How to win a man twin to a woman lion?

Leo woman and Gemini man: compatibility of signs

Gemini man and Leo woman are lucky and in love, and family, and friendship, and work, but especially – in sexual relations. Compatibility here is much higher than average. The union of representatives of these zodiac signs has an enviable harmony and is built on mutual trust and respect. Partners know what is personal space and freedom, so they try not to go beyond what is allowed and do not limit each other. Converge “twins” and “predator” at once, from the first acquaintance establishing contact and finding a common language.

Communication develops lightning fast – they are rarely bored together. Very soon, the lovers discover that they have many identical ideas and considerations, and that they share the same character traits, such as strength and fortitude, determination, communication skills and self-confidence. The partners have almost no serious disagreements and conflicts – the couple are used to compromise, no matter what happens, and certainly make peace agreements.

In intimate terms, the “queen of beasts” and “split personality” can only be envied. Partners, though not put carnal pleasures in the forefront, trying to fill the intimacy only positive emotions and feelings and are not afraid to experiment. With the role of cronies tandem also copes with hurrah, but there is a risk that they do not end up on the same camaraderie. With regard to business interactions, the colleagues, working side by side, can turn the whole world upside down.

Gemini and Leo: compatibility in love

Male Gemini and female Leo, whose compatibility in love is rated by astrologers at 92 percent, no way will not be silent in each other’s presence, and from the first meeting will catch tongues and rush to discuss a bunch of all kinds of topics. Having barely met each other, both are imbued with a strong sense that they have known each other all their lives: the established relationship, in which there is no slightest friction, flows harmoniously and happily.

In such a tandem leads tends to win, of course, the “queen of beasts” – the lady knows what to do and how to manage the frenzied energy of the other half. And he, surprisingly, in this case, does not oppose such a thing at all, allows the lady of the heart to rule and dominate, relying on her inner strength.

A guy born in the period from May 22 to June 21 is characterized by some inconstancy, volatility and disorganization, which leads to short-lived discontent of the chosen one. However, the lovers know how to put out any conflict in the bud – both do not pursue the goal of resentment and exchange mutual recriminations.

The girl appreciates in her partner inexhaustible optimism, openness to everything new, flexible mind and the ability to solve problems on the fly. And her chosen one, having a natural cunning, is able to ignite a lot of emotions in her, showing signs of attention, teasing, running away, making him chase and getting the desired. Such a pair knows no boredom, rut, monotony and drab – their feelings are regularly changing, moving, evolving and, of course, only growing stronger over the years.

Gemini and Leo: marriage compatibility

Bliznetsu man and Leo woman straight road to the wedding – the stars awarded their compatibility in marriage at 73 percent. Moreover, the initiator of a hike to the registry office is often the lady who can reasonably and patiently explain why they should get married, without pushing and not scaring away the chosen one. In the family “predator” will free the flighty partner from the solution of domestic issues and will not torture household problems – and this is exactly what the “dual nature” and dreams.

It seems that the passionate feelings of this couple is not affected by years or other external factors – the couple is strongly attached to each other and trying to spend as much time together as possible. By the way, the couple does not stay away from social events and leads an active lifestyle. In addition, the partners are able to develop together creatively – the “predator” is endowed with an amazing gift to implement even her husband’s crazy ideas.

Harmony, tranquility and understanding reigns in the home of representatives of these zodiac signs, because both strive for the same thing – simple and strong relationships. In such a prosperous atmosphere, the heirs of the couple grow up happy. The Lioness will stand up for each member of the family and will not give offense, and for the child will do everything so that he will be the most nurtured, the best and the most beloved. As for the Gemini, the horoscopes say that children are a real weakness for such a father. He will not be able to show strictness where it is necessary, and he considers his main task to cheer up the children, to cheer them up and to fulfill any wish. Therefore, sons and daughters do not see him as a strict mentor, but as a close companion and sincere friend who can fully rely on.

Gemini and Leo: compatibility in sex

Prior to full sexual compatibility, the male Gemini and the female Leo lacked only one percent – they know how to behave with each other in bed and how to deliver a lot of pleasure. At the same time, none of the main characters do not put carnal pleasures at the forefront. Partners see them as an indicator of a harmoniously developing relationship. Lovers are united by a craving for the unknown, so they try to fill the intimate relationship only with positive new emotions and are not afraid to experiment.

