. She is not prone to rash decisions and cheating out of boredom, but it is important for her to feel loved and needed. In a long relationship with Cancer, a man may alienate himself, begin to perceive her not as a woman, but as a housewife, which creates comfort at home, takes care of him.

Pisces can change under the influence of a romantic impulse. That is why it is so important for the couple to go on vacation together, not to be separated for a long time.

She is faithful and patient, but if the man abuses this, he will see another side of the woman – cold, calculating, detached.

Is the Cancer man prone to cheating

The young Cancer man is prone to succumb to fleeting impulses and rush from one girl to another, unable to make a choice. His life changes when he finds a soul mate, one who understands him, cares and spares his feelings. Pisces needs to indicate at the beginning of the relationship his attitude to cheating and make it clear to his chosen one that he will not be forgiven. Cancer appreciates the comfort and coziness created by a woman, her reverent attitude, so he will not risk for the sake of an affair.

This is another critical period when “gray in the head, and the devil in the brow. The man gets used to his beloved, to her uncomplaining attitude, and may decide to take advantage of it. He is strongly attached to his family and children, he will not abandon his family, but he is quite capable of having a relationship “on the side” if he thinks that he will be forgiven. When he is in love, he does not notice anyone but Pisces, sincerely believes in the eternity of their feelings.

What to be afraid of in a relationship

Cancer and Pisces are quite mistrustful, although they try not to show it. They avoid trouble, sharp angles, and anything that can harm their happiness:

  • Conflict, aggression, criticism, quarrels – there is no place for low human qualities and their manifestations in the ideal world of the couple. Cancer and Pisces would rather keep silent or give in than create conflict over a small thing.
  • Uncertainty, the unknown. Cancer can languish in the unknown, anticipating the reciprocity of Pisces’ feelings, but in a permanent family relationship, he wants to be sure of his beloved. It is important for Pisces to understand their man and know that he cares about the relationship.
  • Loneliness, misunderstanding. If Pisces decides to pursue a career, abandoning home affairs, Cancer will not immediately accept it – he will feel that he has been abandoned and betrayed. It will be difficult for them if one of them has to go away often on business trips or work on a rotational basis – every meeting will get to know each other anew, but there is a risk that there will be a moment when feelings will be unreciprocated.

Things to work on

Cancer and Pisces think that everything is perfect – they don’t even want to think about the fact that there are problems in their relationship. This prevents them from noticing negative changes in time and fixing them before they hurt the relationship. Even an ideal couple like Cancer and Pisces need to work on the union:

  • Respect for your partner. In a marital relationship, one should try to avoid selfishness and the dumping of responsibilities on one spouse. If Cancer is supposed to make money and Pisces looks after the house and children, even then she does not need to refuse her husband’s help. But if the woman goes out to work and build a career on an equal footing with the man, then household chores should also be done jointly. Man abrupt changes in the rules will not like it – is to involve him in the home care gradually.
  • Joint travel, hobbies. A couple should not lose the tenderness and romance in the family relationship, no matter how long they were. Do not dwell on the household and the house, although both feel most comfortable there. It is necessary to dilute their life and relationships with fresh impressions, new joint emotions – periodically leave their comfort zone.
  • The ability to solve problems and soberly assess the situation. It is worth starting to avoid trouble – this will become a habit. Once it was possible to ignore trouble and it passed, but another time such a position may not work, in addition, it leads to self-destruction. Both are optimistic about life, noticing the positive, trying not to dive into the negative – it is important not to forget about reality.

How the Cancer man behaves when breaking up

To part with a Pisces Cancer is difficult – she seems perfect to him. Even if her feelings are stronger than his, and the man understands this, he still does not want to lose a wise and understanding woman. As long as the relationship is not formalized, Cancer breaks up more easily – it is enough for him to understand that he does not love the Pisces woman. In a long and formal union, it is hard to decide to break up, especially if there are children.

If Cancer decided to break up, he would prefer to do so without scandal and later try to avoid Pisces. Heavily experiences a breakup, even on his own initiative. Being in a new relationship, mentally constantly returns to the memories of the former.

As a woman Pisces behaves in the parting

If Pisces does not want to break up with Cancer, she will find a way to keep him around until he himself gives up the idea. She is a sensitive psychologist and knows how to influence the thoughts and desires of other people.

By the way, this also works in the opposite direction. If Pisces gets tired of Cancer, with whom she was long, she is unlikely to want to go into open confrontation and make an enemy in the person of vengeful Cancer. She will try to push him away and make him look guilty of breaking up in order to exploit the victim status for some time. Yes, if there is love in the couple, then Pisces does not put a finger in his mouth – from nice creatures they turn into real sharks.

If he begins to doubt his feelings for Cancer, he will not immediately decide to break up – will long weigh the decision, preferring to temporarily part ways to sort out his feelings finally.

After parting with Cancer, she completely changes her attitude towards him – she becomes cold, aloof, and rarely maintains a warm, trusting relationship. Both are hard going through a divorce, abrupt changes, looking for the cause in themselves and their partner.

Is friendship possible between them

Cancer and Pisces are rarely friends, although there are all the prerequisites for this – both are faithful, attentive interlocutors, they have similar hobbies and worldview. The problem is that he is not prone to friendly relations with the opposite sex, and communication with Pisces immediately takes on a romantic hue. If Cancer is married, he will try to stop the beginning “friendship” with Pisces, as he feels that it can go far. Pisces is impressionable, she likes Cancer as a man, so it is also difficult for her to limit herself to a buddy relationship.

A friendly alliance is successful if Cancer and Pisces are relatives, colleagues, old acquaintances. They are interesting to communicate, comfortable to rest together, they can be sure that they will receive friendly support.

Work compatibility

Cancer and Pisces are comfortable in the same team, but they prefer to work independently, so as not to be responsible for other people’s blunders, not to be distracted by communication. Not prone to excitement, rash actions, but reliable and stable performers. They are emotionally involved in the work. Their mood affects the performance and the result.

The Pisces woman and the Cancer man are colleagues.

They support friendly relations, but are trying not to get close. Their relationship often finds a continuation in the office romances. Within the same project work productively if Cancer takes the lead.

Pisces woman and Cancer man are bosses

Cancer and Pisces often make contracts based on intuition and emotion. There may be a lot of calculations, preliminary work, everyone will expect a deal, but if in the process of personal communication they do not like the partner, then the cooperation will not work out.

Pisces woman and Cancer man – subordinate and superior

The female superior Pisces does not always find contact with Cancer, despite her insight and intelligence. If their relationship has developed and feel sympathy for each other, and work issues will be resolved more quickly and successfully.

The Cancer male supervisor works well with the Pisces subordinate if their personal relationship is successful. It is easy for them to discuss work issues while keeping their distance.

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