How to win an Aquarius man for a Scorpio woman?

How to keep a man of Aquarius

A woman, no matter what sign she was born under, to understand how to win a man of Aquarius, it is necessary to understand the qualities that endowed him with the stars. Representative of the sign of the air is incredibly active. He is sociable, intellectually advanced, erudite. Want to know how to seduce Aquarius? In the process of seduction it is necessary to remember that you are dealing with an idealist who lives according to his own laws of morality.

Aquarius is open to new acquaintances, inquisitive. He is also extremely romantic. A man born under the water sign is friendly, honest. He does not accept lies and falsehoods. A man also has a quality that determines all his sociability that this idealist, as a rule, alone. Any woman knows how to please a man Aquarius is not difficult.

He is an ordinary man who pays attention to interesting representatives of the opposite sex. But the question of how to marry an Aquarius man, the answer is more difficult to find. The idealist is almost incapable of maintaining a long-term serious relationship with women. Aquarius is in constant search. He gets bored with partner after partner. Eternal love for this man is an abstract concept.

How to attract an Aquarius man

Do you want to know how to attract an Aquarius man? The astro compatibility forecast will help. Women born under certain signs need to act differently in the process of seducing the idealist. In one case, work the soft and gentle approach. In the other – will play a role of outrage.

So, the relevant question for you is how to attract the attention of Aquarius, an extraordinary and interesting man. It is necessary to begin, of course, with communication. Do not hesitate to take the initiative. Aquarius is not afraid of active women. Boldly initiate a conversation to get acquainted with a representative of the water sign you like.

How to attract an Aquarius guy if you already know him? To do this, you should dress unusually, even extravagantly, than you will cause a fit of healthy curiosity in the object of seduction. And when Aquarius will show interest in you, offer him some kind of experiment. This can be a joint trip to the play, a trip, etc.

But it is recommended to find out in advance about the circle of interests of the guy. And not at all in order to offer a passionate horseman a horseback ride. To the question, how to attract the attention of Aquarius, you can uniquely answer – the novelty. This experimentalist will not turn down the opportunity to experience new sensations and get bright emotions.

How to understand that Aquarius likes you, another important question for women. With this one, everything is simple. The interested idealist, adventurer and lover of emotional “spice” will not shyly wait for you to take the initiative. If you managed to attract the attention of the Aquarius guy, he is likely to initiate further communication.

How to keep a man of Aquarius

The question of how to keep a man Aquarius, worries probably every woman who chose a companion of this restless man. Lover of experiments very quickly in a stable relationship begins to get bored. But the periodic heating interest in themselves – not the only right answer to the question of how to keep an Aquarius. To be unique, mysterious, new at every meeting is a necessity for a girl of such a demanding beau. In this case, it is important not only the image.

Do not know how to seduce a man of Aquarius, and then keep him? Behave as a woman-enigma, and everything will happen by itself. The second option for Aquarius companion behavior – contrary to the generally accepted rules. Separate when it is appropriate. Such experiments will be appreciated by Aquarius. Feel free to flirt with strangers. Your companion will be interesting to watch the development of events.

How to win Aries to Aquarius

Aries woman and Aquarius man are active representatives of their elements. Their temperaments are very similar. How to attract the Aquarius woman Aries? Enough to be in the same company, to do something unusual, going against conventional rules, and attention from men is virtually guaranteed.

The question of how to win an Aquarius, the answer is also quite simple. Surprise your chosen one. As long as he is not satiated with impressions, the relationship will continue. The union of Aries and Aquarius is called unpredictable. Many astrologers consider it even extreme. Outwardly, such a union is always a hurricane of passion. Inside it is a more subtle matter. The union of Aries and Aquarius is a unique combination of friendly relations and ardent all-consuming love.

Romance and experimentation await the couple. Happy periods in the relationship will be interspersed with anxious ones. But the ardor of feelings will not dry up for many years. Of course, for this, both will have to make certain efforts. Aries woman, in order to keep Aquarius, you need to learn how to compromise.

How to win an Aquarius Taurus

To the question of how to win the love of Aquarius woman Taurus, you can answer unequivocally: you should not play a role, put on any masks. It is necessary to be itself. Adventurer Aquarius will reach for a hardworking and thrifty woman. Such a relationship will be new to him, and therefore, interesting.