The only thing that embarrasses the partner is the fact that the chosen one is sometimes inattentive to the preferences of the demanding other half and does not respond properly to her desires. “Predator” at such moments acts wisely: does not get in the way, and calmly and correctly explains to the lover the essence of his claims and offers several ways to solve the problem.

As a rule, the “queen of the beasts” provokes the man who attracted her to move to a more intimate stage. But it is possible that this trickster, endowed with great intelligence, has set everything up in advance. He will easily make sure that the lady of the heart will not notice anything and herself first invited to dinner, smoothly transformed into breakfast.

Gemini and Leo: compatibility in friendship

Male Gemini and female Leo are suitable for each other and as cronies. They enjoy communication, try to see each other often and attend public events where they are the center of attention. Friends are interested in the same things, plus they are often busy doing similar things, which, of course, only helps to bring them closer together. But their soulmates (if any) are advised to be on the alert and keep their eyes open – friendship can quickly and imperceptibly turn into a love relationship.

Representatives of these summer zodiac signs are not stingy with practical advice. And in great need in the opinion of others have amorous and fickle “twins”. If at a certain moment the pressure of the “predator” seems to be too strong for her friend, then he moves away to a respectful distance and rests for a while. She, on the other hand, noticing the absence of her friend, bites her tongue and switches to something else. Such a simple plan of action allows the comrades not to inflame the conflict, not to drown in mutual accusations, not to disperse in different directions and continue to contact and continue.

Gemini and Leo: compatibility in work

In the head of the “split personality” there are a lot of ideas and considerations for all occasions. However, the Gemini does not always bring the beginning to the end, and therefore does not put them into concrete form. At such a moment, the confident and strong Lioness comes to the rescue, who has a clear plan of action for the implementation of what has been conceived by the comrade. If the representatives of these signs of the zodiac will take on the case together, then they have a good chance to achieve the desired goal in the shortest possible time and come out in the envy of their competitors.

“Twins” manage to find themselves in any field of activity – from politics and commerce to science and art. Men are endowed with an agile mind, able to quickly process information and direct it in the right direction. “Predator” is not afraid to express their own point of view, so often chooses the profession of journalism. Lady loves contact with people, feeling comfortable in the role of a teacher, actor or designer.

Male Blizzard and female Leo show amazing compatibility in work, support each other and cope with difficulties and problems together. But at the same time, the brutal half of the duo should not sit heavily on the neck of a colleague and not too intensely use her innate sense of responsibility.

Leo woman and Gemini man zodiac signs compatibility – 84%

Astrologers editorial office say that the Gemini man is by nature a cheerful, energetic and very independent. He never gets bored. Because of its intellectual development, he can support any conversation, but it is different impulsiveness and inconstancy.

Leo woman – a person bright and showy, which over the years only gets more beautiful. They easily make new acquaintances, but always keep their dignity. The Lioness has a sharp mind, loves compliments and recognition.

If we consider the relationship of this pair, they are distinguished by their inconstancy, because they have the whole spectrum of emotions: from passion and unearthly love, to resentment that borders on incomprehension. Yes, it is interesting to be together, because they certainly do not have to get bored, and then, to curb the temper of men born under the sign of Gemini, under the power only fiery beauty-lioness. That’s next to her, he completely forget about the party with friends until late at night, begin to plan the future and careful attention to money.

In turn, the Gemini lioness may finally find a man for whom he will forget about his own pride. Self-sacrifice, altruism are new words for her, but she even likes these feelings. Can they find happiness? Definitely, yes, if they make an equal share of efforts.

How a Leo woman can win a Gemini man

Such a man will be surprised when he meets a woman who has more admirers than he has admirers. She is as popular, open, strong and confident – it is difficult for a Gemini to pass by such a person. They are enough to talk casually in the same company that a mutual sympathy and passion arise.

