How to win the girl Scorpio?

How to please a woman Scorpio?

The men who fall in love with a woman Scorpio, can not be called lucky, because in fact, falling in love with a representative of this sign of the Zodiac, a man condemns himself to an eternal struggle for her favor, love, sympathy. And in general, even before you like a woman Scorpio, a man will have to do an incredible job, at least if the sympathy she did not born with the first meeting. If she did not pay attention to you right away, then it will not be so easy to earn it and turn it to you. These ladies, if they fall in love, and if they choose their second halves, they usually do it immediately, at the moment of the first meeting, and not in the course of acquaintance.

In general, if you are in love with a woman patronized by this sign of the Zodiac, and if you now want by all means to win her, then get ready, because ahead of you are waiting for the most real “roller coaster”, and even with a hitherto undefined route, which will change along the way. Believe me, the conquest of the lady is a very hard work…

What are they, the Scorpio women?

Before you try to please a woman-scorpio, you will have to work hard. Representatives of this zodiac sign too picky, demanding, principled and sometimes aggressive, they always make their own and never build a relationship with a man based only on sympathy. Simple compliments and playful words can not win such a lady. She did not fall for the gifts and compliments, will not be thrown on the neck of someone who just turned his attention to her and beckoned a passionate look. This is not what attracts her.

A woman of Scorpio is attracted by a strong and strong-willed nature, character, charisma, ambition, willpower, sense of humor and perfection in everything without exception. If such a lady can like someone, it is a man with a truly strong character. No, she can certainly try to build a relationship with a weak character, but he will be just a “toy for a while”, no more than that.

Do you want to please, to win a woman-scorpion, to fall in love with him? Then first think about whether you meet the standards and requirements that are named above. Strong character, incredible willpower, toughness, determination, persistence, willingness to fight to the end for her feelings, her attention and love – this is just the beginning of the list of qualities that you should possess. Do you have them? Then go ahead…

How to please a woman Scorpio?

Not every man will be able to please a woman of the sign Scorpio, and this is a hundred percent fact. But there is also another fact, and it is that any man can change and become the way he wants his beloved – do not you? Well, then you also have every chance to be like this and to please her. All you need to do is to follow the recommendations in which we have collected only the most important aspects…

– Get a real man’s character

Scorpio women don’t need amazingly romantic suitors pushing romance, drama and feelings, but real men. And a man is first and foremost defined by character. So get a character, a man’s core, which will show her that you are a real representative of your gender, not a masculine shell. But do not go overboard. A man is not a rude bumpkin, and not rude. This is primarily someone who is responsible for his words, keeps promises, always stays in his own opinion and does not lie down under the opinions of others, the opinions of others. Wimp or weak-willed man is definitely not for her…

– Take action – stop just dreaming.

Who do you think has a better chance, the dreamer looking forever at Scorpio with his amorous gaze, or the one who just picks up and acts? Maybe Cancer or Pisces will like the first option, but the Scorpio woman can only like the one who acts. Determination, action, activity, risk-taking, willingness to go forward is what will get her attention. Show her that you are determined in your actions.

– Don’t give up, even if there is a reason.

Never give up, even if your offer to meet was rejected. Scorpios, they are like that – they can say no, wanting something else in fact, and then get very upset when they see that they are not fighting for it. Fight for it, even in the moment of acquaintance. Let her know with your second attempt, the next one in response to rejection, that you are determined, full of energy, and not giving up. She’s sure to love it. But do not go overboard. What if you’re just not her type.

– Be a decent member of the community

If you met a female scorpion, turning out in the same company, then first of all you have to show her that in this company you are not just an appendage, but a person who is desired, respected, valued. She may be attracted to a man who has become the soul of the company, the one whose opinion is respected. Of course, it’s not easy to become like that if you haven’t been like that before, but it’s still worth trying – again, work on your character. Moreover, if she won’t like it, in any case, you will benefit a lot by becoming the soul of the company and getting respect, be sure of it.

– Be mysterious and unknowable.

By no means let her unravel you. Scorpios are so constructed that they seem to “piss off” and annoy you, but at the same time, and attract. That mystery and the inability to know you a hundred percent at once, and make her interested in you. Be unpredictable, absurd, paradoxical – believe me, this is what will attract her attention and cause, if not sympathy, then interest. And because of the interest in the person, not far to the full-fledged sympathy, right? So go ahead and do it!

