How to win an Aquarius man to a Sagittarius woman?

Female Sagittarius and Aquarius male compatibility of zodiac signs – 84%

The Aquarius man is an innovator, a source of ideas and an interesting, attractive man. He is witty, courageous, free to express his opinion, but often misunderstood. He is peaceful, romantic and strives for harmony and ideal relationships.

Sagittarius Woman – motivated, energetic, creative person. Enterprising, sociable, achieves much, thanks to her sharp mind, talent and networking skills.

Man Aquarius and female Sagittarius – I wonder what forces pushed each other these incompatible and dissimilar people? He is imperturbable, calm and cold. She is frivolous, hot-tempered and flamboyant. But opposites attract – the stars aligned so that the fiery-air union was stronger than any other union. There is passion, love, and tenderness in this couple.

And if love ends, there will be friendship. After all, in the first place is mutual respect – the ward of Uranus and the pet of Jupiter understand and complement each other as if they are the same, once lost halves of one whole.They will never quarrel over nothing or poison the life of the chosen one because of baseless speculation and intrigue, because this couple does not lack madness as well as sanity: whatever happens, they will still be together.

How to win a female Sagittarius to a male Aquarius

Dating Sagittarius and Aquarius is impossible to plan, it seems to both that it is destined from above. An accidental, unexplained coincidence, an unplanned trip – the lives of both change.

A woman does not need to make an effort to interest Aquarius – they just talk a little to understand the kinship of souls.

If the man is not free or shows no interest in romantic communication, a friendship or a common project will be a good start. It will not be difficult for Sagittarius to “steal” a man out of the family, but you must be prepared for the fact that the “boomerang” will return in the form of a reciprocal betrayal on his part. The man is impressionable and emotional, but even Sagittarius will not be easy to keep him around.

How to win a male Aquarius to win a female Sagittarius

The female Sagittarius is sociable and friendly, loves new acquaintances, so there are always many fans around her, which she tries to keep in a friendzone, but many of them at any time are ready (and would like) to fight for a place in her heart. To join their ranks, a male Aquarius will not have to try particularly hard, but if he intends to get something more, you should be savvy, remember that girls love moderately persistent suitors, who know and know how to court and care beautifully.

For the sake of the beloved man Sagittarius is capable of much, but from him she expects devotion and understanding. It is not enough for her to love a man, he should inspire her, to become the best and most ideal in her representation. Aquarius can easily cope with this role – both like an airy, positive relationship with a minimum of misunderstanding.

Advantages of the union

The union has many advantages – this is a vibrant couple who are little at home, and if they are there, they are surrounded by friends and relatives. They support each other and help each other to develop. Their relationship is doomed to success due to the undeniable merits:

  • Mutual understanding. Both are energetic, unconventional. Sagittarius may be considered strange, but Aquarius surpasses her in this too. The woman finds a kindred spirit, Aquarius is not afraid of her ideas – he himself craves discovery and new. Capable of reaching heights in creativity, joint business. Successful, because they believe in each other, no matter how crazy it seemed to surrounding ideas.
  • Similar characters, attitudes toward life. Positive, positive emotions, constant movement – they are not bored, they move forward, infecting others with their powerful energy.
  • A strong spiritual and intellectual connection. Relationships Aquarius and Sagittarius often begin in a creative matter, on a friendly note, and after parting they want to continue to communicate, it is a pity to lose an understanding, close person with whom much has been passed and experienced.

I am a Sagittarius and I love Aquarius. And my parents are Sagittarius and Aquarius too. Only Aquarius can endure our shenanigans, and to me men of other signs seem so banal and boring. Zhenya, 19 years old

Disadvantages of the union

When Sagittarius and Aquarius are in love with each other – no impossible, there are no problems. Disadvantages are exacerbated after several years of living together and some of them lead to breakups:

  • Difficulties in dealing with domestic issues. When Sagittarius and Aquarius have the possibilities of the world in front of them, they don’t want to spend time cleaning and cooking. But if they find time in their busy schedule to maintain order and create coziness, then their home will be stylish and comfortable.
  • Risk of “satiety.” The feelings between Sagittarius and Aquarius burn as long as they draw inspiration from each other, but there is always the danger that one of them will become bored and want freedom.
  • Financial instability. Creativity and development requires constant investment and expense. Not all ideas are successful and some funds are “wasted”. Not such a significant disadvantage, given that money comes and goes easily, but sometimes they lack a sober eye when choosing a promising idea, the advice of a specialist.

