How to win the heart of a Virgo man?

How to win a Virgo man :)

My husband is a Virgo. He likes order in everything, everything is in its place, he likes it when I agree with him in everything, he simply takes pleasure when I take care of him as of a small child, I look after him and of course I say that you are the best, best-looking, strongest, in general, the most-sample.)

What is a hundred times the same questions to ask? A few topics in the top about Virgo

Virgoes don’t like it when people try to get them. You can’t attract them with a haircut or a stunning dress. They love our brains.

Are you saying you have to go at them with a chill?

A Virgo man is pathological.

I think every type of man has his own approach.

Hello, I can share my experience))). as correctly written above. love it when they take care of him, immediately become tame and kind. we even proceeded to sex.when I massage his back, knees, head scratch. and then in bed, he will try. and his favorite couch to watch TV. . and at this point you are no longer for him. but so caring. and super-immersed in his work. in general, I think the virgins terrible whiners. facial expression more often miserable))). I am a Gemini.and unas failed. look at the world very different, but have studied it very well. wish me luck, ask will share)))

I have heard that if a Virgo is attracted to you, it is a reliable man who will always be there for you.

I have also heard that they are good liars and they have a lot of girlfriends!

The virgin with whom I communicate, show interest in me. but there are some strange things, he does not make the first special steps, when it comes to why he did not call me, he answers, would have called me himself, I would have been pleased! this is how to understand, is it his lack of determination or just a ploy? I just heard that they are not decisive. How to perceive such words? As a call to action? I do not want to play the role of a man!)

he has a lot of girlfriends… that’s for sure. but they are his girlfriends, not his sexual partners. he is friends with women… that’s a fact. i was very jealous without realizing it((

I was very jealous, I understood it(() If a Virgo loves you, and then fell out of love, he will stay with you. and will suffer. they have a super developed sense of responsibility and duty. he can not leave or leave. but life will turn into hell. he loves solitude. and all think, think))

How do Virgo men come back? Share your stories

How to win a Virgo man?

How to understand a Virgo man?

How to understand a Virgo man?

How to understand a Virgo man?

Nooo. it’s not about girls. would have recruited myself… it’s more about scales. maybe not so strong interest. when he was in love with me. he looked me up and called me. he invited me out. and did not want to let go of me…

It’s so complicated. You won’t believe it, but I feel that interest is there. I just feel it!

He wants to see me, he talks about it. recently he said that it is not enough for him to see me twice a week.

I do not know what to do, how to behave with him.

I have become distant from him, I want to see what he will do.

I will not call, write, etc.

Kesha, be yourself, no need to build yourself up, the maiden will figure you out quickly.

About to distance, look, do not overdo it, or he may think that you have lost interest in him, and forget about you.

It is difficult to write about my sign, complex character. and i do not envy that girl who will fall in love with me )

In general, when I like someone, I withdraw into myself, take a position of observer, and begin to act when I feel that I like a girl, somehow so.

So he’s taken this observer stance.

By the way, began to call less frequently (because I did not pick up the phone for two days in a row, did not respond to sms, wanted to see what would happen). and the interesting thing is that he did not disappear! did not disappear, and called in the next time to understand why so it happens! (I was pleased, because that is what I wanted).

And I referred to the fact that I had a lot of things to do, work, etc. (of course I could answer the phone.) said that my dear, I can not constantly answer the phone calls as affairs and all that.

After that, he began to call less frequently, but when he calls, he always asks if I can give him time!

Seventh, please tell me if you are really so shy, timid. is it really so afraid to hear no?

Seven, tell me please, after all this means that I am sympathetic to him? Because he still invites me to meetings (by the way, we meet at these meetings) says that he misses me.

If he invites you and says he misses you, it means he likes you. Here I am unlikely to invite a girl to a meeting for which I am indifferent.

Virgins just don’t really like to show their feelings, they are emotionally more reserved. From the side it may seem as indifference, but it is not, judge by the actions.

Shy, timid? Well, maybe at first, but there is a lot depends on the situation.

About the fact that he calls less often. I think it’s just the tactfulness from his side ) If my girlfriend told me that she was busy, I would also call less often …) call you first, say that you are free, miss you … I think he will be glad.

By the way, what is your horoscope?

I’m an Aries, and sometimes I suffer from it very much!

My irascibility, emotionality, vigor. sometimes really let me down(((

If you communicate with Aries, I think you know what I mean!

Shy, timid? Well, maybe at first, but there is a lot depends on the situation.

About the fact that he calls less often. I think it’s just the tactfulness from his side ) If my girlfriend told me that she was busy, I would also call less often …) call you first, say that you are free, miss you … I think he will be glad.