Beginning to win a woman Scorpio

So, you have already succeeded, if not to please her, then at least to get sympathy, interest, yes? Then it is high time to act. But here already have to work even harder, because it is one thing to attract the attention of a rebellious Scorpio woman, she likes, and another thing to win and get. In general, begin to act.

– Moderate attention and restraint

There is no need to give her maximum attention right away, to show her how much you are in love with her, to win her over with bouquets of roses and showering her with gifts. This is all well and good, but in the case of Scorpio, all these actions will have only a small, temporary effect. Be restrained, show that you like to be around her, but as if you don’t care too much about her. Believe me, it will create excitement in her, hurt her ego, make her act and conquer you himself – this is important!

– Mystery and unpredictability.

Don’t open up to her, don’t try to show your feelings. don’t talk about your weaknesses, don’t reveal all your “cards” to her. Stay a mystery. Understanding that she still knows far from everything about you will make her want to reveal you, to uncover, to fully open, and your resistance to this process will generate, again, excitement.

– Masculinity, charisma, defiance.

These are all things that can strongly attract her attention. Scorpios love charismatic men, masculine, unruly. You don’t want to be rude or dry. These traits should be present, but in moderation. She should understand that you are stronger than her in terms of will and character.

– Passion and feelings.

On the one hand, Scorpios do not like too romantic and sensitive men, but on the other hand, they are very fond of passion, they are addicted to passion. Every kiss on the cheek should demonstrate your passion, every hug, touch, words – everything should demonstrate passion. These ladies are passionate and adore passionate men.

– Let her be jealous…

These women love to be on top of the mountain, in the attention of their surroundings, to feel that they are envied. That’s what you should be the source of other people’s envy. As soon as she feels that she is envied for the reason that you are the one next to her, she will be enchanted. Also these ladies really like to “fight”. Suppose she sees that you are charmed by another girl – believe me, it will turn her on and she will start to fight. Well, the fight sooner or later will lead to love and desire to leave you near forever. Although. of course, there are exceptions. It all depends on the character, education, habits…

How to understand that a female scorpion in love?

To understand that a woman-scorpion in love, it is easy. There are at least a dozen obvious signs of love and feelings. These are:

– Jealousy – the main and primary sign of a Scorpio woman in love, she will start to be jealous of you;

– Passion – such a lady will never show passion towards an unloved one, remember this;

– Attention – will start to give you too much attention, sometimes against your will;

– Restrictions – will try to limit you and your freedom, independence – Scorpios are possessive;

– Bragging – will show you off to his girlfriends, brag about you as something incredible;

– Demands – will start making demands about habits, character, etc;

– Emotions – will allow emotions to show themselves to the fullest extent, especially negative ones;

– Feelings and romance – will sometimes begin to show sentimentality and romanticism that is not peculiar to this sign of the Zodiac;

– Upbringing – will try to re-educate you in those moments that do not suit her;

– Willingness to obey – and even if she will not obey, but the image as if ready, be sure to create.

Well, if all signs, as they say, “there is evidence”, then it’s time to act. Go ahead, and do not stop. And most importantly, remember, not enough to please a woman scorpio, not enough to conquer her, you still need to be able to keep her, and that’s another story.

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How to conquer a woman Scorpio: the conquest of unapproachable beauty.

It is not easy to understand how you can win a Scorpio woman. This is a very perceptive nature, subtly sensing any hypocrisy on the part of others. If you are willing to fight, perhaps you will be rewarded – the heart of an unapproachable beauty that most men only dream of.

What kind of men attract the Scorpio girl

To achieve the location of a willful Scorpio woman, do not look for general rules, for example, “10 Commandments of Conquest” or “5 best ways to seduce. You need to go deeper. Demonstrate that you are like her in character. These girls especially appreciate openness and honesty in people. They require this from a man. If you just want to take advantage of an attractive companion, then capture her heart will not work. Perhaps she, too, will succumb to passion, but do not expect real feelings.

When communicating with her, keep in mind – if you offend a representative of the element of water, you will not escape punishment. The girl is pleased to crush a hapless suitor physically and morally. If a man shows cowardice and weakness, he will no longer be honored even a glance at the beauty. Born under the sign of Scorpio has a powerful self-control. Because of this, even highly agitated girls will remain cool and unflappable to others.

In love with a woman Scorpio entirely given to feelings. His man she will be faithful and loyal. For the sake of the beloved person strong in spirit representatives of the sign are willing to endure difficulties and hardships. They easily adapt to harsh conditions and circumstances. But these girls know that the discomfort in their lives is a temporary phenomenon.

