How to win a man pisces woman aries?

Aries woman and Pisces man zodiac sign compatibility – 77%

Characterizing the pair of a male Pisces woman-Aries, astrologers of the editors of agreed on the idea that these two are as if from different planets. After all, she – the embodiment of will and aggression, and he – the natural softness and timid passivity. But they should only meet and they immediately forget about their differences. A woman born under the sign of Aries, is able to charge his chosen one an incredible amount of positive attitude and he generously gifts her sea of warmth and balance.

Since Pisces is the last sign of the circle, it has a little of each representative of the zodiac. Because of the patronage of water and Neptune, the Pisces man is emotional, romantic, and detached from the outside world. It is as if he does not care about ordinary things, he lives in his own world and feels good in it. Moreover, the Pisces man has a rare talent for our time: he knows how and knows how to be happy. But do not forget that the symbol of his sign is two fish swimming in opposite directions. They are a reflection of the duality of his character.

His natural serenity, lightness and benevolence acts on those around him like a magnet and they begin to reach for such an open and empathetic guy, like a man-Pisces. But do not flatter yourself, as well as hope to get support in his person, because by nature, Pisces is rather driven than leading. They always need a man who would say what to do and how to do it. In childhood, this role is played by parents, then the burden of “guiding” teachers, then this role goes to the girl.

The Aries Lady was born with an honorable mission – she is the bearer of the golden rune of the zodiac. Due to the patronage of Mars and the element of fire, in her character there are many exclusively masculine traits. She is extremely stubborn, sometimes overly vain, always says what she thinks, showing independence at every opportunity. At the same time she manages to be feminine and charming. By the way, whatever physique and body type does not have an Aries woman, only a blind man would not notice it is the same French charm and aristocratic manners. From the first minutes of communication, she easily disposes of others, charming them with her charisma and attractiveness.

How does the Aries woman seduce the Pisces man?

The male Pisces is not the one who will dare to make the first move. He will go crazy with love and secretly daydream about the madam he likes, but he will never dare to hint at his feelings for her. Pisces until the last hope that everything will be resolved without their participation, so if the Aries girl seriously expects to get close to such a guy, she should take the initiative in her own hands.Who knows, maybe her brave act just might be the sign of fate, which the Pisces guy so relies on.

The applicant for the hand and heart of such a guy should respect his inner world. In relations with the opposite sex, he is often modest and shy. He is afraid to face a rude, vulgar person, only a gentle and delicate girl has a chance to settle in his thoughts and heart. Therefore, a woman-Ove should not take the bull by the horns and call such a man in the registry office the day after meeting him. We need to give him time to dream and to adjust to the influx of feelings. Let the relationship develop as naturally as possible.

How can a Pisces man seduce an Aries woman?

Such a confident person is a difficult object to seduce, especially for the indecisive male Pisces. If he feels sympathy for a girl of this sign, astrologers advise to get a better understanding of the horoscope of the Aries woman, as well as all the nuances of mutual compatibility. This information will provide a double benefit. First, knowing the person, it is much easier to conquer him, and secondly, understanding what awaits this union in the future, can change the intentions in general to build it.

If the male Pisces has decided to win the Aries woman by all means, he will have to put a lot of effort into it. First, you need to impress her with something.

For example, invite her to a mystical quest for two. Overcoming obstacles together – the best way to satisfy her thirst for adventure. Courtship this girl, you should behave unobtrusively and somewhat aloof. It would be nice to hint at the interest in the relationship, but do not openly show your feelings. Then she will be intrigued and she will start to attack. For the not too active Pisces, this is the best way to start an affair.

Advantages of the union

Male Pisces and female Aries are neighbors in the zodiacal circle, so they have a certain karmic connection. This is especially true for those partners whose birthdates are not far from each other.

The compatibility of the Pisces-Aries couple can be beneficial for both. The Aries woman is drawn to the mystical aura of the Pisces guy, subconsciously feeling that communicating with him can awaken her own spirituality. He can also teach her the value of true compassion and help her overcome her natural selfishness.

In turn, the Pisces man likes the confidence of the Aries girl, she infects him with stimulus and energy to solve pressing problems. Such a companion gives him direction in life and inspires him to move forward. Possessing a strongly developed intuition, the Pisces partner understands the true essence of the Aries woman better than she does. Behind the feigned confidence, he sees her hidden weaknesses, and therefore refers to the temperamental companion more tolerant than others.

Disadvantages of the union

A wall of alienation can grow between partners who are not too sensitive to each other. To a greater extent, this danger lies in young couples who are prone to maximalism and intolerance.