Intimate life

Despite the fact that the basis of the union is a friendly relationship, both are comfortable in bed. Lack of passion, if any, is compensated by mutual understanding and spiritual unity. The man is gentle, attentive, ready to support the ideas and desires of the female Sagittarius. The woman is temperamental and loves moments of intimacy, and after – communication, in which Aquarius supports her.

Sometimes this unusual pair replaces the intimacy of foolishness, understandable only to them two love game. Spiritual connection, creativity is paramount for both of them. Compatibility in intimate life can not come at once – the girl is shy, a little constricted, especially if the experience with men is small. She is liberated in public, which can erroneously seem to some promiscuity, but in fact selective in intimate relationships.

What kind of parents they will be.

The birth of a child is not easy for the couple, although they do not show difficulties to those around them. It is difficult for them to start planning their lives, to adjust to the child, but gradually they find ways to manage everywhere, to develop, to deal with themselves and to be as attentive to children as possible.

In the first years of the baby’s life, they will be helped by their grandparents – it will allow them to keep the relationship and not to stop their business, their hobby. The older the children become, the stronger the bond with them. The couple decides to have a second child more consciously, thinking over their future and the possibility of combining work and raising a child.

A Sagittarius mom manages to have a career, raise her children, and manage her household. At the same time she does everything qualitatively and creatively. Responsible, loving, admires her child, but does not idealize it, developing existing abilities.

Papa Aquarius is not inspired by everyday life, household chores, but he sees in the child an extension of himself. The older the children become, the more Aquarius is involved in the upbringing – he likes to share his thoughts, projects with them.

What their children will be like.

Often these two cannot accept a child into their narrow family circle – he seems to them something foreign. This state of affairs may last from a couple of months to several years, until the child begins to show personality. As a consequence, both parents show coldness and callousness to the kid, dumping him on babysitters and grandmothers. Sagittarius and Aquarius should remember that this attitude threatens their firstborn child with a serious psychological trauma.

Children of Sagittarius and Aquarius have a lively, inquisitive mind – they are active and inquisitive than can bore their parents. If the parents have accepted the baby and used to live together, the child will get a tremendous experience, learn independence, communication not only with peers, but also with adults. A couple should not avoid participation in the upbringing of a nanny or relatives – they will help to instill in the child practicality, prudence, will complement his knowledge.

The birth of a baby will not scare the young couple Sagittarius and Aquarius – a small difference in age helps them communicate better with the child as a teenager. Personal example of parents is important for children, but insufficient communication at an early age leads to misunderstanding, violation of the emotional connection.

Is a Sagittarius woman prone to cheating

Sagittarius is devoted to her Aquarius lover. They inspire and complement each other, happiness seems cloudless until Sagittarius gets bored with stability and constancy. In addition, it is easy to disappoint her – if she senses weakness or falsity in a man, it will be a reason for doubt. Proud Sagittarius is easier to break up than to look for another man, in this ideal relationship she finds no place for betrayal or treason.

Can “jump out” or reciprocate the advances of another man in spite of Aquarius – if you had to break up or he betrayed the first. This will not change the feelings of Sagittarius – she will continue to love Aquarius, but her self-esteem will not allow her to admit it, she will build a career and family with another, showing her happiness and success, deep down hoping for initiative and regret male Aquarius.

Is the Aquarius man prone to cheating

Female Sagittarius is satisfied when in a long relationship love fervor subsides and the union becomes friendly, creative. For Aquarius it becomes a reason to pay attention to other women. Sagittarius may not guess about his numerous infidelities – connection with another woman will not affect the relationship within the family.

