How to win a Scorpio man to a Gemini woman?

Gemini woman and Scorpio man zodiac sign compatibility – 67%

The desire for spiritual and financial well-being is equally strong in the Gemini woman. She is one of the most communicative representatives of the zodiac “assortment”. Gemini perfectly senses the mood of relatives or friends, so she can avoid many conflicts. True, in personal life (especially with a partner Scorpio) her senses are not so strong.

The lifestyle of a woman born under the sign of Gemini is a permanent mode of multitasking. It costs her nothing to combine seemingly incompatible things such as raising children, conducting their own business projects, building personal relationships and attending training courses. And yet she still has time to pursue her favorite hobby, and this is not the limit. True, she has a couple of character traits that make life difficult, not only the lady, but those around her. Here you have frequent mood swings and dramatic change of plans, sometimes at the expense of even life principles, let alone the daily routine. Her inborn inconstancy, perhaps her greatest vice, which motivates her to rush from one extreme to another.

Astrologers astrology argued that his iron will and a strong internal core Scorpio man owes its symbol, which is a cross. That’s why these guys never falter in the face of difficulties, even when the most resistant and courageous, dropping his head, surrender without a fight. Looking at how the Scorpio man copes with life’s difficulties, you begin to believe that nothing is impossible, the main thing – to believe in yourself and not to give up.

Representatives of this sign do not forgive the betrayal and always, when the opportunity is given, take revenge on the offender, and do it with a special cynicism, but so gracefully, that he will not immediately understand what is happening. His friends and family can be proud that there is such a strong-willed and unwavering person, which can not be said about his enemies – those who dare to stand in his way, it is better to immediately think about moving to another city.

Male Scorpio and female Gemini feel attraction at the first meeting. This feeling is so strong that it can “undermine” even those representatives of these zodiac signs who are already in a relationship, and possibly married.

Romantic connection between a Scorpio man and a Gemini woman occurs quite often. But in the long term harmonious relationship it manages to translate sporadic couples.

Romance Gemini and Scorpio can be both easy and enjoyable, and tense. It all depends on who manages to grab the palm. If it will be a Gemini lady, she will try to make the relationship cloudless, romantic, in general – like in the best love movies. But the Scorpio man can not live without the heat of passion.

Scorpio rather quickly cools down to Gemini. And, no matter how much he pities this easygoing, sociable and laughing sweetheart, he unceremoniously breaks relations and goes off into the sunset. For a man and a woman of these signs to get together for years to come (and, what the heck, for life), both will have to work very hard on the relationship. Is it worth it? Let’s try to figure it out.

How to win a Gemini woman to a Scorpio man

To fall in love with Scorpio, a female Gemini must present him as a self-sufficient and confident person (but not self-confident). Scorpio in 99% of cases will not pay attention to the gray mouse. He is bright and passionate, therefore his lady should be ready to “burn with him”.

In many Scorpios there is a strong attraction to the study of science and unexplored facts. If a woman shares these interests and instead of romantic melodrama, offer to watch, for example, a documentary film, the man will be flattered and pleasantly surprised.

Keep in mind that the Scorpio man is an unconditional possessor. Smiles, compliments, of course, touches (you should not even think about more) of a Gemini woman should belong only to him – no flirting with others. By the way, with this point accustomed to the male attentions Gemini, probably will be the most difficult to cope. Before you conquer Scorpio, she needs to understand whether she is ready to change their behavior, and perhaps – and change themselves.

How to a male Scorpio win a female Gemini

Gemini women do not tolerate boredom and tediousness. To attract her attention, the Scorpio man should know how to surprise. Gemini love spontaneous actions and unpredictable men. Of course, we are talking about the rainbow coloring of these words. Such a woman cannot tolerate monotony. A potential pretender to her heart needs to constantly arrange original dates in new places. She needs to feel the dynamics of life and most importantly – to understand that the man next to her is also interesting.

Gemini loves to tell different stories. It is possible that she will tell even something secret on the first date. But you need to be a very attentive listener. If she notices that you are distracted, she is unlikely to make another attempt to reveal her soul.