How to conquer Aquarius, to create a lasting alliance with him? To do this, it is necessary to become his partner. Partnership involves a beneficial mutual exchange. For its implementation, Taurus has everything you need. First of all, these are qualities that Aquarius himself lacks. In the chosen one, he will appreciate prudence, stability, calmness. Also, Taurus can conquer Aquarius ability to spend money tastefully.

Women in a relationship with a representative of the Aquarius sign will also have to hide something. In first place in the ranking of taboos is jealousy. Aquarius does not tolerate being considered a property. In second place is a high interest in intimacy. The difference in sexual temperaments is not an uncommon cause of quarrels in Aquarius-Taurus couples.

How Gemini to win Aquarius

Gemini woman, like any other, may wonder how to conquer Aquarius, a man of peculiar and very attractive. She has every chance to become his ideal. She has the qualities that he appreciates in women: the absence of prejudice, easygoing nature, curiosity and lively disposition. Gemini does not live by stereotypes. This cannot help but notice Aquarius. In addition, the man and woman are similar in that they love to have intimate conversations about love.

How to fall in love with an Aquarius, Gemini know intuitively: flirting, novelty, communication on frank topics. Such a liberated woman can not but interest the man. Gemini and Aquarius converge very quickly. Just as quickly they can leave. To maintain the relationship, the partners do not hurt to learn patience.

Also, a healthy union of representatives of the two zodiac signs impossible without compromise. If one of them does not want to give in, the relationship is doomed. Marriage with Aquarius for Gemini in general can be successful. But to formalize the relationship, the couple, as a rule, is not in a hurry.

How Cancer to win Aquarius

Freedom-loving and unpredictable mysterious Aquarius, how to conquer this sign to a woman Cancer? First, it is worth thinking about what this relationship can give and whether there is a point in the communication of opposites. Aquarius is harsh and unprincipled. The Cancer woman is cautious, gentle, feminine. He is an adventurer. She is a homebody. He values freedom, she values family. He needs experimentation, she fears change.

Cancer, as in any other case, in seduction need clear instructions, a guide to action. How to fall in love with an Aquarius guy, will be able to answer a professional astrologer. As for general recommendations, in order to form a harmonious couple, the spiritual maturity of a Cancer and a representative of a water sign is necessary. In youth and youth, most likely, the romance will be fleeting and for a woman not the most successful.

But even at a mature age, the couple may fall apart. To keep Aquarius, Cancer will have to learn to live his interests. The man will also do well to show more attention to the hobbies of his partner. Unfortunately, there are more unsuccessful Cancer-Vodole unions than happy ones. A woman born under the water sign, often becomes the attendant for the idealist, always looking for adventure.

How the Leo conquers the Aquarius

It’s hard to imagine a Lioness thinking about how to win the heart of Aquarius. She is a queen and convinced that every man just have to be at her feet. No doubt, Aquarius will notice in the company of the royal person. And their communication will not be monotonous and boring. The reluctance of both to cross the threshold of the registry office will strengthen the union. Aquarius and the Lioness will not strain each other with family ties.

This couple is amazing. Eccentricity and energy are intertwined in the union of the two opposites. For the Lioness, the question of how to fall in love with Aquarius, a man extraordinary and bright, is not relevant at all. She herself will give him 100 points head start in the ability to shine. The couple’s relationship will be bright, emotionally intense. But the durability of this union is unlikely to distinguish. There are several reasons for this. One of the main: Leo and Aquarius have much in common, but both have qualities and habits that are unacceptable for the partner.

Harmonious relations will be if they involve equal personalities. If either partner is weaker, they will be forced to submit or leave. As for personal qualities, the Lioness conquers Aquarius with success, business acumen, a free attitude towards love and marriage. In a man, the queen appreciates versatility of nature, ability and talent.

How to win the Virgo Aquarius

Virgo and Aquarius are very different. They have literally everything different: interests, lifestyle, temperament, desires, preferences. How to understand Aquarius, Virgo can hardly imagine. The same can be said about him. But Virgo-Vodole couples are not so rare. It is worth noting, a lot of work for a woman costs such a relationship. First of all, she has to constantly improve herself. To be with Aquarius, Virgo must become confident, strong.

