How to Win a Pisces Woman

How to Win a Pisces Woman

Women born under the sign of Pisces are extremely feminine in everything: appearance, personality, manners and interests. They will never seek to lead a relationship, they are not interested in commanding a man or compete with him in something. Female Pisces are dreamy and romantic, often their thoughts hover in an illusory world, they are completely unfit for an aggressive outside world and rarely seek managerial jobs. Pisces women do not know how to save money, save something or deny themselves the expensive and pleasant little things.

They are always well-groomed, gentle, sentimental, vulnerable, and love socializing and companionship. They become wonderful mothers, surrounding their child with affection and attention. With regard to relationships, the women of Pisces in the first place are interested in the emotional aspect, even in sex they need languid looks, long kisses, hugs and tenderness. From men they expect care, tutelage, strength and reliability.

To win the girl fish, become to her the same “prince on a white horse”: give flowers, nice little things in a beautiful package, walk with her by the hand, kissing at sunset. She will appreciate touching letters and romantic messages, romantic recklessness, feats in her honor. Roughness, boorishness, lack of manners can repel a woman of this sign. Also, she will not tolerate pressure and criticism, insults and reproaches. Do not rush her, “sail up” slowly, because the woman fish should be sure that you are not impersonating someone else and do not deceive her expectations. Let her feel that she is important, desirable and necessary as air.

What to do to win a Pisces woman

More often than not, the ideal for her is someone who can protect her from any danger, will listen to her stories and gift her with romantic gifts. These women are trusting, vulnerable and sentimental and more than anything they want to love and be loved.

Pisces women are very attractive, so it is not surprising that you want to win her heart. However, you should take into consideration that these charming creatures are fickle, like spring weather: one day they can be affectionate, and the next day they will turn into a model of coldness.

Without a particular strategy here is unlikely to succeed, so men who dare to conquer the representatives of the sign of Pisces, will have to be patient and wise. But of your efforts in the future you are unlikely to ever regret it.

Tips for men: how to win a female Pisces

If you find yourself in the same company, try to communicate with a Pisces and be sure to give her the opportunity to speak. As a rule, she enthusiastically joins interesting conversations. And if you will show sincere interest in what she says – Pisces will start to look at you more closely. Show initiative, behave actively in order to win a Pisces woman, but don’t allow any aggression. Never forget that Pisces is a peaceful and gentle person.

It is very likely that your chosen one will try to play hard to get and indifference, testing the power of her charms on you – give in and do not retreat. The process of seduction gives Pisces women unspeakable pleasure, so don’t deny her this pleasure.

Pisces loves mystics and various mysteries. If you want to win a Pisces woman, try the following trick: start to tell something fascinating, and then stop at the most interesting place. Without attention after this you just that will not stay – in an attempt to find out how it all ended, Pisces will follow you on his heels.

If you asked your Pisces on a date, never forget that the main thing for them is the romantic atmosphere. While expensive gifts and treats tend to be of secondary importance to them.

Take into account that Pisces women are ruthless to those who betray them and never forgive them. And don’t hope that you can redeem yourself – Pisces women can’t forget a grudge. So be extremely careful and try not to give your chosen one reason to doubt you.

Cast the fishing rod correctly: in love with a woman Pisces requires a special approach

The last sign of the zodiac, according to astrologers, is one of the most mysterious. The bar of requirements for a partner is kept at an almost inaccessible height. Beautiful, patient, generous and creative – this is what the image of the long-awaited prince looks like. In the morning. By evening, the concept may change. You’ll have to experiment and improvise to impress the young lady who has seven Fridays in the week.

Rules of conduct on a first date

The Pisces lady is in the mood for romance at any age. Somehow, she manages to maintain a bright belief that ideal men are not outlived on the planet. Play along with her:

  1. Dress up nicely. You’ll probably not only have to shake out your closet, but also go shopping in fashionable boutiques. Your girlfriend, unlike most of the fairer sex, likes not only ears but also eyes. Give her an aesthetic pleasure. Wear something worthy of the podium. She’s sure to appreciate your preference for trends and brands.
  2. Pick topics of conversation. There should be several in your arsenal. The lady is a little windy, capturing her attention is problematic. A colorful butterfly flying by will seem much more interesting to her than your mediocre biography. Change the script of the dialogue as the play progresses. Suggest to see in a cloud some fabulous character. Juliet should enjoy such a romantic activity. Work on expressive speech. Picked in advance apt quotations of the classics about the weather and nature will long remain in the memory of an impressionable companion.
  3. Be prepared for mood swings. A couple of minutes ago, she was laughing over all the jokes in a row and suddenly fell silent. She doesn’t look in your direction. No, she’s not offended. Don’t worry about it. I just remembered a homeless kitten living in the stairwell, and it became unbearably sad, to the point of tears. At the same time the reason for the depressed state young lady does not think it necessary to share with you. She rarely opens the veil of secrecy about what is in her heart.
  4. Make a goodwill gesture. At the beginning of your love story, this is a great way to win the favor of a Pisces woman. Sentimental Juliet will be touched by any display of your sensitivity and heartfelt generosity. Help an unfamiliar grandmother down the icy steps of the store, make an impressive donation to a street musician. You can’t imagine how easy it is to touch a beauty to tears and get a coveted kiss as a reward.