Call first? Come on! I’m a girl! (And I told him so, when he asked why I did not call him. To which he replied that he would be pleased)

There must be an intrigue in me, a mystery. If I call him myself, he will quickly lose the desire, interest to do it himself.

We met at the weekend!

It’s a total ***. I do not even know where to begin, hurt, hurt, and most importantly not deserved

We met on Saturday, went to the movies. looked all right. We went to a hotel. (We did not have sex during this time!)

In the evening, when we came sex happened (I actually saw this coming).

And what do you think, after that my man as if changed! After sex, he broke away (although the sex was just great), began to behave like ***, swearing and cursing. I was just shocked. what happened to him! did he really just need sex. he just did not notice me, rude(((( really it was him. thought I (((

He did not even notice me, he was rude!(((( more on. then he just stupidly made out with someone half the night(((god for what? believe me, i respect myself! and i did not give him a reason to behave this way. and by the way he kept calling me all night (he did not even hide it) said that they had met, he gave her number and now she cannot get off, and he cannot send her away, because he is not brought up this way!

I’m just in shock! I looked at all this was in a little familiar area, packed my things and left, saying good luck and delete my number!

I am so dumbfounded now, I do not even understand what happened(((

I do not know, would it be right or not, but I would be in your place, when he ssits, grabbed the phone from his hands and threw him out somewhere far away with the words “are you even okonarely?”. shorter such conversations need to cut off, not that he sits on the neck

Why? What’s the point? ( he would have continued to do it until I do not see, or turn away) I endured as much as I could, and then just asked if I do not interfere? to which I got the answer, -if you bother me, I would ask you to leave(((( then I packed my stuff and left.

It’s Valentine’s day like this(((.

He didn’t even call to see how I was doing, because I was on my way.

The daily torture of homework.

Is there a boomerang?

How do philanderers end up?

Divorce, filing for alimony, getting the kids registered.

How do I get married so I can be a housewife and not have to work?

Kesh, I saw you on the air. (You’re supported by advice on the branch-How to get back Virgo. But, I had a desire to you once again – to repeat it. I know it hurts…and it hurts a lot…But it’s not your fault what happened. You learned your lesson. God took you away from that bastard. Forget about him. And hang in there. Don’t beat yourself up. You’ve got your best days ahead of you. Be good.

Thanks for stopping by) and thanks for the advice) you are right, it just takes a little time to forget!

You have a lot of people there)))) You will not have time for them all)

Eh, Keshunya. I am a guest on that thread (…) If only you knew how I need to talk out (((But, on this forum I can not … Because I know and understand everything. And I need time((((Everything will pass… Just need to hold on… really need(

And what are you stressed? you probably have already told more than once, but I will not be able to reread everything on that thread about devs.

And today I remembered something else about my “beloved” as he said to girls who pass by, he said, I would blow her! Well, this is the crown of all! (Well, is not he a beast?)

And Irinka, you know, I probably have the fear of being abandoned syndrome.

I’m trying to find what’s wrong with me, but I can’t!

And I have decided to forget him with whom it did not work out, and who hurt me. just to find a new one (not to dwell on him!) helps a lot.

Maybe really something is wrong with me, they say not in vain to find the real cause of discord, look for the problem in yourself!

I have not succeeded with two young people that year. and with this miracle(((()

Even though I’m a virgin I would never do that, even though he said I’d fuck her I would never say that in my life, but I really love it when someone gets nervous and freaks out at what I’m telling him

Sorry to intrude, but please advise girls Virgo.Kak me to conquer her first date, she gave vent to feelings and literally almost ate me.Vivaciously communicated several times a day.Then she suddenly disappeared, but an unexpected bouquet of flowers under her door I resumed communication again.Now like and communicate, but call as a rule I. To meet with her more and more difficult, constantly some kind of excuses, a meeting with an old friend, a birthday, a family trip.If we meet once a week and that’s good, and then not for long because she has a case.What do these constant excuses mean, how to regain interest in themselves, how do I win her heart? Can you tell me how to win her heart?

Generally speaking, Virgins are divided into three types, one of which is the type of rude and boorish. But they behave with those girls that they don’t care about. If he loves them, he will watch his behavior and his tongue. That’s for sure!

I spent the weekend with a DEVA man. he was very caring, gentle, just a real gentleman! i fucking miss him. i wish he was married, and i am getting married soon. it means that it is not destiny, though. in short, i am waiting for his call.

He keeps telling me that he’s gonna marry me, even though we barely know each other. He made up his mind once to make love. How can I understand him? He is not serious.

