How to win a Scorpio man for a Virgo woman?

How to keep a Scorpio man

Wondering how to win a Scorpio man? Ask the stars for help. Horoscope of a man born under this difficult sign will prompt ways to seduce.

Scorpios are considered by many to be men. It seems that these men think only about sex, have no concept of fidelity, family values. In fact, any mustang can be curbed.

So, how to attract the attention of the Scorpio? Representatives of this sign are fond of everything bright, extraordinary. A woman, to which a man will pay attention, should be… the queen. And it does not matter what: a ball, a chess tournament, a party or a sports competition.

How to win a Scorpio, a man chic and unapproachable at first glance? The main thing is not to let him know that he is the object of seduction. Scorpios are conquerors by nature. Such men make their own decisions. They do not tolerate pressure from women, are sharply against emancipation. The question of how to understand Scorpio is quite complicated. On the one hand, these men show no interest in emancipated women. On the other hand, they do not avoid the enterprising young ladies. With the latter, however, Scorpios prefer to cooperate only in a business environment.

How to win the heart of a Scorpio

In order to understand how to win the heart of the Scorpio, it is necessary to know more about this sign. So, the Scorpio man is a bright personality. He is purposeful. Achieving the goal is the main principle of Scorpio’s life. Fulfillment of plans is a real passion for representatives of this sign. How to marry a Scorpio man? Just become his goal. He will do everything on his own.

How to like a Scorpio man if you do not know him well? First of all, put aside all the norms, dogmas and generally accepted rules of seduction. They tend not to work with Scorpios. These men go to the goal in their own way. And the more unusual it is, the more interesting the journey.

Don’t know how to interest a Scorpio? Try to act atypically for a woman. Anything out of the ordinary attracts these extraordinary personalities. Scorpio noticed you? It is time to implement a special strategy of seduction.

How to seduce a Scorpio man

To the question of how to seduce a Scorpio man, the answer is one: make sure that he noticed you, and then do not fall for the gentleman’s tricks. An impregnable woman becomes a desirable target. The harder the way to her heart, the more dense it is in skillfully deployed nets manly Scorpio.

But it is necessary to take into account a peculiarity of the representatives of this sign. As soon as the goal is achieved, it is recorded in the diary of achievements and forgotten. This is typical for men. How to win the love of Scorpio? Do not stop surprising him. For a man of this sign, the main thing is to be in the love tone. If a woman is a solved mystery, she is not interesting.

How to keep a Scorpio man

The question of how to keep a Scorpio man is impossible to answer unequivocally. Much depends on the prevailing relationship in a couple, age and occupation of the partners. Recommendations for keeping ardent and passionate lover, courageous adventurer Scorpio can give a professional astrologer. Individual horoscope will build a relationship with a man, taking into account the peculiarities of his temperament and character, due to the influence of celestial luminaries and bodies.

Principled, sometimes cruel, but always self-sufficient and strong Scorpio, how to conquer this sign to representatives of different signs, prompt the stars.

How to win the Aries Scorpio

How to attract a man of Scorpio to a woman of Aries in love? The most important thing is not to declare your love first. Behave carefully, with restraint. It is important to remain as natural as possible. Psychological clips Scorpio nibble at once. Most often, a man perceives them as a sign of lying. In this case, it is unlikely that a relationship will be established.

Recommend to Aries how to attract the attention of Scorpio, a strong and bright man, you can do the following: believe his ideals. A strong and sometimes cynical man is incredibly touched by unconditional faith. Also, Scorpios are fond of innocence and fidelity. At the same time, feelings for them should be sincere. Playing with Scorpio is more expensive. A representative of this sign can hurt a woman who risks deceiving him, playing a double game, pursuing hidden agendas.

So, for Aries, the answer to the question of how to fall in love with Scorpio is obvious. You need to give him something that hundreds of modern women predators can’t: deep, all-consuming true love. And by getting loyalty and faithfulness bundled with it, Scorpio may well become homely (to a certain extent).

How a Taurus woman can win over a Scorpio.

If a Taurus woman thinks about how to attract Scorpio, it means that she really likes him. At the first meeting with a representative of this sign Taurus, as a rule, is lost. A woman simply does not know how to relate to the man’s mute invitation, how to resist his hypnotic gaze.