It is not difficult to attract the attention of men to such a woman. Virgo is witty, sociable, erudite. This is appreciated by representatives of the opposite sex. Signs of a man in love Aquarius (increased attention, an invitation to joint meetings, etc.) are usually manifested after several meetings. If at this stage Virgo gives up, thinking that she has conquered the chosen one, she risks to be left with nothing.

Selfish Aquarius requires a lot of attention to his person. He needs a woman’s care. Surrounding him with it, Virgo will be able to win the heart of the adventurer, selfish, idealistic, but exceptionally interesting conversationalist, reliable partner and just a gorgeous man.

How a Libra to win an Aquarius

How to get a Libra woman interested in Aquarius? She has everything necessary for this: beauty, charm, sociability, developed intelligence. The union of the pair can be quite harmonious. Relationships tend to be smooth. Neither of the partners does not seek to re-educate the other. Everyone respects the opinion of his mate. But at the same time on the question of how to understand a man of Aquarius, a woman of Libra finds an answer not immediately. Improvement in a couple can last long enough.

Aquarius perceives his partner as compliant. Only then he realizes that Libra does not compromise on principles and do not retreat from their goals. Such persistence admires and at the same time scares a man. To keep Aquarius, a woman should learn patience.

Also have to include the romance in the love game now and then. Aquarius is strong, bold, passionate, but romantic and gentle. He loves beauty and appreciates the ability to create it in a partner. Also Libra should be less categorical in everyday life. A calm attitude to some small weaknesses of Aquarius is more rational than quarrels and conflicts. The latter are not tolerated by the man.

How Scorpio to win Aquarius

For the Scorpio woman, the answer to the question of how to interest the Aquarius man is not difficult. These two will surely notice each other in the company. She will attract his attention with fervor, passion. And he will conquer her with extravagance and unpredictability. Falling in love between Scorpio and Aquarius is a matter of a first date. Often such couples are formed rapidly. Their relationship is bright, emotional, celebratory. But this is only one side of the coin.

Women Scorpios often wonder how to understand that Aquarius loves, not just plays. It is quite difficult, because the adventurer, idealist, experimentalist rarely reveals his soul. Spiritually he is a dreamer. Scorpio is a man of action. But opposites are known to attract.

In this case, to understand each other Scorpio and Aquarius is not given. Each and every one will remain a mystery to the partner. The female Scorpio – possessive. Aquarius man stands up for a free relationship. She will notice every little thing. He will not notice and stones falling from the sky. Such different man and woman, forming a pair, grow spiritually. Each individually becomes stronger.

How to win the Sagittarius man Aquarius

How to seduce the Aquarius man Sagittarius woman? For this she will not have to put much effort. Sagittarius intuitively understands Aquarius. Both are independent, freedom-loving, tend to live for their own pleasure. A man and a woman born under these signs can make a harmonious couple. In a relationship no one strains anyone, does not pull them to the registry office and does not harass them with jealousy.

Astrologers say that Sagittarius and Aquarius unions are made in heaven. In a pair, a man and a woman are spiritually enriched and grow. At their first meeting, a spark of mutual interest slips between them. The relationship develops rapidly, lasts a long time. But the union of Aquarius and Sagittarius is not always durable. But it becomes memorable unequivocally.

Sagittarius and Aquarius can be not only lovers, but also good friends. This couple is multi-faceted like no other. The relationship of Sagittarius and Aquarius can transform. These two can handle business alliances, strong friendships, and partnerships. In each other they value fidelity to the word, independence of judgment, erudition. Also a huge role in the formation of relationships, whether they are love or friendship, is played by spiritual strength.

How Capricorn wins over Aquarius

A Capricorn woman shouldn’t have to think about how to win over Aquarius. Especially if she has crossed the 40-year mark. Capricorn at this age is confident and self-sufficient. She is also spiritually strong, and this quality attracts Aquarius. He will appreciate the woman’s spectacular appearance, her temperament.

In youth, for Capricorn, the question of how to charm Aquarius can be very relevant. Unusual man can not fail to attract the attention of women. But how to approach him, she does not know. Young Capricorns with Aquarius difficult, too self-confident, even impudent behavior of the latter. Women are lost in this, they may have a persistent sense of embarrassment. Also Capricorns tend to worry about the fact that they may not like their chosen one.