Love, but does nothing

Jealousy. My boyfriend, during a relationship with me, talks to my ex-girlfriend

Small penis

I think he fell out of love

Got a kitten, 2 weeks later realized we were cheated

Good time!!! Girls, I met a virgin! I can’t believe how we haven’t met yet. He’s all sporty and I’m not so much. That’s what tushuya We communicate through an agent in Mile. All talk boils down to sex.Znakozheni we already at me and with LM not cool and I all did not know what to do and Votutu me Devu fate threw … That something I am afraid of him.Zh girl such I looked all his pages babes do not measure /.

Yeah, they’re a dime a dozen!




i know a case, a maiden with two college educations and no mate problems dumped a very beautiful girl who was 10 years younger than him and was pregnant just before her wedding. he was her only and first in college, how she survived i do not know, i would have hanged myself

Maidens are jerks, they walk around like dirt, they leave their kids, they run away from alimony to their new girls, they always complain about their ex-wives, very greedy, petty, they see other people’s filth in their souls, they never notice the prettiest girls because they cannot get married and they look for perfection, but when they find it they run away from it and shit in their pants

With Virgo for two weeks. He won … with confidence, it is easy and comfortable. Ne priyavleniye… ne shifty. Very natural and pedant in everything…Perhaps, it is only the confetti-bouquet stage… I agree, he does not give flowers. He says he’d rather have champagne and fruit. Insanely in love with work…Loves sports…Already seduced me into skiing, swimming. He is gentle, great kisser…I see him almost every day…Work takes up most of his time…but his free hours he spends with me…He calls…comes…How to conquer him? I do not think about it. I just want to be myself with him. Listen to him, be with him, help him, love him… I don’t think about the future. I don’t hide it, I read horoscopes… And pat by the ear…and look and be a good hostess. In my – I think it’s nice to any man … You just need to be a woman. No one likes a bitch or a boor.

Tasha, you’re a bitch and a boor. When he leaves you, it’s bound to happen.

I began to read with such enthusiasm, I thought that here!!! Now I recognize serketiks that work on men of this type. and after reading to the end, I realized that I do not need it!) All written about them – the truth! I have always known that I have to stay away from girls, and now I understand why.

In this section the topics and comments are posted only neutral information. Topics and comments containing advice, recommendations, propaganda of unconventional methods of treatment or other actions will be closed.

I began to read with such enthusiasm, I thought that here!!! Now I recognize serketiks that work on men of this type. and after reading to the end, I realized that I do not need it!) All written about them – the truth! I have always known that I have to stay away from girls, and now I understand why.

Here I have read and agree with something, with something not. I have a Virgo husband of 10 years married with 2 children. what I want to tell you, if they do not take seriously and translate everything into jokes. Yes, there are many girlfriends with whom he flirts, sucks up, I personally do not pay attention. Sometimes I say as a joke, now you flirt with a girl, give hope to already invite her to a restaurant or just to walk around.But it is not manly.To which I receive the answer – all women *** you are the best one I have. I never call my husband first, when he went away on a business trip he never called, I got tired of it and I explained to him that I was worried, he said well I will send you an empty sms when I arrive, I said ok to me pohodit. Now every time he calls. When he comes home from work we have 10 minutes while he eats to talk (how’s business, how was his day, etc.) then I do not touch him. When a man does not pull, and you understand him, he will lay the world at your feet. And here correctly said, virgins appreciate intelligence, appearance, a sense of humor, wisdom, cleanliness, both outside and inside, you have to be yourself.

Help. What should I do? I have fallen in love with a girl, I can’t forget her a third year already. we split up and got back together a hundred times. I did not communicate with him for a year, he had another, I was almost starting to forget him, but four months ago he called, and everything spun, spun, at first everything was normal, but then again – he drove me to tears with his rude behavior, rudeness, indifference. My girlfriends say that I should forget him, but I can not. What to do.

How to win a man-Devo and fall in love with him?

Men born under the sign of Virgo, demanding of himself and women. He is modest, intelligent and rational. He is not prone to make rash mistakes and act rashly. Man of this sign is pedantic, suspicious and seems unapproachable. Win him not easy, because he has a critical approach to every woman, analyzing it and suspecting insincerity. He takes everything seriously and acquainted with the new woman, considering her not as a mistress for one night, but as a companion for life.

To win a Virgo man, you must avoid pretense. He doesn’t like flirty women who use flirting to get attention. Neither does an emotional, noisy girl who likes to figure things out in public. He’s attracted to:

  • modest;
  • hard-working;
  • clean-cut;
  • responsible;
  • economical;
  • thrifty girls.