But if she understands that he is not as cruel and scary as it is written in the standard horoscopes, then she can relax and… get caught in the net. But that’s often where it ends. For Scorpio, the hypnotic look is commonplace. It is not necessarily the manifestation of interest in a woman.

Taurus, accordingly, there is a question of how to win a man of Scorpio. Much effort to seduce will not have to apply. The most difficult can only be the first stage. Taurus needs to arouse the interest of the Scorpio, to encourage him to conquer. To do this, most women born under the sign above have everything you need, from external beauty to inner harmony and sincerity. The last quality men, suspicious, tough, pragmatic, appreciate especially highly.

How to keep a Scorpio is a more complicated question. To do this, it is necessary to create him the conditions that are most suitable for self-development. If the relationship does not interfere with Scorpio’s business activities, he tends to remain faithful to them.

How to win a Gemini Scorpio

A Gemini girl should not think about how to attract a Scorpio guy. A representative of this sign will notice her from afar. A Gemini woman is attractive, gentle, feminine. But at the same time resolute, ambitious, extraordinary. This is how most Scorpios imagine an ideal companion. Long-term relationships are possible only with the mutual work of a man and a woman.

How to conquer Scorpio – the question for Gemini is not difficult. Women of this sign are not inclined to worship. They are used to admiring looks, attention from men. Gemini is a sign to be conquered. For Scorpio, this is a typical task. All it takes for Gemini to conquer Scorpio is to allow themselves to be conquered.

It is much more difficult for a couple to develop and maintain a relationship. Many Gemini and Scorpio prefer to remain friends. They are too different. He expects from a woman swan loyalty. She is intimidated by constancy. Only true love will keep the union alive. Also, Gemini will have to agree to a number of compromises. Scorpio’s reciprocation will be a confirmation of his attachment to his partner.

How Cancer to win Scorpio

If not how to fall in love, then how to understand the Scorpio man, the Cancer woman knows for sure. She intuitively senses the mood of everyone she is interested in. Cancer at the first meetings can be afraid of Scorpio. But as soon as she relaxes, the man will go on the offensive. Scorpio’s attention is attracted by Cancer’s mysteriousness. This adventurer doesn’t mind solving a new mystery. Scorpio is curious by nature. And Cancer is in no hurry to reveal its secrets. This fuels the interest of the adventurer.

How to fall in love with Scorpio, a man contradictory and no less mysterious than a Cancer woman? It is enough to trust him. This tough, sometimes even brutal pragmatists Scorpios appreciate most of all. They are also bribed by the sincerity of Cancer. If a woman is afraid to start a relationship, although she likes the man, it is noticeable. Scorpio in such a case in 99% of cases will try to dispel the fears of the representative of the water sign. He will turn from the “aggressor”, which he is portrayed by many books, into a positive hero. That’s what Cancer needs. Scorpio, married and happy in marriage, will only have to guess about whether the whole process of seduction was not a strategy.

How does the Leo win over the Scorpio

For a Leo woman, the question of how to fall in love with a Scorpio guy will never arise acutely. The queen, bright, extraordinary personality attracts the attention of the opposite sex without much effort. Scorpios tend to notice beautiful and successful women. And the Lioness is just that.

Scorpio falls in love with the queen quite quickly. She happily reciprocates his feelings. But in the relationship the Lioness is in for a lot of surprises. The first one is constant close attention, and not for the purpose of worship. Scorpio is inquisitive by nature. He studies every one of his partners. It is unlikely that the Lioness will like to be a “guinea pig”.

Another surprise concerns learning. Scorpio is a strong sign. A man born under it tends to dominate. He will teach his partner about life in one way or another. How long will the Lioness endure it, depends on her character and the strength of her feelings.

For a woman born under the sign of Leo, it is not difficult to keep Scorpio by her side. A couple of compromises and the couple is happy for many years. Two strong personalities – a wonderful union. But it is possible only on one condition – the presence of mutual understanding.

How to win a Virgo to Scorpio

Virgo does not need to make special efforts to win Scorpio. She is ready to give the man what he expects. Virgo has no questions like how to understand that Scorpio likes you, she intuitively feels her man. In addition, this selective lady simply does not fall in love with those to whom she is indifferent. The rationalism of Virgo is manifested here.