All that is needed to develop a relationship is a woman’s confidence. Capricorn is advised to be decisive, persistent if she wants to get Aquarius. This egoist is flattered by compliments. This is how you can defuse the situation, strike up a conversation or show interest in the man you like. A little praise – and Aquarius will pay attention to you.

How to win an Aquarius

How does an Aquarius guy like a girl born under the same sign? It’s not difficult, given the commonality of interests. The Aquarius girl attracts a guy’s attention by her spectacular appearance, behavior, manner of speaking. She, independent, self-sufficient, is ready to take care of him. This flatters the selfish Aquarius. In addition, he is likely to consider a meeting with her a sign of fate. But at the bouquet-candy stage of the relationship, the euphoria of Aquarius will end.

The relationship of the couple usually develops not easily. And prevents the harmony of what united at the meeting – the common interests. One of the partners will have to sacrifice a lot to keep the relationship. Keep freedom-loving Aquarius girl can only patience, care. It is also necessary to constantly rekindle a man’s interest in himself. Be unusual, always mysterious – natural for Aquarius. But when it is imputed to the obligations, there is an internal protest.

Harmonious Aquarius-Vodolius couple can also be. Both partners will have to work hard for this. The only thing that can push them to it is real, all-consuming love, bright, emotional and mutual.

How Pisces can win over Aquarius

The Pisces and Aquarius union is complicated. It is not easy for these two to understand each other. In the matter of how to charm the Aquarius man, Pisces will need the help of a professional astrologer. An individual horoscope would be ideal, as general recommendations may not work.

To win a man’s heart a woman can only if she is honest (first of all, to herself). Masks and theater – not for a relationship with Aquarius. Pisces needs to be sincere. If a woman tries to do the right thing, it is noticeable. And Aquarians do not tolerate falsity. Their selfish nature can not tolerate lies to their address.

Aquarius can keep Pisces original soul. A woman with a rich inner world – not easy prey for men. But Aquarius appreciate all the extraordinary. If the chosen one is not like the others, it is worthy of not just attention, but with exceptional respect. Every Aquarius dreams of a woman who will be admired by others. Since this is not ashamed, and in feast and in peace. Pisces has a lot of advantages that will be appreciated by others. Aquarius will be something to boast about to friends and acquaintances.

A woman in a relationship with such a selfish man should exercise exceptional patience. The latter is not a lot for Pisces. Also Aquarius will appreciate the care. In addition, the Pisces will have to constantly improve. Men born under the water sign, like intellectual women. An erudite woman nearby is the pride of Aquarius.

Scorpio woman and Aquarius man zodiac sign compatibility – 88%

Scorpio woman and Aquarius man born under the sign of Aquarius have excellent chances not just to find a common language, but to create a strong romantic union. Many astrologers agree that their romantic compatibility reaches 88%.

Both Scorpio and Aquarius are fixed (stable) elemental signs; the woman represents Water and Aquarius represents Air. Both are goal-oriented, a bit reckless and quite sure of themselves, do not like to be restricted and are used to getting what they want.

Lady born under the sign of Scorpio, not in vain called fatal: she knows her strengths, knows how to present themselves in a favorable light, full of determination, never hurt for the words in his pocket, that quite unashamedly shows his whole appearance. This lady loves to be in the spotlight when fans fall at her feet, showering her with compliments. She always looks feminine and desirable, but the outer shell, as a rule, hides completely “unladylike” quality – her determination and inner core would be the envy of any man. Perhaps that is why most often such a lady feels comfortable in a man’s company, where everyone takes her for “her boyfriend.

Most of the ladies Scorpio inherent no-nonsense courage. When dealing with financial and professional issues, the aquatic woman shows a cold calculation. Scorpio achieves great career successes and usually earns decent money. She often surpasses her man in this regard, especially Aquarius, who is not inclined to seek commercial gain.

Girls call the Aquarius man a noble knight, and astrologers declare that the pet Uranus is a very honest and decent man. Aquarius is cold-blooded and controls his emotions even in stressful situations. He is able to support the conversation and to win people over, but no one will call him a chatterbox – Aquarius speaks briefly and always on the case. Airy guy rarely meet in a noisy restaurant or at a fun party. He will politely decline invitations and spend time in the circle of those whom he trusts. But the best vacation for Aquarius is a vacation alone with himself. Despite this, he is ready to jump out of his seat at any minute and support anyone who needs help.

