How to win a man lion to a woman virgin?

How to keep a Leo man

Regal, passionate and extraordinary majestic Leo, how to conquer this sign, many women wonder. Notice the king of beasts can not everyone. Therefore, to charm the Leo – not easy, but fascinating task.

Men of this sign value themselves highly, are quite active and very demanding to women. Thinking about how to attract a Leo, it is important to remember the characteristics of representatives of this fiery sign. Becoming a woman who embodies the lion’s ideals is not easy. This is especially true for those who are accustomed to dominance, want to influence their partner, tend to hint unequivocally to men they like about formalizing a relationship.

How to attract the attention of Leo

Do not know how to attract the attention of Leo? Different techniques and methods can work in a seduction program. Leo is contradictory by nature. The king of beasts is simultaneously a vulnerable romantic, strange as it may seem.

Do not look for a single answer to the question of how to attract the attention of the Leo, a bright and original man. Such simply does not exist. But the recommendations of the astrologer will help you decide on the right way, the possible techniques of seduction.

How to conquer the Leo: Consider the peculiarities of the sign

So, it is important for you to know how to conquer the Leo. Mistakes in the process of seduction this king of beasts does not forgive. Accordingly, it is necessary to minimize the risk of committing them. All you need to do is to take into account the priorities and aspirations of a man.

How to attract a Leo guy? Remember that he is:

– Powerful. The natural desire of any Leo is to lead the Pride. He wants to control everyone in his environment, from his parents to his children. Being in charge is a natural role for a Leo companion. If the woman does not agree to such a position in the pride, another will take her place. Leo will be mortally offended by the betrayer. – Caring and generous. How to fall in love with a Leo guy? Accept his care. He should feel superior, necessary, important. Rejecting his adoration, gifts and other signs of attention, the woman deeply hurt the second lion’s self – sentimental and romantic. – Vain and vulnerable. Want to know how to fall in love with Leo? Just praise him often and sincerely. The vanity of a man in a skillful woman’s hands – a great tool for seduction. – Jealous. The ideal woman for Leo is the one who does not try to cause his jealousy. A lady who flirts with others is unlikely to attract the attention of the king of beasts, let alone hold him.

How to keep a Leo man

Every woman who gets the king of the beasts thinks about how to keep a Leo man. It can be difficult. But, using a few professional tips astrologer, you can minimize the risk of breaking relations for the banal reason of incompatibility of characters.

A woman who knows how to please a Leo man should be:

  • A queen. Leo men want to see only self-sufficient, spectacular and attractive women around.
  • Leading and loyal. Lions appreciate their loyalty and obedience. A woman who admires the abilities of her chosen one, who loves him, who is ready to follow the advice of her lord, is the ideal. At the same time, she must be a strong person. How to understand a Leo man? It’s simple: he needs a female companion leader who agrees to recognize the superiority of the king of beasts.
  • Reliable, proactive. Leo’s mate should not only be a wife, lover, but also girlfriend, partner, comrade-in-arms.
  • Original. Thinking about how to charm the Leo and keep him does not need a woman who conquers her peaks. A man will definitely pay attention to her. Leo dreams of a companion to be proud of. This is exactly the kind of entourage the king needs.

How to win a Leo for an Aries man

How to get the Leo man interested in the Aries woman? It is not difficult, because she is usually beautiful, spectacular, self-sufficient. Leo will definitely pay attention to the representative of the fair sex. But the relationship may develop slowly and difficult. Aries will have to submit to Leo, to change if a woman wants to get the king of beasts. But immediately give up born under the sign of Aries, as a rule, just can not. Relationships of such women with Leo can experience ruptures and new encounters.

How to understand Leo, Aries does not know. But at the same time, a woman born under this sign, intuitively feels that the king of beasts is suitable for her. The reason for renewing the relationship is sufficient. Once Aries initiates a meeting with Leo after a breakup, she is subdued.