A woman born under the sign of Leo, used to control everything, for whatever she undertakes and, in principle, everything around. This is necessary in order for things to work out only the way she wants. But in the case of Gemini their ardor this person will have to moderate. After all, these guys do not categorically like straightforwardness – in their case, the course should let the hints and the notorious women’s cunning. And, yes, a Gemini man by nature – a true hunter and conqueror, to bend him under you is unlikely to work. Spoil the relationship can be “an easy move of the hand” – no way to stutter about life together and far-reaching plans! Man, born under the sign of Gemini appreciates freedom and independence, so even if you want to move quickly to his beloved, do not talk about it aloud. At least at the beginning of the relationship. But this does not mean that he is not ready to change his life – he just needs to realize that it is his decision, no one has forced him.

How a Gemini man can win a Leo woman

The Leo woman dreams of having an intelligent, promising and confident man next to her who will match her. She will be intrigued by the popularity and success of Gemini among the opposite sex, and realizing that out of the countless army of admirers, he chose her, the lady-Lion will literally be blown away. The only thing that can scare off such a young lady is the excessive carelessness of Gemini and the inability to handle money. After all, financial well-being and serious intentions are of great importance for such a lady when choosing a life partner.

It is easy for Gemini to interest a woman, but you need to be ready for compromises and concessions – Leo is very different from the man’s usual suitors.

She is more demanding, bossy, and will not put up with a secondary role – will not forgive treason or even flirting with another girl, especially in front of her or, especially, in a public place.

The virtues of the union

At the beginning of the relationship, Leo needs to humble his pride and restrain his jealousy, and Gemini needs to finally grow up and be ready to revise life values and priorities. There are many advantages to their union, for the sake of which it is worth fighting yourself and external obstacles:

  • A strong attraction, an emotion-rich relationship. Leo and Gemini like the love game they lead – it excites, gives spice. There is no place for routine and boredom in this union – their life is boisterous. They experience pain after every quarrel and parting, but the happiness of the reunion crosses out all the negative feelings and makes them appreciate their partner even more.
  • Common interests, hobbies, lifestyle. Leo and Gemini are happy to shine in society – both bright, interesting. This is not the union where the man is relaxing with friends and the woman is waiting for him at home. They have a great time together, gracing any event and company with their presence.
  • Harmony is not achieved immediately. Leo remakes Gemini under himself – long, tediously and systematically. Not every couple overcomes this stage, and few of them believe that at the end of endless parting and quarreling they will have a long happy family life.

Disadvantages of the union

Leo is not very fond of being at home for a long time, and Gemini is not there at all – work, hobbies, studies. It is good if they will have common friends or hobbies, so that there will be an opportunity to communicate more, not just to find out about each other. There are a lot of problems in the couple, but if they both want to be together, they will easily solve them:

  • Instability. There is a lot of conflict in their relationship, the lapping of characters is difficult and painful. The confrontation between two strong different personalities subsides in a year or two after they meet. Leo either manage to temper the stormy temper of the Twins, or they part.
  • Different characters. Major problems at the beginning of the relationship because of misunderstanding of each other. Male Gemini is perplexed why try to make more money, pursue financial stability. Also for them, flirting is the norm of communication, so he does not understand Leo’s insults. A woman has a different approach to life – more extensive and thorough. It is important for her not to deny herself anything – to allow small feminine pleasures in the form of regular cosmetic procedures, beautiful underwear, etc.
  • Leo leadership. Usually in such a couple, the woman is psychologically more mature than the man. It is she who teaches him morals, norms of life, solves complex issues. But he is a man, he finds it difficult to accept the leading role of the woman. If she agrees, she becomes a burden to Leo, she resists – there are conflicts. A female Leo should not flaunt their power, you need to share authority and responsibilities. It’s good for her and for herself – because she, too, sometimes you need to feel close to a man as a stone wall.

Who has the same compatibility? It’s interesting to know how you get along. We basically live in harmony, but spoil all the petty quarrels. We are always fighting about the smallest things. Such moments hurt even more than something serious. I feel that I have to give in too often, and my husband does not appreciate it, saying that I am selfish. But he adds that otherwise he wouldn’t have loved me at all. Kristina, 27 years old.

What kind of parents will be

The birth of a child becomes an important event in the life of a couple. It strengthens their union and makes the established relationship more trusting. Both are responsible for this decision, so usually a child appears after the main passions and quarrels are in the past, and the couple has realized that they want to be together for life.

It is rare for a couple to have many children. This is largely due to the high level of responsibility of the Leo woman – she needs to be sure that her children will not need anything and their parents will be able to fully provide for them.