The representative of a typical female sign at the first meeting notices the signs of a Scorpio man in love. And she willingly responds to feelings. The relationship of the couple at first glance may seem idyllic. But they are far from perfect. Virgo and Scorpio find perfection boring. It kills the soul, and there’s no way to let that happen.

The basis of the Virgo-Scorpio union is her selfless devotion. He responds to this with unbreakable loyalty. Disagreements in the couple are rarely about other women and men. There are many other reasons for bickering. For example, his suspiciousness. Self-sufficient Virgo simply does not understand why Scorpio is so cautious. Disagreements on domestic issues are not uncommon. But they are fairly quickly resolved. Relationships Virgo and Scorpio are based on the principles of partnership. Such an alliance has every chance of becoming strong.

How Libra to win Scorpio

How to interest a Scorpio man to a Libra woman? The entire arsenal of feminine weapons can be used for this, from beauty to charm. Libras are naturally resourceful and intelligent. They excel at analyzing life situations. These women unmistakably determine which approach to a particular man will be most effective.

It is more difficult for Libra to find an answer to the question of how to understand that Scorpio loves. Girls and women of this sign tend to confuse falling in love with love. Additional difficulties are created by the nature of Scorpio. This man tends to hide his true feelings, desires and intentions. It can take a lifetime for Libra to learn to recognize the masks of the beloved.

A stumbling block in a couple’s relationship can be leadership. Scorpio is a leader by nature. Libra is a cardinal sign. With all its charm, femininity and malleability, the partner is unlikely to agree to cede the position of the leader. Loving Scorpio will understand it. The ideal for the couple will be a double rule, the division of powers.

How to win the Scorpio

The Scorpio girl knows exactly how to please the Scorpio guy. They are so much alike, after all. Two Scorpios forever join their destinies, forever break up, forever reconcile. There are no half measures for this couple.

Both partners show exceptional constancy in their relationships, intentions, decisions. This keeps them close to each other. At the same time, each one cares about their own safety and that of their partner. Scorpios value each other and their relationship. But they can separate because of disagreements on matters of principle. When the conflict is settled, the couple can once again tie the bonds of marriage.

A cooling of the relationship between the partners is rare. A woman knows exactly how to charm a Scorpio man. In this case, it does not matter if they know each other for 5 minutes or 20 years.

So similar and so different man and woman can create a model family. When one Scorpio finds another, the whole world freezes in anticipation. Damage to the couple’s relationship, both in the first stage and in family life, can be excessive Scorpio restraint. A man and a woman would do well to sit down at the negotiating table more often to clarify the relationship, to discuss controversial issues.

How can the Sagittarius seduce the Scorpio

How to seduce the Scorpio man to the Sagittarius woman? This process can be quite difficult. The culprit is the gift of the stars unprecedented honesty Sagittarius. Representatives of this sign (regardless of gender) are masters of the most powerful weapon on earth – the word. Often they strike out their relatives, friends, loved ones. Scorpions are also quite touchy. Accordingly, the romance of the couple may end without beginning.

In order to interest and fall in love with Scorpio, Sagittarius will need to learn how to restrain his negative emotions. A woman should be softer, more feminine. It is not easy for someone who is born under the sign that symbolizes the centaur. But no one is stopping you from trying.

There are positive traits in Sagittarius that Scorpio will definitely notice and appreciate. First of all it is optimism and hope. These features are lacking in the man himself. Finding them in the partner, he seeks to strengthen the nascent relationship. And in order to keep them both will have to work hard. For the Scorpio the man will have to become less of a harsh person. Sagittarius – to show tolerance and tact.

How Capricorn can win over Scorpio

The rare Capricorn woman doesn’t know how to please a Scorpio man. More precisely, any man. Representatives of this sign, as a rule, confident in themselves. They are characterized by another trait: almost always Capricorns play by the rules. Thus, if a woman liked a Scorpio man, she will act thoughtfully. Most likely, first Capricorn will study her partner’s horoscope, horoscope compatibility. Then, having made conclusions, will proceed to seduction. What will be the result? They will get married. And all because both are used to playing by the rules.