Keeping the king of the beasts is no problem for the Aries woman. She, who discerns his nature and knows his weaknesses, acts as a skilled tamer. And so the king of beasts gets from the prairie to the cage. He will be surprised at first, then annoyed, then furious. But eventually Aries will conquer Leo with self-sufficiency, pronounced leadership qualities, intelligence, tender care, and the illusion that he is the king in their family.

How to win a Taurus to Leo

Wondering how to win a Leo man, a Taurus woman often takes the wrong steps. The king of the beasts can not conquer the home varieties, talk about family and children. For Leo is important only one person in the world – his own. The soul of the king of the beasts craves compliments and flattery. Taurus, on the other hand, believes that worship is the destiny of weak and unencumbered people.

Painfully proud Leo in a relationship with a Taurus woman lacks emotions. His chosen one is too rational, stingy with compliments, does not consider it necessary to praise the king of beasts every second. As a result, Leo harbors resentment. This calls into question the further development of the relationship.

A woman who wants to keep a couple will not hurt professional astrological advice on how to keep Leo. First of all, it is necessary to try to show enthusiasm. Leo men do not tolerate inaction. They often have to shake up their Taurus. Communication is also an important point. A Leo loves his ears. Do you want to keep him? Talk to the king of beasts about his irresistibility, talent, strength, etc.

How a Gemini can win over a Leo.

A woman born under the sign of Gemini will not be difficult to conquer Leo. It’s as if she sees right through him. In addition, such a lady intuitively knows what levers need to be pressed so that the formidable king of beasts rather purred with moral satisfaction.

How to win the love of Leo, Gemini almost always know for sure. They masterfully notice the special qualities, abilities, and talents of men. At the same time, they do not fail to tell men about them. Leo’s get what they want: attention, recognition of their own superiority. And Gemini men get the admiration, loyalty and loyalty of kings.

A woman with two selves knows how to marry a Leo man. But it is not always easy for her to keep her partner. This is due to the fickleness of Gemini. When the king of beasts becomes a house cat, a woman can get bored and … distracted.

For example, to a new hobby, books, girlfriends, etc. The king is likely to suspect treason, under-attention. Hence the conflicts. Gemini’s who want to keep Leo should be mindful of his idealism. Attention is extremely important to the king of the beasts. Getting his daily portion, the man will be malleable, like a house cat.

How Cancer to win Leo

“Moon” woman and the king of beasts from relationships want the same thing: that they last a lifetime. How to win the Leo to the judicious Cancer? First, it is necessary to attract his attention.

To do this, you need to be bright, original, interesting to the Leo man. With this Cancer does not have problems. A woman born under this sign has all the necessary qualities to charm the king of beasts.

The couple’s relationship can have two development scenarios. The first provides for the full dependence of Cancer on the lion’s whims. The king of the beasts will dominate the woman, but she will make him retreat, gently and tenderly discussing each specific conflict case in the smallest detail. As a result, the partners will find the necessary compromises.

The second scenario is difficult for Leo and Cancer. He will have to put up with her possessive moods, emotional outbursts. The woman, on the other hand, will be forced to turn a blind eye to her partner’s narcissism. The outcome of the relationship depends on the desire of both to understand and accept each other.

How to Conquer the Leo

How to win the love of Leo, a woman Leo, it would seem, should know better than anyone else. In fact, the two regal individuals together can be very difficult. To attract the attention of Leo the Lioness is not difficult. She, bright, extraordinary, self-sufficient, almost an ideal for him. But only at the time of the romantic encounters. After the confetti-bouquet period, Leo may begin to conflict.

The first stumbling block is money. Especially if she earns more than him, and is higher on the career ladder. To preserve the relationship, to keep Leo in the family, a heroic sacrifice is required of the Lioness. The queen will have to submit, to recognize the superiority of her partner. Then the reasons and occasions for conflict will disappear, all the signs of a Leo man in love will appear.