What signs of attention the representatives of this sign love

At every meeting, act as if March 8 is on the calendar again. How to win a demanding Pisces girl? Sprinkle her with gifts and compliments. Trust me, she’ll never say, “That’s enough, let’s just drink coffee in the kitchen. What you can please her with:

  1. Flowers. Lush universal bouquets for all occasions are definitely not appropriate. The young lady has learned the language of floristry and will immediately guess that you approached the selection of droopy chrysanthemums without much enthusiasm. Show some imagination. Make a bouquet of flowers, the names of which are the first letters of the name of the chosen one. Reproduce a floral masterpiece, flashed in the frame of her favorite movie. Order a potted plant of a rare species from a nursery.
  2. Gifts with meaning. Juliet knows a lot about hidden signs and symbols. Teddy behemoths and heart-shaped souvenirs will be ruthlessly sent to the closet the same evening. Boring! We need more subtle hints. Likes oranges? Order a cake in the shape of a tropical fruit. He’ll understand and appreciate it. By the way, the cost of the gift also matters. The lady expects from the cavalier manifestations of generosity at the level of her exaggerated expectations. Not ready to splurge on a decent diamond – buy a box of handmade chocolates. The present must be expensive and flashy.
  3. Compliments. Young lady is spoiled by the attention of the opposite sex. Routine phrase “You look good today” you will not get anything. She has heard that more than once. Surprise the lady. Compare her to a flower. Be observant and note how chic the scarf looks against the new coat. Find the highlight in the image of a beauty is not difficult. She has a fine taste and knows how to make a splash.

How to seduce a Pisces woman

Representatives of this sign are sensual, temperamental and experienced sexually. In order to be sure of this in practice, you will have to show imagination and patience. According to many men, the behavior of the Pisces woman in bed depends on how long and inventive partner tried to seduce her. Without beautiful and long foreplay your goldfish is sure not to “bite”:

  1. Take your time. Juliet should make sure that a stormy night is not the end in itself of your romance. The time of day, the entourage, the mood of the girl, the scent of your perfume – in the fine art of seduction every detail counts. Thoroughly examine the habits of your chosen one, before proceeding to the offensive. Found out that the beautiful lady goes to bed late, likes jazz and woods smells – you and the cards in your hands. Invite her to a late candlelight dinner. Buy eau de toilette with notes of moss. Invite her to a slow dance to the sounds of the saxophone. With this literate approach can not resist even the most cold-blooded fish.
  2. Interest her. The young lady is lovable and changes tired partners like gloves. You do not want to join the crowd of rejected fans – put yourself out to 100%. Lowbrow girl will not be called, but also to throw the first neck too, will not. What kind of men like a Pisces woman in bed? Those who know how to take the initiative in their own hands. Delicately and gently. Taking the attack and falling asleep with your teeth against the wall is equivalent to turning the first night into the last. Preliminary caresses and subsequent gratitude should be in abundance. Hug a girl longer than usual. Give her a French kiss. Let her know that there is a man in the prime of his power and desire.
  3. Don’t be silent. A lady of the heart is willing to do a lot on her own initiative. But feedback is important. Dead silence will scare her and will be perceived as a signal of disapproval. Call your chosen one tender names, declare your love, say what would give her a special pleasure. Say aloud the expected version of events. Smiles and nods his head – so you’re on the right track, and you will succeed.

How to build a long-lasting relationship with a Pisces woman

Conquering the heart of a young lady – a task for gambling and confident men. The rest of us can not worry. For them, this mission is impossible. No templates in communication with such a girl do not work. The beautiful girl does not say what she thinks and does not do what she has planned. It’s impossible to get used to it. Only mates in love up to their ears will withstand the difficult character of the chosen one.