Capricorn and Scorpio have a lot in common. One of the main qualities inherent in both is practicality. Scorpio and Capricorn are practical in life and in love. If they are comfortable in each other’s company, the union will be happy and long-lasting. As soon as one of the partners misses the rational grain, the relationship can give a crack.

Scorpio and Capricorn understand each other with half a word. This helps them in the forming phase of the relationship and in their life together. The only thing that can seriously undermine the union is the loss of trust by one of them in the other. Cheating on your partner is irrational and impractical for both Scorpio and Capricorn.

How Aquarius can win over Scorpio

Aquarius’ developed intuition helps her understand how to seduce Scorpio. This woman does not need much time to seduce. She unmistakably determines the hidden meaning of his gestures and facial expressions. Aquarius intuitively understands that Scorpio and does not lead an eyebrow without calculation. Woman skillfully plays on his emotions. As a result, Scorpio, himself, without noticing it, is in a network of Aquarius. At the same time the man piously believes that he has won an impregnable fortress, which could not resist under its hypnotic onslaught.

In love Scorpio will long and carefully study the partner. And he will surely unravel the secrets of the Aquarius woman. When this happens, the alliance can strengthen. Scorpio will invariably admire many qualities of Aquarius. Most of all, the man appreciates in his partner the rejection of conformism, individualism and independence. The fidelity of Aquarius is also of great importance. This condition is one of the main conditions for maintaining a relationship with Scorpio.

How to win a Pisces to a Scorpio

How to charm Scorpio, a Pisces woman knows sometimes better than others. She gives him what more leadership-prone young ladies can’t give him. Pisces always admire Scorpios. They perceive such men as almost perfect. But only from one point of view. Admiration concerns the business qualities of Scorpios. The latter respond to Pisces with interest. But more often than not, these women become friends for Scorpios. The friendship can last for decades.

Marriages between Pisces and Scorpios are less common. The culprit is the tendency to postpone the fateful decision. If Pisces and Scorpio do not marry in time, the couple will break up. In this case, the memory of love both carry through life.

If you want to be together with your beloved Scorpio, you will have to create your own love harmony. To do this, it is necessary to overcome the suspicion of the man. Scorpio, masculine and strong-willed, tends to resist the attempts of a woman to lead him to a decision about marriage. But it is worth to ease the pressure, and the male conqueror will make the right move for Pisces.

Human relationships are always complicated. And it does not matter at all whether it is the union of two Leo, Pisces and Scorpio, or Capricorn and Sagittarius. And everyone has the right to choose their partner and their life path. By creating an alliance, representatives of different or identical zodiac signs agree to cooperate above all. Each partner gets something from the other. Many people dream of a harmonious relationship. But alas, often expectations are not met. The culprit is unfortunate mistakes that could have been avoided.

Want to build a harmonious, healthy relationship with your favorite Scorpio? Contact our astrologer for a personal horoscope compatibility.

Virgo woman and Scorpio man zodiac sign compatibility – 74%

The constellation Virgo has a very feminine reputation. Everyone tends to endow women of this sign with softness, tenderness, kindness, grace, malleability, the ability to love, care and keep the home. So it is. All the qualities that a true woman should possess are inherent in this sign. Women born in the constellation Virgo are endowed with all the characteristics that make a woman a woman. But wrong are those who think that the character of Virgo is limited only to traditionally feminine traits.

Astrologers editorial staff talk about Virgo, as one of the most fulfilling, meaningful and diverse representatives of the zodiac circle. If we talk about the character of such women, it’s pretty versatile – there are both typically female and completely male qualities. Virgo women are distinguished by a sharp mind, pragmatism, practicality and balance.

They love to analyze everything, calculate and consider the situation from different angles. Perhaps that is why some men, meeting with a lady like this, begin to feel vulnerable and weak, because they sometimes have such a strong gush of energy that even the most confident male begins to falter. But you can always rely on Virgo, moreover, trusting her completely and completely, because the degree of responsibility with which it takes on tasks and assignments entrusted to her, admirable.

