How to win a Taurus girl?

How to win the heart of a Taurus woman: building strong relationships

A woman born in the period from April 20 to May 20 is active, energetic and cheerful. She is ready to make every effort to build a relationship with the man of her dreams. Win her heart can only prudent, reliable and strong partner similar to her character and temperament.

Starting a relationship with a Taurus woman

This sign of the earth element stands firmly on its feet. Taurus are pragmatic, they value stability. With such a lady will not get a one-night stand. She is not inclined to easy, non-committal relationships and will not allow anyone to play on his feelings. This beauty never doubts anything. For her, there are two opinions – her own and wrong. She needs a like-minded man, a partner, an associate who will share her views of the world, principles and beliefs.

How to arouse her interest

It will take time and persistence to captivate Taurus. She will not let into her personal space a person she does not trust. Relationships with her will be formed gradually: only a long courtship is acceptable to her. How to win and fall in love with a girl or woman Taurus? To do this, you need to follow a certain tactic.

  • Become her friend. Without overcoming this stage, it is foolish to expect intimacy with a representative of this sign of the horoscope. The transition to intimacy is possible only after she feels that the partner is interested seriously and for a long time.
  • These are ladies of strict rules. The process of courting they present in the spirit of previous decades: a series of dates, trips to the cinema, spending time together in a circle of friends. Acquaintance with parents. Marriage.
  • Taurus values comfort and respects men who not only know how to earn, but also do not save on their chosen women.
  • This conservative and punctual lady with principles needs to feel protected and surrounded by care and attention next to her admirer. If a man disappears somewhere without explanation, such a move will not intrigue her. She likes order and clarity in everything.
  • In the potential chosen one she sees, above all, the father of their future children, not a lover. Therefore a man should be economical, sensible, desire to create a family, to raise offspring together.
  • The home of the Taurus woman is comfortable and clean. She manages to combine a successful career with household chores. For her it is important that the man fits harmoniously into her picture of the world: he was neat, tidy, followed his closet.
  • Her family model is patriarchal: the husband – the breadwinner, the head, whom everyone honors. The wife is the keeper of the hearth and also his partner. She will not tolerate arrogant treatment and will always demand that the man reckons with her opinion.
  • Taurus woman – a faithful companion to her husband, and she expects the same from the man. Do not try to make her jealous. Flirting with other ladies can put an end to your relationship.

How to arrange a first date

To please a Taurus girl, you need to give her aesthetic pleasure, create a beautiful moment for both eyes, ears, and taste buds.

You should start with your appearance. A man’s closet should declare his respectability and success. To do this, it is not necessary to buy urgently diamond cufflinks or a gold tie clip. Such extremes are unnecessary. However, if things will be bought in a store of economy class, this fact will not play in your favor. For her, a man is a hope and support, the embodiment of stability and thoroughness.

Cavalier should not try to impress too bright colors or original outfit. It should be taken into account that the chosen one adheres to tradition and is not caught up in the latest fashions. The man should show good taste and pick up clothes in a classic style. Hair style, matching accessories to the closet, perfume will complement the image.

The first date can take place at the home of the young man. If you are not a very skilled cook, then you can cook for 100 points. For your date harmony is in simplicity. If your crown dish is roasted potatoes with vegetables, it is quite suitable as the main appetizer. It is important that everything be done to the highest standard. The table should be served with good wine, dessert, thought-out serving. Do not forget that the Taurus Lady will certainly pay attention to the cleanliness of your apartment. If the dinner will be held in the guest room, this does not mean that she will not look into the kitchen. All surfaces in the apartment will be thoroughly examined for dust, and it should be considered, inviting into your home a connoisseur of comfort. The musical entertainment for the evening should also be thoroughly prepared. For this purpose, it is necessary to ask her preferences beforehand. If everything will be organized correctly, she will appreciate your efforts.

In determining the choice of the gentleman for Taurus is not the least important role of his ability to earn money for a comfortable life. If you are limited in finances and your apartment shows this, then it is better not to risk and do not organize a date at home.

Tauruses find inspiration in communicating with the arts. If the first date will be a joint visit to a cultural event, a theater performance, classical music concert in the Philharmonic, a museum exhibit or an exhibition of contemporary art, the girl will conclude that she and her beau have similar interests, and this will certainly please her.