Material goods for the man of the air element has no special value, because he usually does not try to become rich. Aquarius is fair and honest: used to say what he thinks, and do not pretend that everything is “okay”, when in fact it’s not. When a man falls in love, he becomes particularly charming: showering his chosen one with compliments, surrounding her with care and ready to simply carry her in his arms.

Even if the relationship between Scorpio and Aquarius quickly ends, both will remember this bright romance until the end of days. Aquarius knows how to court beautifully and, most importantly, original. These two are more than compatible when it comes to bed, but understanding between representatives of these signs comes not immediately, and not all survive the “lapping” period.

Relationships with Aquarius began for good health, ended in peace. Terrific sex, but as if we are talking in different languages. I regret a little, but later I met a Cancer, with it all worked out. Valeria, 30 years.

How to win a Scorpio woman to a Aquarius man

Born under the air sign Aquarius appreciates in representatives of the fair sex unconventionality. “Clichéd” beauty is of little interest to this man. A little crazy may be manifested as in the appearance of the potential chosen one, and in her views on life, behavior. A female Scorpio, who wishes to conquer Aquarius, should show that you certainly will not be bored with her. She must constantly surprise, interest a man, keep the tension (in a good sense of the word). However, the mysterious Scorpio woman manages it without any difficulty.

This strong woman should be ready in some moments to adjust to a man of water. Although outwardly this “fruit” may seem malleable, it also has a fairly strong core and definitely will not allow to command. Ask Aquarius: ask where he would like to go, what he thinks on this or that issue, what he likes, and what – no.

Astrologers warn that the mood of this man, like most representatives of the element of air, often changes. Do not take any of his “fez” at your expense.

As a male Aquarius to win a woman Scorpio

Undoubtedly, a woman born under the sign of Scorpio enjoys attention from men and various romantic acts. But here it is important not to go overboard. Astrologers do not advise a male Aquarius to run after such a lady and almost at first acquaintance to shout about love. Weak and unsure of himself men representative of this sign stinging simply uninteresting. It is important for Aquarius to keep a healthy balance between showing interest in a pretty lady and intrigue with a little detachment.

For a Scorpio woman it is important that her potential chosen one is a charismatic, interesting interlocutor, able to speak beautifully as well as to woo.

An interesting fact is that almost all the Scorpio ladies immediately pay attention to the shoes of the potential suitor. Are you not wearing your best shoes today or they are not in perfect condition? Then it is better to postpone the conquest maneuver until a better time. For Scorpios lady footwear not only shows the neatness of the man and can estimate his financial capabilities, but also is a certain protection: how firmly the potential chosen one is on his feet.

Advantages of the union

Many people around you wonder how these two can build a romantic relationship, because they are so different. But in fact, harmony can reign in their relationship. Male Aquarius sometimes closes himself off, but shrewd Scorpio, as a rule, without a word understands what bothers your favorite and finds an approach to him. Thanks largely due to this Aquarius feels next to this lady as comfortable as possible, he does not fully understand: why is it so.

And Scorpio and Aquarius do not like monotony. Both are happy to bring something new to both standard leisure and intimate life. They practically never get bored – the couple does everything possible to make their days (and nights) together as interesting and bright as possible.

Another big plus of the union of the Scorpio woman and Aquarius man is the mutual respect that reigns between the partners.

Scorpio is an introvert by nature. She is never bored alone with herself and her thoughts. Aquarius, though his entourage thinks he is an extrovert and a shirt-boy, in fact, also on his own mind. No one knows what’s going on in his heart, sometimes even Aquarius himself. But perceptive Scorpio can solve this mystery – for which Aquarius is immensely grateful to her.

Disadvantages of the union

Full-fledged happiness of the Aquarius man and the Scorpio woman can interfere with the inability to find a compromise. Both – extremely stubborn. Lady Scorpio sometimes doubts in her decisions, but if she already said something, will stand by her own right to the last. As for the air man, he usually does not hesitate at all and is not inclined to retreat from his opinion, no matter how absurd it may seem.

