How to win a twin man to a Capricorn woman?

How to win a Gemini man to a Capricorn woman

Answering the question of how to win a Gemini man to a Capricorn woman is quite difficult. It is difficult to imagine other two zodiac signs that would be so different from each other. Striving to be everywhere and learn everything Air and stable stable Earth. More often than not Capricorn men seem too frivolous to Capricorn women: they don’t understand how guys who are supposedly already adults are partying, spending money on travel, and interested in multiple hobbies without being overly successful at any of them.

The Capricorn woman is also likely to seem too boring and down-to-earth to the Air guy. But what to do if you have already fallen in love with a Gemini man and want to try to win him over?

Needless to say, it is impossible not to fall in love with a male Gemini: this sociable and erudite man is capable of a couple of minutes to become the heart and soul of any company. Around him there are always many friends and girlfriends, he is erudite and genuinely interested in other people. But how to win a man-Lazybones woman Capricorn, with her seriousness and desire for stability?

Oddly enough, sometimes it is this kind of seriousness and confidence in the future that attracts Gemini men. After all, although the sign of Air seems very frivolous and not worried about anything, sometimes he also wants to find a safe haven – a partner who will bring at least some order to their life with his thorough attitude.

How to win a man-Lazybones woman Capricorn, for which so attractive, but do not understand his spontaneity?

To interest a male Gemini is very simple: they are more than happy to open up to people who are willing to listen to them, as well as with interest in their many hobbies. By the way, various hobbies (of which Gemini men usually have a great many) are the best way to interest this fickle zodiac sign. The air guy is so quickly carried away by something new that he does not have time to achieve success in at least one of his favorite things, while being well aware that such disorganization is very disruptive to life. Therefore, stable Capricorns, with all the responsibility of approaching any matter, are able to cause the Air sign real admiration.

The relationship of a Gemini man and a Capricorn woman is a kind of connection between an actor and a producer or a writer and a publisher. The Air sign wants to be admired and enthusiastically supported in any of its endeavors. And the Earth sign seeks to add at least a small trickle of air into his life, where everything is pre-planned and predetermined.

If a Capricorn girl tries to change Gemini and somehow influence the guy, it will only turn out that he will run away from her, instantly disappointed. The Air sign will not be able to refuse new experiences, travel, parties and a lot of friends and girlfriends. Trying to prohibit it is the same as trying to lock him in an empty room where there is no way out.

If you want to fall in love with a Gemini man, give him more freedom. Let him meet with friends, go on hikes, attend events and make new acquaintances. Gemini still little interested in sex sign, so that in the constant surrounding girls he will see, rather, interesting interlocutors, rather than possible lovers.

Ideally, of course, the Capricorn woman will be able to get a little bit of the spontaneity of Gemini . Communication, travel, new people – all this can make life more vivid, and the Earth sign, immersed in all this, is quite capable of discovering it from an unexpected side.

The main problem that arises in the relationship between a Gemini man and a Capricorn woman is their almost opposite view of family and marriage. The sign of the Earth is looking for a partner seriously and for a long time, and already if Capricorn marries or gets married, before that he probably takes a long time to look at the person, as he considers divorce as an extremely unpleasant force majeure. Gemini men take it easier: they are quite capable of disappearing from a relationship simply because they are no longer happy with it.

If a Gemini man and a Capricorn woman have made the decision to start a family, you can be sure that these two have worked long enough and seriously on their relationship. Earth has learned to give freedom to Air, and Air has managed to understand and love the firmness and stability of Earth.

How to win a Gemini man

Gemini man has a difficult character. Many of his actions are directly dependent on the mood – an hour ago, he was smiling and singing a tune, and now sullenly silent or grumbling something unintelligible under his breath.

But more often twins – it’s charming, companionable and talkative restlessness.

Sometimes it may seem from the outside that the twin man is fickle and often “scattered” of things. He just has so many interests that he wants to have time to do as much as possible – to absorb everything new, unusual and unexplored.

Ideas and projects gushing out of the guys and men born under the sign of Gemini. They are able to convince anyone in the urgent need to implement their ideas, especially susceptible and gullible representative of the beautiful half of mankind.

But no matter how convincing sounding words twin man, do not be surprised if a day or two he abandoned so fervently vaunted them on the project and take up something new.

The twin man is always surrounded by friends, acquaintances, colleagues. He is like a magnet for people and without the daily conversation just languish. In addition, this type of man tends to take life easily – to changes and difficulties, innovations and problematic situations. Rare failures confuse the twin, and he flies through life as a free, confident bird.

In love with a male twin capable of almost every day to pamper his chosen one with romantic impulses and pleasant surprises. He will surprise you, whisper compliments in your ear, amuse you and amuse you.

Any woman will blossom with happiness next to a twin man. But if a girlfriend, wife or lover of the twin will fall under his bad mood, he could scathingly insult her and leave her to sob in complete bewilderment. It is difficult to resist and not to fall in love with a man like that, even harder to keep him around for long.

