How to win a Virgo man to an Aries woman?

Aries woman and Virgo man zodiac sign compatibility – 84%

A woman born under the sign of Aries is often attracted to a Virgo man from the very first meeting. It seems that these two are from different planets. However, as is often the case, plus and minus are drawn to each other. The fire of the relationship in the beginning is able to smooth out the shortcomings, moreover – many problems in love Aries and Virgo may not notice at all. But in the near future, the couple will make discoveries, most of which are not with a “plus” sign.

He is the pedantic, punctual, and very correct type. She is easygoing, careless and very emotional. It is hard to imagine more incompatible people than an Aries woman and a Virgo man. Mars’ ward can’t live without adventures and infuriates Virgo with her unwillingness to follow the rules. And Mercury’s pet hates it when the unpredictable fiery friend interferes with his plans – Virgo takes revenge and drives Aries to the brink with her eternal whining and lecturing. Earth man is used to a measured and quiet life and is lost when things go wrong. And with Aries everything goes wrong, because she is the embodiment of chaos and was born to spoil poor Virgo’s orderly and boring life.

The Aries woman is a vibrant, temperamental and strong nature. She loves to be ahead of the planet. She likes to listen to compliments, is in the spotlight and adoration, to be noticeable and attractive. And the man-Levo can not stand 100 times a day to say how lucky he was with his chosen one. For him, feelings are expressed in actions, to say empty words – not his destiny. Of course, the Aries woman understands that this is normal, but you can not do anything with his nature – it is vitally important to listen to sweetness in his address. These and other nuances cause constant fights and clashes between Aries and Virgo. Therefore, if this far from ideal couple wants to be together, they will have to seriously work on themselves.

How to win an Aries woman to a Virgo man

A lady born under the sign of Aries likes to act decisively and uncompromisingly, but in the case of a Virgo man, such methods will not work. Taking him by storm is categorically impossible, even despite the fact that this gentleman does not mind when the ladies take the initiative. Astrologers advise to act confidently, but gradually: intrigue the potential suitor, warm up his interest, add a little mystery and he certainly will surrender all bastions. After all, a man-Devo loves those who go through life with straight shoulders and proudly raised head, skillfully demonstrating only their best and strongest sides.

Act with confidence, but steadily – warm up the interest of your potential chosen one. Virgo is attracted to women who walk through life with their heads held high and know how to publicly demonstrate their best qualities.

Most Virgo men are intellectually advanced, well-read, and love discussions on philosophical topics. Charming Sheep may well afford to argue with Virgo, but observing tact, calmly and, importantly, competently expressing their thoughts. Prove your case with a foam at the mouth of a fiery woman just do not. No matter how you act, the last word in the conquest should be a man, at least – let him think that it is.

Aries should think several times before building a relationship with Virgo. Men of this sign are extremely demanding, and their claims can hurt Aries: “Don’t smoke, don’t wear that miniskirt, don’t go to meetings with friends, and anyway, why do you need friends when you have me?” Aries will not be able to put up with such blatant encroachments on freedom.

How does a Virgo man win an Aries woman

Female Aries wants to meet strong-willed, established, stately man, who has not lost his adolescent enthusiasm, enjoys the usual things, is not afraid to be direct or to seem ridiculous. Male Virgo may well appear in front of a lovely heart sheep just like that. Aries should feel that you are interested in her, to feel his specialness. Smiling and flirting with other ladies in front of such a lady is taboo.

No matter how strong the fiery lady may seem, she will probably appreciate romantic acts. Here the emphasis should be made not on the high cost of the gift, but on its strangeness. If the courageous Virgo will make something with his own hands, the sheep will be pleasantly touched.

A man who is lucky enough to call an Aries “his woman” should by no means be relaxed. Remember that her requirements for the chosen one are even higher than for a simple suitor. Male Virgo must constantly surprise the dear person, pamper her, be able to create an environment where Aries will feel not an authority and leader (as she is used to in other spheres of life), but a desired, beloved woman.

