How to win a Taurus man to a Sagittarius woman?

Sagittarius woman and Taurus man zodiac sign compatibility – 83%

Taurus man – practical, stubborn, has willpower. Communicative, successful in his career, strives for material stability. Appreciates consistency, loyalty and longevity of relationships.

The Sagittarius is a creative and energetic person. Cheerful, active, she is a generator of ideas, which she gladly brings to reality.

The war of the worlds, the battle of the elements, fights without rules – yes, the relationship of the earthly man and the fiery woman can not be called cloudless. And how good it was together when they were just friends. Taurus perceived the Sagittarius lady as a shy girl and tried to protect her from the world. And Sagittarius gave the earthly guy a happy smile and a portion of a good mood. What happened? What cats ran between them? But fluffy is not to blame here – Taurus fell in love and turned on the homemaker. It is your business to give birth to children and make borsch! – menacingly exclaims the pet of Venus. Yeah, right! – Jupiter’s ward laughs, trying to hide her tears. After all, the fiery lady really doesn’t understand what’s going on – what’s the point of such love for her.

Can calm, passive and softness combine and interact with ardent freedom-love and pure energy? Give them a chance. Most likely, the Archer will have to adapt and sacrifice something, but the passion in the relationship can make up for all the shortcomings.

How to win a Sagittarius woman to a Taurus man

A man likes bright, open, but not vulgar girls, with whom you can laugh heartily and talk about serious topics. With Sagittarius they can easily find common ground, it is interesting to be in the same company and talk in private. A strong physical attraction will help to establish a relationship – a man is impressed by the sincerity and optimism of the woman.

You can conquer the heart of Taurus “through the stomach” – Sagittarius knows how to make a special and delicious dish from a simple set of products.

Such a guy will not be delighted by the constant hovering in pink clouds, dreaminess and shortsightedness.Therefore, Taurus girls need to try their best not to alienate the chosen one with these qualities. Taurus prefers a measured and quiet life, the endless moving, adventure and travel – this is not his end. And if the Sagittarius and really wants his heart, then she needs to constantly work on herself and to moderate their ardor and desire to make a male partner in an overactive lifestyle.

How a Taurus man can win a Sagittarius woman

Sagittarius often distinguishes the Taurus man in the general company – he is charming, strong, reliable, enjoys authority. A good start to the relationship will be friendly communication, the woman will appreciate the support and assistance of Taurus in solving her problems.

The man has many strong qualities that will conquer the woman, but his possessiveness, jealousy and inflated demands can bring all efforts to naught.

Communicating with Sagittarius is infinitely pleasant, but it is worth remembering one thing – representatives of this sign should be accepted as they are, without trying to pressure and remake. Such a girl lives fully and brightly, if she is constantly in search of inspiration – she needs it like air. If you restrict her, put her in a golden cage and do not allow her to communicate with other people, including men, she will quickly wither away and begin to wonder whether she really needs someone who suppresses her ambitions and does not let her define her life.

Advantages of the union.

Sagittarius and Taurus are not easy to understand each other, their views are very different. Once they learn to hear their partner and make concessions, many advantages will open before them:

  • Reciprocity. She is a true woman, a little frivolous, naive, but believing in the good and the need to help society with her deeds. Taurus is a pragmatic man, standing firmly on his feet, he does not create illusions, he is always able to protect his beloved from disappointment in people and trouble.
  • Friendly basis of the relationship. In an alliance where passion and love are in addition to a trusting relationship, there are many pluses – you can discuss your ideas, the problem, and know that you will always be understood and supported.
  • Financial stability. Sagittarius often lives “one day”, and Taurus calculates the budget for years. Together they find the perfect balance, not denying themselves the daily little things that bring joy. Career growth and success awaits them even in the most difficult cases – the prudence of Taurus and the luck of Sagittarius will help both be successful.

Disadvantages of the union

Taurus is drawn to Sagittarius because of her ability to make life lively and magical, but being with her and giving in to her impulses, he goes against his habits, principles and nature. If there is sincere love between them, it is possible to find a compromise, for this both must be aware of the problematic aspects of the union:

  • Different attitudes toward family life. For Sagittarius, active life does not end with marriage and the birth of a child – she finds ways to combine self-realization and solving household issues. Taurus has its own idea of the union – it requires the chosen one to give up her friends, career and immerse herself in everyday matters. In stubborn attempts to make Sagittarius a housekeeper, the man can be strict and cruel.
  • Difficulties of spending time together. Sagittarius does not sit still, and if there is a weekend or vacation, she is overwhelmed with the desire to go somewhere, to dive into an adventure – hitchhiking, camping with friends – she is not afraid of the extreme and inconvenience. Taurus vacation should be comfortable, it avoids risks, unnecessary spending, but likes to rest beautifully, lounging in the sun and enjoying the benefits of civilization.
  • Misunderstandings in domestic matters. Taurus does not understand why to buy new home appliances and constantly renew furniture. Sagittarius creates comfort at home, investing time and creativity, but does not always find support from his beloved. They have different attitudes to the upbringing of children, issues of how things should be at home, even with the daily menu problems arise. The woman likes to cook, if you can experiment, try to make a new dish, something extravagant, the man will not understand her desire to buy delicacies and expensive products for this.