Mama Leo at a young age can have a superficial attitude to the upbringing of the child, not immediately realize her motherhood. But gradually she becomes attached to the baby and deeply imbued with his inner world. If, due to her busy schedule at work, she easily trusts a child of three or four years to relatives, then later her role in the life of her daughter or son becomes more and more weighty every year.

Papa Gemini is learning to be a good father. He is interested in this role, like anything new. It is important to keep the connection between man and child, to emphasize their similarity, to convey that the baby is the legacy of his father, his continuation. He is ready to spend a lot of time with children, but only if it will fascinate him.

What children will be like

The conflicting alliance of Leo and Gemini does not last long. A year or two of passion and they either break up or learn to live in harmony. In their family, there is a lot of activity and constant creativity – even an ordinary walk can become an unforgettable adventure. The child in such a family is an inquisitive naturalist and is active and erudite. If both parents will be enough time to give the baby, then it will grow up an undisputed leader and team player.

Leo and Gemini, may underestimate the importance of the first five years of life after the baby, especially if they themselves are young. For a woman, financial security is important, she is busy “raising” her husband and may delegate her responsibilities to grandparents, supervising their actions. This may cause the child to be insecure, withdrawn, distrustful of the outside world. He is very drawn to his parents with their frenzied energy, and it offends him that they do not take him on exciting adventures, and in general spend little time together.

Intimate Life

Both signs are passionate and emotional, but Leo may lack the admiration and attention of a man. She is disappointed by his flirting with others, she gets angry, but if the man doesn’t go overboard, it adds spice to the relationship.

I love Gemini men. Generous, always giving expensive gifts, taking them around the world. And what they do in bed, wow just. In my opinion, the best lovers. Compare with the same Taurus. Catherine, 31 years old.

Intimacy in a couple – something that can smooth out conflicts, force both to compromise their principles and rules. They are both ready for crazy experiments and innovations in bed, which especially delights Gemini. With Leo, he finds not only physical compatibility, but also understands the value of spiritual unity. Both are reverent about personal life, so it is difficult for them to forgive their partner’s treason.

Is the Leo woman prone to cheating

The Leo woman is loyal and faithful, but only if a real man is near her. She disdains weak and compliant individuals, which is why she is so fascinated by the process of “remaking” Gemini. Gemini man is ambivalent, he knows how to behave with dignity, but if she submits to a woman too quickly and becomes easy prey, she may lose interest in him.

With Gemini there is no time to be bored and think about others – they are overwhelmed by passion and emotion, and in a long relationship, the value of the union that was built with so much difficulty is too great. If a man becomes cold to her, the Lioness woman may allow herself to flirt with another or decide to have a parallel relationship. It is important for her to always feel wanted and loved. Giving in to the mood, she may seek recognition from other men.

Is the man prone to betrayal Gemini

The male Gemini is not distinguished by loyalty and devotion, this sign is considered rather windy. But he acts like this because he is allowed to. He is spoiled by the attention of women and uses it until he meets Leo, who in matters of fidelity is not ready for compromise. Gemini may not immediately take her principled position seriously, but he will quickly realize that if he wants to be with her, he will have to give up everything else.

Not every Gemini will trade women of the world for a Leo, but if feelings are strong, then he simply will have no choice. Leo always remains a mystery to a man, she does not submit to him and admires the grace and attractiveness. They keep each other in suspense, and they are not exhausted by such an alliance. He, on the contrary, excites and prevents the infatuation of others.

What is to be feared in a relationship

Leo and Gemini have a lot in common, including fears, according to astrologers Jointly coping with their fears, they begin to appreciate each other even more. Fear the following:

  • Monotony. Their relationship – a volcano of passion, and in family life – endless travel, socializing with friends and positivity. It’s easy for them to be together because they know they won’t be bored.
  • Betrayal. For Leo, it’s public insults and cheating, while Gemini painfully endures infringements on their freedom.
  • Misunderstanding. This fear also unites Leo and Gemini. Only a Gemini man can give a Leo woman so many rapturous looks and adoration, and only she will always listen to a man, understand his ideas and help implement them.