Achieve an arrangement of Gemini should not “jump”, but subtly and intellectually. At heart, even the most fashionable Gemini woman dwells craving for romance, she believes that one of the past lives waltzed at balls with Prince Charming. This is a few “modernized” representative of the royal clan in love Scorpio and will happen to become.

Advantages of the union

In the ideal union of a Scorpio man and a Gemini woman, the role of the leader is taken by a representative of the stronger sex. Gemini is always ready to follow their man. In turn, Scorpio appreciates the support of his beloved and is very dear to her.

Female Gemini in this relationship becomes wiser, she learns to keep a distance and not let unnecessary people in my life, to distribute that for her important and that – secondary. These skills help the partner of Scorpio to become more successful in other spheres of life. And he, thanks to the faith of the beloved Gemini, achieves advancement in work and succeeds financially.

Such a couple will clearly not be bored together. Even the performance of household duties and ordinary work they are able to turn into a fun activity. So, if Scorpio and Gemini really love each other, in spite of all incompatibilities, they can live a long and happy life together.

Disadvantages of the union

The disadvantages of the Gemini-Scorpio relationship astrologers attribute inherent in both the habit of criticizing the partner. The beloved need not do something terrible to cause “jokes” from the other half. If at the beginning of a relationship such behavior can even excite the lovers, over time, to live “on knives” will be simply unbearable.

Another stumbling block will be Scorpio’s all-consuming jealousy. If the Gemini feels too much restriction of personal space (and it is Scorpio’s style to do it), she will simply run away.

Even in domestic matters, the partners usually find it difficult to find a compromise – it’s like they’re draining each other. The fixation of Gemini and Scorpio on their own experiences does not allow them to feel the emotional state of the other half. As a consequence, all the difficult conversations begin at the wrong time or in the wrong place. Exacerbating the situation and the fact that in a fit of anger Scorpio and Gemini do not try to express themselves tactfully, because of which they can severely offend each other.

Bad news for Gemini. Scorpio is not our thing at all. To socialize, to hook up, but no more than that. At least if you are a typical Gemini. Maria, 29 years.

It is also worth noting the difference in character. For Gemini there is no worse punishment than hanging out at home, the way even one-on-one with your loved one. Scorpio, however, and can play the role of the social lion, in fact still an introvert. Gemini, of course, could go to a party alone, but. once again it falls back on the point about Scorpio’s jealousy.

Intimate Life

Theoretically, intimacy between Scorpio and Gemini can be interesting, vibrant, and bring them both pleasure. However, for this to happen, the partners need to work hard. It’s not just about stamina or technique, although that’s important too.

First of all, the Scorpio man may be unpleasantly surprised that the Gemini lady is not as passionate as he imagined. It is possible that the Gemini has even told him so. At times she likes to talk more about intimacy than directly spend time in bed.

This is not to say that Gemini is frigid. Undoubtedly, the passionate and also favorite Scorpio causes her desire. But for a Gemini woman more important sensual aspect of intimacy. But the “bestial” instincts of her beloved may embarrass her. Stars advise Scorpio be more sensual with the beloved woman and give more time to foreplay, and Gemini – stronger trust your partner and do not be afraid to give free rein to their imagination, because in their quiet abyss are still devils.

What will be the parents

Mama Gemini just dote in their offspring, considering them the meaning of life. Gemini often becomes a child’s adult friend or older sister. Do not be surprised if you see a mom with a teenage son or daughter in a club or other non-“parental” institution. But with all the adoration of the kids, the Twins need personal space, a break from parental responsibilities. Therefore, the assistance of grandmothers or nannies Gemini woman certainly would not hurt.

Of course, educational support can provide the father of Scorpio. This man does not take a serious approach to raising heirs.

And the necessary ease will contribute mom-Bliznyshka – another advantage of such a union. But still astrologists advise a man born under the sign of Scorpio not to be stingy with praise to their offspring. Surely he will have frequent reasons to be proud of his blood. So do not be silent if a child is something to praise!

What will their children be like?