A man can be faithful while he is in love – emotions and experiences are important to him, to have a muse and inspiration nearby. Sagittarius needs to try to make sure that all his life, the Aquarius man sees her as his only one. She knows how to surprise, love, be a loyal friend and a good friend, the more hurtful it is to face the treachery of Aquarius, when she devotes her life to him, and he doubts what he needs.

What are they afraid of in a relationship.

Both try to appear fearless and overcome adversity, but many things hurt Sagittarius and Aquarius badly:

  • Dependence, control-it’s hard to create and create if you’re confined. The couple has a constant creative process in everything – cooking, cleaning – they do nothing half-heartedly. Any restrictions suppress, cause a desire to resist or leave the relationship.
  • Loss of self, dissolution in the partner. Being a bright personality they want to show even more, to develop, but over time they may notice that they merge into a single whole – their ideas, their activities. That is why it is important for each of them to have their own business, an opportunity to create and develop independently.
  • Misunderstanding in a couple is destructive. Aquarius, feeling unrecognized genius, will shut down, become cold and cruel. Sagittarius needs to be supported, which is why both are so appreciative of the union.

Things to work on.

Harmony in the relationship creates itself – to some the union may seem strange, but the couple is happy! When those around them get used to the unusual union – it suddenly falls apart, indicating that even if both are comfortable, they still need to work on the relationship:

  • A common desire for stability and permanence. Sooner or later, the carefree life must evolve to the next level with a steady source of income, mutual commitments, and joint plans. Sagittarius remains a tender and vulnerable woman who needs a strong, reliable man by her side.
  • Hobbies, occupation. Everyone can have their own “brainchild”, in which they invest money and time, but mutual help, advice will be an occasion to once again admire the person who is near. It is important not to lose individuality, always feel like a separate, strong individual. Sagittarius and Aquarius complement each other, want to be together, but at the same time are afraid to lose their freedom.
  • Distance. Aquarius and Sagittarius are open to communication, artless and positive. In order not to bore each other, they need to stick to their rules without completely dissolving into a partner. Both need to be in tonus – admire the chosen one and consider him superhuman difficult when you see flaws.

As a male Aquarius behaves when they break up

Man hardly gives up his independence and freedom – this is a reason for doubts, attempts to stop the relationship or to suspend their pace. He can admire the chosen one, make plans for a joint future, and then disappear and do not call for a while, causing Sagittarius surprise and incomprehension. It is difficult for her to accept such a beginning of the relationship, especially considering the mutual attraction and brightness of the moments spent together. A woman needs to avoid conflicts, to play along with his sudden appearance “as if nothing had happened”.

Most often the reason for breaking up with Aquarius are frequent conflicts, misunderstanding, pressure on him. But Sagittarius is attentive, responsive and respectful to the chosen one, giving him a minimum of discomfort and a maximum of positive emotions.

It is all the more surprising when suddenly Aquarius realizes that his feelings have faded, deciding to break up. It is difficult to change his mind, but if you manage to avoid conflict, you can remain friends. In a friendly relationship between the parted Aquarius and Sagittarius easily flares up passion again.

How a female Sagittarius behaves in a breakup

Sagittarius feelings are fickle, like the love of Aquarius, according to astrologers It is easy to disappoint – the man next to her must be perfect or close to it. Can be with a man out of habit or at the expense, but if the relationship is heavy and sure that the wrong person – break up. Aquarius and Sagittarius are difficult to be together because of the fickleness of both, the fickleness of desires. One of them must be sure of the future, their feelings, which is not always possible.

Silent parting with Aquarius, his doubts are experiencing hard, talks about his feelings to the closest and will never show the presence of problems or bad moods to numerous friends. Immersed in creativity, new projects, communication with other people, can “twist an affair” to forget.