Even those who are as far away from astrology as possible know about the contradictory nature of the Scorpio. This strong of spirit, resolute ambitious nature is characterized by vindictiveness, vindictiveness and impulsiveness. Especially when it comes to the representatives of the male sex. These features of the male Scorpio and differs from other zodiac signs. Any woman who at least once dealt with such a guy, will remember him for life and will never confuse him with anyone else. Scorpio man has an innate intuition and incredible charisma, due to this they say about him. as a sensitive lover, who at the same time is a reliable support.

However, the charisma of the Scorpio man is of different quality and not always manifested in a positive way. He is equally brilliant in both love and hate.

The Scorpio man is the most reliable friend, but also the worst enemy. If you managed to win the location of this temperamental guy, consider yourself a lucky ticket. But those who fall into his disgrace, will have a hard time – you literally doom yourself to universal wrath, life becomes a living hell, the end and end of which is not. perhaps, astrologers exaggerate, but to cross the Scorpions clearly should not be – their revenge will not only be delayed, but it will be excruciatingly terrible. Therefore, we recommend you not to tempt fate.

About this couple they say: “One loves, the other lets love.” While Virgo is inexplicably attracted to Scorpios, they see them as battle buddies, interesting companions, a helping hand. Anybody, but not a woman Scorpio will love. Confusion of feelings causes Scorpio to make rash decisions that end up hurting both of them. However, it is impossible to speak so ultimatistically about the incompatibility of this pair: depending on the strength of the manifestation of the sign and the personal characteristics in this pair everything is possible, according to astrologers

How to win a Virgo woman to a Scorpio man

Female Virgo are loyal fans of male Scorpio, but they need to clearly understand for themselves that even family-oriented Scorpio “for life” will not choose them. Although most of all male Scorpios in women appreciate the very qualities that have Virgo – femininity, calmness, loyalty, efficiency. Here appears the duality of the Scorpio. On the one hand, a man of this sign needs a woman who can provide him with a reliable rear and stability, but on the other hand, the Scorpio temperament attracts him to the bright, fiery profusers, with whom he can experience sin in its best traditions.

However, no matter how long the Scorpio man’s life celebration lasts, he needs a quiet haven where he can rest, recuperate and feel genuinely loved with all his Scorpio flaws.

Only the Virgo woman can accomplish this mission perfectly. She is best able to make Scorpio comfortable, cozy, captivate him with intellectual conversations, and pacify him with Buddhist tranquility. As for sensual pleasures, without which the male Scorpio can not imagine himself, then even here Virgo will be on top, but only if it is loved.

How does a Scorpio man win a Virgo woman

Love for the Scorpio men in Virgo women is already inherent in the stars. Virgins feel an inexplicable magical attraction to Scorpios. The magnetism of Scorpio for a Virgo woman is comparable to the light of a ruthless light bulb, which burns the naive and trusting night moth. Femme-Devo is not a moth and understands very well how dangerous for her alluring glow of Scorpio, but still flies to him with the obedience of a silly butterfly. Therefore, make a special effort to achieve a woman Virgo, a Scorpio man does not have to.

And in case of the exception that always confirms the rule, astrologers also have some advice: a female Virgo, who somehow managed to resist the charisma of Scorpio, just surrender their positions, if the man categorically told her something like: “Choose: either you voluntarily with me, or I will steal you.

Courageously, confidently and with a reasonable share of impudence the Scorpio man will be able to take away the remnants of self-control from the Virgo woman. And she will only be happy about it. But for a long time? The classic love story of the Virgo woman and the Scorpio man is perfectly depicted in the imperishable “Cruel Romance.”

The disadvantages of the union

The compatibility of the two opposites reflected in the Scorpio man and the Virgo woman is always very contradictory. It is impossible to say unequivocally about either of these pairs whether they are compatible or not. The roots of the problems of this union lie in both signs. The Scorpio man is too willful and independent. He wants full commitment from a Virgo woman, but he is not ready to fully belong to her. Scorpio expects from Virgo comfortable and cozy life, moral support, understanding and care, sometimes bordering on service.

The Virgo woman is definitely ready to give this to the Scorpio man. But even he will allow her to make herself a submissive sheep, not for nothing, but for mutual self-sacrifice. He must become controlled by her, which is inadmissible for Scorpio’s ego. Endless contradictions are disastrous for this couple, but they are what make up the strong linchpin of the union. It may seem to some that the relationship of these two is a deal struck by cold pragmatism with haughty vindictiveness, and that would be untrue. It is a union of harmony with magnanimity that can only be found in the relationship of a Virgo woman and a Scorpio man.