The Lioness will get a gentle protector, generous, interesting, original. But this man at the same time will be incredibly proud, extremely sensitive to offense, convinced of his own exclusivity. Romantically in love with the queen, he is ready for much. But God forbid she should hurt Leo’s feelings, insult him, doubt his greatness.

How to win a Virgo Leo

How to attract a Leo man to a Virgo woman? It is not difficult, because, sweet, feminine, charming by nature, she causes an instinctive desire of the king of beasts – to protect, protect, take care of. The couple’s relationship, as a rule, develops quickly. Practical and wise Virgo has a great influence on Leo.

And now he is already noticing desires that were not typical for him before. For example, to buy a few things for the closet in calm colors instead of the bright colors that were his favorite before. Or Leo may doubt the perfection of his speech (even shut up in the middle of a conversation, doubting the correctness of the pronounced words).

At the same time, Virgo does not criticize the beloved, does not belittle his virtues, does not reproach him for narcissism. She is too polite for an open rebuke, controlling the hitherto rebellious king of beasts with a mere glance. The lion, without noticing it, becomes submissive. The maiden hurts his vanity.

The lion tries to prove to her (and to himself) that he is ideal. Eventually the man becomes so. This is where the Virgo nurturer should stop. The answers to the question of how to seduce the Leo man, she has already found. It remains to maintain the relationship. And for this it is important not to overdo with the initiation of changes in the image of a loved one.

How Libra to win a Leo

For a Libra woman, the question of how to conquer Leo, a man of bright and bossy, is practically irrelevant. She masterfully knows how to do what most regal individuals fall for. A Libra woman is a real master of compliments. She says them virtuoso, gentle, heartfelt and convincing.

At the same time a Libra woman can be bossy. She is a born leader, not wanting to put up with the second place, the bottom step, the secondary role. It is worth it to show leadership, Leo is likely to be offended. And if the leadership of Libra drags on, the king of beasts will be disappointed.

To keep the beloved Leo, Libra is recommended to master the techniques of soft leadership. A man born under the royal sign is chic, bossy, self-sufficient, and bright. Yet he remains a sentimental romantic. Leo puts his feelings above all else. They cannot be played with. The king of beasts does not tolerate open criticism. But the soft impact, skillful manipulation can tame even the most unruly big cat. In the Libra-Leo relationship the question of supremacy remains open throughout life. As long as the two find compromises, happiness and harmony await them.

How a Scorpio woman can win a Leo.

For the Scorpio woman, the answer to the question of how to win the heart of Leo is obvious. She sees in her chosen one many things that are worthy of not only respect, but also admiration. First of all, a woman notices the confidence of a man in himself. Leo demonstrates it with a slight carelessness. Scorpio, of course, is also quite confident. But she does not know how to demonstrate it with noble brilliance.

How to fall in love with Leo, a man unconventional, self-confident, a woman Scorpio? A lot can be solved by eye contact. Leo literally drowns in a cold pool of scorpio eyes. Inner wisdom, cold poise, with which Scorpio looks at the world, conquer the king of beasts. Also of keen interest is the mystery of the woman. Behind her lies Scorpio’s desire to hide his feelings. In Leo it awakens the hunter’s instinct. He longs to unravel the mystery.

The relationship of Leo and Scorpio is not easy. They can have serious conflicts, long resentment against each other. She is annoyed by his arrogance. But at the same time, she loves Leo for his reliability. He gets furious at her silence. But invariably appreciates Scorpio’s loyalty. Outside of quarrels and conflicts, the partners are tender towards each other, sincere and romantic.

How Sagittarius to win Leo

How to interest Leo the individualist Sagittarius? It is not easy. Representatives of the signs are too different, both explosive, in a number of life situations intolerant. Sagittarius, in order to draw the lion’s attention, will have to make a number of efforts. This woman is not an ideal for the king of the beasts. But she is certainly not easy, noticeable, original. The first thing the Leo will pay attention to is the naturalness of the Sagittarius. She does not play roles. She is what she is. And she does not care what anyone thinks about it, even Leo himself.