A frequent cause of quarrels is the financial issue. Scorpio and Aquarius look very differently, for example, when and to whom you can borrow money, and in what cases – do not; and the concept of “necessary” purchases each have their own.

Intimate life

The erotic realm of the Scorpio woman and the Aquarius man can be terrific. This is justified by several key factors. First, the signs of the zodiac themselves are very strong in the intimate sphere: Scorpio is a sign of fiery passion, and Aquarius does not tolerate boredom, in bed too.

Such a man will be able to “conquer” the bossy Scorpio woman. She will be open to his proposed experiments. Between partners initially there is a powerful attraction, and with each subsequent physical intimacy, they become closer emotionally, imbued with more and more feelings for their mate.

What kind of parents they will be

A Scorpio mom will not let her kids get bored or be idle for long periods of time. A woman born under this sign of the zodiac is certainly proud of her offspring. And here is a “baby-sitting” over her children (even when they are in their tender age), and especially in front of strangers ward of the water element is not inclined to. If necessary, mommy, of course, will protect the baby and will not tolerate rude statements about the heir. And definitely do not advise her how to bring up the child, what color hat he should wear, etc. Unsolicited adviser will be buried under the icy contempt of Scorpio.

Scorpio will do everything in her power to provide the best education for her children. She wants the successors of her family to get everything that she once could not.

However, sometimes the Scorpio mom lacks gentleness and patience. Astrologers advise the representative of this zodiac sign to say kind words to the baby more often and not so critically evaluate his actions – take into account age differences.

Luckily for the child, he can get the missing tenderness from the Aquarius dad. Representative of the air has a liberal and advanced attitude to the offspring. However, Aquarius does not overdo the bar with permissiveness. Children are able to maintain a harmonious relationship with the father: they trust the parent, but do not usually sit on his neck. Aquarius teaches the kid with interest to treat seemingly mundane things and fully use their intellectual capabilities. Without even noticing it, the Aquarius daddy serves as a great example for the child, so the little man is developing his best qualities.

What will their children be like?

As a rule, the children of Scorpio and Aquarius have far uncommon abilities. If parents will help develop the most promising of them, the baby could be a brilliant. Often the offspring of the female Scorpio and Aquarius male associate their lives with the exact sciences and achieve great success in their careers.

Successful heirs of the couple and in personal fulfillment. Parents teach them to understand people, so the child at an early age knows how to choose their friends, become goal-oriented and understand what they want to achieve, and most importantly – makes practical steps to implement the desired.

The child will not tolerate insincerity, he has a great sense of when they take him for a nose. With “their” people heir Aquarius and Scorpio is responsive and friendly.

Is the Scorpio woman prone to cheating

Especially charismatic and attractive woman who was born under the constellation Scorpio, according to astrological prognosis, can go for adultery. Moreover, often adultery, it would seem, has no logical explanation. Lady Scorpio, in general, as well as many men born under this sign of the zodiac, need “nadrya” in the relationship. Loud quarrels and passionate reconciliation – to her part.

But if she truly falls in love, then she is sharply at the beginning of the rating of the most faithful zodiac signs. Sincere love and lust for the stinging lady are incompatible.

Is the Aquarius man prone to cheating

The Aquarius man and the Scorpio woman have largely similar attitudes toward cheating. He is unlikely to “buy” the most beautiful face or stunning figure on the side, if he is satisfied with everything in the existing relationship.

For a representative of this sign of the zodiac it is very important to have a spiritual relationship with your partner. If the latter is not enough, he tries to fill the gaps with physical contact.

Note that the Aquarius man just hates to hide anything. Cheating representative of this sign of the zodiac feels, to put it mildly, extremely uncomfortable. Often Aquarius expects more from treason, and after realizing that so much effort has to be put into hiding the “binge”, is disappointed in this case.

What to be afraid of in a relationship

The outwardly strong, confident Scorpio woman is often afraid of the seriousness of a relationship. Scorpio women are not inclined to run headlong into the registry office – they are fine as they are. But that is no reason to doubt the sincerity of her feelings.

As any lady, she is afraid that she will open up to a partner, and he will deceive her or not meet expectations. After all, Scorpios lady has a lot of requirements for the chosen one. Not happy at all representative aquatic element prospect and “pull” partner to themselves, both morally and financially – in this regard Aquarius, especially the young and immature, and can pump up.