Intimate life

The attraction of Taurus and Sagittarius can generate a volcano of passions, emotions and feelings. They are really good together – in a man there is not a drop of selfishness in bed, and the woman is emotionally responsive and temperamental. Both do not like monotony and routine in private life, they are ready to enjoy every moment spent together. Nighttime conciliations help to forget about the disagreements that arose during the day, to find compromises and solutions to family problems.

Sagittarius has enough energy for home, work and beloved man, Taurus over time may not be as active and resourceful as in the beginning of the relationship. His passivity, decreased interest in Sagittarius may upset the woman. It is enough for her to bring elements of play into the relationship, to motivate the man and admire him – and personal life will become bright again.

What parents will be like

Sagittarius mother – active, responsible, often uses the help of relatives and babysitters to have time to work and look after the child. Children appreciate her creative nature and optimism.

Papa Taurus protects the children, provides financially, but demands respect and obedience in return. Conflicts are rare, but if they happen, he can be overly emotional and resentful.

Taurus and Sagittarius have a different attitude to raising children – the woman gives them freedom, and the man requires them to follow the rules. The main thing – do not clarify the relationship in front of the child

Disputes about parenting should remain between the parents, especially since everyone is right in his own way. A measure of severity and independence will make children strong creative individuals.

What their children will be like.

In a full-fledged union, both parents pay enough attention to children, so the kids grow up creatively developed, active, not afraid to express their opinions. Sagittarius and Taurus give a lot of time to work, but if possible, the woman will take the child with her – this will help him to adapt to the outside world earlier and get important knowledge for adult life.

If Taurus and Sagittarius part ways, the child will not lose the material support of his father, but he will be lacking his personal involvement in education. For girls, this promises complications in her personal life, and the boy will lack an example of male behavior, although Sagittarius will be able to make him the pillar of the family.

Is a Sagittarius woman prone to cheating

Sagittarius seeks an ideal, trusting relationship where the partner loves her, respects her opinions and freedom. Not every Taurus is capable of being a wise and patient companion for a bright, sociable woman. Sagittarius is against cheating, but when a man constantly suspects her of infidelity, even though she is just hanging out with other guys, it causes resentment and misunderstanding.

The woman is painful to the restrictions of her freedom, so an internal protest can develop into a crush on another man. This can be a flirtation or the beginning of a serious relationship, but this will only happen if Sagittarius is disappointed in the chosen one.

Is the Taurus man prone to cheating

In a relationship with the freedom-loving Archer, Taurus has many reasons for cheating – unrestrained jealousy, dissatisfaction with the household, the behavior of the beloved. But love and family are more important to him than passing infatuation. He will not cheat on a woman whom he respects, admires and loves, and it is difficult to treat Sagittarius otherwise.

Man appreciates a woman’s beauty and can not resist temptation during quarrels, on a business trip or in other situations where life presents a choice. He will try not to advertise adultery, but later he will tell about it. He will worry, become colder and more irritable.

What to fear in a relationship

A couple’s fears can bring them closer together or get in the way of a relationship. Taurus considers himself fearless and does not want to see problems, and Sagittarius is too optimistic about life – most fears do bypass them:

  • Changing the way they are used to living. The woman fears the claims and demands of the man to reduce the circle of friends, his “me or a friend” ultimatums. It is important for her to be in the center of events and attention, and without communication, in a “golden cage” she fades away. At first the man likes the energy of Sagittarius, but later Taurus realizes that she brings too much fuss and novelty into his life, and he seeks stability.
  • Treason, betrayal. Taurus is terribly jealous – he suspects a lover in every Sagittarius acquaintance. The very expectation of treason is scarier for him than the fact of betrayal. Sagittarius seeks a trusting relationship, she knows that mere communication is not a reason for suspicion, so the betrayal of Taurus for her is often a surprise that destroys feelings and life together.
  • Insecurity is moral and material. Both in many ways idealists, the desire for perfection unites the couple, helps to move together to ensure that the family has prosperity, educated, successful children and harmonious relationships.

What to work on.

A couple will need time to get used to and “get used” to each other. Misunderstandings, quarrels and breakups await them, but if they manage to abandon stereotypes and think more broadly to understand their partner, then their union will absorb the strengths of both. You cannot do without work on the relationship, the main thing is to have enough patience and strength to carry it out.