The behavior of male twins with women

To attract the attention and to win a male twin, you need to be completely extraordinary. No nerdiness and frustration, but energy, fun, activity and carefree.

Do girls with low IQ, lazy to engage in self-development, considering education a tedious and unnecessary activity, to fall in love with a male twin – no chance. After all, the twin himself intellectually developed and the partner will expect the same. With pacifier, he gets bored instantly.

Gemini man is comfortable next to the sociable girl who easily support the conversation and be able to give a decent response to the dispute. With the same silent beauty he quickly become melancholy and sour.

The longer the girl can keep the twin’s interest, the better for their relationship. Well, he likes to deal with mysteries and secrets. “The open book” will bore him very soon, and he will go in search of something new.

Nine tips to help you win and keep the attention of a male twin

  1. Be special and unique. It’s not easy, but in a crowd of admirers twin no other way to stand out.
  2. Do not pester and stay out of sight. It is better to give the twin more freedom, so he did not feel constrained. One way to overdo it and deprive him of the necessary personal space and it will be the beginning of the end.
  3. Be sociable and communicative in any situation. Gemini appreciates girls who are not shy to express their own opinion.
  4. Shine their sense of humor more often. Tease and poke fun at friends, joke a lot, but, of course, without sarcasm and sarcastic irony.
  5. Be adventurous. The more reckless the girl, the more chances she has to like the twin.
  6. Listen to him as if more interesting companion is not on earth. Do not pay attention to yourself this man certainly will not tolerate.
  7. Flatter him. He not only knows how to make a beautiful compliment, but he loves to hear them in his address.
  8. Be modest and well-mannered. Swearing boisterous twin man will not tolerate.
  9. Do not be shy to impress his erudition. Competently demonstrated intelligence baits twin no worse than jam attracts flies.

Is it possible to discourage a married man-twin?

Twins are fickle, they are rarely constant in their choices. Discourage a busy twin man from his girlfriend is not so difficult. In any relationship, there are periods of stagnation, and if spectacularly appear at such a time – a lover of easy life and flirting can easily switch to a new object of courting.

Wife of the twin sooner or later will get tired of holding his attention. And with this capricious man to be on the lookout – is once another not to please him and he is already looking for some flirtatious girl with the character of the adventurer. So, if you really want to, you can like a married man and a twin.

Aries woman

A female Aries to win the twin will not be difficult. She will conquer him with her temperament, vivacity and energy. The romance of these two will burst out with a bright passionate torch, but can quickly burn out – both partners are not by nature terribly constant.

A female Taurus

Female Taurus to fall in love with a twin will also not be difficult, but only if she can restrain his inner tutor. After all, carefree twin and want to teach wisdom and reason. But do not do this in any case. It is better to pamper him his softness, sexuality, good taste and charm.

The female twin .

A female twin and the same sign man together will be very comfortable. There will be harmony and understanding in such a union. She will surprise him, and he in return her. And the conversations of this pair will not stop until morning.

The Cancer woman

It will be difficult for a Cancer woman. To win the twin, she will have to sacrifice her own interests and learn to listen to him without ceasing, to praise, flatter and seduce him.

Leo woman

The female lion will playfully fall in love with a male twin. He will admire her brilliance, strength and style. These are the kind of “stars” that the twins like the most.

Virgo woman

A virgin woman will have a hard time if she falls in love with a twin. Different temperaments and interests will not benefit such a union. To please her man, the obedient homemaker virgin will have to begin to live much more active than she used to do.

Gemini will become bored if the virgin can not overpower herself, and the couple will quickly break up.

The Libra woman .

The Libra woman will win and keep the twin without straining. These two will turn out to be a harmonious and self-sufficient couple. She will listen and give advice, but do not bore with lectures. Help and listening skills twin will appreciate.

The female scorpio

The female scorpion will seduce the twin without any problems. If she wants, their union will last for many years – because she as no one else knows how to remain mysterious to her partner and keep the passion in the relationship.

Sagittarius woman

A Sagittarius woman and a twin is another option for a great couple for life. The lady under the sign of Sagittarius is characterized by sociability, versatile knowledge and energy. A male twin only and serve such!

The Capricorn woman

The Capricorn woman and the twin man are a very unusual pair. She is businesslike and calculating, he is restless and reckless. It is possible to preserve the relationship in such a union, but for this Capricorn will have to learn to loosen the leash – excessive control in connection with the twin is not allowed.

Aquarius woman

The Aquarius woman is a person who is not lacking in intelligence and ingenuity. And it is this trump card she needs to shine as often as possible, so that the twin is in constant admiration of her.

The female fish

The female fish and the male twin are almost incompatible. Twins need a reliable rear and this is the only thing the feminine, soft and gentle “fish” can play on. In addition, she will have to give her restless companion more freedom.

If a woman or a girl fell to taste the twin man, she is doomed to an eternal struggle for her own happiness. He is amorous, fickle, freedom-loving…. But, perhaps, with none of the other signs, not a single lady will not feel so spellbound, surrounded by attention, flattered by compliments and nourished by regular romantic impulses.

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