How to win her husband’s love?

How to make your husband fall in love with you again. 8 steps that are within the power of any woman

How to make your husband fall in love with you,

Married couples who have been married for many years often face the problem of “Loss of interest in the partner.” As a rule, this situation develops in married people after 8 years of life together. There comes a serious crisis in the relationship. If you manage to survive it and find a way to remain the same in love – you will be together forever. And if not, you will have to say goodbye to this period of life. In any case, all the problems are solvable. The main thing is that you and your husband/wife want to work on the relationship, and not waste time.

There are other situations when a woman begins to realize that her loved one is losing interest and fervor in his eyes. The passionate feelings come to naught and the love turns into a “life next door” or habit. A woman in love, noticing the changes in her relationship, begins to wind up about mistresses, families on the side, and so on. And knowing – returns the fervor and passion in every day together. So if the situation in your family is exacerbated by indifference to each other, it’s time to study the advice from the Argumenty Nedeli website. Today we will tell you about 8 consecutive steps that psychologists advise to take in order to become passionate and young again.

  • How to interest your husband?
  • How to make your husband fall in love with you again?
  • How to fall in love with her ex-husband and whether it is necessary to do?
  • How to interest her husband again, tips from psychologists.
  • How to charm her husband and what exactly do not do?

Psychologist and psychotherapist Irina Savenkova recommends:

“You have to learn to trust your partner, to hear him. People are different and there is no perfect match of characters, appearance. We must be able to forgive and not be afraid to ask for forgiveness. Show leniency and say thank you. You will be much easier if you are willing and able to perceive not only your position. Pay attention and agree with your other half’s opinion. Be able to see life in different ways and be comfortable with your husband or wife’s thoughts. Not following such simple rules, a strong and long-lasting relationship can be forgotten. The ability to find a compromise, be honest and set a common goal – will create a sense of attraction to each other and will not allow loss of interest in the partner.”

How to win your husband back – the first 2 tips.

We decided to take a short time to reflect on human feelings, looking for the causes of quarrels and misunderstandings. Let’s go straight to the question “how to win a husband?” From various Internet sources, Argumenty Nedeli picked up detailed advice from top psychologists in Russia and foreign countries. They will help you surprise your husband with external and internal changes in you and recreate the feeling of sympathy, love and affection. As well as recall the confetti-bouquet period much more often than the last years of life together.

How to make your husband fall in love with you:

  • Nothing excites men like the memory of a first date. 5, 10, 20 years ago, not for nothing did his heart flutter and his gaze innocently descend on the young body of a beautiful girl. Why not try again to be in the atmosphere of sympathy and desire to get acquainted. Suggest that you visit your husband where you first met him. Believe me, if in most situations the past does not play the most positive influence on the present, in a relationship it is exactly the opposite. Pleasant memories always warm the soul, make people fall in love and relax. Don’t feel like going out? – How about baking something delicious and looking at a scrapbook of photos together? The photo will help you remember the subtlety of feelings and remind you of the fun times you spent together. Prove that quarrels are mistakes because of the eternal routine. And your love still hasn’t faded.
  • Klyushnikova Renata, a psychologist with a long experience, recommends praising men. If cute pictures did not help to return the warmth of the relationship, then the brutal man will definitely be affected by praise. Agree, you love to be praised and thanked for a delicious dinner, success at work, achieving goals. So, what’s worse than your husband? Simple phrases like “I’m proud of you,” “You’re the best,” “I had confidence in you,” “You’re smart,” will bring a smile to your loved one’s face. Couples who know how to say this – exchange positive energy and mentally bond with each other. No matter who says what, but people, first of all, love with their ears. Do not lose auditory contact with your partner, do not lower the degree of importance of the person to you. Speak up, speak up for the deeds and for nothing.

How to make your husband love your wife more, tip #3, #4

You have always been in a relationship and everything was great, but there came a time when the passion began to fade? Do not panic, absolutely all couples go through this. Seek help from psychologists, or learn 2 hot tips from renowned sexologist Kimberly Resnick Andersen. The therapist works with couples who have forgotten what the word sex is and how enjoyable it is in practice. The expert believes that good intimate relationships, their constancy – the key to a successful and long-lasting marriage.

How to make your husband fall in love with you again. 8 steps that are within the power of any woman

After several years of marriage to replace romantic dates, kisses and hugs, as a rule, comes the habit. Psychologist Elena Tsedova told how to return the “taste” of relationships and help your husband to see you an attractive woman again.

Praise a man.

Learn to express gratitude to your spouse. Any man wants recognition from his woman, wants to hear: “What a great job you are. I am proud of you!”. Don’t compare him to others. The man you love should read every day that you have chosen the best man in the world – him.

Your spouse just has to give that emotional boost, then she will get attention in return. The exchange of energies and feelings begins with us, dear women. When a wife does not give her husband joy, happiness, delight, he automatically stops giving her emotions in return. Remember once and for all that the original source is the woman. You want to have gifts, flowers, kisses, hugs – pay attention to the man. Never lower the degree of importance of his chosen one.

