How to win an Aquarius man to a Cancer woman?

Aquarius and Cancer compatibility: “Boa” and “Rabbit” or Holmes and Watson?

Aquarius and Cancer are an interesting combination, although in most cases incompatible. Still, there are examples of absolutely fulfilling and long-lasting marriages of this particular combination of signs.

But let’s not forget that the horoscope is a science based on specific facts and characteristics. After all, each person is individual, exclusive and capable of changing their character and attitudes throughout life in different situations.

What to expect from the union of Aquarius and Cancer? Aquarius is quite progressive and dynamic sign, and Cancer can be difficult to catch up with the flight of its unrealistic realities and innovative ideas. But still, unite these two signs may have a developed intellect and ability to dreaminess and fantasy.

True, they think differently – Aquarius is more ambitious, although sometimes that is its downside. Trying to grasp the immensity, he forgets about the little things, which sometimes depends on the success of the endeavor. Cancer – the nature of a more down-to-earth and practical, thinks substantively and locally. As a result, it can turn out to be a pretty good union. For example, Aquarius gives ideas and Cancer develops a plan for their implementation.

Contradictions between signs often arise in the domestic and worldly spheres. Cancer – a conservative by nature, which follows the prescriptions and established way of life. Aquarius is bored and even tired of monotony. He needs novelty and reaching new heights, and Cancer a hundred times will think through any situation before deciding to do something new.

Aquarius is quite progressive and dynamic sign

Aquarius quite often can be morally repressed practical and reasonable Cancer his excessive activity and forcing the events. But he can not subconsciously not accept the reasonable logic and practicality of Cancer, so involuntarily listen to his opinion and advice.

People of this sign combination come together more strongly in terms of some “supra-personal” interests – for example, they are both into philosophy or esotericism, chiromancy or breeding foxes, have common hobbies, or maybe both know exactly how to make a million.

Aquarius and Cancer compatibility chart

In love In sex In marriage In friendship
Average Average Average Low

Compatibility of Male Aquarius and Female Cancer: the pros and cons of the relationship

The union “He-Vodole, she-Crak” in a long-term affair is not very often found. And if they get along with each other for a long time, then, as a rule, this union has some spiritual background, for example, joint work on an interesting project or a common hobby.

In their relationship, the couple stumbles upon difficult contradictions. The Cancer woman keeps her little cozy world, she does not like the too intense “invasion” into the stable established order of things, which introduces Aquarius. But the lady cannot help but recognize that the benefits of the union with him are definitely there for her. Aquarius opens up new perspectives and gives unusual ideas, stirring up the stale way of life.

The Cancer girl seeks stability and security, Aquarius, on the other hand, is constantly looking for new sensations. She is attached to home, calm and order, he feels comfortable in different places, and in the ordinary routine environment goes stale. As a consequence, disagreements may arise at the domestic level. More often in this union Aquarius is the winner, and Cancer suffers from the feeling that he neglects her, giving her in his life just a modest role of a reliable partner or homemaker.

The Cancer woman keeps her little cozy world

Are they compatible in love?

Friendship is the first step to the beginning of the love relationship of this couple. And it is not easy for them to become friends. Man Aquarius, which interested in a girl Cancer, almost always ready to make contact quickly and openly. But Cancer needs time to start trusting and opening up. This behavior can repel Aquarius, because in the analysis of the subtleties of soul and feelings, he is not strong, and the reticence is perceived as an unwillingness to communicate.

Cancer woman is more sensitive and receptive. She is subject to frequent mood swings. Aquarius is not able to understand her emotions and desires for spiritual emancipation

At best, Cancer sees Aquarius as a loving friend. He does not oppress her freedom, but in return he expects the same. Cancer, on the other hand, pours her concern on Aquarius and can be excessively jealous, and Aquarius is sure to be alert, as an encroachment on his freedom.

Aquarius guy and Cancer girl in sex

In an intimate relationship, both partners may also face difficulties, because in bed, the Cancer woman, above all, wants to experience the spiritual and emotional closeness of her partner. Aquarius, on the other hand, may seem too dry and cold to her. Therefore, misunderstanding and selfishness of partners even with quality sex can bring the love relationship to a minimum.

