How to win a twin man to a Virgo woman?

Compatibility of Virgo and Gemini: heaven and earth

Representatives of these astrological signs have fundamentally different properties of the character, and therefore their psychological and life combination can not be called a good one. The surface and spontaneity of Gemini, which, unfortunately, persists into adulthood, will irritate the sensible and serious Virgo with each passing year. Virgo is accustomed to thinking out every detail: she makes plans, creates goals, finds ways to achieve them.

Gemini – the exact opposite: today they are here, tomorrow – there, their restlessness and impetuosity does not allow them to find their place in life. Communicative, and sometimes overly sociable, Gemini easily drive Virgo to the white heat: her constancy, realism and pragmatism do not understand this flight of unreasonable fantasy, crazy ideas, chaotic fluttering among the people and circumstances of life.

Virgo and Gemini compatibility chart

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Compatibility of Male Virgo and Female Gemini: pros and cons of the relationship

Astrological elements, to which these two belong, determine the opposite of their characters and the key points of their worldview: Gemini – the element of Air, Virgo – Earth . Whatever the relationship is (business, love, family), the initial phase will be very difficult for both of them. A totally airy woman, even though she insanely likes reliable and responsible Virgo men, will try to rule, showing impermissible authoritarian attitude. Quite self-sufficient and psychologically mature Virgo will not accept it. His moral comfort in such a union is seriously threatened.

Certain positive advancements in the union where he is a Virgo, she is a Gemini, can only be if the Gemini will stop pressuring Virgo with her unbridled zest for life and whims, and Virgo will try to look at the world through the eyes of the Gemini.

Stubbornness, infantilism and narcissism of Gemini will be a real stumbling block in any relationship with Virgo

Are they compatible in love?

The love union can be very successful and long-lasting if the two will learn to talk to each other and solve the problems not in a high-pitched voice. In love, all power to Gemini, no matter how hard it is for them, should be given to Virgo. The man will get a chance to assert himself and allow his beloved to be weak and gentle. Both will win.

Possessing unprecedented practicality and rational thinking Virgo will give Gemini what they are completely lacking: a little bit of seriousness and judgment. Gemini really need this man: he can make money from literally everything, find and furnish comfortable housing, and build a successful family business. Another thing is that Virgo himself gets from this relationship? Caprices and dissatisfaction, obstinacy and garrulity of Gemini, their frivolity and constant attempts to flirt with the opposite sex – all this runs counter to the idea of Virgo the ideal woman.

Virgo gives Gemini what the latter lack: seriousness and judgment.

Virgo guy and Gemini girl in sex

Intimacy in this couple can flourish only at the first stages. Later on, too different temperaments (Virgo’s restraint and unwillingness to learn anything from the Gemini partner) will lead to dissatisfaction with each other, which most likely will not be hidden by both of them. For a lively and dynamic Gemini woman, sex with a rather conservative Virgo will seem boring and boring, while a Virgo man will be suspicious of his partner’s general unreadiness for physical intimacy. They can’t even talk to each other out of bed, so Virgo won’t be able to refrain from harsh criticism, to which Gemini will respond with all the force of his intemperate character.

Bright flashes of passion in bed with this pair will subside rather quickly, never turning into a stable and long intimate relationship

Are they suitable for each other in marriage?

This marriage astrologers advise to avoid, their response to the possibility of long and happy relationship is unequivocal: the absolute dissimilarity of characters over the years will increasingly repel them from each other. It seems that their aspirations are the same: both are looking for a reliable partner who can set goals and bring the family to them through all the obstacles and obstacles. Neither Virgo nor Gemini are leaders by nature, and this is what makes them show themselves in the family in an unusual role. But if a man is very willing to cope with this, the Gemini begins to pull on the blanket on and off the occasion.