2. Remember the past

A good way to rekindle old emotions is to have a thing called “ours. All people who have been married for a while necessarily have something “our”: our restaurant, our movie, etc. “Ours” are moments that unite the spouses and that only the two of them know about. The more of these things you remember (visit), the better. Just please do not confuse “our” with the first store you walked around together for 8 hours looking for wallpaper. You should remember nice things that gave you good emotions. You drive past a bus stop under which you once stood and kissed when you were young, remind your husband of that: “Do you remember…”. At that moment, memories may arise in the man of how good he felt then, and he will carry them into the present life.

In the evening you can watch some movie from the category of “our” and smoothly translate it on such a pleasant emotion into sex. For many couples, intimacy devolves into marital duty. That’s not right. It’s good when intimacy happens on an emotional high. But it’s certainly not a good idea to overuse and use “your movies and places” tricks for good sex every day.

3. Take care of yourself.

It’s no secret that a man is very important to the appearance of his companion. By looking at her, he understands how a woman feels about him. Often wives (especially with many years of experience) walk around the house in some stretchy things, terrible robes, etc. But when this same woman needs to go out, she spends half a day choosing a closet, doing her hair, and putting on makeup. The man understands this situation in his own way: for me she puts on a stretchy T-shirt, and for someone else she dresses like a beauty queen.

When it comes to home clothes, there are two simple rules. First: you can look sexy at home (short robes, light shirts and shorts) if the couple live together and the situation allows. Secondly, the clothes must be such that you right now (hypothetically) could go out in it, and you would not be ashamed. No one is saying that you have to walk around the apartment wearing makeup, with styling and a dress with a train. No, you just need to look nice and neat. You don’t have to twist any “doolettes” of messy hair on your head. Make a braid, a ponytail. You need to let your man know that you look after yourself and do it for him.

Speaking of appearance, of course, we can’t avoid talking about a woman’s weight, which often begins to grow immediately after marriage. It is proved that men do not see excess weight, if it does not exceed 7 kilograms. If the figure is more, then the husband will notice your new (not always appetizing) forms. From the fact that you will pull on your 90-kilogram body leopard underwear, nothing will change. You will not become attractive to his beloved. So take care of yourself. And in no case should not talk or even think in the key: “Yes, I weigh 200 kilograms, but my husband is even more weight. You need to start with yourself, and then, you see, and spouse will pull up.

4) Take a break from your children and relatives.

You need a break from children, close relatives, pets, etc. It is simply impossible to fall in love again with your wife against the backdrop of a large family. People should spend time together and communicate on topics that concern the two of them without touching everything in the world.

And you also need to be able to properly rest from each other! There is such a concept – “30 minutes of silence”. The husband came, he is tired, he does not want to talk. Do not touch him. When a man is stressed, he is quiet, unlike a woman, he needs to think first. Leave him alone. You can also go about your business in different rooms. This kind of rest is also necessary, because people get tired of each other.

5. Take the initiative

Many men think they are loved when they have sex with them. Moreover, when a woman calls her husband for intimacy herself, take the initiative. For the stronger sex is very important. And then you can draw your own conclusions…

6. Separate for a while

Separation for a while – a very dangerous thing, although in some cases it is effective, because it was at this point a man may come (and maybe not) to realize that his wife is really important for him. Do not take such a step at the moment of total collapse of the relationship, because the man will suffer a week, and the second – will realize how he feels good without you. And this means only one thing – divorce. If your wife constantly forbids everything to your loved one, he will be very happy alone: he wants – drank a beer with friends, watched a soccer game, etc. And you can always order food, so he will not grieve for a long time. Separation at the time will play a cruel joke with you, if there is the slightest doubt that her husband without you will be better than with you.

7. Go somewhere new.

Ironically, it helps to renew the relationship by taking a joint vacation, not separate, as many experts advise. The man’s brain is so arranged that in another territory he wants his woman much more than in the familiar environment. In this case, a joint vacation is better to spend not at your favorite dacha (a place, a hotel). It is better to change the country, the hotel – everything cardinally! This excites a man.

Another important nuance. A new environment will only be useful if you yourself relax and let your man do it. Vacation should take place in an atmosphere of absolute relaxation. No need to discuss the children, problems, work and other “nice” topics. And returning home, it is better from the first day, do not plunge into “all the troubles” of everyday life, and try to extend a pleasant aftertaste vacation.

In paragraph about rest I would like to mention such a thing as the ability to leave your comfort zone, it can also be useful. Let’s say you’re used to going on vacation to five-star hotels, then it’s time to remember about camping. There has to be something that will “break” you out of your routine. You can choose rafting or a trip to the mountains, joint overcoming difficulties unites people even more.

8. Fight the everyday.

Change the concept of dating. Have you been dining by candlelight for ten years? Say goodbye to that habit. For example, make sandwiches and go on a picnic in the woods in the morning, swap a romantic dinner for a romantic breakfast. What you do not care, does not give new emotions – you need to change!

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