Keeping the relationship will not be easy either. How do you know that Leo loves? He begins to demand. First of all obedience. Elected king of beasts must obey him. Otherwise it can not be. But not in the case of Sagittarius. A self-sufficient woman cannot obey 100%. She allows Leo to control her life, but only to a certain extent.

Leo and Sagittarius as a couple are two detectives, diplomats and politicians. They constantly test each other for fidelity, conduct joint projects, while managing to weave harmless intrigues with the same purpose of checking feelings.

How to Conquer Leo to Capricorn

How to seduce Leo the practical Capricorn woman? She has everything she needs to attract his attention. Leo will surely notice in a crowd of guests, for example at a party, a slightly haughty, seemingly cold and mysterious woman.

Before meeting Capricorn the king of beasts was sure of his absolute practicality, masculinity, coolness, majesty, impeccable beauty. In the presence of a woman born under this sign, he suddenly discovers that he moves awkwardly and harshly, speaks restlessly, looks not at all 100%. Leo begins to get nervous. He strives for perfection, trying to regain his confidence.

How do you know if a Leo likes you? The king of beasts usually bluffs at first, trying to hide his anxiety, pretends disinterested and cold. But non-verbal cues won’t let Capricorn be fooled.

There will be many pitfalls in the couple’s relationship. Both signs are contradictory. Leo senses Capricorn’s strength. The woman’s desire to lecture her partner is also not concealed from him. The king does not tolerate encroachments on his authority. But at the same time, he can not refuse to communicate with this extraordinary woman who trusts him so much.

How Aquarius to win Leo

When thinking about how to seduce a Leo man, an Aquarius woman may plan several misguided moves. The biggest mistake will be communicating with the king of beasts as an ordinary man. Leo is extraordinary, regal and majestic. This requires a special strategy of seduction.

How to please the Leo? Be natural. Qualities inherent in Aquarius, do not give the king of beasts bored. A man is confused and intrigued by the unique manner of speech of this woman. He also notes for himself her unusual behavior. The eccentricity of Aquarius is another highlight that attracts Leo.

This woman surprises the man every day and hour. Variety is what Leo needs. At the same time he will never show his surprise. This is beneath the dignity of the king of beasts. All the antics of Aquarius are taken for granted by Leo. But gradually he gets to know a woman better, begins to understand her.

If the pair are looking in the same direction, the relationship will last long. For their development and preservation, it is important for both of them to remember their partner’s pride, vulnerability, romanticism and morbid self-love.

How Pisces Can Conquer Leo

Not every Pisces woman will think about how to please a Leo guy. Many ladies born under this sign unconsciously avoid overbearing and overly demanding men. Leo men are just that.

If the question of how to charm a Leo man is relevant for you, use a few tips from an astrologer. To attract the attention of the king of beasts, Pisces should simply talk to him. The wisdom, tactfulness, and restraint of a woman catches Leo’s eye. He, intrigued and interested, will find a reason to continue communication.

The development of the relationship in the Leo-Pisces couple can be different. But in any case, the woman will submit. The first scenario is ideal for both partners. She intuitively understands that she must obey. He gets the opportunity to dominate. Pisces’ wisdom in doing so is enough to maintain a harmonious relationship without one partner suppressing the other. Other scenarios are more complex.

They are not without pitfalls. Both Leo and Pisces have to stumble over them. Relationships in both cases may resemble the fight in several rounds with short or long pauses between them. If Leo is too assertive, oppressive and fierce, Pisces may simply drift away. The woman will suffer from the breakup of the relationship, but her instinct for self-preservation will play its part.

Unions of representatives of different zodiac signs are like complicated chess games. In order not to make a mistake with the next move, it is necessary to think through the strategy to the smallest detail. This will allow you to make a competent astrological forecast, you can order it from our specialist.