He does not like to spend money, prefers to save and save. Some would call him greedy, but he believes that he is only spending money wisely. If he notices that the girl is frivolous and mercantile, it will scare him away. Although he himself belongs to the type that chooses between love and profit, putting profit in the first place.

Outwardly restrained and cold man-Devo is capable of strong earthly love and has earned the title of one-male lover.

Ladies who repel him possess such character traits:

  • Laziness;
  • irresponsibility;
  • vulgarity;
  • selfishness.

He doesn’t like capricious, spoiled and impatient girls. You should not bet on sexuality and try to charm him that way. After all, he is set up for a permanent and clean relationship, and a woman, showing off her sexuality, can not guarantee it.

To interest a man of this sign, you need to act naturally and look modest. Use cosmetics in moderation and have a healthy appearance. He will definitely pay attention to this, because he cares about his own health and the health of their future children.

The girl should be well-read and educated. She should not be persistent, pursue him and openly show her interest. She must prove that she is erudite enough and ready to support any conversation. He will test her without hiding sarcasm and question her opinion. If the girl does not flare up and calmly proves her point, she will be able to attract his attention and respect. When a woman is interested in him, he will show qualities of a gallant gentleman and ask him out on a date, which will try to learn as much information about her as possible.

Among the bachelors there are often representatives of this zodiac sign. There are also lovers of women who hesitate to enter into marriage because of doubts about the right choice.

When he achieves a woman, he shows persistence and does not hesitate to make convincing arguments in favor of their relationship. He talks about his income and his plans for the future. He needs to make sure that she is a good hostess and loves children. If the girl has these qualities, then she has a chance of winning his heart, and he will decide that she is suitable for a serious relationship. When he is married and comfortable in a relationship and in his own home, the Virgo man will do anything to make his wife happy.

A Virgo man can often be found on dating websites not because he is a womanizer, but because he thinks he can get to know a girl better through correspondence. He is interested in such a pastime, in which a man reveals himself through written communication. This way he understands the girl’s way of thinking and her level of education.

  1. 1. To win a man-Devo, the Aries girl should moderate her ardor and avoid harsh statements. Her active and somewhat aggressive nature will scare away the timid guy who expects a woman to be a quiet refuge. With Aries, it will not be possible to get the desired calm and constancy. She is emotional and will not hide her feelings. It is difficult for her to interest and retain him.
  2. 2. The Leo girl with her regal nature can easily attract the attention of a man of this sign, but it is difficult to keep a relationship with him. She will seem to him too wasteful and demanding a lot of attention. The Lioness will not be able to keep him if she will constantly demand gifts and be capricious on any occasion.
  3. 3. The Sagittarius girl is the worst option for representatives of this earthly zodiac sign. In their pair there is a complete lack of mutual understanding and different temperament. At first Sagittarius will like Virgo for its honesty, but then the guy will realize that Sagittarius’s candor borders on impudence. Even if the Sagittarius girl will restrain her flightiness and straightforwardness, she still will not be able to keep him around.
  1. 1. To fall in love with a man of this earthly sign, a Cancer girl needs to show her caring attitude and ability to create comfort. She is by nature a good hostess and a loving, caring mother. After visiting her, he will see her feminine ability to create a comfortable atmosphere and will not want to part with her.
  2. 2. It is difficult for a Scorpio woman to win the heart of an unapproachable guy. Her natural sexuality will be an obstacle to mutual understanding. He needs a calm relationship, and she needs passion and periodic shaking in the form of scandals ending with reconciliation in bed. Virgo can not withstand such a heat of passion and break relations.
  3. 3. It is easy for a Pisces girl to attract the attention of this earthy guy. Presenting herself to him as a gentle creature with a sensitive psyche, she will conquer him with a gentle disposition and the ability to guess his mood. Without thinking, he will marry her and they will live together for a long time.
  1. 1. It is easy for a Gemini girl to charm this earthy man. She is intelligent, erudite and sociable. She will immediately interest him, but some doubt will remain. After getting to know her better, he will understand that she is frivolous and a bit irresponsible, but if there is mutual love between them, he will put up with her shortcomings.
  2. 2. It is easy for the Aquarius girl to make a friendship with him, keep the conversation going and get him interested in an unconventional outlook on life. But he won’t be able to give her the romance and ease that she expects from a man. Virgo can be a jealous possessive, and the Aquarius girl has many friends of the opposite sex that he will not put up with. If the feeling between them is sincere, they can be together for a while, but will break up before they think about marriage.
  3. 3. A Libra girl will interest a guy of this sign with her femininity and non-conflict. He will like her balanced character, and his confidence will help her get rid of various doubts and teach her to make the right choice. Both of these signs do not like to figure things out, and if the girl will not be frivolous about money and capricious, she will keep him near her for a long time.
  1. 1. He will feel a kindred spirit in a girl who is one of his signs. She will attract him by her natural modesty, responsibility and self-confidence. After getting to know her better, he will think he has found his soul mate, but after living with a Virgo woman for several years, bored of monotony. They are so similar that they will be lacking vivid emotions and new experiences. If the girl will sometimes surprise him, it will prolong their union.
  2. 2. It is easy for a Taurus girl to attract his attention. She is naturally feminine and a man will sense it right away. She does not need to pretend and seem better than she is. Her naturalness is the most attractive feature in the eyes of a guy of this sign. Showing herself as a good hostess and a loyal friend, she will conquer his heart and mind forever.
  3. 3. A Capricorn girl doesn’t need to do anything to interest a Virgo guy. It is enough to smile and show the real you. They are made for each other and if there is a feeling between them, they will be together no matter what. This is the perfect couple of equally feeling and thinking people, with similar goals and desires.