Children of the pair of female Gemini – male Scorpio usually “turn out” disciplined and capable. At the same time, they are distinguished by their independence. They are more likely to become independent than their peers. While their peers are afraid to stay home without their parents, the heirs of Scorpio and Gemini will not only quietly let them go on business, but also something to cook or clean up in the meantime.

They adore their parents and trust them with children’s secrets. Of course, as in any family, a conflict situation can arise. However, in the case of this parental tandem is very rare.

Is the woman prone to treason Gemini

As a representative of the water element, a woman born under the sign of Gemini, rather “airy” refers to the romantic sphere. Most female Gemini quickly and quickly fall in love. But most often it is a superficial feeling, not true love. In the next wave of fading feelings Gemini woman can “go wild”.

She is in no hurry to say that her relationship with Scorpio has exhausted itself, but she can have an affair with two men without informing both of them about the existence of a rival.

But for a female Gemini, whom Cupid strikes at the heart, adultery usually becomes a taboo. At least until she is sure that it is “true love.” Gemini in a fit of romantic feelings other men are simply not interested, even if she is not yet in a formal relationship with the object of her adoration.

Is the Scorpio man prone to cheating?

Not getting something in an existing relationship (especially when it comes to the intimate sphere), a passionate Scorpio can decide to cheat. However, before the adultery, he usually does not have time to think about anything. Active Scorpio libido takes its course.

Lonely Scorpions are easily tempted. More precisely, more often they themselves are seduced. In the case of a relationship to get Scorpio in bed is not as easy, but also quite possible. To the dismay of the partners of this zodiacal breed, they know how to hide the traces of the “crime”. If Scorpio does not put his beloved in the know, she may never find out that she was not the only one for him.

What to be afraid of in a relationship

The Gemini woman is afraid of loneliness. But especially she is afraid of the possibility of feeling lonely in a relationship or of becoming uninterested in a partner.

If beloved man a couple of times she would not listen to the story to the end or forget to ask how she spent the day – it’s just a blow to the ego Gemini.

But the imperious Scorpio man is horrified at the thought that his chosen one will cheat him, much less cheat on her. Betrayed Scorpio becomes cruel and embittered, often begins to take revenge.

What to work on

Gemini woman and Scorpio man must learn to find a compromise. Admittedly, only couples with a solid track record are usually able to do this. Many will disperse much faster than to gain wisdom and learn the art of mutual understanding. Try to hear what your other half is saying to you, rather than just pretending to listen.

Also, astrologers advise both partners to focus on the character advantages of the spouse. If you start a relationship with a representative of one of these zodiac signs, you need to be willing to accept his imperfections. Respect for your partner, self-respect and muting jealous impulses will give the Scorpio-Bliznets union a chance to exist.

How the Scorpio man behaves when he breaks up

Astrologers note that the Scorpio man is quite often the first to decide to break up with Gemini. This is another manifestation of his complex and resolute nature.

If after a stormy clarification of relations, passionate reconciliations and the like “interesting” Scorpio has become suspiciously calm, probably he no longer sees his woman of choice and is preparing to leave.

If the former lover does not mind, he can maintain relations with her friendly, and not the fact that they will be limited to a friendly note.

How does the Gemini woman behave when she breaks up

The Gemini woman usually breaks up with her chosen one quite easily. After all, in love Gemini beloved will not leave. Moreover – if he wants to leave, clearly will try to keep. And if her feelings are gone, why waste your time on “no” relationship? That’s the way most women think, Gemini.

On the decision to leave her man says quite calmly, and sometimes – coldly. Strangely, that yesterday you embraced the tender lady today is behaving like a stranger. But this is what she is, “split” lady Gemini. After parting usually quickly goes in search of a new object of love.

Is it possible friendship between them

Friendly relationship between the female Gemini and Scorpio man, exactly like love, in most cases, are doomed to “jumps. All spoiled jealous attitude Scorpio and fickleness Gemini. Outwardly strong man may be childishly offended if her girlfriend called, say, someone else to the movies, or not invited Scorpio to a party (even if he can not stand such parties). If once or twice the Gemini lady will probably feel guilty and probably apologize to Scorpio, eventually she will just get tired of his caprices and stop the friendship.