A female Cancer should not be afraid to show her determination and ingenuity. Then the assertive Aquarius will be pleasantly surprised by her unexpected qualities, and this can bring a new twist to the intimate relationship.

Are they suitable for each other in marriage?

Marriage between these two signs can be quite successful if the partners have known each other for a long time and have gotten to know each other well. After all, they have completely different ideas about the organization of everyday life.

Cancer-woman is accustomed to order, home traditions and does not tolerate chaos and encroachment on her cozy home. Aquarius is close to a more democratic lifestyle. He loves communication, inviting friends, going out to visit, to be in full view, and Cancer may not like it at all.

Cancer and Aquarius are completely different ideas about the organization of everyday life

At the same time Cancer feels in Aquarius a reliable support . In their relationship the Aquarius husband provides the family financially, and his wife Cancer rationally disposes of funds.

If they manage to adapt to each other and find the “golden mean” of relationships, their marriage will be quite strong.

Is there a friendship if he is an Aquarius and she is a Cancer

Aquarius is open and easy to contact, and in relation to women usually does not show superiority. But he may be wary of some secrecy and mistrust of the Cancer woman. He will think that she is insincere and may lose interest before she is ready to open up.

A Cancer woman is very alarmed that Aquarius has a very wide circle of friends and acquaintances. After all, she believes that intimate friendship can not be with all, so the lady may have the impression of him as too windy subject.

How to win a male Aquarius?

Aquarius prefers women who are open, friendly and unselfish. Cancer woman, of course, is not so sociable, although too withdrawn to call it impossible. In a large company, it will not be the center, but also from the communication does not avoid. At heart Cancer practical and even a few mercantile, but her dreaminess and sentimentality may well attract the attention of Aquarius.

Aquarius attracts well-groomed and looking after the appearance of Cancer, as he believes that it is a mirror of her character and soul. But Cancer, before getting caught in the net of Aquarius, it’s still worth checking out his moral qualities. After all, sometimes he can just play at love, using her care for his own benefit.

Dreaminess and sentimentality Cancer girls can attract the attention of Aquarius

How to get the attention of a Cancer girl?

Cancer girl attracts the stronger sex femininity and tenderness. To win her attention, you need a long and beautiful courtship. Cancer does not tolerate assertiveness and rudeness, but the romantic candlelight dates, flowers and serenades can conquer her heart.

These girls are ready to appeal to the feelings of the partner, the ability to understand them, subtly perceive hints. The young lady will never make the first move, and her “yes” will be veiled

For her, the family, children, a cozy “nest” are in the first place. Therefore, a woman will look for a long time at her partner from this position.

Of course, the Aquarius man does not quite correspond to her ideas about the hero of her novel. She recognizes stability and predictability, he lives by today’s desires and desire for renewal. He also cannot boast of emotional sensitivity. Nevertheless, the energy coming from him may well include him in Cancer’s field of vision, as the woman seeks men who are confident and reliable, able to provide prosperity in the family.

Aquarius Woman and Cancer Man compatibility horoscope

The Aquarius girl is open to people and shows a keen interest in them. Therefore, the Cancer man can be won over by her attention and sincere attitude. She is ready to seriously listen to his judgments and respect his views and opinions.

A Cancer man, seized by a positive impression, is quite ready to have an affair with her. However, he may well be disappointed. After all, a possessive and jealous by nature, this man is unlikely to put up with the fact that he has not become the “center of the universe” of his beloved.

This often leads to the fact that Cancer provokes conflict, trying to subjugate the Aquarius woman, to teach her and reproach her for everything. A girl Aquarius does not tolerate pressure on himself and limiting freedom in any manifestations.

These relationships are not often long-term. An exception may be in the case of proprietary Cancer, which leaves all claims at home, and Aquarius he likes the freedom and unobtrusive.

The Aquarius girl is open to people

Love relationships

In a love relationship, there can be all the same disagreements on an emotional level. After all, Cancer is more susceptible to intuition and receptive. Aquarius partner may seem to him not capable of subtle experiences.