Advantages of the union

To others, the pair of Aries woman and Virgo man may seem, to put it mildly, strange. After all, the man is usually immersed in his own worries, prefers a quiet pastime and does not pity noisy companies, and the woman – contact, sociable, loves thrills. But the wise Virgo and Aries are able to direct the energy in the right direction and achieve inner well-being. Genesis of representatives of Fire and Earth is usually established and satisfies both partners.

If an Aries builds a career in a field that commands Virgo’s respect, the partner will gladly take care of the household goods. More often this distribution of roles occurs in a union where the woman is a Virgo and the man is an Aries. However, you can also meet the opposite happy option. When Virgo man and Aries woman are united, in addition to romantic feelings, support of mutual initiatives, mutual understanding and respect, their connection may well be long and happy.

Disadvantages of the union

There is a great chance of conflicts because of the difference in worldview. Virgo is a phlegmatic man, if not to say melancholic. He is prone to long thinking. One could even say that he thinks more than acts directly. Many of the events he sees only in the gray-black scale. Sanguine Aries, on the other hand, is ruled by Mars, the planet that symbolizes action. Aries is not accustomed to look at reality from a purely negative point of view. In a difficult situation, she is lightning quick to figure out where there is a way out. So it can be difficult for an Aries with a rather cautious and passive Virgo man, and he can be annoyed by the proactive behavior of his chosen one.

Note that conflicts between the representatives of these zodiac signs arise most often in the first time of living together. If they manage to humble their excessive pride and be more attentive to the loved one, in the future the relationship between them will probably be much more harmonious and joyful.

Intimate Life

This aspect of Aries and Virgo compatibility is one of the best in astrological terms. Both she and he care about the spiritual component of intimacy. The partners feel each other, knowing how to dissolve in the present moments. However, a mismatch of Earth and Fire’s tempo rhythms can mar the near-perfect intimacy. The woman is accustomed to move immediately into the process. Unlike many of the fair sex, she is not a follower of long foreplay.

But Virgo likes a more unhurried and smooth action. He wants to feel superior in bed. And for the rapid beloved, he often does not have time. Astrologers advise partners to work through this point. If the Aries woman and Virgo man is guided by true feelings, the bedtime exploits can be outstanding.

What parents will be like.

The Aries lady has a strongly developed maternal instinct. Her child will always be fed, clean and heated. The little man with such a mother feels loved and rolls around like cheese in butter. When a child grows up, the Aries woman tries to keep a certain distance for the good of the child and not so actively fawn over the child, as in infancy.

Mom of a teenager is quite strict. She is afraid to spoil her offspring and tries to follow the classical principles of parenting. But this does not mean that the children will not get the necessary support. If the heir comes to his mother with a problem, he probably will not be bombarded with a barrage of reproaches. Aries mom is quite wise. She will be able to give her child the right solution and just encourage him.

Male Virgo is a loving parent. He may not be as generous with affection and praise, as representatives of other zodiac signs, but will do everything in his power to ensure his offspring a good learning environment, and in general existence.

First of all, an earthly man cares about the education of the little ones, educating them in respect and responsibility. With especial trepidation a man-Devo approaches the issue of his offspring’s health, insisting on all sorts of vaccinations and the like to protect the immune system. But the emotional part of the man born under the earthly sign, used to shift the blame on the beloved. Astrologers advise Virgo all the same more often to talk to his child “about nothing”, to ask how he is doing, not only on the facts.

What children will be

Virgo and Aries children are calm and fairly balanced. They usually do not have significant behavioral problems. But at the same time, the baby can be quite picky, for example, about food. Growing up, the child becomes even more finicky.

The boy adopted his father’s criticism in the choice of favorite activities and close friends. Even a boy of the man-Devil and the lady-Aries is unlikely to disappear into the yard with his friends, and the girl usually grows a homebody.