Too different attitude towards money and child-rearing will be one of the most prominent reasons for constant conflict, disputes, clarification of relations

The husband-Devo stingy and even outright stinginess: he will collect every penny to solve the next problem in life, denying himself and his family in simple pleasures and entertainment. The Gemini woman is prone to frivolous and unreasonable spending money on outright nonsense and entertainment. The wife will reproach her spouse for being stingy, and he will reproach her for being a spender. It is clear that over the years the situation will further aggravate, and grown-up children will not be able to smooth over such acute angles of parental relations.

Is there a friendship if he is a Virgo and she is a Gemini?

In fact, even in spite of such a clear dissimilarity of characters, the development of friendly relations among representatives of these zodiac signs do not undertake to predict even astrologers. If the friendship is not in any way tied to material and monetary values, these two may well get along with each other. Both he and she are inquisitive, interested in everything new and untried. They can become great colleagues in the professional sphere: light and airy Gemini will provide Virgo the workaholic with a timely outlet, will distract with conversation, interesting to sit in a cafe.

Expect that the friendship will outgrow into a love relationship, but there is no reason to expect that: the cautious Virgo sees this woman as a powder keg from the first minutes of acquaintance, and his rational mind tells him that it is better to stay away from this young lady.

Friendship between the signs will not grow into a love relationship

How to win a man-Devo?

Intelligent and witty conversations – that’s what a woman should bet on in the process of winning the heart of this very cold and critical of the surrounding men. Often Virgo suffers in search of an equal interlocutor, able to fully appreciate his thought processes and oratory, sense of humor and even sarcasm.

Bright, agile and, of course, interesting girl sign Gemini should at the first stages of dating stick to their frisky horses. Virgo is characterized by bouts of depression, dissatisfaction with life, fear of change, instability and the unknown. Everything should be measured and quiet in his life. Do not rush into it like a hurricane sweeping away everything in its path. Over time, Virgo will be happy with the lightness and optimism, sociability and innocence introduced in his small world Gemini.

Gemini should not just try to open all the horizons to him at once. sensitivity and care in dealing with the rather soul-sealed man is a must.

How to get the attention of Gemini women?

Women of the air signs are as attractive as they are elusive. Gemini is no exception: this woman is very selective in her close acquaintances, and therefore it will not be so easy to interest her.

Man Gemini should be in the first place just interesting: intelligence, creative talents, the desire for new knowledge and skills. Virgo is quite able to surpass his beloved in many ways, but he should take into account that this attractive young lady is not standing still in its development, and therefore he will have to improve constantly.

Rich in her own fantasies, the Gemini woman just loves surprises and gifts, but provided that they are original

Horoscope compatibility of Virgo Women and Gemini Men

Well – and opposites attract, even despite the mismatch of interests and key features of the characters. The windiness of Gemini, pedantry and seriousness of Virgo – what can be common in this pair? Man sociable, enjoys success with the opposite sex, enjoys noisy gatherings and friendly parties, and the woman is critical of herself and others, exclusive housewife and full of moralizing on any occasion. These two will be able to get closer only on one condition: they will listen to each other and try to change something in themselves. But will they want to?

A loving relationship.

Astrological comparison of these two signs indicates that any meaningful harmony in the relationship is given to both with great difficulty . Yes, thanks to the temperament of the male sign of Gemini and some inaccessibility of a serious Virgo between them could even break out an affair, but it is not long – the characters will take its place, and change their established habits unlikely to want to at least one of them.

Harmony in the relationship is given to both of them with great difficulty.

All that they can do for each other in an attempt to somehow prolong the euphoria of love is to break themselves for the sake of the beloved. Gemini should settle down a bit, become calmer and more sensible, refuse worldly bustle and complete freedom of action, and limit their social circle, excluding the pretty girlfriends. Female Virgo has no choice but to put up with the willful nature of his chosen one and refuse to criticize his words, mannerisms, actions.

Sexual attraction of the couple

Alas, the peculiarities of their characters imprint on the intimate relationship. A certain coldness Virgo in bed, her reluctance to show initiative and outright criticism of the partner quickly nullified the entire love passion of a very temperamental Gemini. For some time he will still be hoping that his Virgo will “come to life” and bed will be a place of real pleasure and harmony, but his own vanity and will not let these dreams come true. For a woman in this couple needs a lot of time to come to her senses, begin to understand her partner and loosen up.