Aquarius closer to love on the basis of friendship and a common idea, she does not really understand the overly sentimental Cancer, which in her opinion, gives importance to nothing

Perhaps they can reach an acceptable harmony, if they are united by common interests, because the views on life and relationships they are directly opposite.

Sexual attraction of the couple

In bed, this couple does not show hurricane passion. Cancer is very indecisive and not always ready to take the dominant role. The Aquarius girl’s friendship takes precedence over her sexual needs.

The Cancer man is overly conservative and uninventive, while his indecisiveness and vulnerability can lead to the fact that one careless word from his partner will result in unwillingness for intimacy.

Marital union

Such a marriage, compared with the combination “he-Vodole, she-Cancer” may be less stable, because Cancer can not fully take a position of superiority over their other half.

In marriage, this couple should show maximum wisdom and patience . The Cancer husband must cope with jealousy and the Aquarius wife must prove her love to him more often. At the same time you should not go on the whims and tantrums of Cancer, and try to impress upon him that the interests and communication of Aquarius with other people in no way affect her relationship with her husband.

In marriage, the Aquarius-Cancer couple should show maximum wisdom and patience

How are Aquarius girl and Cancer guy friends?

In the friendship of Cancer and Aquarius there may well be positive moments for both. Aquarius brings lightness and positivity to Cancer’s life, and Cancer’s wisdom and sound judgment find resonance in Aquarius’ soul. But still warmth and emotion in this relationship is not. Rather, they are based on common goals.

How to win a Cancer man and build a relationship with him?

Cancer men build relationships with romantic and sensual natures. For him, family, stability and a cozy home are important. Therefore, he considers his chosen one with the prospect of a future mistress and keeper of the home.

Aquarius can attract Cancer by its sincerity and attention to his affairs. She feels that Cancer surpasses her in the wisdom of life, well will turn to him for advice, admiring his sound and sensible hints, views and reasoning. And praise is by no means the last thing on his mind.

The wisdom and sound judgment of Cancer find a response in the soul of Aquarius

Can I fall in love with a Aquarius woman?

The Aquarius girl appreciates in men reliability . Her chosen one should be her confederate, a friend, who can rely on. She will not tolerate the “toady”.

Man Cancer, wishing to conquer the Aquarius woman, should understand that freedom for her is very important, and jealousy and control can live repel her. Wanting to tie your life with an Aquarius woman, it is worth getting to know her better. Sometimes these eccentric ladies are capable of manipulating a partner in love.

Cancer woman and Aquarius man zodiac sign compatibility – 91%

Cancer and Aquarius are from the same planet, and it’s definitely not Earth. A little strange, with their own deep inner world, they are able to love long and tenderly and as long torment each other. Everything in their relationship is special, not like it was with their exes. Kisses, conversations, looks, even quarrels – all this is filled with special meaning and powerful energy.

Astrologers editorial staff characterize a man born under the sign of Aquarius, as an intelligent, easy to communicate and romantic character, for which it is important to develop and grow spiritually. He does not forget to replenish its inner resources, the truth in normal life is often inattentive. For him money does not matter much – he spends it as quickly as he earns it, without regret, and without thinking about anything.

Home comfort, family and good company are always in the first place for a woman born under the sign of Cancer. The mood and the general state of such ladies always depend on the mood – she can be very different: then contradictory and nervous, then soft and sensual. Communicating with a female Cancer should never forget that it is much easier to hurt her than it may seem at first glance.

How a female Cancer to win a male Aquarius

If a female Cancer realizes that she extremely likes a male Aquarius, she does not need to languish waiting for him to pay attention to her, the truth and openly show their interest is not worth it. Get closer to these two will help some common cause or project, where they will be able to open up as a professional and personal, showing each other their strengths. Moreover, a common cause will help the man born under the sign of Aquarius. consider in a female Cancer sociable and nice girl who can and loves to have fun.

Astrologers say that between the Aquarius man and the Cancer woman there is an incredibly strong attraction literally from the very first minutes of communication. And even if the two are not free at the time of dating, they can easily abandon their loved ones and headlong plunge into the whirlpool of new feelings. True, sometimes they have to regret the consequences. The first lady begins to shed tears Cancer, because in fact Aquarius is not the prince of the fairy tale, which she was waiting so long and that she saw magical dreams every night. therefore, having met Aquarius Cancer should be cautious – the passion of passion, but think of a happy old age after the first days of dating just do not. Life – a wonderful thing and she sometimes throws us different tests. And most often, alas, from the side from which you do not expect. And, yes, tell your chosen one about his far-reaching plans exactly do not: and he gets scared, and you get upset.