Communication Sagittarius and Aquarius becomes friendly when both realize that feelings are gone, but do not want to lose the company and support of the partner. They can work together, run a joint business, project and communicate with pleasure than to cause resentment from future wives and husbands.

Is friendship possible between them.

In friendships with other zodiac signs Aquarius and Sagittarius often have “jealousy”, even if the friend is of the same sex. It is impossible not to fall in love with them, you want to communicate and not share their thoughts and communication with others, which is especially true if the friend is a Cancer or Capricorn. Between different-sex friends Sagittarius and Aquarius establish a complete understanding – they are easy together, they do not limit each other’s freedom – they can not communicate, and then meet and behave as if they kept in touch all the time.

Friendship of the non-free representatives of the signs easily develops into a romantic relationship. They will not be deterred by a long stable marriage, money, children, or even the threat of life – if they decide to be together, they will do it against all odds, even if they then break up. They see inhibitions and obstacles as romance, often getting disappointed and wishing to return to the marriage and past relationships.

Work Compatibility.

Sagittarius and Aquarius understand and complement each other, their tandem is a delight in creative areas, but they are lost in boring monotonous directions. They are sociable, with an active approach to life, but will fade away if faced with a five-day work week, a rigid schedule and scheduled weekends.

Male Aquarius and female Sagittarius are colleagues

The man invents and the woman embodies his ideas. She is able to turn an impossible delusion into reality. She is helped by purposefulness, the ability to establish personal communication. They work well together, but there is a danger that Sagittarius will pass off some of his ideas as his own, appropriating universal enthusiasm and praise. This will not please Aquarius and may be a reason for refusing to work.

Male Aquarius and female Sagittarius – the bosses

Sagittarius feels his superiority, uses the ideas and resources of Aquarius, assuring him that it will be beneficial to both. In fact, this partnership usually benefits Sagittarius and her company more. Aquarius is not as active in advocacy and is more of an ideology, while Sagittarius takes every opportunity.

Male Aquarius and female Sagittarius – subordinate and superior

The female superior Sagittarius can understand her subordinate-Aodole like no other. She will give him all the resources, free schedule, will make concessions, understanding that this way will get the maximum result. It is a good combination for both of them.

The male leader Aquarius prefers to be a friend to her subordinates, which Sagittarius does not like very much. She likes freedom, but she needs recognition. She will prefer to be the favorite of a strict leader than one of the successful employees of a democratic one.

How to win the Aquarius man

If a guy was born under the sign of Aquarius, it will be quite difficult to conquer the heart. Horoscope says that the male Aquarius by nature of the test. He is interested in all new and unexplored. Aquarius is patronized by the element of air. He seeks to get to the heart of the event.

Aquarius by nature is quite friendly and outgoing, so get acquainted with a representative of this zodiacal constellation will not be difficult. It is better to start a conversation with a man in the circle of close friends. Here the guy will behave much more relaxed.

A girl who decided to win a man Aquarius and like him, should focus on his curiosity. Making hints without talking about her feelings, a girl is able to capture the attention of the guy. After a nice conversation to leave, and then suddenly appear.

Aquarius, because of his curiosity, will be interested where the girl could disappear. All this time, the guy’s thoughts will be occupied only with her. Returning to the sight of a man, the girl should transparently hint at what she was busy with during her absence, but this should certainly include something unusual and fun. It will take some time, and after another disappearance, the man will start looking for meetings with the girl.

Aquarius men are some of the most complex natures. There are no clear methods how to win a guy’s heart. There are only guidelines and recommendations.

Aquarius men are like air. And as the wind is constantly rushing towards the boundless distance, and Aquarius can never sit still for long in one place. Today he is communicating nicely with the girl, and tomorrow she will not even know where he disappeared. It will take some time, and the Aquarius will return as suddenly.

Remember that Aquarius men are a rebel by nature. He likes confident girls who have their own opinion on various issues. The woman should have a great mind. With her Aquarius man will be nice to talk to. If the opinions of men and women will be the same, then she has every chance to get closer to Aquarius.