Virgo woman and Leo man zodiac signs compatibility – 80%

Leo man – self-sufficient, self-confident. Pains to bear criticism and challenging his leadership. Charming, generous, sensual, knows how to court beautifully.

The Virgo woman combines intelligence, grace, beauty, loyalty and romance. Practical since childhood, she soberly evaluates herself and those around her.

The Leo man is the embodiment of perfection and the Virgo woman is perfection itself. Therefore, their union is doomed to success, but sometimes Virgo grumbles at the chosen one, and Leo suffers from the undervaluation of their merits. The relationship of this couple is akin to a roller coaster ride – then they are bathed in love and understanding, getting ready to say their cherished vows, then they quarrel in a tumble, packing their suitcases and saying goodbye forever.

How a Virgo woman to win a Leo man

Astrologists editorial office say that the Leo man is extremely painful and reluctant to accept any criticism of his address. It does not matter what exactly is criticized – his appearance or personal qualities, the reaction will be one: negative. Virgo women are those who are constantly trying to make themselves better, adding to the baggage of knowledge, so it is quite usual for her to slightly “nudge” others to self-improvement, because this miss never sits still.

When you meet a Virgo Leo from the first minutes it feels incredible attraction, with which he can hardly cope under force, but at the same time, it becomes difficult to breathe because of the criticism, which all the time comes in his address and can kill even the most brilliant impulses of the soul. That is why Virgo should be a little more patient and try to consider the chosen one as something to be admired endlessly, instead of paying attention to the features that would be desirable to correct.

Virgo should be attentive, try to avoid open conflicts and not put pressure on Leo.

Leo himself will show initiative, and the task of the woman is to show her strengths. Winning interest, a woman-Levo should let the Leo conquer herself.

How to conquer a Leo man Virgo woman

To conquer a Virgo, you need to be a decent, attractive and well-groomed man. Even dirty shoes fan can cause her displeasure. Leo knows how to present himself, he is courageous and confident, which bribes a woman. She may have doubts and not immediately reciprocate Leo’s advances, but with the second or third attempt a man can not only draw attention to himself, but also to conquer the feminine Virgo.

Female Virgo behaves discreetly at the beginning of acquaintances, she is not allowed to hug and kiss, so Leo should not be in a hurry. Femme Virgo can repel unkemptness, rudeness, foul language, which is usually not peculiar to Leo. A man’s mistake can be excessive glamour in courting – expensive gifts, restaurants. Virgo may take it for a wastefulness, in addition, the man himself and his personal qualities are more important to her.

The virtues of the union.

They may quarrel, break up, but they are drawn to each other. Relationships will become a torment if instead of working on themselves, Virgo and Leo will try to remake their partner. Loyalty, respect and love will help, because there are many virtues in this union:

  • Complementing each other. In many ways they are opposites, for example: Virgo knows how to save, and Leo prefers to spend, the woman knows how to give, empathize, and the man prefers to take. Each has its own role in the union, but as long as Virgo will remain a true woman, will not try to bend the Leo under himself and his needs, the relationship will be harmony.
  • Mutual respect. Leo is reverent for his partner, he is ready to throw the whole world at her feet. The love of Virgo is just as selfless and strong – she will move with her beloved to another city or country, will give up a good job. The woman’s position causes delight in the man, and she is grateful to him for his patronage and care.
  • Financial stability. This couple rarely experiences serious financial difficulties. If it happens, Virgo finds a way to get the family budget out of crisis, and Leo spares no effort to succeed at work or in his own business. Both are smart, pragmatic, and if they direct their energy and strength to the common cause, not against each other, then victories are guaranteed.
  • Continuous Improvement. Leo is a fixed sign, and if he wants, he can move mountains, but he lacks discipline. Virgo will help him nurture this quality, learn to take on tasks, even if no one guarantees one hundred percent success Leo also has something to teach the woman he loves. Thanks to him, she will learn to live in the moment and make bolder use of the benefits that life gives her.