In this case, a woman can show sympathy for the man as a friend, but the initiative, the first step with a declaration of love, should come from Aquarius. Cancer hard to restrain themselves and wait from freedom-loving favorite of the first steps, but if at the beginning of the union Aquarius will be under pressure, then every next step – living together, registering a relationship, a child – will give him even harder. A man should be carefully brought to the need to move to the next level of the relationship.

How to a male Aquarius to win a woman of Cancer

Mystery and unusualness of the girl attracts many men, but good luck in the subjugation of Cancer favors only the most persistent. If you can not like a woman immediately, Aquarius is waiting for a long and difficult period of courtship, where he will need his optimism, intelligence and perseverance.

Even if the sympathy is mutual, Cancer can portray impregnability and check the admirer for seriousness of intentions. Aquarius seems fickle and a little strange, and this simultaneously attracts and repels. Aquarius should not abuse banter over his girlfriend – Cancer can not understand the peculiar humor of unfamiliar people and offend.

Advantages of the union

When there are strong feelings, Aquarius and Cancer recognize each other’s desires, often anticipating them. Their union can be conflict-free if they can accept the unusual nature of their mate and show care. The advantages of the union of this slightly crazy couple:

  • A similar worldview. A woman and a man, like two halves, complement each other. Together they feel complete personalities, it is interesting to talk or even to be silent while admiring nature or objects of art.
  • Trust and mutual understanding. In a relationship they find not only a loved one, but also a friend. You can say silly things and not be afraid that the reasoning will seem ridiculous to the interlocutor. It is not easy for both of them to be themselves and reveal themselves, but there are no secrets between Cancer and Aquarius.
  • Freedom in the relationship. They are together, but do not harass each other with jealousy and did not invade personal space. Both Cancer and Aquarius like it, they can’t live without freedom, the woman needs privacy sometimes, and the man does not tolerate control and restrictions.

Disadvantages of the union.

There are many perfectionists and lovers of extremes among Cancers – “marry or break up”, “friend or nobody”. They like to communicate, but only with those who are interesting and pleasant. Aquarius has many acquaintances, and often a romantic walk with him develops into communication with a large group of his friends. The man is sometimes late for a date, forgets money at home, so Cancer has to pay in a cafe. In the beginning of acquaintance, problems seem insignificant, but later they become more:

  • Frequent quarrels. Aquarius needs constant support and help: to wash clothes, cook food, go to the store. He himself does not like to do household chores, and if Cancer will not have time, he can make a remark, reproaching the sluggishness. The woman is incomprehensible to the man’s jokes, sometimes they seem offensive to her. As a rule, the couple have common views on life, but there are discrepancies in small things, and it can spoil the effect of communication.
  • Different positions on marriage. For the girl, the wedding is an important event in life, but for Aquarius – a verdict. The man will put off the significant event by all means, and after the registration will become depressed, quarrels will become more frequent. Aquarius must mature and himself want to get married, because the marriage of compulsion often becomes short-lived. Man will not stop the children and feelings. After a divorce, he can return to his former spouse, and if the woman is willing to accept a civil marriage, it will renew the relationship.
  • The traditionalism of Cancer and the rebellious spirit of Aquarius. The woman follows established rules and adheres to social norms, for her home is a fortress and a place of rest. Aquarius relaxes in the community, in the knowledge of new things in the world, it is difficult for him to follow the rules and often genuinely do not understand what it is not like Cancer in his words or actions.

Aquarius is an ideal husband. Until there is a child, a mortgage, responsibility, and with them the realization that I have nowhere to go from him. This is where he shows his true face. He is lazy to do anything around the house, starts consumerism as a free cleaner, corresponds with girls on the Internet. Found a cure for this: you have to make him always afraid of losing you. Then he is as silky. Hope, 36 years old.

Intimate life.