Only the attention and sensitivity of Gemini, trust and relaxation of Virgo will make the physical intimacy brighter and more enjoyable for both

Marital union

Happy and long family relationships in this couple are very rare, but if a Virgo woman and a Gemini man manage to live in them for four years, there is a chance that this marriage will not fall apart. It will not break up not because the husband and wife love each other so much and finally realized that they had found their soul mate, but because they both will no longer want to change anything. Subject to his temperament man sign Gemini may attempt to “go left” and perhaps these attempts will even have some success, but these intrigues, he prefers long do not delay, time after time, returning to the family nest hand Virgo.

Virgo should do everything possible to prevent these liberties, but her inherent sarcasm and acrimony will not help matters. Her task will be to arrange the home, a comfortable atmosphere for the spouse and a great looseness in intimate relationships. Leadership of the family is clearly recommended to give the man, and Virgo is left to take care of household chores and raising children.

Leadership in the family is clearly recommended to give the man

How to be friends with a Virgo girl and a Gemini guy?

Like any other relationship, the friendship between the representatives of these astrological signs is rare, and if it exists, it is usually not long. They can find common interests during school or university, even become business partners, but as soon as the need for common topics will disappear, they will part, not to meet again.

In established friendship will not be a “heart-to-heart” conversations, long letters and congratulations on occasion and without cause. With such discrepancies in the world and society looks bright incendiary Gemini quickly lose interest in a rather dry and unemotional Virgo, and she will be inclined to accuse his “friend” in the windiness, inconstancy and frivolous attitude towards life.

How to win a man-Blyznetz and build a relationship with him?

With such different characters Virgo woman should first of all decide whether she needs it at all. How long she with her prudence and seriousness can tolerate too carefree and frivolous Gemini. To attract the attention of such a bright man and keep him at least for a while, Virgo will have to almost completely reshape herself: to become more emotional, interesting, sensual, and even sexy. It is worth refusing the usual homeliness, to love noisy companies and friendly parties, to be able to defend your point of view, otherwise Gemini will frankly get bored and go looking for a more enchanting and interesting girlfriend.

Happy and long family relationships in this couple are very rare

Is it possible to fall in love with a Virgo woman?

Books could be written about her natural coldness and fastidiousness in relationships. Outwardly inaccessible, this lady and inside does not have a bright temperament, which would correspond to the character of Gemini. But as the saying goes, love is evil … And if a man of the sign of Gemini drew attention to such a serious and sensible young lady, he should think about many things:

  • It is recommended to moderate his social life, or at least not to tell his girlfriend with such fervor about friendly feasts, bachelor parties and the opening of the next cafe;
  • Become less fussy and more sedate, learn to make realistic plans and generally take life more seriously;
  • Maintain an appropriate intellectual level – for Virgo this is very important, because she is usually aware of political events, interested in history, religions and cultures of different countries, does not miss the new books;
  • Appearance – For an extremely clean and neat Virgo this is extremely important: her admirer should look neat, hair and clothing must be impeccable.

It will take a lot of effort and time to make a Virgo girl fall in love with you. Alas, often Gemini just do not want to spend their lives on the conquest of this impregnable mountain.

Virgo woman and Gemini man zodiac sign compatibility – 80%

And the Gemini man and the woman born under the sign of Virgo is led by the planet Mercury. The fair sex celestial patron endowed the female with a moderate skepticism and a practical approach to life, the male with an easy and quite contactable disposition. So can these two give each other something good, and most importantly, build a romantic relationship?

Many people think that the male Blizzard is basically incapable of serious feelings. Well, who knows? Cupid is a fun guy and can make fun of a frivolous airy guy. And so it happened – Gemini fell in love with a Virgo woman. Kopecks! – Friends will say. Hooray! – Relatives of the Gemini will say and pray that the practical and intelligent Virgo will be able to change the careless boy.