Public clarification of relations for a woman of this sign is unacceptable. If she is not happy with anything, then she will express it to her loved one in private. She always protects her loved ones. She is ready at any moment to come to the rescue, to give practical advice.

What character traits are important to consider when conquering her

To win the heart of a girl born under the sign of Scorpio, you need to consider several factors due to the features of her character:

  1. These women have impeccable taste. Only a guy dressed neatly and stylishly can win a girl. Pay close attention to the shoes. They should be impeccably clean. This is not a trifle – a companion on such details will conclude what position a man occupies in society, how much he appreciates himself.
  2. Another important feature is the sense of humor. If it is inherent in you, demonstrate this advantage. It is important to show that he can joke and adequately perceive jokes of others. But humor should not be confused with rudeness and vulgarity. Representatives of the sign can not tolerate such behavior. They will try to put the man in his place or just walk away.
  3. If a guy sets a goal to win the attraction of the Scorpio girl, he should consider how serious she is. Do not make indecent proposals to this woman, otherwise she will be disappointed. When the beauty will be ready to proceed to a close relationship, she herself will hint at it.

Young ladies born under the constellation Scorpio cannot stand the stubbornness and assertiveness of men. But not to take the initiative in the relationship will also be a mistake, because the guy simply will not have a chance to draw attention to himself.

A strategy for winning her heart

If you want to get her attention, it’s not enough to be just a cute and lovable guy. She is looking for a man who is like herself, just as charismatic, masculine and attentive. It is also important for her that her chosen one was already an established successful man, showed attention and care for her.

This woman will not appreciate touching vows of love, words of eternal affection and excessive emotionality. She may take such behavior as weakness. It is better to demonstrate her intellectual abilities, decency and financial security. Petty men repel her, so it is important to court beautifully and not be stingy with generous gestures.

Representative of the element of Water has many character traits that are inherent in men – self-sufficiency, toughness, determination. To conquer the lady, you need to be no less strong man, and better – to surpass her. Girls born under the sign of Scorpio, peculiar vulnerability and sympathy. But dating a man they feel sorry for, they will not.

How to lure her into bed

To seduce a passionate and unapproachable woman, appeal to your sensuality. Demonstrate that you are a great lover. Learn the preferences of the chosen one and take them into account during sex . If a man can interest such a sophisticated partner, she will want to continue an intimate relationship:

  1. Create a romantic atmosphere. It is better to find out beforehand what the chosen one likes – sex in a familiar home environment or passionate games in a public place. You can ask the Scorpio woman directly about this. Your partner will appreciate your frankness. Of course, the conversation should be timely and appropriate.
  2. Do not neglect frank caresses. If a man does not show passion, he will not be able to interest the representative of the element of Water. During sex, try to “turn on” your animal instincts – this will delight the girl. Do not leave your girlfriend without intimacy for a long time, otherwise she will get bored and may become depressed.
  3. Girls born under the influence of the constellation Scorpio love to show their authoritative nature not only in life situations, but also during love games. From time to time give her such an opportunity. Let the partner feel herself in charge. She may want to tie you to the bed with a tie or start role-playing.
  4. Be unpredictable, otherwise your partner will get bored with sex. She wants your loved one to be inventive and diverse. This may be sex toys, a variety of positions and unusual places.

To understand whether the Scorpio girl likes you in sex, you will have to make an effort. But if you managed to interest her, consider yourself lucky. Do not be ashamed of your inexperience. If the guy is sympathetic to the woman, she will be happy to teach him the intricacies of the sexual game.

How to know if she’s in love

It can be difficult to realize that you were able to win the favor of Scorpio. But this task is not an impossible one. Representatives of the sign are very sensitive and capable of strong affection.

If you want to fall in love with her, then remember that such young ladies will not tolerate the appearance of opponents. If she demonstrates jealousy, it means that her partner does not care about her. In this case, the Scorpio woman will make every effort to remove the other girl from the life of her beloved.

Representatives of this constellation are very charismatic, intelligent, sophisticated. They are well aware of their merits. Sometimes in public the Scorpio girls decide not to show their feelings and can even be rude. But if they are truly in love, they will show it in private – will be affectionate, gentle and caring.

If a young man does not meet the expectations of the Scorpio girl, she will leave him with disappointment. Representatives of the water element remember the insults they have caused for a long time and often try to take revenge. Try not to disappoint your beloved, otherwise you will not only lose her, but also can get an unexpected blow.

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