The first step to disagreement is usually made by the Aries woman. This lady is so energetic and courageous that she easily copes with male duties: she finds a way out of acute situations, protects the union from ill-wishers. At the same time she begins to “correct” the male Pisces, wanting to make him more active and enterprising. In the process are remarks, reproaches for softness, comparisons with more successful – other people’s husbands, and insistent urges to action.

Aries is aggressive and blunt, and this offends the sensitive Pisces. They respond by shutting down and withdrawing into themselves.

But this is only part of the problem. If the Aries woman becomes too assertive, the Pisces man becomes defensive. They are great masters at defending their right to a contemplative and passive life. To paraphrase a well-known proverb, “Aries is looking for where it’s best, but Pisces is where it’s deepest.” If in the course of the relationship partners will not make efforts to get closer, over time they will drift farther and farther away from each other.

Intimate Life

The intimate compatibility of this couple is much higher than the other aspects of the marriage. The Aries woman is not accustomed to holding back her feelings and she is usually the one who brings passion to the relationship.

The male Pisces has an irrepressible resourcefulness that also manifests itself in the sphere of physical intimacy. Aries woman likes these experiments. That she, like no other partner is able to translate into reality the erotic fantasies of his beloved.

They both have an increased sensuality, which prolongs their love affairs. The Aries woman is prone to dominance and the Pisces man doesn’t mind ceding that advantage to her under the vaults of the alcove. If they are both open enough to find their intimate language, they will know true pleasure in each other.

What kind of parents they will be.

Having a Pisces man and an Aries woman with children can save their marriage from discord. They simply will not have enough time to quarrel, they will completely switch to raising their offspring.

The male Pisces will be a gentle and compliant dad, covering the children in front of their mother for their antics. In his face, children will find an advocate for a strict and principled Aries mother.

However, if a child is willful, the connection between the generations may be broken. Too authoritarian mom and compliant dad may lose their influence on the maturing teenager. In such a case, astrologers advise them to join forces to maintain a friendly and warm relationship in the family.

What their children will be like.

If such a couple has a child, you can not doubt that he will be loved and cared for. In such a family in relation to children there is a clear division of responsibilities. The Aries mom is responsible for developing skills in children, and the Pisces dad is responsible for creating an atmosphere of mental comfort. Children intuitively sense parental zones of influence. If they need to solve a difficult problem, they turn to mom, and if they need pity and a pat on the head, they run to dad.

A child inherits an active lifestyle from his or her Aries mother. From an early age the little man will show leadership qualities, trying to become the best student in the class. High stress and responsibility can affect the nervous system of kids, many of them inherent nervousness and irascibility.

Papa Pisces conveys to his children a tendency to creativity: drawing, music, dancing. If parents correctly identify the inclinations of their offspring and find him a decent teacher, he has every chance to become a talented artist, performer, actor, architect.

Is the Aries woman prone to cheating

Aries girls cheat on their halves extremely rarely. These devoted natures consider a banal affair on the side as a betrayal and are not capable of stabbing the lover in the back. By and large, this straightforward sign has only one reason for infidelity – a new crush.

If an Aries woman has fallen in love with another, most likely she will not try to keep her family together. Her fiery nature will make her put a cross on the old relationship in the hope of finding happiness in the arms of a new lover. She will directly declare it to her husband, not trying to lie, twist and lead a double life. Often these passionate women later realize that they were too hasty and destroyed a stable marriage for the sake of the unfulfilled romance.

Is a Pisces man prone to cheating

Pisces are the category of men who cheat on their halves, while continuing to sincerely love them. Astrologers see such behavior as a manifestation of their innate ambivalence.

A Pisces man is not able to resist a woman’s seduction for a long time. When they find themselves in the bed of a cunning seductress, they can say that it happened against their will.

At the same time, they are the best conspiratorial husbands of the entire zodiacal range. It is almost impossible to expose them. Even if his wife suspected her lover in the deception, the Pisces man will find a solid alibi and be so genuinely honest, that completely dispels all doubts, and even shame on the deceived party for mistrust.

It is difficult for the other half to believe in the infidelity of their spouse. He does everything to keep the family home, so these marriages dissolve rarely. Well, unless Aries loses interest in his partner and becomes infatuated with another man.

What to fear in a relationship

The fears of this couple arise from a lack of mutual understanding. They are most pronounced in the early stages of the relationship. The more these two get closer, the less reason they have for fear. Until the Pisces man gets to know his beloved Aries girl well enough, he may be intimidated by her directness. Her masculine and determined character can overwhelm the naturally weak Pisces, who are used to swimming with the current.

In turn, the Aries woman may be intimidated by her partner’s passive dreaminess. Sooner or later she will wonder, “When will he start taking concrete actions?” The stars advise lovers not to make hasty negative conclusions. This is the case when time works for them. After the first difficult months of life together, there is a warming in the relationship, as the partners become more and more penetrated with each other.