What to work on

In the first years of the relationship, the couple will have to completely reconsider their position in life and be ready for compromises, concessions. Change in an instant will not work – it will take time. But if feelings and passion are stronger than habits and selfish desires, then Leo and Gemini will succeed – you just need to work on the union:

  • Mutual Respect. Getting carried away with the love game and passion, it is easy to break the unspoken rules and cross the unauthorized boundaries. For Leo, this will be cheating on a man or neglecting him, especially in front of friends and acquaintances. Man treats flirting more easily, but will not forgive open manipulation and coercion to move to the next level of the relationship – marriage, child, etc.
  • Tactfulness, smoothing out conflicts. Leo has many demands with which she can wear out Gemini. A little gentleness, tenderness and feminine wisdom – and many goals will be achieved by themselves. With Gemini can not be too compliant or too strict – it is important to balance. Strong pressure on the man only exacerbate his fears, causing a panic desire to defend their independence.
  • Fairness. You don’t have to demand from your partner what you are not ready to do by yourself. Established rules will have to stick to both – if a man-Blitz requires fidelity, he should be ready himself not to give reasons to doubt it.

How does a man behave when he breaks up

In a relationship of Gemini and Leo there are many partings – for a couple of days, hours, and sometimes months and years. The man does not like to go back to the completed relationship, but every time Leo is for him the unconquered peak, unread the exciting book. He leaves because of the pressure of the woman, her attempts to force the events. For example, if she insists on living together, he says that he must solve it himself, but his insistence woman spoiled everything.

The reasons for the breakup are often biased. For example, a man wants to sort himself out, find his place in life, become wealthy, to meet the requirements of the Leo woman. But all this he will achieve more quickly just with her, so the real reason – it is the desire for freedom, the fear of losing yourself in a relationship. When Leo behaves arrogantly and selfishly, Gemini will not tolerate open neglect and will find a woman a replacement.

How a Leo woman behaves during a breakup

In the early stages of a relationship with Gemini, the Lioness often defiantly slams the door. But every once in a while Gemini manages to save this union at the last moment: after all, Leo females are addicted to compliments and love artfully chosen gifts, and the Gemini man knows about it.

When the relationship has already acquired a solid foundation, the Leo woman takes the breakup painfully if she was sure before that Gemini is her ideal man. Outwardly, she tries not to show her worries, which impresses Gemini and makes her try again to win the proud woman.

Disappointed, she will try to make the most of the parting, but will try to do it nobly. The reason may be the reluctance of Gemini to provide for the family, his frequent communication with friends. Leo will not accept a secondary role in the life of his chosen one – because of this there will be scandals, threatening a breakup.

Is the friendship between them possible?

Mutual attraction helps them quickly find a common language, they are interesting together in a noisy company and alone. They have a common outlook on life – Leo likes the lightness of Gemini in communication, flirting, and the man is delighted with an intelligent and interesting woman.

The friendship of Gemini and Leo is often the beginning of a love story. They are drawn to each other, and even the presence of spouses, does not prevent them from trying to build a close relationship. Both can easily cope with difficulties.

Work compatibility

Leo and Gemini perfectly complement each other in the business sphere. The man has a lot of promising ideas, and the woman helps to implement the best of them. The man pays little attention to the material side of the issue, so cooperation with Leo will help him find financial stability.

Gemini man and Leo woman – colleagues

Both are ambitious, interesting personalities, infecting those around them with their ideas and energy. Leo and Gemini work well together, but you should not forget about mutual concessions and compromises. The woman may seem narcissistic and bitchy to the man, and the “lioness” will notice the “twins” superficiality and inconstancy, but after they get to know each other better, communication will improve.

Male Gemini and female Leo – the bosses

Cooperating with Leo, Gemini needs to understand that the woman, even with an equal investment in the common cause, will play a leading role in the business. This is a good union, but Gemini need to treat the project responsibly, otherwise Leo can teach a partner a lesson, imposing him unfavorable terms of cooperation.

Male Gemini and female Leo – the subordinate and chief

The leader of the woman Leo creates the ideal conditions for the realization of the potential of Gemini. She appreciates his personal qualities and creativity. Under her leadership, he is successful and wealthy.

Leader man-Bliznets if interested in cooperation, manages to do several things at once. Leo seems that the head of superficially refers to the work, gets excited about small things. But with closer cooperation, the woman admires the performance of Gemini, and he appreciates her lively mind.

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