If after the meeting the chosen one plans to take his queen by car to her “palace”, he should take care that his car was polished to a shine.

It is foolish to think on a first date about how to seduce a Taurus girl. She is not the kind of easy-going lady who is ready to give in to passion right after meeting her. Intimacy is a new level of relationship for her. In order to get this forbidden fruit, the gentleman will have to prove his manhood.

We would like to warn the potential partner against another common mistake. Having studied with the help of Internet resources information about how and what a Taurus woman loves, an admirer may try to throw dust in her eyes, passing himself off as someone who is not in fact. The deception will be quickly revealed by the shrewd couple, and the frustrated lover will suffer a fiasco.

How to know that she likes you

A self-sufficient man with creative tendencies is able to arouse the interest of a Taurus woman. The senses of the sensible lady always asks for advice from her mind. She is guided not only by impulses coming from the heart, but also by common sense. Therefore, before moving on to a close relationship, she will think more than once about whether the gentleman can make her happy? If she answers in the affirmative, she will open up to the man, and he will not doubt her goodwill.

These ladies rarely show their emotions: they live in a rational world and believe that the actions are much more eloquent about feelings than words. Therefore, her partner often wonders: how to understand that the Taurus woman is in love? It turns out that everything is quite simple. Falling in love, she will not beat around the bush and let her partner know that she is ready for marriage.

Conservative beauty will not be satisfied with living together without registering a relationship. Her value system is based on tradition, so she will not cohabitate with a man. After all, according to its logic, the goal of harmonious relations – is to create a union where everyone has rights, guaranteed by the family code.

What signs of attention will appreciate a woman Taurus

Representative of the zodiac sign, whose element is the Earth, advocates practicality, although we cannot say that romance is contemptible to her. The gifts that the man presents her should be a confirmation that he respects and appreciates her, values the relationship.

In the first days of acquaintance signs of attention can be quite traditional: flowers, candy, cute things, such as a mug with a joint photo.

Taurus, as a true aesthete, is fond of all the beautiful things. Bouquets that are presented to her do not have to be huge, but certainly freshly cut. For her it is important to get exactly the flowers that she likes.

The woman should understand that next to her there is a gentleman: polite, courteous, polite. For her, the details that other girls often do not cause interest. If the gentleman gives her a hand when leaving the car, throws a coat on her shoulders, helps to bring shopping to the apartment, he will definitely cause approval.

As the relationship and friendship develops it is recommended to shift the emphasis from romance to practicality and replace the touching trinkets with serious and necessary household gifts: dishes, home textiles and even tools for the country. This way she will be sure that she has a husband in front of her.

However, on major holidays, such as the New Year and a birthday, she will be pleased to receive a gift that will tell about the seriousness of the chosen one and his ardent feelings. The gift can emphasize the beauty of the chosen one. Will be appropriate her favorite French perfume, jewelry or a stylish accessory that she has dreamed of. Vintage interior items, things stylized by antiquity will also be to her taste.

To avoid getting into trouble, it is better for a man to consult with the girl. If the gift will not be a surprise, she will not be very upset. If the chosen one will not guess with her preferences and the money will be spent in vain, this will affect not only her mood, but also her opinion about the gentleman, who does not spend money wisely.

A creative gift can be a wonderful sign of attention. She will be delighted by a picture painted by a man or a song sung for her. What is his creation, be sure to get her recognition. The Taurus woman is a highly spiritual person, so the young man should think about how to show her his talents in a favorable way to please and win her favor.

An earthy girl will be pleased if a man shows interest in her important aspirations and hobbies. He can support her in her career development, for example, by paying for training courses. Taurus always sets specific goals. They are prone to self-development and self-knowledge and work hard on themselves, attending trainings, seminars, master classes. As a child, they resemble the heroine of a famous poem by Agniya Barto, who does not know which club to choose: “Drama club, photo club, but I also want to sing. A versatile person will appreciate if a man will take care of paying for her dancing, yoga or shaping classes.

Due to certain properties of the character of the representative of this horoscope sign very stingy on compliments. That you are a great lover, she may think about, returning to the idea several times a day. But it is unlikely that she will want to say it out loud. When the words of praise speak to her, she takes them very favorably, though maybe outwardly does not show it.