But the Aquarius man is very afraid that the relationship will become boring and his (before that interesting life) will be consumed by routine.

Aquarius is also afraid that because of love, he will not be able to fully realize himself at work, to give time to his favorite hobby, to communicate enough with society, and in general, that this strong feeling will make him vulnerable and weak.

Things to work on

Couples who are already living together, the celestials recommend dividing responsibilities ahead of time. This will help avoid many domestic conflicts, which can easily “take over” other unpleasant issues. According to the horoscope compatibility, the best option would be one in which the Scorpio lady will be responsible for the subjective aspects (such as which guests to invite and who – should not). She will be “guarding” the family fortress. And Aquarius the male Aquarius will trust the couple’s relationship with society.

The Scorpio lady wants to be special for her beloved, which, in general, is quite understandable. She can smoothly “re-educate” her partner, teach her to treat her not as a friend, not to evaluate her like everyone else.

Scorpio may well explain to Aquarius that if he does not change his point of view, she will begin to do for him exactly as much as the abstract “others”: for example, she will stop cooking and cleaning the apartment, will become cold and stale. But a compromise in the matter of “evaluation and action” should be achieved very gradually. Otherwise, the couple may quarrel even more. Here it is important for the impulsive Scorpio woman not to overdo it with ultimatums.

How does the Aquarius man behave when breaking up

In a relationship with a Scorpio Aquarius is quite difficult to bring to the decision to break up. Although many representatives of this sign at the first difficulty tear relations, the attractive charisma of Scorpio prevents to do the same this time.

Female Aquarius may not understand that the beloved on the verge of parting for a long time. But masking feelings from the shrewd Scorpio for a long time will not work. Fortunately for her, most likely, she will be able to sense wrong and prevent a breakup. But if the tension reaches the peak and the Aquarius man’s nerves give up, he will just silently pack his things and quietly leave. This is an option. But in any case, rush to the lady with accusations and arrange a scandal, he certainly will not.

After parting Aquarius recover not for a long time. It is likely that at this time, this usually calm man shed a mealy tear, will return to the past relationship, thinking, could have been otherwise, and perhaps excusing Scorpio.

However, if the former lover wants to return this man, she has a chance. But do not think that once returned Aquarius, you can call back as much as you want. As a rule, he only gives his beloved such a chance once.

As a female Scorpio behaves when parting

Unlike Aquarius, the female Scorpio almost never returns to her ex. If she has made the decision to break up, the ex-partner needs to do something fantastic to conquer such a lady again.

A woman born under the sign of Scorpio can be pushed to goodbye by a strong disloyalty or deception on the part of her chosen one.

Truly do not envy the partners of the Scorpio woman who dare to leave her. At best, most women born under this constellation just start to convince a man to stay together. But a scandal is quite likely to ensue, and if the partner leaves, subtle revenge later on. After committing the act, Scorpio finally crosses out the sorrowful lover from his life.

Is friendship between them possible?

The emergence of a friendly relationship between a Scorpio lady and a man born under the sign of Aquarius is quite possible. It is interesting for them to spend time with each other. The lady will be able to plunge her Aquarius friend into the emotional world, demonstrating that life can be much brighter and more diverse. He, in turn, will demonstrate new ideas and opportunities to Scorpio.

There will be enough in friendship and support: Scorpio will just mount for the people who become her loved ones. Aquarius also appreciates friends very much. These people can be friends for a very long time and “quality”.

Work compatibility

Astrologers do not give a single prediction about the professional relationship between Aquarius and Scorpio as colleagues or business partners. Their work together can be both very productive and problematic.

To increase the likelihood of the first option, the Scorpio woman needs to be more attentive to Aquarius’ ideas, and the Aquarius man needs to describe the prospects of a particular project in more detail. If they find common ground, they can simply make a fortune in the development of new technologies, because both are usually quite smart and prudent.

And here is almost a failure combination if the Aquarius man or the Scorpio lady needs to command the latter. For example, the air man does not tolerate control, and the water woman loves to show her professional authority. If she is given to be a subordinate of Aquarius, she will try to manipulate the boss. In the case of soft “manipulation”, professional compatibility can be bearable, but this tandem can not be called successful.

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