If the representatives of the signs of Air and Water will be able to reconcile their temper, will not express their discontent so violently, they can become good buddies.

In person Gemini male Scorpio will not only find an interesting storyteller and just a fun girlfriend, but also a devoted listener. And to the surprise of the Gemini woman, this is the kind of friend who will be able to support her in a really difficult situation.

Compatibility in work

Business partners male Scorpio and female Gemini perfectly complement each other. The tenacity of Scorpio and the communicativeness of Gemini allow them to become a powerful professional tandem. Often, working together, representatives of these zodiac signs can achieve much more than acting alone. Scorpio does not allow Gemini to jump from one task to another, and she, in turn, does not allow her business partner to slow down the work process because of his inherent ambition. In the end, both are winners.

But the best option for professional cooperation is the tandem of the Scorpio boss and the Gemini mentee. A strong “water” man will easily work with an enterprising “earthy” lady.

But the distribution of professional roles, in which Gemini has to lead Scorpio, is unlikely to lead to a successful future for both. First, to command such a man oh, how not easy. Regardless of the professional subordination, there can be conflicts: the Scorpio can easily challenge the opinion of the rank-and-file employee as well as the opinion of his superiors. Secondly, Gemini does not want to command. If she sees that Scorpio is a pro, she would be glad to “obey” him.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Gemini: war of the worlds

The internal tragedy of this union is predicted by all astrologers: the romantic relationship is overflowing, but not at all calm and loving idyll, but meetings and partings, passions and quarrels, nervous breakdowns and tears. It is quite possible that over time, a spiritual and physical bond will form between Scorpio and Gemini, but it will not be strong and reliable – it is the epicenter of an emotional earthquake.

They are so different! Twins are fierce adherents of personal freedom, Scorpios – tormenting their partner with fits of jealousy possessive. How do they get along with each other, maintain a love or friendship alliance, much less a family relationship?

Zodiac Scorpios – terrible possessors by nature

Scorpio and Gemini compatibility chart

In Love In sex Marriage Friendship
Low High Low Medium

Compatibility of Scorpio Man and Gemini Woman: pros and cons of the relationship

This astrological combination attracts its contrast, astrologers give a unanimous response: more unsuitable for each other people are difficult to find. With such different temperaments in them there is almost no mutual understanding, it is incredibly difficult for them to find common ground. All they can do together is make each other miserable. This couple is better to stop in time: for the passionate and tenacious Scorpio man and the charming and inaccessible woman of the sign of Gemini, the best option would be to find another partner.

Why do the representatives of these signs time and time again fly into the fire, like moths? They are great intellectuals with inner charisma and inexhaustible charm, often have an excellent physical form, and therefore simply attractive to each other . In addition, their intelligence, sharp memory and innate intuition give often unreasonable hopes for a mutually beneficial union.

Are they compatible in love?

Roman between the Scorpio man and the Gemini woman would burst at the seams at the exact moment when unable to get rid of their own suspicions and jealousy Scorpio begins to encroach on personal freedom Gemini. Extremely freedom-loving woman-Bliznets no restrictions on personal space will not tolerate, it takes her out of inner comfort and balance. The lady begins to doubt the correctness of her choice of partner, and the stronger the possessive attitude of Scorpio, the harsher the reflection of his attempts on her independence on the part of Gemini.

Scorpio’s jealousy and subsequent powerlessness and Gemini’s incredible strength and freedom-loving nature will lead to a debilitating and futile struggle in this couple

For the self-weary Scorpio, there is another possible way of life: leave the Twins to themselves – let them date who they want and live as they wish, and go off with his head into his work and career. This can be a turning point in love relationships: not too fond of work, and sometimes outright lazy Gemini are attracted to the opportunity to live for their own pleasure at the expense of the other.