Mature children become very self-sufficient, they clearly articulate goals (eg, desired profession) and boldly go to them.

Is an Aries woman prone to cheating

Aries is a sign of fire, and the love of the subject of this element is hot and sometimes uncontrollable. However, the seemingly rather windy Aries when you enter a serious relationship will rarely go for treason.

If the connection is “fresh” and the Aries lady is not yet confident in her feelings for her new partner, she may go for a walk. But if a fiery woman is in a long relationship and her feelings are sincere, to strike a blow to the heart of her beloved, she is usually unable to. Truly in love with a woman Aries is one of the most faithful representatives of the zodiac. It is safe to say that the chosen one of such a lady is lucky.

Is a Virgo man prone to cheating?

The man-Devo has a rather ambivalent character. It seems that he is calm, balanced and, if he is in a relationship, never betrayed his beloved. In most cases, fortunately for the partner, this is indeed the case. However, it is necessary to offend Virgo in some way or, even worse, to insult him in public – the “dark side” of the white and fluffy man begins to come up with a plan of revenge. It is quite possible that the venture will culminate in treason.

Recognize adultery Virgo male very difficult. Very well he knows how to hide what he needs. Despite the fact that often a representative of this sign of the zodiac goes to adultery, wishing to take revenge, the fact of “lust” is more important for the satisfaction of his inner ego. Female Virgo in 99% of cases learns about the man of the chosen, only if he himself wants to.

What to be afraid of in a relationship

Most of all in a relationship of man-Devo is afraid of betrayal by his beloved. In second place is the fear of scandals and public relations (which the impulsive Sheep can easily organize). A man born under this sign of the zodiac can scare even too active position of a potential partner or her extreme hobbies.

Scared by the nature of “domesticated” representative of the element of the earth and that the beloved will not be able to maintain comfort at home and will not be a good hostess. However, a warm home and good food is very important for the male Virgo.

A man born under this sign of the zodiac can scare even too active position of a potential partner or her extreme hobbies.

An active Aries woman is afraid that life with a man will not be as varied and interesting as she is used to alone. No matter how good she was with the person she loves, the drabness of everyday life can destroy the most sincere impulses.

Needing a strong male shoulder, the fiery lady fears that she will have to obey, and the partner next to her will make her forget about her own interests and in general – dreams. For this reason, many Aries women do not enter into a serious relationship for a long time, preferring to be single, but fully free.

What to work on

The prosperous union of a man of Earth and a lady of fire is built on mutual benefit (in a good sense of the word) and the ability to make concessions. It is worth admitting that more often the latter will have to be done by the Aries woman, unless, of course, she wants to get a hysterical man who jumps up from all the rustles. Man-Devo should show maximum respect for personal space beloved Virgo. Let her beloved better go to the fitness club and thus burn off excess energy.

How does a man – Virgo behaves at parting

Men-Levo is rarely decides to rupture on their own initiative. If he and his chosen one has common children or a stamp in the passport, he will lastly pull on the seemingly completely exhausted relationship. Man-Devo can not show his emotions for a long time, and one “beautiful” day to call his woman for a frank conversation, after which a breakup will probably follow.

However, in most cases, all is not lost for the ex-passion of Virgo. If you have not struck a crushing blow to the heart of a loved one, it is possible to return it, at least – to try. How to do this? Do not scandalize and do not start to convince a man-Devu, that he is wrong. Calmly analyze your mistakes, work on them, and give your loved one time to think. It is likely that left alone, Virgo will also rethink the relationship and give you a chance to return everything.

But do not abuse his openness and spillage of the ladies’ tricks, flirtations and similar “tricks”. For the return of the departed Virgo partner, you need to act much deeper and more cautiously.

