How to win a Taurus?

How to win a Taurus man and marry her.

Taurus is a rather stubborn sign of the zodiac. How to win a male Taurus and marry him so that he will not suspect that he was hunted?

How to win a Taurus.

Taurus man is considered the most acceptable option among all the other signs exactly for marriage and serious relationships. And, if fate so decreed that your man was born under this constellation, it will be very difficult to win him.

First, the men of this sign have a very well-developed intuition. Literally from the second dialogue, he unmistakably determines that he is trying to seduce and conquer. And this causes him a sense of denial at a subconscious level. So, to conquer the Taurus man needs to be himself, not playing some preconceived role. Falsity men of this constellation will recognize very quickly. Be natural.

Taurus men value naturalness.

Second, in order to charm a Taurus man, pay attention only to him and forget about other men. Do not even mention them in the dialogue, unless it is your father or brother (uncle, matchmaker, cousin). Don’t give in to provocations and don’t talk about your past relationships in detail. A distinctive feature of Taurus is their jealousy. Men of this sign value themselves very much, and do not tolerate rivals (even imaginary ones) nearby.

Thirdly, at the initial stage, take the initiative. A Taurus man is a model of slowness in terms of courtship. You yourself need to make the first steps, give signs of attention and generally show your interest. Do not wait for the initiative during the first meeting with a Taurus.

Fourthly, you should be incredibly good-looking. No, models to Taurus men are not necessary. But here you must be well-groomed, if you set out to win the heart of this man. No flaws in you should not be noticed by his tenacious (and he really is tenacious) look. Neat haircut, manicure, well-dressed closet – it should be present not only on the date, but in general in your life.

Fifthly, you are required to be a good hostess. For the first time, inviting a male Taurus in your home, put the maximum order. No, of course, he will not look into your closets, but accustom yourself to the order necessary even before you will live with Taurus in the joint area. The same applies to your culinary abilities. The Taurus man will not demand any extravagances from you, but a hot, fresh dinner is necessary.

In addition, even following all these rules, you can not be completely sure that the man is “in your pocket. Taurus men are basically good to all women. Representatives of the stronger sex, born under the constellation Taurus, intelligent and attentive, and know how to give signs of attention to all the sympathetic to them women. And at the same time it is difficult to recognize their deep and serious feelings at once.

Men of this sign, as usual, are monogamous. They are hard and long coming together with women, and hard to leave them. To like Taurus, you need to constantly give him compliments. For example, that he looks great or does something extraordinarily well. He needs it to maintain his self-esteem, otherwise he will realize himself at the expense of something else (not always positive).

Since Taurus men are domestic men, they expect the same from their chosen women. Ask yourself if you are ready to give up your free life and devote yourself entirely to your home (work remains in its place). If you are willing to give up frequent get-togethers with girlfriends, from clubs and restaurants, from frequent visits to events, then the Taurus is worth seducing. If you highly value your free space, it is better to look for a companion among other signs.

To seduce and attract a Taurus man, you need to be able to compromise. No feminine tricks will not force the Taurus to do something against his will. Men of this sign are unusually stubborn. They seem to make concessions to you, but at the same time stick to their goal or spoil all your plans. If Taurus has told you his categorical “no”, it is better to get behind him and take care of your own affairs.

The secrets of a happy relationship with a Taurus man

Any girl in love will certainly want to learn as much as possible about her lover. And the horoscopes in this regard are very attractive. Even if you are just acquainted, finding out the date of birth of a new acquaintance to check your compatibility with the stars, is not difficult.

Of course, you should not blindly believe the predictions of astrologers. Although many girls purposely choose partners specifically by horoscope. Well, for fans of astrology, we collected tips about how to get a Taurus man. Just remember that every representative of the stronger sex is different, and the zodiac sign implies mostly generalizing traits.

Representatives of this zodiac sign are charming, attentive and have excellent intuition. And if a girl behaves unnaturally, they immediately sense falsity. They also do not like the excessive pressure, intrusiveness. So if you want to get that man, behave as naturally as possible, openly and relaxed.

Taurus girl will need to have patience. These beauties are rather slow and down-to-earth individuals. They will choose a mate for a long time. If you think how to win a Taurus, a man of this sign is quite possible to fall in love with a woman’s affection. Take care of him and always be there for him.

However, know that for the most part, men born under this constellation are monogamous. Therefore, they are difficult to converge with a woman and also difficult to separate. To fall in love with Taurus, you need to show the best feminine qualities, to be an attentive companion, try to understand his feelings.

Taurus appreciates in a girl femininity, beauty, grooming. They love to eat, as well as external comfort. In general, Taurus men are usually homebodies who are quite calm and gentle. Sometimes they seem overly taciturn or shy, but they are reliable partners in marriage. Stability is one of the main values of the representatives of this sign.

Therefore, if your chosen one is a Taurus man and you think how to win his heart, make him feel comfortable and cozy with you. It will help a romantic setting, a delicious meal and an attentive attitude.

At the same time, men born under this constellation are quite liberated in bed. Their temperament is hot and their demands, even in marriage, are increasing every day. Therefore, diversity in bed and the skills of a good mistress will also be useful to you.

Of course, reading the description of the zodiac sign and applying all the tips is not enough to create a happy union. And what if you are incompatible by horoscope?

This is a good, stable couple. Signs of the same element – they are similar in character and interests. The Capricorn woman will easily infatuate the Taurus man.

The Pisces woman is almost a perfect match for the Taurus man. They have a lot in common. The fragile, romantic Pisces will quickly captivate this practical handsome man. So if you’re thinking about how to win a Taurus man to a Pisces woman, don’t worry. Show your best qualities and everything will work itself out.

A gentle Cancer girl will conquer the heart of a man of this sign with her sensuality and modesty. Taurus men love such young ladies. However, they may have misunderstandings. But if Cancer shows his romanticism in all its glory, Taurus is unlikely to resist.

For Scorpio Taurus at first glance is too quiet. But this union is often very successful. Female Scorpio woman must show all his femininity, patience, wisdom and then the Taurus is forever yours.

You can not even put such a question. Perfect partners, happy union. Understand each other without words. The thrifty Virgo will conquer the heart of a man of this sign almost immediately. It is easy for them to find a common language.

Taurus will like the bright, cheerful and easygoing Gemini girl. He will be won over by the vibrancy of the Gemini character, but there will undoubtedly be difficulties in this pair. Taurus loves a quiet life and comfort, while the superficial, frivolous Gemini loves adventure.

The Aries woman attracts this sign with her temperament, passion, and energy, but serious relationships are often doomed. They are suitable for each other sexually, but not for creating a family. To get a Taurus Aries should moderate his assertiveness and show more softness.

If you are an Aquarius, then your businesslike nature will immediately like Taurus. True, they do not like too sociable girls. However, if your natural charm has won the man, then win him over you will not be easy. You are unlikely to like the slowness of the Taurus.

Not at all suited for this sign of the Leo woman. Libra can try their luck, but the Sagittarius girl will not be easy either. Although, in addition to the zodiac sign, you should also take into account the year of birth. Thus, find out in advance according to the Oriental Calendar, how to win a Taurus man Horse, for example. And if your vote – a man Taurus and bull at the same time, then how to conquer such also have to carefully study. The mixture is not easy.

But no matter what horoscope it was your favorite person, you will easily be able to create a harmonious relationship with each other under one condition. If you choose with your heart, trust, above all, their feelings. Although about the mind should not be forgotten. And how to win any handsome man and build your happiness with him, you can learn at the courses and webinars of Pavel Rakov.

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