Both are in no hurry to start an intimate relationship – there are many obstacles and contradictions between them. Therefore, the sudden attraction on the first day of acquaintance rarely ends in intimacy. Both need to consider the partner’s personality, to penetrate them spiritually.

Their relationship is sensual and full of emotion. Cancer and Aquarius are both similar and different at the same time. Modest and reserved, in a close relationship, the Cancer woman is disarming with her courage. For Aquarius, this contrast is appealing. The quality and frequency of the bodily relationship depends directly on the strength of feelings, as they cool down to each other and lose interest, everything else will deteriorate.

What kind of parents will be.

The Cancer woman is capable of making any man a model father and family man. Aquarius does not easily give the role of a father – children violate personal space, limit freedom. He treats them as equals. But the child needs not only moral support, but also tenderness, hugs and kisses. Mother Cancer is attentive to children, and later the child understands the value of pleasant words and affection.

A Cancer mother is created for motherhood. She responsibly treats pregnancy and childbirth, studies literature and various methods of upbringing and development of the child. She idealizes her children, sometimes demanding more from them than their capabilities allow.

Daddy-Alpha makes a great contribution to the moral and spiritual development of children, sometimes sharply expressed or rude jokes that can hurt the baby, but over time, children become accustomed to such a manifestation of attention.

What will their children be like?

Children of Cancer and Aquarius ideal idea of life and norms constantly collides with reality. Sometimes it is not easy for them to find common ground with their peers due to the fact that they are superior to them in development. Among the children of such a pair there are many intelligent and gifted individuals.

If Aquarius will actively participate in the upbringing, and Cancer will reduce custody, the child will have friends and a happy childhood. An unplanned child can be a problem when Aquarius and Cancer have not yet come to a harmonious union. Then the woman will be irritable and unhappy, and Aquarius passive. Under such conditions, children often become emotionally vulnerable and withdrawn.

Is the Cancer woman prone to cheating

The woman lives her emotions, for her intimacy is more than an attraction, but she also falls in love easily. The cause of treason becomes a quarrel with Aquarius and his cheating. Cancer will not allow themselves to be humiliated and will try to take revenge by causing pain in return.

In a full relationship, a woman is busy with the house, children, work – for intrigues there is no energy left. Cancer rarely allow themselves even flirting, so Aquarius confident in the partner. Become infatuated with another man the lady can on vacation or on a business trip, because the romantic environment disposes to a new romance, especially if there was another conflict with Aquarius the day before.

Is the Aquarius man prone to cheating

Aquarius should always be moving and looking for a new one. Cancer can remain a mystery to him for many years, feeding and renewing feelings.

If the relationship does not stick, or the initiator of the movement forward is always a woman, the treachery of Aquarius is possible. He does not like the pressure. And if mutual understanding disappears and quarrels are frequent, he will look for another woman – for a perfect relationship.

The Aquarius man rarely allows intimacy without feeling, and if he finds support and spiritual closeness in another woman, he leaves the family without regrets and plunges into a new relationship.

What to be afraid of in a relationship

There is a lot of hypochondria in Cancer, Aquarians are easier to deal with fears, but problems still make themselves known:

  • Misunderstanding. It can be in little things, which irritates and provokes estrangement. She says she wants a family, and he asks her to wait to earn money for a car, an apartment. Cancer wants to be alone together, and the man invites friends home or calls for a party instead of a date.
  • Depression. Destructive and frightening. Both are cheerful and positive, but their moods have a precarious balance, especially for women, who only need a little criticism to ruin their day and just a few gentle words to feel happy.
  • Judgment. Being misunderstood is one thing, but being harshly criticized and disapproved of is another. Criticism makes both Cancer and Aquarius feel bad. They are emotional and impressionable, and hearing condemnation from a loved one hurts twice as much.

Something to work on.