Scorpio should not encroach on the personal freedom of Gemini

Scorpio guy and Gemini girl in sex

To manifestations of love in bed, they also have a different approach: sentimental Gemini is not always ready to understand and accept the sexual energy, and sometimes even the aggression of their partner. But Scorpio can also be understood: he needs sex as an opportunity to assert his rights to this inaccessible, and sometimes, in his opinion, cold woman. And if he will not overcomplicate things, and she will believe his sincere feelings, then the intimate relationship can be considered quite successful.

The sexual union between representatives of these signs is probably the only possible and relatively successful relationship that they are able to endure.

Are They Suitable for Each Other in Marriage?

It is a difficult marriage for both of them, but the Gemini is knowingly in a better position here: their rationalism and calmness will help compensate for the Scorpio’s zealous attempts to protect their spouse’s freedom of communication. All that Gemini needs in this marriage is to convince her husband of their sincere and unbreakable feelings. He will calm down and for the time being, the marriage will gain the status of harmonious.

The birth of a child, strange as it may seem, can significantly complicate the relationship: a woman who values her personal time is deprived of this freedom – bound hand and foot by household duties, she feels deeply unhappy, somewhere on the outskirts of life. Alas, Scorpio will not help her in this, this man sincerely (and admittedly, not without reason) believes that exclusively women’s concerns should be taken care of by the wife, his task is to earn money and provide for the family. Misunderstanding of each other in such key moments of the marriage will develop into a stormy quarrel, and in the unfavorable course of events may proceed to divorce proceedings.

Is there a friendship if he is a Scorpio and she is a Gemini?

A friendly union where he is a Scorpio, she is a Gemini, has all chances to exist, especially if the pair will find a common interesting hobby or joint business. People they are self-sufficient and independent, and the absence of a love relationship allows them to keep intact personal space. Not crossing this critical line for the signs (and the violation of boundaries here should be expected from the ardent and amorous Scorpio), these two will be interesting to each other for a long time, which allows you to maintain their friendship for more than one year.

The friendship of the Scorpio and Gemini is based on a joint hobby

How to win a Scorpio man?

Scorpio man – a born strategist and winner, his brain is in constant tension from the control of changing every minute circumstances and situations. That is why he needs a break from time to time, and he gets in the face light-woman character: a woman sign Gemini again and again returns to his life optimism and confidence in his abilities.

That in Gemini like tenacious and grabbing Scorpio, who usually does not feel the lack of female attention? He will undoubtedly be impressed by her cheerful disposition, wit and ability to turn an offensive situation into an amusing joke. In addition, this clever woman is able to appreciate the achievements of her admirer and pay tribute to the strength of his character and insight, and for the courageous Scorpio this is incredibly important.

In trying to win the heart of this man, Gemini should not emphasize their own sexuality: the more passionate and liberated Scorpio can be frankly disappointed

How to get the attention of the Gemini woman?

A male Scorpio must be prepared for extreme variability of moods of his chosen one: whether she laughs without restraint, the black clouds. Despite the generally cheerful and sociable nature, Gemini has an unstable behavior and this can seriously annoy the suitor. It seems that he for his part is doing everything as it should be, and this flighty person does not understand what you need. In addition, the charismatic, full of charm Scorpio will have to learn to listen instead of talking himself and thus be in the center of attention: Gemini women are incredibly talkative and constantly need to open her ears to the words.

And, of course, Scorpio with his possessive tendencies will be very difficult to reconcile with the all-consuming desire of Gemini for freedom for his beloved. It may happen that his appearance in the life of this young lady will pass almost unnoticed: it is unlikely that for the sake of a new acquaintance, she will want to change her social circle and familiar lifestyle.

Horoscope compatibility of the Scorpio woman and the Gemini man

The independence and inconstancy of the Gemini sign man will constantly be under the control of the Scorpio woman, unusually jealous and not ashamed of their possessive feelings. Such relationships are more like a powder keg. Yes, they have enough passion and romance, but they also have enough scandals, tears and women’s tantrums.

The fact that they will not be bored together is yes, the emotionalism of both will not allow them to create a simple to trivial relationship. The comparison of the scythe and the stone from that very proverb will be very appropriate here: strong and bright personalities, it is difficult for them to understand each other, to agree and find a compromise. Undoubtedly, the tumultuous union, even if it is very short, will leave an indelible mark in the memory of both.