Many people say that Scorpios are the nastiest men. I disagree. My husband is a Scorpio, we have lived soul to soul for eight years. My father is also a Scorpio and my mother is a Virgo. They often provoke each other, tease each other, sometimes very harshly, but they have been together for 30 years and are happy. They never quarrel seriously. Veronica, 28 years old.

Intimate Life

What can ice and flame have in common? Passion, in which they intertwine when it comes to love. And in the pair of a Scorpio man and a Virgo woman, they are sure to intertwine, only if the flame (Scorpio) melts the ice (Virgo) gently, patiently and gently. This is the only option in which the sensual side of life of these signs can come together harmoniously. Otherwise, Virgo will not fully open up, and the temperamental Scorpio man will have an acute need to poke around on the left.

If a representative of Scorpio will sincerely love his Virgo and will not rush things, and try to reveal his favorite flower slowly, without pushing and vulgar provocations, patiently learning all facets of the unsophisticated soul lover, then get the most worthy reward.

The Virgo woman is capable of being the best of lovers, and it is with the sensual Scorpio, which is quite rare for her with other zodiac signs. The only condition required of a Virgo is to reveal herself visibly, showing Scorpio’s progress in the science of love and her desire to never stop.

What their children will be like

No matter what kind of children the Scorpio man and the Virgo woman will have, they will grow up to be people, as they say, with a capital letter. Babies, even those born under other zodiac signs, will find it difficult not to overdo in the Virgo mom responsibility, intelligence, desire for orderliness and self-improvement, and in the Scorpio dad – confidence, victoriousness, magnetism and passion for life. And here neither social institutions, nor the influence of the street, nor even the genetic potential of distant ancestors can prevent.

What kind of parents will be

Scorpio father – a striking example of a parent who has a child, its image and meaning of life radically change. Scorpio spares no effort, time, money or other resources to raise his heir. Sometimes Scorpio men get too carried away and forget that a child is a self-sufficient person, not an extension of themselves.

As for Virgo women, they are born educators. Even if the father of the family skids in the educational methods, the mother always and everything is in its place. But her pedagogical tactics and strategies can fail when a growing child stubbornly does not want to be a perfect soldier. So works the upbringing of a Scorpio Dad, who in the early childhood of his children did everything possible so that in the pursuit of perfection children do not lose the taste for life.

I don’t know, maybe my Scorpio is not typical, but he is a wonderful father. And during pregnancy he blew the dust off me, and when the baby was born he helped me with everything, he was on duty at night, even though I had to go to work in the morning. Christina, 31 years.

Is a Virgo woman prone to cheating?

Do not think that if for the woman-Devo entrenched reputation puritan, prudish, “blue stocking”, then she is not capable of adultery. But, frankly, I would like to see the man with whom Virgo will cheat spouse. This must be a very patient man, who has passed the lie detector and the test of “fire, water and brass pipes”, and in the process of testing did not lose desire and passion. Yes, it is definitely a rare specimen. But if he is, it is unlikely that anyone but the two of them will know about it. Female Virgo is a great conspirator. Her adultery will not unravel even the secret service agents.

Is the Scorpio man prone to cheating

With the treachery of the Scorpio man is also not so, as it seems to many people. Despite the amorous and frenzied temperament Scorpios, many men of this sign are very faithful and devoted husbands. Although for Scorpios it is still not the norm.

Most of them are convinced that the bodily pleasure on the side – no treason, and it is allowed, of course, only to men.

For Scorpio the fornication is a kind of relaxation, stress relief. Of course, he is well aware of the fact that entertainment of this nature is painfully perceived by his wife and society, so he always goes out incognito.

What to be afraid of in a relationship

Both the Scorpio man and the Virgo woman are afraid of rivalry in the relationship. Despite the fact that Virgo is fully ready to give the reins of the family, as it should be in the hands of the male leader, with Scorpio she is able to compete. And not because she does not trust his leadership talents. She really wants to always like Scorpio, and for some reason, she is sure that he is in full delight only with assertive and self-assured women. This is what Scorpio is afraid of. A woman who claims to be “on top” in a relationship is of no interest to him. There should be only one leader – a man.