Perhaps the relationship in this couple is not so hopeless – after all, Gemini and Virgo have one patron for two. In addition, the earthly lady loves difficulties – if she takes up with the Gemini, he will not escape from the clinging caring pens. And (oh, miracle!) She will learn to be guided not by intuition, but by logic.

At the same time, the relationship of male Gemini and Virgo women can hardly be called passionate, sometimes this union lacks impulsiveness and emotionality. But they always have something to discuss and they never have a question of what to do on the weekend – thanks to similar interests and attitudes towards many things, they are never bored together. By the way, this “similarity” most often becomes the foundation for a more serious relationship.

Gemini believe that Virgo ground their nature, and are distrustful of their peculiarity to hide all the experiences within themselves. Gemini is a firecracker person who is used to putting everything out in the open, the reticence of Virgo is incomprehensible to them.

In turn, the female half of this union is not accustomed to the fact that the Twins are constantly making a mountain out of a fly. Conflicts on even ground quickly wear out the Virgo. But with age, both gain wisdom and patience, so the union of mature representatives of these signs is quite possible.

How a Virgo woman can win a Gemini man

With such a difference in character astrologers advise the Virgo woman before you apply your conquering arsenal, to decide whether she needs to do so at all. If the representative of the Earth is not guided by very serious feelings, it is unlikely she long be able to “endure” rather carefree, and sometimes extremely frivolous man-Bliznets.

If she is sure that she needs this man, it is worth being ready 24 hours a day to be bright, unusual, always interesting – so that the twin is not in any way bored to be around.

Very little chance that a man born under this sign will interest even the most intelligent and beautiful lady, if she prefers to stay at home.

In addition, for air men, it is important that the potential chosen one had all his point of view, could tactfully, but interesting to express it, was a pleasant companion, not only for him but also for the inner circle of Gemini.

How to win a man-Blitzes woman Virgo

If a man-lady Gemini drew attention to the uneasy young lady-Devu and decided that he wanted to build a relationship with her, he will thoroughly reconsider the manner of his behavior. First, to subdue his social fervor: do not necessarily attend all the parties of all their friends, or at least talk about them to a potential chosen one. The lady of the heart is looking for a man less fussy than most Gemini – he should be sedate and “pedigree”.

It is very important that the intellectual capacity of men Gemini are not inferior to the well-read Virgo. He should not only “philosophize” and beautifully read poetry, but also to be aware of the latest political news and to fluently discuss the latest scientific discoveries.

In addition, special attention should be given to a man-looking Gemini. To be a handsome man is not necessary. By the way, the tastes of many Virgo men are very specific. However, dressing in accordance with the situation, having a sense of style and looking neat are mandatory points in paving the way to the location of an interesting Virgo lady.

Advantages of the union

“The right” relationship between a Virgo woman and a Gemini man resembles a mutually beneficial partnership. This does not mean that there are no romantic feelings in their connection, but they, like passion, are not fundamental. Wise partners have learned to be patient and respectful, they can be silent if necessary. And problems are solved not by shouting, but by constructive dialogue without insults.

Much of the fire in the relationship brings a man of Gemini, and Virgo helps beloved to apply solutions more thoughtfully and often “include” common sense. This will help him become more successful in other areas of life, and in particular – in professional terms.

The basis of the best compatibility of Gemini and Virgo in the domestic plan astrologers call sociability and determination, along with sensitivity and caring, inherent in both.

Often, successful relations between the representatives of these horoscope signs begin with friendship, which becomes one of the foundations in the construction of a new – already romantic – sphere.

Disadvantages of the union

This is the union of two communicative persons. If they have something to talk about, everyday troubles remain in the background and do not spoil their lives. As soon as boredom intervenes in the conversation, according to astrologers, the rest of the problems burst out.

Negatively in the relationship of a woman born under the sign of Virgo and Gemini men can affect his restlessness. The windiness of the air man irritates the “static” Virgo.