How an Aries woman behaves during a breakup

Emotional Sheep can break up with her partner several times and get back together again – for a long time, or at least overnight. Of course, if the boyfriend has not betrayed her or committed an act that Aries will never forgive. The Fire woman experiences breakups extremely emotionally, as, in fact, almost everything in life. Without tears, and quite likely – hysterics and scandals – it is unlikely to work out.

It is very difficult to return the trust of Aries and, accordingly, of her former lover. If you want to restore the relationship with the lady Aries, the first thing you need to do is to sincerely apologize. It is important that the woman felt that you still love her. But do not stoop to humiliation. Male weakness Aries, a strong, albeit disappointed at the moment, personality will not tolerate. If possible, be nearby, but don’t be too intrusive. In the end, the Fire woman herself should want to glue the broken cup of love.

Is friendship possible between them.

Aries woman and Virgo man may well “make” a close friendship. Fire woman in many situations will help the rationality of Virgo. And the representative of the element of the Earth will be able to “feed” the energy of his girlfriend of Aries. Paradoxically, but the lack of love feelings in this area is even a plus. Both will not have to get upset and argue because of unsatisfied desires and unjustified expectations.

Conflicts between Virgo and Aries friends almost never arise. But in this case, too, they need to take into account certain points. Thus, a man should not impose the help of a sheep when she does not need it. And the lady should be careful with jokes and not make fun of the pedantry of her Virgo friend.

Work Compatibility

Business compatibility as colleagues or business partners in Aries and Virgo is average. Their differences in temperament may prevent them from reaching compromise. The fact that the Fire woman used to act without hesitation, long thinking – not her parafia, and the man of the Earth is usually all calculate. Before making a decision, it is important for him to weigh the “pros” and “cons”.

A Virgo man who is the boss can be too picky, which pisses Sheep off. The subordinate female Aries representative of this sign usually reproaches for indiscretion and for constant attempts to violate the subordination.

The fact that a woman of Fire accustomed to act without hesitation, long thinking – not her parafia, but the man of the Earth is usually all calculate. Before making a decision, it is important for him to weigh the “pros” and “cons”.

A more productive union when the Aries lady leads the Virgo man. The boss has determination and is not afraid to trust her subordinate with responsible tasks, which the hard-working and meticulous worker-Devo will be able to perform on “hurrah!”

How to win a man-Devo

It is not easy to win a male virgin. Born under the sign of the stronger sex are individuals and, choosing a life partner, they are guided by the mind of a possible partner. Therefore, women need in the presence of Virgo show mental ability.

Virgo is patronized by the element of earth. The heart-seeking Virgo man has a chance to win the beloved through a practical approach to family life. Horoscope says that to conquer a Virgo, a woman should pay special attention to the first meeting.

Man subconsciously tries to determine whether he has with this man the prospect of further prosperous life together, or do not build on it at all. A woman who manages to show a man a sharp mind, attractiveness, courtesy and discretion has a better chance to please. Her behavior should not be a hint of “nerd”.

How to like a man Virgo

If a girl manages to show herself, a man – Virgo will be interested in her and he will want to continue communicating. He will insist on a repeat meeting. It is better for a woman to avoid lofty topics when communicating with a Virgo. The conversation will not interest him. Such a man very rarely talks about his feelings.

It is important for a woman to follow his actions to understand his attitude. Virgo men are very attached to their mothers. Men want their life partner at least in part resembled the most beloved person on earth. A woman will be very useful as if by chance to find out information about the mother of his chosen one and try to figure out – but whether they have any commonalities in personality traits and habits.

When dating a girl, the male Virgo behaves very restrained. Such a person does not like it if a woman is very demanding to him. From such a girl, he will leave quite quickly. On the contrary – if the girl shows optimism and calm character, then such a representative of the fair sex has every chance to count on continuing to communicate.

A girl’s behavior should convince a man that he can rely on her. Seeing the interlocutor as not just a beautiful girl, but also as a very reliable person, a male Virgo will give such a woman a lot of attention. Enchanting the heart of a man, the girl should remember that the representatives of the stronger sex, who were born under this zodiacal constellation, are extremely attentive to various little things that other men and sometimes women just can’t notice.