Give your loved one compliments. “Sing” her dithyrambs, perform sonnets. Note her charming appearance, graceful figure, graceful gait, intelligent look, diligence, poise, loyalty. She needs a lover who will talk about how wonderful, charming, seductive she is. If you let her know how special she is to you, she will open up faster.

Tips for building a lasting relationship

Relationship with Taurus is a test of a man’s strength. The representative of the earthly sign will not tolerate near her lazy and alphonse, the purpose of which is not family ties, but an affair, a desire to have fun. She gets married once and for life, so the choice of the chosen one is very thorough.

Rules of conduct for representatives of different signs

The connection of our heroine with Taurus will be almost ideal. The commonality of characters and interests will provide a high degree of trust and mutual understanding.

Gemini is prone to work in public, which can cause a negative reaction of the lady. The airy man will have to be more restrained and refuse criticism.

The relationship with Cancer can be long-term. He is ready to show cordiality and “not to take the rubbish out of the house”. The fact that there are conflicts in the couple will not be known even to close friends.

Man-Devo is able to quickly charm Taurus his neatness, neatness. In addition, he often shows determination, and this quality the representative of the earth element greatly appreciates in people.

Libra is prone to flirting. So that their communication with the opposite sex does not cause jealousy in the ladies, they have to be less flirtatious.

Emotional temperamental Scorpio is able to conquer the Taurus lady with his stamina and diligence. His alliance with a woman who has great patience can be very successful.

Capricorn knows how to keep his cool and is willing to take responsibility. Such truly masculine behavior causes sympathy and favor of the lady.

Romantic male Pisces will be able to liberate the conservative lady. They will complement each other in the relationship.

Less successful alliance with Aquarius. The difference in characters will be quite difficult to overcome. The frivolity of this sign irritates the lady who appreciates loyalty and devotion. He will have to moderate his ardor and work on himself.

Impulsive Aries is difficult to provide stability in relationships. In the intimate sphere, they will be in harmony, because both are temperamental lovers. To maintain the marriage, the partners will have to adjust to each other, which in this tandem is quite problematic.

There is little chance to arouse the interest of women of the earthly sign of Sagittarius. Due to his irresponsibility, the lady will constantly try to take the reins. However, this is unlikely to please the self-loving man. In order not to destroy the relationship, he either must accept the situation, or become more serious by engaging in career development.

Marriage with Leo is also very unstable. The male leader is too authoritarian. And the woman is stubborn and uncooperative. If the couple does not learn to find compromises, the union is doomed to failure.

Tips for solving conflicts

Taurus men are quite patient and try to avoid quarrels. They are not in a hurry to vent negative emotions, putting them in the “piggy bank”. However, when the “box” becomes full, the partner can be subjected to such a barrage of negativity that in the heat of the proceedings they will forget about the reason that became a stumbling block.

How to pacify the rampaging Taurus girl and return her if she wants to put a point in the relationship? First of all, you need to find out the reason for the conflict. If it is quite global and consists in the fact that the chosen one does not meet the criteria of her choice, he will have to become another person or leave the idea to conquer the stubborn lady.

If the man was wrong, he should admit it. The heart-to-heart conversation should take place in a calm atmosphere. No raised tone, no attempts to shift some of his guilt to his partner. In addition, he must explain what ways out of the situation, in his opinion, there are and what specific steps he needs to take to avoid in the future.

The cause of conflict with a Taurus woman can be a lack of respect for her, hurt feelings, lies and hypocrisy, disregard for her feelings and needs. Showing categoricalness and inflexibility in the heat of a quarrel, after a few days the girl can cool down and change her decision to break up, but this is only if she loves her partner and believes that their relationship has a prospect.

Pressure, provocation, accusations and insults, recriminations and criticism are the wrong tactics. After a major quarrel, you should take a wait-and-see attitude for a while and not engage in dialogue, so as not to add oil to the fire. A woman needs to give everything an opportunity to think and analyze. Overcome the crisis in the relationship with Taurus is possible if the woman sees her partner as a loyal and faithful friend. Her trust will be restored quickly enough when she feels his warmth and care.