Something to work on.

The art of being happy for this couple lies in the ability to accept their companion for who they are. They need to work, above all, over their desire to remake or improve their partner. This is more true of the Aries woman.

Before instructing the Pisces man how to change, you need to take a better look at them. Perhaps they have virtues of their own that make up for the inactivity that is so annoying to the Aries man?

Pisces are gentle and kind, spiritually rich natures. If the Aries woman leaves the primping of the tutor, she will be able to appreciate the virtues of the union with such a man.

The Pisces man needs to learn to humble the emotional outbursts of his chosen one. Her exuberant enthusiasm and energy are not always sent in a positive direction. The loved one is endowed with the legal right to calm down such a lady-fireworks in the next outburst.

However, Pisces also has flaws. Initiativelessness, the desire to go with the flow – Aries can put up with these qualities, if Pisces will obediently do what she says. But when he begins to shift his responsibilities to the already overloaded shoulders of Aries – expect disaster.

How the Pisces man behaves when he breaks up

Pisces are experiencing the strongest feelings about the breakup with a loved one, but from the outside it is absolutely not noticeable. Behind a mask of coldness they hide the depths of their emotional passions. The more excitement, the more difficult for a male Pisces to show them. If she suddenly told him about the breakup, he falls into a stupor from the pangs of emotion and can not utter a word. Until the thoughts and feelings settle down inside, a constructive dialogue will not work.

The Pisces man very rarely initiates a breakup. He can tolerate the obviously hopeless relationship for a long time, without doing anything. When a man like this realizes the need for separation, he goes deeper into himself. The most sensitive fall into depression. This is a sign to the other half that it is time to do something about it.

How an Aries woman behaves during a breakup

The love portrait of the Aries girl would be incomplete without mentioning such a trait as her intolerance for treason and lies. Upon learning of her lover’s infidelity or the fact that he is not aimed at a serious relationship, she does not try to fight for him. Saving the sinking ship of love is not her policy.

She will simply tell herself that she made the wrong choice and go in search of a more reliable companion. These women are impulsive and explosive. Finally they are able to give the ex a grand final scene, saying all that has accumulated in the soul.

Releasing their emotions, the Aries lady calms down rather quickly. Hate is replaced with indifference and contempt. Even if she still loves, she will never admit it. She will retaliate with utter indifference and defiantly walk past the ex-boyfriend in casual encounters.

Is friendship possible between them.

It is difficult for an Aries woman to find a soul mate in a Pisces man. When there is no love feeling, the contradictions of these signs become insurmountable for both of them. Pisces in principle not inclined to make a lot of friends, close to them they let only a select few: the quiet and sensitive individuals. Impulsive Aries is clearly not one of them. For her part, Aries is annoyed by the pessimism and closed-mindedness of Pisces.

Even if these two try to become friends, they will quickly become disappointed in each other. There are endless representatives of more compatible signs in the world, which are suitable for them as friends much more.

Work compatibility.

This is the only optimum when the Pisces man is trying to win the favor of the Aries woman and shift some of his work to her. And the Aries woman will give a head start in her career ambitions to many of her coworkers. She works with high performance, fully giving herself to her chosen profession. From her male colleagues she expects the same labor exploits, but unhurried Pisces is not able to withstand the pace she has taken.

In the tandem of the boss-Aries – subordinate – Pisces compatibility is somewhat greater than in the reverse combination. Aries is a natural leader and Pisces is a performer. Fruitful cooperation is possible in the absence of direct contact between them. Then the Pisces will quietly work on his area of work, and Aries will focus on the leadership function. If the Pisces man is the boss and the Aries woman is a subordinate, she tries to get ahead of him in moving up the career ladder.

How to win a Pisces man

Pisces men are real dreamers and romantics by nature. He likes to contemplate more than to act. Such a man is very vulnerable, moreover – it is a sensual man. They believe in everything supernatural, and they are little interested in peaceful issues.

Such men often like to think about philosophical issues, they are constantly thinking about something distant and sublime. If the zodiac sign of the male Pisces, then interrupt him and talk about something mundane is not worth it, otherwise he may consider you rude man who distracts him from very important matters.

Pisces is the element of water. Such a man is literally attracted to everything mystical, very mysterious and mysterious. He may be interested in some stories about aliens, the occult sciences and other phenomena that have not yet been studied and disclosed.

It is very important for him to be understood. The lady of the heart of a Pisces man should wholly and completely share his interests, treat with great respect what he is fond of and support him in everything. This is quite a delicate nature that will not tolerate ridicule or disrespect in his side.

As for relationships with the opposite sex, this man is quite shy, shy and somewhat fearful. He is afraid to meet an insolent and rather boorish person. He likes more gentle girls, loving, caring and understanding.