Behavior depending on the zodiac sign

The tricks of the lady are not to the liking of every cavalier. The most successful unions promise to be with the following partners:

  1. Taurus. Here he is, the man of her dreams, with whom the house is a full cup, and it is interesting in the bedroom. You will not have to break your head over where to get money for a new dress or whether it is worth buying an apartment with a mortgage. Your partner will take care of financial problems: let the fish splash in the ocean of his love and do not worry about anything. In gratitude for this level of comfort, the lady will restrain her usual impulses of lovemaking by an effort of will. It is out of the question to run away from behind a stone wall. The soulmate will manifest wonders of patience in traditional Taurus attacks of stubbornness.
  2. Virgo. A practical suitor will save the lady from the tedious worries about the household. A representative of this zodiac sign will surround her with care: coffee in bed and surprise gifts, equal relations with the mother-in-law and the renovation of the apartment with his hands. The young lady is comfortable in such a relationship. She loves and is loved. Charges a positive home atmosphere during the day and gives her partner an unforgettable feeling at night. Will gladly put a ring on her finger and look forward to the stork.

“Bad girl” sooner or later will show itself Pisces in relationships with partners such as:

  1. Libra. Yes, a chic candy and bouquet period is ensured for this couple. Romantic suitor will delight his chosen one with ingenious declarations of love and memorable dates. Some time the young lady will flutter on the wings of love, looking into the mouth of the prince and seeking to fulfill his every desire. But the prose of life will quickly bring both partners out in the open. “Why should (I) do it?” – is the question they will ask each other in a difficult situation. The problem is that the representatives of both signs are not able and do not want to make important decisions and are panically afraid to make a choice. Shifting responsibility, insecurity in themselves and their partner destroy this fragile union.
  2. Scorpio. The jealous and suspicious Romeo will live like a volcano next to the lovable Pisces. Over the years the intensity of Italian passions will not subside, because it is impossible to reeducate the lady. Any alpha male in the perimeter attracts her immodest gaze. It’s a rare Scorpio that can withstand such a test of jealousy. Regular scandals will only add oil to the fire: the lady cannot stand the shouting and insults and will try to go into the mire, having moved to her mother for a while or forever.
  3. Gemini. Man accustomed to be the center of attention and never give the palm of the relationship to the lady. In addition, the companion does not mind hitting on cute colleagues and easily starts office romance. Loyalty and willingness to sacrifice are not on the list of his virtues. Permanent Chosen One is doomed to the role of the silent shadow of the idol, which is contraindicated to her. Pisces will choke on attacks of jealousy and resentment. Try to escape from a toxic relationship as soon as suitable suitor.

What kind of man will fall in love with a Pisces woman

Lady picky and demanding. Enjoys success with the opposite sex and unapologetically part with those who disappointed by word or deed. Cherished “I love” from the beautiful lady will hear the gentleman who is not only romantic (it is a prerequisite), but also:

  1. Handsome. It is desirable that Romeo is not just had a model appearance, but also looked like a movie star. A slight resemblance to the idol is enough to make the young lady take a liking to the suitor. Get a tattoo, like the hero of her evening show. Juliet will happily clap her hands, seeing it as another sign that you are destined to be together.
  2. Generous. Juliet wants to live large. She is pampered as a child by her parents, indulging the whims of their beloved daughter. The adult woman usually remains at the mercy of the childish habit of “wanting everything at once.” If you didn’t buy a designer brooch for the price of a motorcycle, you don’t love it. Otherwise you would have found a part-time job, taken out a loan or sold your garage for the happiness of your companion.
  3. Mysterious. The understatement opens up room for the imagination. Juliet will be delighted to imagine how you silently nurture plans to save humanity or indulge in speculation about the fate of your mutual children. Don’t pour your heart out to your date. Pisces needs a mystery in a man.
  4. Practical. The young lady herself has her head in the clouds, and many domestic issues keep her confused. In her chosen one she sees a savior, which, if necessary, and the faucet will fix, and mushrooms roast. Regarding the distribution of household duties is a matter of principle: a working woman should not turn into a housewife. A joint household will be organized militarily: we will put things in order and work in the kitchen by turns. If you are going to marry Juliet – learn how to cook. You’re going to need that skill.
  5. Faithful. Yes, the young lady flirts wildly, even with a ring on her finger. But it just kind of “works itself out.” She sincerely repents, and after another trip to the left rushes to the nest – to the only truly beloved man. He is bound to be faithful. For this quality, which she does not have, Juliet appreciates the prince. The girl cannot understand and forgive the betrayal. In her evolved imagination, the man’s ugly deed will grow to the scale of a crime that has no justification.
  6. Ready for fatherhood. The companion dreams of a large family. It is important for the mother-to-be to know that the man shares her enthusiasm and will take an active part in raising her offspring.

As you can see, the Pisces girl to like – half the battle, it is important to learn how to behave correctly with her, so she did not sail away, waving her tail to the other.

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