However, it should be taken into account that the credit of her trust will shrink with each time and if the man does not stop stepping on the same rake, she may decide to break up. If she realizes that the relationship has exhausted itself, it will be impossible to get it back.

To avoid conflict, you need to truly love and appreciate the girl. Thank her for the comfort and cleanliness in the house, for her attention and devotion. The more tenderness and understanding your partner will show, the happier and calmer the Taurus woman will be and, accordingly, more tolerant of his transgressions.

The secrets of a strong marriage

A partner of a Taurus woman can be a man who does everything that depends on him for a bright and happy future together. If he is a poor student, but he successfully studies to realize himself in his career, she has enough patience to pass the thorny way next to her beloved. Her relationship can only have prospects with a visionary and ambitious chosen one.

The guy with whom she wants to overcome life’s difficulties, should reason something like this: “The welfare of my family depends on me. And I’m ready to make every effort for this. Only then it will become a support, and support, and a reliable rear. This woman has a lot of requirements, so do not tolerate next to a lazy man who is too careful with his person, once again afraid to overwork.

Disposing of the finances, the man should be guided by common sense. Taurus is quite frugal and does not encourage wastefulness.

Another secret of a strong marriage is the presence of men of willpower, inner strength, resilience and character. These qualities attract the respect and admiration of the lady.

Air women are very ambitious. They know their own value, they are self-sufficient. Coquetry spouse with other girls, they regard as a personal insult, an insult, an affront to their dignity. Taurus will never stoop to a public scandal, but in private will make such a storm that the beloved will regret his “harmless” flirting. Therefore, it is wise to avoid such situations.

The chatterbox who throws around promises is doomed to resign in a relationship with Taurus. Since this sensible woman only makes balanced decisions, she will definitely give him a chance to get better. If it gets into the system, however, she won’t put up with anything that doesn’t suit her.

The stubbornness of the Taurus is legendary. You should not try to force a woman to do something that she does not want. But change her mind is possible. To do this, talk in a calm atmosphere, based on valid arguments and arguments.

Taurus woman is suitable emotionally stable established man who knows what he wants, and confidently goes to his goals. If he understands the peculiarities of her character, he will be able to feel the power and passion of devoted love.

How to win a Taurus woman?

A Taurus woman is a vivid example of a real woman. She not only always looks beautiful, well-groomed, stylish and attractive, but also has a sharp mind, strong-willed qualities and a complex character.

This lady is adroit at building a career as well as family affairs. However, in order for this very family she has, a man seeking to win her heart will have to make insane efforts.

How to attract the attention of the Taurus woman?

The problem is that a woman is a very mistrustful Taurus lady, it is difficult to believe in the sincerity of men’s feelings, she is not in a hurry to make decisions concerning his personal life, and often deliberately still postpone this moment. Hurry her can not, it is better to be prepared for the fact that she will take a thorough analysis of your behavior, way of thinking, studying your character and habits. Try to hold yourself with dignity, courting her unobtrusively. Most importantly, be patient, because it will take a lot of strength, time and persistence to win such a girl.

Try to enter her circle of close friends

Taurus women are very reverent about friendship and interested in the lives of friends. Very often to get close to such a lady without a friendly relationship just does not work, so do not neglect this advice.

Be a gallant cavalier.

Taurus woman adores romance and a few old-fashioned courtship, she will be delighted if you for a date with her in the dark climb a tall tree and trembling knock on her window. Walking in the moonlight and serenades under the window will also make a great impression on her.

Do not be petty.

A stable and successful Taurus woman will not want to get mixed up with a poor, stingy, unsupportive or careless man. For the attention of a girl like this, of course, you will have to splurge. For example, go together to the theater, opera, concert or exhibition. She loves art and the generosity of the cavalier, so only a young man with a high income will be able to care for her.

Do not play the role of macho

Such a girl will not appreciate the game of a bad guy or heartbreaker, as honesty and openness in relationships are important to her.

Demonstrate your reliability

Give her confidence that she is safe with you and can trust you. It’s no secret, this is a very principled, conservative and punctual lady. It is important for her that her man always keeps his word. Unlike men, a female Taurus will not appreciate mystery or alienation and will not want to communicate with you in the future.