Understanding the opposite point of view, the way of life is the most difficult for Sagittarius and Taurus. To comprehend the reasons for your partner’s actions and his words, to realize that he is driven by love and the desire to be happy.

Taurus does not want to share his beloved with anyone, but this is selfishness. The woman is also selfish in wanting to live life to the fullest, to the detriment of home affairs and material means. It is worth showing a little more empathy, to speak softly about their fears and discomfort – happiness should be shared, common, and this is impossible if the relationship is dominated by conditions and resentments.

Sagittarius should not agree with Taurus in everything and burden himself with household chores, raising children, trying to build a career in parallel – this will lead to emotional burnout. Stereotypes of Taurus can not destroy instantly – you must gradually lead him to the realization that his idea of an ideal family is not viable, heavy for a woman. Everyone must take his step, giving in, walking his part of the way towards family happiness.

For a Taurus, entrusting his money to an infantile woman is one of his strongest fears. But during the courtship period and under impulses, he doesn’t mind spending some of his savings to please his loved ones – there’s just no need to pressure him. Sagittarius’s encouragement, her gratitude for her care is the best motivation for a man. He should understand that money is only a means for living together, organizing everyday life, and not a subject of fundamental disputes.

Over time, Taurus forgets about romance. No, he still loves his Archer, but believes that she already knows everything about his feelings – why repeat the lesson learned long ago? Meanwhile, Sagittarius needs surprises, signs of attention and beautiful words, even if he and Taurus have been married for many years, according to astrologers

How a Taurus man behaves during a breakup

The man resolutely copes with problems, but in personal relationships he does not easily become the initiator of a breakup. He treats his family, children, and beloved with care, can express dissatisfaction, set ultimatums, but he does it for the good of the family. He will try to solve the problem – sometimes peacefully, sometimes aggressively – the way he knows how. If the chosen one ignores the requests, the Taurus will become distant, withdrawn, will show less emotions, but will be more persistent.

In the union with Sagittarius the initiative most often belongs to the woman – she cannot stand pressure and negativity. Taurus, if unhappy, will become more passive and less interested in children and his partner. After the breakup he will try to forget about his vulgar life and plans. Can return to a woman, but if he does not see changes, he will give up on the relationship.

How female Sagittarius behaves in the separation

Deep down, Sagittarius will be happy to end a debilitating relationship with Taurus. If feelings have faded and it’s going to break up, she will have to deal with all the issues in the family – work, cleaning, cooking, taking care of the children – all in a psychologically uncomfortable environment. She is able to quickly perform a variety of work, but her energy will not be enough to maintain the well-being of the family.

The breakup is going through hard, she tries to occupy herself with different things and not to succumb to depression. Suffering will be hidden – relatives and children will not know what the woman has in her heart. Not inclined to “take the dirt out of the house”, will not besmirch the name of the ex and tell negative details of life together.

Can a friendship between them be possible?

Taurus and Sagittarius easily start communicating in the same company when they are young – both are active, courageous and goal-oriented. They are interesting together and easy going. With age, Taurus becomes conservative, he no longer likes the frivolity of the woman, but they can become friends while working on the same project. Changing jobs or moving to a new place,

Taurus easily starts communicating with Sagittarius – this can be the beginning of a friendship that will grow into a love relationship.

Even unmarried Sagittarius and Taurus can be a temptation for each other – there is a strong physical attraction between them, and for the sake of a fiery woman Taurus can commit rash actions.

Work compatibility

Taurus and Sagittarius union is productive if there will be a clear distribution of duties and roles. Sagittarius works for the future and solves issues quickly, while Taurus is good at complex and long projects.

Taurus man and Sagittarius woman – colleagues

They communicate well in the same team, but it is difficult for them to do the same job. The male works slowly and thoughtfully, while Sagittarius works quickly and superficially. The woman is attracted to socializing with other people – she will do it as part of her work or because of an inner need.

Taurus man and Sagittarius woman are bosses

Sagittarius can be upset by the indecisiveness of Taurus, his skepticism about new projects – he is not used to taking risks, especially with his money. Business relationships may not work out right away, but they will be successful, as both love money and know how to earn it.

Taurus man and Sagittarius woman – subordinate and superior

The female superior Sagittarius works well with the subordinate Taurus. Appreciate it for the thoroughness and reliability, the ability to solve complex problems that require attention and time.

The Taurus male leader appreciates hard work and a constant positive result. If Sagittarius in his place and qualitatively performs the work, then there will be no problems in their relationship.

How to win a Taurus man

Men born under the sign of Taurus have a very soft character and are prone to romance. They love everything beautiful and, in the first place, they value the beautiful appearance of their partner.

Ugly and unattractive girls hardly have a chance to please such a picky man, although only an attractive appearance alone will not affect the heart of Taurus. Natural charm of Taurus always attracts a huge number of female fans, of which a man and chooses his second half. Of great importance to men of this sign is the inner world of the future chosen one.