Win and keep the relationship with a Virgo man, you can, if you take advantage of his oriental horoscope:

  1. 1. There are two ways to attract a Virgo born in the year of the Rat: to show his cunning and inquisitiveness. He will like a girl who always achieves her goals, cunning but honest. A man born in the year of the Rat tries to bring things to an end, and a goal-oriented girl will make a good match for him.
  2. 2. Virgo, born in the year of the Bull, will pay attention to a woman who enjoys doing housework. A homemaker girl who has an interesting hobby, for the sake of which he does not have to leave the house, will interest him for a long time. He does not like noisy gatherings and unfamiliar company, and will gladly spend home evenings with his wife and children.
  3. 3. Born in the year of the Tiger, he is a balanced, practical and calculating man. He will be interested in an ambitious and enrichment-minded girl. Emotional and willing to travel. With her support, the Virgo Tiger will achieve everything he wants.
  4. 4. To win a representative of this sign born in the year of the Rabbit (Cat), a girl should give him more attention, be affectionate and homely. Creating him coziness and providing comfort, she will forever bind him to herself.
  5. 5. Virgo-Dragon is very concrete, businesslike and pedantic. He is successful in life and is not afraid of anything. He is reliable and interesting. He is loyal and honest. To interest a guy of this type can brave, cheerful girl, who equally loves adventures and quiet evenings at home.
  6. 6. A snake-girl will be interested in a smart, charming and not flaunting her emotions. She shouldn’t boss him around and show her superiority. To keep him forever, you have to be both a faithful companion and a lover to him.
  7. 7. To keep a girl will help such unusual combinations as impermanence and predictability, emotionality and restraint, hard work and laziness. By combining these qualities, a woman will marry this workaholic and teach him to have fun.
  8. 8. A representative of this earthly sign, born in the year of the Goat, likes to teach everyone and pick on little things. To stay with him, a woman should not pay attention to his nerdiness and agree with his opinion. It is better not to argue with him and not to go into conflict. He will appreciate this and will love her even more if she meets his high moral standards.
  9. 9. Virgo-Ape Virgo is very touchy. To keep a man of this type, you should avoid harsh statements and control your speech. He has a very good memory and will remember all the offenses. In personal affairs and work, he is laid out to the full, and his beloved should adjust to his active rhythm of life.
  10. 10. Rooster does not need unnecessary emotions, but he loves attention. Admiring him, asking his opinion, it is easy to win the favor of this intellectual cavalier. He is proud, independent and does not hesitate to criticize others. If a girl is not intimidated by his nagging, she will become his partner in life.
  11. 11. Virgo the Dog is hardworking, highly moral and executive. To please him, you need to be modest, balanced and constantly busy. A woman with a level character, adaptability and signs of a good hostess will be able to fall in love with him and keep him. The man should know that this girl will be his true friend and like-minded woman.
  12. 12 To interest and attract the attention of the Boar (Pig), a woman should be friendly, mobile and not afraid of hard work. Be able to create comfort in the house and cook well. Virgo the boar is the most family sign. He can not stand loneliness, hard to adapt to everything new and does not like changes. When he falls in love, he immediately becomes attached and does not want to part with his beloved, not even for a minute. If a girl does not mind her husband clingy, she should not push him away and avoid him, so as not to ruin the relationship.

Considering these features, it is possible to fall in love with a Virgo man and keep this feeling for many years.

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