A stumbling block could be issues of planning and allocation of finances. A representative of the stronger sex used to live in the moment, rarely looking ahead, which cannot be said about his lady of the heart, where all the important moments are scheduled according to a clear plan.

Astrologers advise the representative of the air element wishing to save relationships to moderate their ambitions and allow their beloved to engage in budget planning or, at a minimum, do not make decisions on important purchases yourself.

The marital union of these two is not stable either. Again, order is important to Virgo (which manifests itself in domestic matters), and the Gemini prefers creative chaos.

Intimate life

The difference in the temperaments of a Virgo woman and a Gemini man also affects their intimate sphere. If the fair sex usually refers to intimacy as a very serious moment, the Gemini does not see this as an issue for which you need to prepare in any special way.

The physical aspect of this affair is no less important for a Virgo lady: everything should be of high quality, without haste and necessarily – in clean, comfortable conditions. But the active male Gemini can “turn on” at the most inopportune, in the opinion of his beloved, at the right moment.

Moreover, it is spontaneous intimacy with time constraints most often attracts such a man. But the usual measuredness for Virgo gemini may seem boring. Partners need to try to reach a compromise in this matter. Otherwise, disagreements, and quite possible – quarrels and even breakdowns – will not be avoided.

Thus, a man, the stars advise to be more sensitive to the desires of the partner and not to forget about foreplay. But the lady – not so serious and pedantic, and at least sometimes play by the rules of your chosen one.

What kind of parents they will be.

Mama-Deva is rather fussy. After the birth of a baby, the natural calmness and sober approach to everything, inherent in the representative of this zodiacal constellation, give up their positions a little. But Virgo manages to be all the same punctual and not to beat the alarm for the slightest trifle.

The woman of the Earth is a “custodial parent”: she tries to do everything possible so that the baby does not need anything, and that he will definitely have enough attention.

Man Bliznets harmoniously complements the wife in the upbringing of offspring. He becomes a child in the first place a friend, an older mentor, who can always be asked for advice.

What will their children be like?

If we do not take into account the standard “mishaps”, the significant problems in raising children Virgo and Gemini usually do not arise. The baby is fairly accurate, does not throw tantrums and riots.

Children born in this union do not tend to be the center of attention. The kid is friendly, but he usually has no close friends of more than 2-3.

The child has an “active” mind, he begins to read and write quite early, pleasantly surprised by academic achievements and often associates his life with the exact sciences.

Is a Virgo woman prone to cheating

Most Virgo women are particularly principled. The likelihood that when there are problems in the relationship, the representative of this sign of the zodiac will rush to take comfort in the arms of another man is very small. But in some cases, Virgo can decide to cheat.

First, if, as in the case of Gemini, the beloved is the first to “go for a walk”. Secondly, when faced with a particular coldness and lack of understanding on the part of the chosen one. Most likely, in this case, she will break up with him. However, the first swallow can be a hike of the Virgo woman to the left. After adultery most of the ladies of the Earth strongly blame themselves. Even if the very fact of adultery can be hidden, to stay with your partner – unlikely.

Whether the man is prone to treason Gemini

The most “promiscuous” zodiacal Gemini representative will not be called, but certainly true most of them are not. If everything goes smoothly in the relationship (as they do not often), the man will probably not look around. But when problems arise, he will increasingly notice cute strangers.

It is possible that everything will be limited to flirting, but there is a possibility that “in sadness” Gemini will go further. But in almost 100% of cases, a representative of this sign will betray if he learns about the adultery on the part of his chosen one.

What to be afraid of in a relationship

A man born under the sign of Gemini, afraid that he simply get bored next to his beloved. He can not tolerate humdrum daily routine. If every new day will be like the previous one, it is unlikely that the most original strong feelings can keep him in the family.

As you know, Gemini are those “talkers”. And, although they love to tell more than listen, the likelihood that they will lead a constant monologue and their chosen one will be too silent, at least, frightens them.

The Virgo woman is afraid that life with a man will be of less “quality” than the one she led on her own. It is not just about money. The financial issue for the earthly lady is, of course, important. But moments of intellectual development are not secondary. Virgo fears that her partner will pull her down, she will not be able to fully realize herself and will be forced to do what she loves.