Disadvantages of the union

Problems in the relationship arise in all Virgo-Leo couples. Too different characters, life positions, but strong feelings and compromises help to build a union that has many flaws:

  • Excessive criticism. No matter how perfect Leo is, Virgo will find flaws in him and try to make him even better. She is constantly working on herself and sincerely believes that expressing her opinion helps the chosen one. This becomes the cause of quarrels. Leo knows about his shortcomings and works on them, but it is important for him to feel the best and perfect in the eyes of his beloved – this is the source of his strength. In addition, usually the woman’s favorites are such Leo representatives who irritate Virgo with their levity, bravado and tendency to constant flirting with everyone in a row.
  • Different attitudes toward finances. Both know how to make money and have successful careers. But Leo is easy to part with the spoils, he likes to live beautifully and in a big way. And Virgo is thrifty, she would rather invest her savings in her own business than skip them at parties.
  • Misunderstanding. It arises because of the difference in character. Virgo is sociable, but in no hurry to open up to everyone, they are careful in choosing their friends, they may even be withdrawn. Leo is always brilliant in society. This can be a circle of like-minded people, colleagues, in which the man enjoys undeniable authority.

Intimate life

Leo has no idea how much passion and thirst for experimentation lurks in the modest and reserved Virgo. When a man manages to win the affection of his beloved, to convince her that he is the man, she will become uninhibited and gentle.

Intimate life for Virgo is inextricably linked to her relationship with a man. If she has doubts, resentment or mistrust, she will be passive and cold in bed. The woman has many complexes, but Leo will be able to convince her that she is the most desirable for him. Virgo painfully endures the quarrels and flirting of a man with other women. And because of this, she alienates herself. Leo, not feeling the admiration of the partner, begins to doubt the right choice and may begin to look for attention on the side. Often in the beginning of a relationship there is a lot of passion, which subsides with time. If there are feelings, Leo and Virgo will learn to live in harmony, and together with harmony will return and attraction to each other.

What parents will be like.

Virgo is the mistress of the house, and her position in the upbringing of children will be supreme. She is ready to give up leadership in all other matters, but the children and home order is only her area of responsibility and influence. Both love the child. Leo, spoiling, softens the strictness and criticism of mom, and Virgo makes every effort to make sure that the children are happy and decent.

Mama Virgo is demanding of the child, trying to get him used to the order, neat appearance, was attentive to small things from childhood. Spends a lot of time and effort to ensure that the baby’s living conditions were ideal.

Papa Leo unconditionally accepts his child with all his shortcomings, most of which he does not even notice. It is difficult for him to adequately assess their children – they are the best, smartest, most talented and loved.

What their children will be like.

In his desire for order, Virgo should not reach fanaticism and pressure on the child, her personal example – the best motivation. Otherwise, the child will have an aversion to order, and going out of the house, he will deliberately ruin his hair or undo the buttons. As a teenager, remarks about the child’s friends or hobbies can become a cause for serious conflict.

The patronage of the father will help the children of this couple to take the best qualities from their parents.

Leo does not spare money and time for the early development of children, and Virgo is able to find an approach to the child, to understand the causes of his frustrations, to help learn what he does not do well.

Is a Virgo woman prone to cheating

Virgo has a philosophical attitude to physical intimacy – she would rather be alone than with anyone. Infidelity is rare. Love first intelligence, then the heart, so if treason occurs, it is not because of the impulse of passion, but as a result of a conscious decision. Will hide the lover – because the truth about the betrayal would destroy her image of a sensible and decent woman.

In a relationship with Leo, the cause could be his infidelity, flirting, or lack of attention. Betrayal can occur in the period of another breakup with a man. Virgo will shun casual relations, her new partner will be a familiar person who has long sought her favor.