How to please a male Aquarius

Before you go on the offensive to win the heart of Aquarius, it will be very useful for a girl to look at herself from the outside. A woman is able to conquer a man intelligent, elegant, with a developed mind. During communication with Aquarius woman must be able to speak beautifully and articulate his thoughts.

If the above does not contradict the nature and character, then the girls have a chance to win the heart of Aquarius men.

How to interest a man Aquarius

To capture the attention of a representative of this sign of the zodiac, a girl should ask questions about his hobbies. A man should understand that a woman is interested in him without a shadow of guile. It is this type of representative of the fair sex that is of interest to Aquarius. A woman should present a certain mystery, which the man will certainly try to unravel. Aquarius will know exactly what the girl cares about. A great role in the conquest of Aquarius is originality.

Aquarius man can be cynical. He looks at life events from the outside. Noticing a flaw in others, a representative of this sign will immediately express his irony. But not all Aquarius men like to make fun of others.

Is it possible to win the heart of a married Aquarius?

Men of Aquarius sign love freedom, and they are not easy to force into marriage. Usually they often change partners, looking for the ideal mate. But even after finding it, they are in no hurry to bind themselves to family life. They ponder over the decision to get married for years, not deciding to make a final choice. Only after making sure that the girl is reliable in every way, they become married.

It is impossible to repel a busy Aquarius. You should not try to seduce a man if he has a girlfriend. If he is married, it’s forever. Aquarius will be faithful even if he’s not around. When choosing a life partner, Aquarius does not think about cheating, and it is useless to seduce him. He can easily charm others with his charm, but beyond a little flirting, he will not go beyond his dreams and tasks – the improvement of living conditions and family home.

The Aries woman

Aries woman attracts a man by the uniqueness and brightness of the character. Representatives of the sign bold, charismatic and this attracts the attention of Aquarius. Signs are suitable for each other, but because of the selfishness of the character, there may be conflicts.

The Taurus woman.

The alliance with the Taurus woman is complicated. This sign in order to fall in love with the Aquarius man, will have to try hard. They are completely different. Taurus is a down-to-earth sign who loves comfort and convenience. Aquarius is the complete opposite.

Gemini woman.

Aquarius union with a Gemini girl is favorable. Both signs love to learn the unknown, they are curious and freedom-loving. The man in the twin is attracted to giving him freedom, a bright humor, an easy character. Together they will find mutual understanding.

To the Cancerian woman.

Union with a woman Cancer will be difficult. Signs do not understand each other. Intrigue Aquarius can be uncommon behavior, extravagance. It is not necessary to exhibit a sensitive nature and resentfulness.

The Leo woman.

From a relationship with a female Aquarius can lose his head. The girl only needs to do everything in her favorite manner – dress beautifully, behave regally and unperturbed. For the sake of the Aquarius lioness, the Aquarius woman can forget all insults.

To the Virgo woman.

In a relationship with a Virgo woman, Aquarius will have misunderstandings. Signs seek different things.

To the Libra woman.

In a relationship with a Libra woman, Aquarius will have harmony. The man will enjoy the intelligence and non-conflict nature of the sign.

To the woman Scorpio.

The magnetism and mystique of the Scorpio girl will not leave the Aquarius man indifferent. Scorpio has a strong character. The Aquarius man will love it.

The Sagittarius woman

The Sagittarius girl will not have to make great efforts to win the Aquarius man. They have a mutual magnetism. The union is easy and carefree. They have a lot in common.

Capricorn woman.

Capricorn woman and Aquarius man are not at all alike. It is not easy for them to get along with each other. Capricorn can captivate Aquarius by showing him loyalty, faithfulness and judgment.

Aquarius woman.

The two Aquarians get along easily together. They have common interests. The girl of this sign will surround the beloved with care, and the man is very fond of it.

To the Pisces woman.

The Pisces girl is a dreamer. She will awaken Aquarius’ interest in fantasies. The two signs get along perfectly.

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