Give her confidence that you love children

She dreams of motherhood, dreaming about children from her youth, so it’s important for her to be a worthy candidate for the role of the future spouse and father of her children. Show that you also love children, dreaming of a family and be able to support it.

Show your handsomeness

Coming to visit her, look, maybe somewhere to be a man’s hands: hammer a nail, unscrew the door or hang a chandelier. Having invited her to your place, show her how you clean, do not hesitate to treat her own handmade dinner. Taurus women appreciate neatness and good housekeeping in men.

Keep consistency and simplicity in their actions.

Although she is stubborn, but she is a supporter of traditional views on the distribution of roles in love, and later in family relationships. In her understanding, the man should feel like a leader, but a woman should not indulge him in everything, and should be his friend, support and encouragement.

Do not try to win her favor, giving her cheap trinkets

Taurus despises greedy men and money and will not forgive stinginess. Deciding to give her a gift, in any case do not give her any low-quality or cheap things. It is better to give her a gift, but very high quality and status, for example, an evening gown, beautiful jewelry or accessories in retro style.

Always look neat and tidy

You should look perfect when you meet. Clean and ironed clothes, polished shoes – this is your calling card on a date with her. By the way, the cleanliness of the car should also be taken care of. Remember, the Taurus woman can’t stand slovenly men.

Do not arouse in her feelings of jealousy.

Do not think that ostentatious flirting with other women will prompt her to get closer to you. On the contrary, she will no longer even want to look in your direction.

How to convince her that you are serious?

When you still manage to achieve the attention of the Taurus girl, have to prove the strength of your feelings for her, if you really want her to become your wife. But remember that such a lady can think and doubt for a long time. Nevertheless, do not stop and act:

– Do not hide, reveal to her the seriousness of your intentions, because a Taurus woman will not waste time on frivolous and unpromising love affairs;

– Convince her that you are able to provide her a decent future and financial security, share with her your life principles and views on life. Show her what you have already achieved, tell her about your future goals and plans for life;

– Stay confident and firm, because such a woman can not tolerate weak-willed men;

– More often emphasize that the presence of common interests, beliefs and hobbies unites you quite strongly, and this means that you are similar to her, which is very important for a Taurus woman;

– Be responsible for your words and keep your word, because such a lady herself is very serious about her words, and about the correlation between the words and the man’s actions all the more so. You should follow yourself carefully and remember what you say. Do not delay with the implementation of the said, because the Taurus woman does not tolerate empty men;

– Promise only what you are already able to give her, but you should not tell her tales, because honesty in relationships with guys for her is extremely important and necessary;

– More often invite her to various amazingly beautiful places associated with nature: the zoo, nature reserve, oceanarium, park, forest. These picturesque landscapes will allow her to find harmony with herself, which will allow you to see the real her and get as close to her as possible;

– This will allow you to see her real self and get closer to her; carefully follow the behavior of your beloved, maybe she is already quite serious about your relationship.

How to determine that the Taurus girl is already in love?

– She is trying to be close to you;

– She behaves in your society as a coquette – laughs at any of your jokes, even if it’s not particularly good and not funny;

– Taurus girl will surround you with her attention and care, not afraid to seem intrusive;

– Feel free to ask you directly why you do not make decisive steps in the relationship.

What Zodiac Signs do Taurus Women have the best compatibility with?

Taurus women have a surprisingly high compatibility with other Zodiac signs. Happy family and harmonious relationships Taurus woman can create with such signs as Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Pisces, Taurus, Capricorn. In such a relationship partners will understand each other with a half-word.

Quite good chances to build a serious relationship are available with men born under such Zodiac signs as Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo and Cancer. In such a couple, the greatest value is played by physical closeness, unity in bed, but in ordinary domestic issues will often be disputes and quarrels. For the sake of peace in the family, both partners will have to make concessions.

The lowest chances for a joint future with the Taurus woman with men of the two zodiac signs: Aries and Gemini. However, if desired, even these relationships can be brought closer to harmony and peace. The main thing is to make joint efforts for this.

The Taurus woman is a girl of stable principles, a self-sufficient personality and a chic beauty, but at the same time, she has an open soul, simple female dreams and the inner expectation of a miracle. So give her this miracle, become to her a prince that she is waiting. Then you will get a beautiful and intelligent spouse, a reliable friend and a caring mother for your children.

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