What to work on

The pair of Scorpio and Virgo will have to learn to love. Anew, as in the first time in green youth, even if they got together already at an advanced age. Harmony between Virgo and Scorpio representatives is only possible if they love from scratch, without bringing old projections, expectations and resentments into the new relationship. This is especially true for the vengeful Scorpio, who once burned, can take revenge for it on all the women that come across his path. Virgo, too, more than any other sign, needs to forget about the love scenario that she had before, or that she carries in her head. True happiness doesn’t come from a script.

How does the Scorpio man behave during a breakup

The stars have given Scorpio men the need for fidelity as opposed to passion. When men of this sign decide to start a family, they choose a partner for life and sincerely believe in immortal love. Therefore, they can have only one reason for separation – betrayal in love.

Cheating, betrayal of marital trust for Scorpios is worse than death. After that, their life is divided into “before” and “after”, and the wound inflicted on Scorpio’s soul by the beloved woman bleeds all his life, reminding him that he cannot trust women.

And the Scorpio man doesn’t trust, but that’s for later. In the meantime, driven by his famous thirst for revenge, he will pay a woman the same coin – betrayal. And not only in body. Scorpio is an excellent psychologist and knows very well that the most vulnerable place of any woman is her soul. He knows her weaknesses better than the vast majority of men. And in his revenge, the representative of Scorpios is ruthless and insidious. He will wait for a while, and it will seem that he has calmed down, forgiven and forgotten, but no. His finest hour is yet to come. And the poor woman…

How does a Virgo woman behave during a breakup?

Virgo women, despite their outward confidence, self-sufficiency and strength, often find themselves very dependent on loneliness. Therefore, they always cherish relationships and try to keep them, resuscitate them, whatever the reason for the breakup. Virgo themselves are rarely the initiators of the breakup. If it so happens that the breakup will have to, the Virgo woman will not burn bridges. She will consider it a negative, but rewarding experience, and with her head held high in peace to go in sad solitude for the deepest analysis and work on the mistakes.

If a failed relationship will hurt and hurt Virgo’s soul for a long time, she may, with a heavy heart, step over her pride and go make peace. Virgo women have the highest number of those who return to former relationships. However, this does not mean that Virgo will endure any humiliation or abuse for the sake of her love. If she will return with a proposal to forgive and forget, then only to the worthy man, who, although wrong, but learned a bitter lesson from this, and will not step on this rake again.

Is friendship between them possible?

Quite possible. And friendship will be strong if there is no provocation of love and no temptation of passion. Of course, with a Scorpio man it is unlikely, but if there are circumstances between him and a female Virgo, in which love is excluded, the obstacles to a sincere, faithful, full friendship is no longer possible. The Scorpio man does everything at the highest level. And love, and hate, and friendship he is first-rate.

The Virgo woman, of course, will bring to her friendship with the Scorpio man exactly what she does best – planning, ordering, perfecting and, of course, caring.

Scorpio is very hungry for attention and care, and the best doctor in case of illness, chef, stylist, secretary, adviser to him not to find. In a word, the friendship between a representative of the Scorpions and the representative of Virgo keeps on mutual support and compensation for the lack of each other’s qualities, talents and capabilities.

Compatibility in work

The working relationship between the female Virgo and male Scorpio, where both are equal partners or colleagues, are very harmonious. Joint business combines the opposite characters of these two signs, but the leader with all the equality still remains a Scorpio man. And Virgo does not oppose it. She acknowledges the right for a man to be in charge and easily agrees to be guided by him. Scorpio also likes that Virgo can be relied upon and trusted to do the part of the work that requires the utmost concentration and attention to detail.

Business relationships also work out well when the Scorpio man leads and the Virgo woman submits. Virgo is very proud, has a keen sense of justice and will only obey the person who has in her eyes of great authority. And the Scorpio man is one of those few, whose leadership Virgo recognizes unconditionally.

Nothing good will come out of cooperation in which the Scorpio man submits to the Virgo woman. Scorpio considers Virgo unpromising in the role of a boss. He is sure that in her work she lacks ambition, courage and healthy adventurism, which a leader must have.

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