When dating a Virgo man immediately asks himself the question: “Is this woman suitable for the role of his wife?” It is very important for a girl to show that she is a good hostess. The ability to cook deliciously is a positive factor in the struggle for the heart of Virgo. Representatives of this sign are very emotional. A woman will need to learn as soon as possible why her chosen one can be very moved, and then use it for his own personal benefit.

How to fall in love with a Virgo man if he is married

To fall in love with a married guy-girl is much more difficult. In order to repel a busy one, you will have to try. To conquer the heart will help to develop a pre-designed strategy. Following it, a woman will be able to succeed and please him. The conqueror should be persistent in her pursuit. This will like Virgo.

  • It is not necessary to demonstrate to a Virgo man passion for his person. In communication with him, the girl should behave naturally. She should be able to maintain a conversation on topics of interest to the male representative.
  • A girl should be able to understand a guy’s sense of humor. You should not take jokes to heart, even if they contain irony. At the same time it is worth remembering that jokes about the man himself are not necessary.
  • A girl should look well-groomed, males like this, but do not go overboard, because vulgarity will repel him.
  • Do not leave unflattering comments about the guy’s mother. On the contrary should express a desire to get acquainted with her. This will have Virgo to taste.
  • Deciding to conquer a married man, she should understand what he lacks in marriage. Managing to fill the gap, she will charm Virgo. Man will long be in the network temptress.
  • Keeping a guy is much harder. If he has a girlfriend or if he is married, the Virgo may want to return to the family. You shouldn’t try to hold on to a married man and try to win off a busy man. It is better to try to build a relationship with another man.

Aries woman.

Aries and Virgo will create a harmonious union. There will be mutual understanding in the couple. But there may be pitfalls in the relationship. Aries woman should be attentive to her man. Then harmony will always reign in the family.

Taurus woman.

Taurus and Virgo are similar. They are practical, constant and prefer action. Representatives of the signs are more likely to become good friends than their relationship will develop into something more. But sometimes it happens. There is harmony and understanding in such married couples.

Female Gemini

For Gemini women, attracting a male maiden won’t be difficult. But their chatter is stressful. There will be constant problems in the relationship. For a Gemini, living in a home cage that a Virgo man can arrange is unacceptable.

To the Cancer woman.

The union of a Virgo man and a Cancer woman will be strong. However, the passionate relationship can not be called. Signs are united by similar views on life. From them, they form a wonderful married couple. Even if he is not around, the union with the Virgo will be strong, but somewhat boring.

To the Leo woman.

The relationship with the Leo woman for the Virgo man will be complicated. The lioness craves worship, and the maiden is stingy with compliments. But an alliance between them is possible.

Virgo woman.

Virgo and Virgo woman will have a hard time. Man and woman are very similar, but different at the same time. You will have to wait long and patiently for a proposal.

A Libra woman.

Union between Libra and Virgo is possible. It will be present harmony. But everyone in the couple will have to make concessions.

The Scorpio woman

The relationship between a scorpion and a maiden will be strong. They will become reliable partners with each other. For harmony, the couple should listen to advice.

To the Sagittarius woman.

In the Sagittarius woman, the Virgo man likes honesty. A woman of this sign will fill a man’s life with brightness.

To the Capricorn woman.

Capricorns and Virgins are not alike. To maintain a relationship, women will have to leave their brooding and start smiling. But you don’t want to overdo it.

For the Aquarius woman.

Virgo and Aquarius are similar. They are both looking for great love. But they can often overlook each other in their constant search. Rarely can anything hold these people together.

Female Pisces.

Pisces women will appeal to the Virgo man. They are capable of changing at lightning speed. That’s what men like. Pisces are a real gift for the Virgo man.

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