The relationship between the male Gemini and the female Scorpio resembles a powder keg

Love affair

Successful and harmonious love union is determined by astrologers in 90%, but only on condition that both will keep themselves in control and do not give free rein to their negative feelings and gushing emotions. The cement of love between the most jealous of women Scorpios and too freedom-loving Gemini will be sex, but if something did not go well there, then nothing will keep these two together. Turbulent scenes, serenades under the window, exquisite surprises and unexpected entertainment in the relationship of the couple will be enough. They will be separated and reunited, fraying the nerves of each other. But as these two emotional signs are full of rivalry and passions, they know each other and together they are not calm, and separately unbearable.

The sexual attraction of the couple

The sexual attraction between these people is incredibly high: the passion of Scorpio knows no limits, and the inventive Gemini brings new fantasies to sex. Bed for both – a kind of battle place of the two leaders and even finding out the relationship, the desire to express themselves gives both an incredible carnal pleasure and joy. Alas, this sexual extravaganza can last only if the partners do not live together: the un-passed stage of lapping in a joint household, they can sincerely enjoy each other until someone burns out these stormy passions.

Marital union

Everyone is invested in their own way in the marital relationship, but they will not work out anyway – there is a high divorce rate in this couple. The husband of the sign of Gemini desires love, but is not ready to endlessly listen to lectures and claims for his freedom from his dearest spouse. Wife, in turn, expects from her husband some joint positive and easy to communicate, she abhorred reticence and the fact that he did not let her into his personal space to the end. Scorpio wants to know this irresistible intellectual nature entirely, but there is the duplicity of Gemini – he can open up one side of his personality, leaving the second in complete inaccessibility.

There is a high divorce rate in the Scorpio-Blinds pair.

The birth of children will not smoothen the situation: already not very disposed to household chores and problems at home, baffled by the behavior of her husband, who lives as if on his own, she spends the rest of her energy and time on the child. But the Gemini now felt a breath of fresh air – his wife is busy 24 hours a day with everyday life and children and she has no time to figure out the relationship with him and control the phone, correspondence and communication in the companies. It is during this difficult period for the family that the man often leaves the family for a quieter and kinder place, leaving the unhappy Scorpio to reap the fruits of his unbridled jealousy.

How do the Scorpio girl and the Gemini guy become friends?

Friendship in this union is acceptable only under certain conditions: representatives of the signs are not free and value their family relationships, they are relatives or are still very children. As soon as there is a mutual love interest in each other, no friendship is out of the question: with such a strong sexual attraction to stop it will be impossible.

How to win a man-lazy and build a relationship with him?

Any attempt to control this man will lead the Scorpio woman to the broken trough. Yes, she is bright and individual, extremely sexy and passionate, and what attracts the attention of men, but this is not enough for Gemini. In his company there are always two or three pretty girlfriends, and in his phone list of potential lovers has long spread across several screens. To be with such a man, Scorpioshe will have to step on the throat of his own song, forget about the total control of her lover and to humble the natural sense of possessiveness. Alas, for this woman, the required is almost impossible.

The chances of a strong relationship for the Scorpio-Blinds couple tend to zero

Is it possible to fall in love with a Scorpio woman?

This woman absolutely does not accept loneliness and yet loves his freedom no less than Gemini. A man in an attempt to win her heart will have to balance: it can not long leave one and not bother her presence. She expects the chosen one to play merry games, tomfoolery, easy-going attitude to life, she sincerely want to feel the fullness of life with him. Gemini should open some hidden doors of the soul: Scorpio will appreciate the openness and humanity, the reticent and silent person will immediately stop attracting her attention.

The Scorpio woman likes everything new, entertainment and gifts should have a twist and not be repeated – the imagination of Gemini is quite capable of this. Meetings should not be passive – two hours sitting on a bench in the park for this young lady is not impressed: its clear-cut life rhythm should be maintained by a constant and dynamic movement to the new and unexplored.

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