A woman is a good psychologist. Over time, she will learn to manipulate Aquarius and provoke him to the actions she needs. Inspire the achievements at work, help to come to the idea that marriage is necessary, involve him in the home affairs and child rearing. Cancer and Aquarius will have to work on the relationship in many directions. Be sure to consider the following:

  • Financial situation. For a man, money is not of paramount importance. If he is bored with his work, he will either leave it or do it half-heartedly. For female Cancers, financial independence is important, so a woman will be responsible for planning and a stable income.
  • Ease in relationships. Cancer should easier relate to random words and jokes of the chosen one, and Aquarius should take over part of the household chores so that the woman can please him with her good mood. A man should always praise Cancer, show tenderness, and a woman should not be vindictive and angry for a long time.
  • Joint hobbies, common friends and projects will not leave time for complaints and quarrels.
  • Compromises. If a Cancer woman will not nag a man about trifles, reproach for lateness or sudden disappearances, she will be able to defend her position in important matters. Aquarius can not convince the rightness of another’s opinion, but to show and explain to him the consequences of his actions is possible. If he indirectly harms himself with his behavior (bad joke – Cancer is in a bad mood, which means there will be no tasty lunch), then he will have to listen to the opinion of his chosen one.

How does the Aquarius man behave upon parting

Breakups, according to Cancer, in their couple are many, especially at the beginning of the relationship, when both are not ready to compromise their principles. The woman needs stability and the man needs freedom. Aquarius perceives most breakups as a temporary misunderstanding, and some of them are ignored.

Aquarius do not need to try to keep him, he will return if there is feeling. And if he has cooled down, then calls and entreaties will only make things worse. He may appear in the life of an ex-girlfriend in a few months or years after the breakup, when memories come over him, or he will want a cake or soup prepared by her. Tends to blame the Cancer woman for the breakup and his return.

How the Cancer woman behaves during a breakup

The emotional and sensuality of Cancer women allows them to become attached and immersed in the inner world of their man, so breakups are very painful for them. They initiate a breakup if they are disappointed in their partner. But with sincere regret Aquarius are willing to give a second chance. Gradually, Cancers realize the need to break the problematic union, after which it is difficult for them to remain with Aquarius even friends.

Leaving a man out of his life, women suffered hard: seek the cause in themselves and try to improve. After the breakup can completely transform – externally and spiritually – than surprise others and his ex. In loneliness are not long – in women amazing attraction and a thirst to give their worries and love. Therefore, if Aquarius missed his chance, and Cancer infatuated with another, it will be almost impossible to get her back.

Is friendship possible between them

Aquarius has many friends, but most of them are just good acquaintances. Cancer for his friend will jump in fire and in water. Women do not have many friends and girlfriends, but these are people she trusts completely. Energy on outsiders, she prefers not to spend. Always support the general topics in the company, can intimately communicate with a person in private, but it does not guarantee that Aquarius will get into the circle of her friends. She discourages the superficiality and inconstancy of men, but together with him she is interested, which contributes to rapprochement.

If a friendship develops, it is the result of common work or hobbies.

Compatibility at work

If Aquarius and Cancer have something in common, it’s work. They act differently in it. The woman is practical, thorough and attentive to detail. The man – her complete opposite, he sees the big picture, in front of him there is only the goal to strive for. He is a generator of ideas, but how to implement them to life does not always know, often distracted by new projects.

Male Aquarius and female Cancer – colleagues

They should not work together on the same case, and their duties are better to clearly delineate. Then everyone will be able to contribute to the project. One and the same action they perform differently, and at the same time, each confident in his rightness. In a team relationship is smooth, they understand each other and enjoy communicating in an informal setting.

Male Aquarius and female Cancer – the bosses

It is not easy to agree between the two leaders. Each will prove their position, saying the same thing, not understanding and not hearing each other. Concessions are not easy for both of them, so Cancer often considers it a waste of time regular negotiations with Aquarius, who is often late for them. Aquarius has a lot of ideas and suggestions to which Cancer should pay attention – many of them promising.

Male Aquarius and female Cancer – subordinate and boss

The leader of the female Cancer is not always a conservative. She often knows how to separate useful innovations from empty fantasies. Aquarius can be helpful to her, but she needs to be motivated and softer on discipline problems. It is not easy for Cancer to make concessions, so it will also require effort and self-control from Aquarius to avoid open conflicts.

The leader male Aquarius will need a good doer, which Cancer is. He will miss her initiative and bold suggestions, but she is a responsible and conscientious worker.

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