What to work on

The love relationship between Gemini and Virgo can bring them both happiness and disappointment. To increase the likelihood of the first scenario, Mercury representatives need to be willing to work on this union.

The first thing they must learn to do is to accept each other with all the pros and cons. If you start a relationship with such a person, be prepared to put up with the peculiarities of his character that you are not delighted with.

But over their own internal characteristics and Virgo and Gemini astrologers advise to work. Thus, a member of the fair sex is advised not to be so baffled by the daily routine, constantly in a state of tension. If something went wrong, it may be advisable to let the situation go. Gemini, on the other hand, would do well to show more seriousness and responsibility when it comes to things that are really no joke.

Virgo does not need to try hard to limit the Gemini man’s social circle. This is his element. Communication with people who are interesting or important to him is an essential part of his happiness. And the airy man, in turn, does not need to persuade the Virgin to always go out with him. If your soulmate just wants to be at home, let her do it. With mutual respect, trust and, of course, love, relationship of Gemini and Virgo may well be prosperous and long-lasting.

How a man behaves in a Gemini parting

A man may break up a relationship with a Gemini on its own initiative. He decides to “voluntarily” leave quite often, in comparison with representatives of other zodiac signs.

One of the main reasons why Gemini’s patience is bursting is the strong limitation of his precious freedom by his partner and the imposition of his own rules of life.

A representative of the air makes the decision to leave rather quickly: long reflection and analysis of the situation is not his “style”. That Gemini is preparing to leave, beloved can suspect a sharp change in his behavior and the fact that he practically stopped paying attention to her or began to ignore at all.

How a Virgo woman behaves when she breaks up

Virgo, unlike Gemini, makes the decision to break up long and painfully. No matter how long the relationship, its end is a huge experience for her, one might even say – a tragedy. More often than not, it is the Virgo herself who is abandoned. To leave an earthly woman means to condemn the lady to a long, unpleasant reflection.

Left alone a lady Virgin usually blames not her ex-partner (whoever dumped who), but is looking for a mistake in her own behavior. After a breakup, it takes her quite a long time to recover. Each new relationship is later given to the Virgo more and more problematic. “The next” man will be doubly difficult than the previous one to open the heart burned Virgo and convince her that she deserves love.

Is Friendship Possible Between Them

In the characters of Virgo female and male Gemini can find a lot of commonalities, they both like to think: she – about the matters of the day, he – to touch philosophical themes from the category of “would” da “if. However, not all representatives of these constellations will become close friends.

Virgo and Gemini are united not only contact, openness and the ability to beautifully pour out his thoughts, but not the most positive qualities, in particular, criticism, causticity, irritability. So argue with each other female Virgo and male gemini also from the soul. At times their discussions retain common sense. But more often impulsive companions Virgo and Gemini tend to go overboard with proving someone is right and move to the individual.

In the friendship aspect of the representatives of these zodiac signs usually converge on a commonality of intellectual interests. But close friends such a couple becomes very rare. If there is no romantic or professional connection between them, they live on too different “models” and are unlikely to carry their friendship through the years.

Work compatibility

Cooperation between Gemini and Virgo in a business way can be quite successful. And the positive outlook does not particularly change, regardless of whether the “children” of Mercury are colleagues or one of them holds a managerial position. Both the Virgo woman and the Gemini man are intelligent, able to present themselves from the best possible angle, and respectful of the qualities of the other professional.

If these two are committed to successful cooperation and wish to achieve professional success, they will succeed, astrologers say.

Particularly related in professional terms Gemini and Virgo are able to interact with information: to find the necessary data and apply them correctly. But the obstacle to the potential for success could be the inability to assess the situation globally and ignoring the real problems. Female Virgo and male Gemini encouraged not to turn away from the advice of knowledgeable people, but if necessary – ask for them. Overconfidence and hubris can ruin the brightest professional chances.

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