Regarding matters of love, in this case, this man is very romantic. Very often he prefers platonic relationships. He will never be a tyrant, as violence has nothing to do with such a man. Such men have great respect for women. They are quite delicate individuals, which can be a pleasant surprise.

Man – Pisces is not in a hurry to do any decisive actions. He prefers to dream about his beloved. But, when it comes to intimacy, then in this matter, such a man will do absolutely everything and bring his chosen one the most unforgettable experience. It is such a man is quite sensitive and gentle lover.

How to make a man fall in love with a Pisces

To win a man – Pisces is necessary:

  • Maximally surround him with warmth, care, affection and attention. If you want to win the heart of a man and keep him near you, you just have to take care of all household issues and show that you are the real housewife and keeper of the family home.
  • To like a man – fish, a woman should share all of his interests and, like he himself, to awaken interest in everything unusual and unexplored.
  • Try to give him time to be alone with himself and his own thoughts. He is sure to appreciate it.
  • If you want to make such a man fall in love with you, you should not require him to some decisive actions and deeds. Do not be very assertive. – In no case do not laugh at his man and do not joke.
  • Do not rush him. He knows for himself what and when he should do.
  • Whatever the horoscope and zodiac sign of a woman, in a relationship with a man – Pisces, she just has to be more decisive.

Aries woman.

This is a rather complicated union. Aries woman is quite active and energetic personality, who will always be one step ahead of her chosen one. In order to win the heart of such a man, she must show herself as a hostess and in no case rush her man. Do not expect him to be bold and assertive, because it’s just not about him. Aries woman should not express her dissatisfaction towards the Pisces man.

The Taurus woman

Attract the attention, even a married man, a girl – Taurus will succeed in its poise, prudence and practicality. After all, they are so lacking. That you will be able to create for him the comfort and convenience that a man – Pisces is a must.

Female Gemini.

It will be very difficult for you to fall in love with a representative of this sign, and if he is married, so even more so. This is quite a complicated union. These people are simply unable to understand each other. A Gemini girl is rather fussy and the man constantly wants peace and quiet. You will be able to conquer such a man only if you show exactly the same interests that he himself represents.

A woman of Cancer.

The vulnerable nature of such a girl and the man – Pisces are simply created for each other. A female Cancer will even be able to repel a busy representative of the sign of Pisces. You can conquer him with your tenderness and care. Your romance and fragility, are able to conquer such a man in three accounts. In this couple, they will be really happy together. Neither of them will even want to seek solace on the side or think about breaking up.

The Leo Woman.

This union is quite complicated, as there will be no mutual understanding in this couple. This union can only be held together if the Lioness is active enough. To entice such a vulnerable and shy man, the Lioness will succeed only with her determination. If you quickly take it into a turn, everything will be fine in your couple. Even in the event that a Pisces man later realizes that the Leo woman is not his man, he simply does not have the courage to part with her.

The Virgo woman.

This is a good and very stable union. Even if he is not around, he will feel you. You are able to conquer such a man by the fact that you are ideally able to create comfort and coziness in the house. A Pisces man will even consider that you are the real ideal woman. There is absolutely no threat to such a union.

A Libra woman.

This union is not easy. You have completely different interests. No one knows how long the relationship will last. If you are determined that this man you just need, you should be as gentle and caring nature. If a Libra woman will constantly compromise and smooth over all the acute angles, it is quite possible that their union will be long and lasting.

To the Scorpio woman.

Even if he has a girlfriend, the Scorpio woman will be able to easily repel him. The fact is that these people are the best fit for each other. They will be good and relaxed together. Scorpio will not have to strain to win the favor of Pisces, you should just be yourself: quiet, calm, passionate, femme fatale and mysterious. This couple is compatible and understand each other perfectly.

To the female Sagittarius.

A very unfortunate union. You will be able to win the favor of such a man only if you will be attentive to him, start to show care and give the warmth of your heart.

To the Capricorn woman.

These personalities are very different from each other. It is very hard for them to be together. But if you really want to win a Pisces man, you need to be not only gentle and caring, but also sometimes go for tricks and cause tears. The gentle and sensual nature of the Pisces man will not be able to offend his chosen one.

To the Aquarius woman

You will be able to captivate the heart of such a man with his kindness, ability to tolerate and be gentle. Such a woman is not capable of criticism, she will not argue and sarcasm. A Pisces man will notice the enchanting beauty in you, as well as appreciate your understanding and sincerity.

Female Pisces.

This union is simply beautiful. They will get along great with each other. The Pisces girl is able to conquer the Pisces man with her calmness, kindness and gentleness. This man will immediately feel that he finally found his soul mate.

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