He is not ready to start a relationship with a woman who will constantly try to lead them and does not share his passion for romance. Excessive wastefulness also does not attract Taurus men, they are willing to spend money, but only on what is really necessary.

In the character of women, Taurus appreciates kindness and responsiveness. Most often the elected women of the men of this sign become pretty, kind and gentle girls who love walks in the park and dream about a quiet, measured life.

How to attract the attention of a Taurus man

Beautiful appearance will help to win a Taurus man and draw his attention. Beauty is the first thing the Taurus man will pay his attention to. However, a slender figure and a pretty face will not bring the desired effect if the girl is not suitable for the Taurus in character.

Impulsive beauties can count on a night of love, but no more. Taurus will not commit to a relationship with an unbalanced beauty. But calm and charming women who show the features of the future homemaker, loving and economical, can look forward to a more serious relationship.

In Taurus you can not be aggressive and overly persistent – such traits can repel a man who loves calm and consistency. Intelligence and the ability to reasonably assess the situation Taurus also appreciates, but, still, the main features of his chosen one are attractiveness, soft character, a good sense of humor, the ability to create domestic comfort.

How to determine that you need a Taurus man

For many women, the quiet and measured life of a Taurus will be a drag. Dreams of an ideal family will dispel, as the excessive thriftiness of the husband and constant outbursts of jealousy quickly get bored. Before you fall in love with a Taurus man, find out if you need him.

Men born under the sign of Taurus will be ideal partners if:

  • A measured and quiet life is more valuable to you than noisy parties;
  • You know how to save money;
  • You like to be constantly admired;
  • You do not consider jealousy as one of the main disadvantages of men;
  • you love and know how to cook deliciously;
  • Loyalty for you – the basis of family life;
  • you do not tend to refuse a partner in physical intimacy.

A female Aries

An energetic and lively Aries woman will easily be able to please even a married Taurus. However, she should not be too assertive, because it can scare away the Taurus man.

A female Taurus .

A woman born under the sign of Taurus is characterized by the same character traits as her chosen one. You need to show your love for a measured life, culinary abilities, to be calm and composed.

The male Taurus is sure to bite, especially if you consider the need for frequent love pleasures, inherent in both partners.

Female Gemini

Bright appearance and lively mind will certainly attract Taurus, but to keep him will require a lot of effort. The frivolity of the twins can alienate the man. A female twin will have to direct all efforts so that her partner will feel her desire to create an ideal family and appreciate the fantasy shown in bed.

Cancer woman .

Seduce and permanently attach to the Taurus woman Cancer will help her homeliness and romance. Try to please your favorite in bed, and he will never leave you.

The Leo woman .

For a Taurus man, a Leo woman can become the standard of beauty and charm. If the lioness will find the strength and become more calm and economical, forget about the minute caprices, then the likelihood of a happy and long-lasting union is very high.

The Virgo woman .

The calm character of the Virgo woman is sure to please the Taurus man. Virgo women are not wasteful and appreciate home comfort.

There are no obstacles for the successful conquest of the Taurus woman Virgo, especially if she will show herself as a passionate and tireless lover.

A Libra woman .

Libra does not need to show excessive eloquence – your chosen one will not appreciate it. Show what a good hostess you are, show your intelligence and impeccable taste.

Combined with good sex, these qualities are sure to attract a Taurus man.

Scorpio woman

The sexuality and outward attractiveness of the Scorpio woman will play a determining factor for the Taurus man. You will only have to show culinary abilities and the ability to arrange a comfortable existence.

A female Sagittarius .

These signs are practically not compatible with each other, although sexually they have a lot in common. If desired, the Sagittarius woman can show her thriftiness, desire to create the perfect family and fidelity.

All of these qualities will help the Taurus understand that the woman of his dreams is in front of him.

A Capricorn woman

A Capricorn woman should pay more attention to the pleasures of love. If you can satisfy Taurus’ needs sexually, you won’t have any problems with the rest.

Calmness, homeliness, attractive appearance and high intellectual abilities of the Capricorn woman will captivate the Taurus man forever.

Aquarius woman .

To win a Taurus man Aquarius needs to work on himself, because eternal conversations on philosophical topics scare him. To bind Taurus you will help such qualities as thriftiness, desire to create a family and have children, peacefulness and calmness.

Sexually, you will also have to prove yourself, because Taurus needs sex all the time.

Pisces woman

The soft and compliant nature of the Pisces Taurus will be appreciated. These signs will be able to find a common language, the Pisces woman will be happy to wait for her husband in the evenings, cooking a delicious dinner, which Taurus really likes.

Pisces only need to pay more attention to her partner sexually, then they will make an ideal couple.

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