Is the Leo man prone to cheating

Leo has many admirers, he can flirt, but treason will be decided only if the personal relationship with Virgo was unbearable, according to astrologers A woman criticizes, hurt her ego, cold, inflated demands – in such circumstances Leo can not feel like a leader and begins to look for a place where it will be leading. Family for the sake of the mistress rarely leaves, will hide the connection with another.

Mutual fidelity – one of the strengths and conditions for a happy marriage of representatives of these zodiac signs.

What to be afraid of in a relationship

Even in their fears, Leo and Virgo are opposites – he is not afraid of anything, not admitting phobias, and Virgo has many complexes and fears, with which she constantly fights:

  • Changing the habitual way of life. Leo will not be able to live without exciting travel, noisy companies – jealousy and claims of a woman may work, but only for a while. The virgin is horrified by the chaos that Leo brings to her home and life – scattered things, disorder after friends leave. They each have their own world, so it is important not to break boundaries and not to impose their vision of a perfect holiday or order at home.
  • Financial insolvency. It depresses Leo and becomes a reason for Virgo’s discontent. Both devote a lot of effort and time to creating comfort in the home. It is important for the man that the family needs nothing, and for women it is desirable that there was also a bank account.
  • Betrayal of a partner. This fear prevents Virgo men from building new relationships, especially if the previous ones ended badly. Their coldness and unwarranted criticism – this is a defensive reaction, a way to protect themselves from new mistakes. Leo will not forgive cheating – it will hurt the ego. Both treat negatively the betrayal of a loved one, but they themselves do not mind having an affair on the side, if there are problems in a permanent relationship.

Something to work on.

Leo has many admirers, he actively works and rests, but home life depresses him. He’d rather lounge in bed or watch a movie than clean his apartment to a shine. Virgo is pedantic; she orders everything she touches. She’s annoyed by tardiness and a man’s unrestrained word. Both need to work on themselves to keep the magical feelings and trust in the couple:

  • Less criticism. There are no perfect people, and Virgo’s attempts to remake the proud Leo do not help the couple develop, but only destroy it. A man loves compliments and recognition of his achievements, especially when gratitude is expressed in public. He will fulfill all of Virgo’s whims if she encourages him rather than nagging him. Leo also likes to teach life, which annoys the Virgo, because she is constantly evolving as it is.
  • Accepting the partner as a formed personality. Virgo will be able to manipulate and influence the young Leo. He will be in her power for a while, but quarrels and attempts by the man to regain his leadership will soon follow. Mature Leo can not drive “under the heel,” if a woman is interested in the union, she needs to make concessions.
  • Respect. This is the basis for a prosperous union of Leo and Virgo. Both are sensitive to rudeness and insults. They will not forgive a quarrel, neither themselves nor their beloved. Virgo is vindictive, and on occasion will reproach Leo for a bad deed or harsh statements.

How does the Leo man behave during a breakup

Leo’s relationship with Virgo is often uneven – there is a sense of flight and unearthly love, followed by disappointment and a desire to break up. Leo often becomes the initiator of a breakup with Virgo, not withstanding her criticism, coldness and numerous nagging. He does the impossible for his beloved, and she still demands more. Then the man decides to break up, but if both have feelings, after a short period of time they try to be together again.

The reason for a real breakup can be Virgo’s infidelity or her neglect of her man. It is not known what is more terrible for the proud Leo. If Virgo will not give a reason to break up, but the man’s feelings have faded, he can just take and leave, putting Virgo before the fact.

Dated Leo for a year. One day he just disappeared. No explanation. He just disappeared. He came back a month later: “I’m sorry, it happened, it’s my fault, but so are you.” Before that it was very painful, and then I was cut off. No more Lions. Daria, 25 years old.

How a Virgo woman behaves during a breakup

Virgo painfully endures quarrels and breakups. She looks for the reason in herself, tries to analyze the situation. After reconciliation she will not calm down until she discusses with Leo the reasons for their problems. She will point out her and his shortcomings, which will not really please the man. To win the trust of Virgo again is difficult – Leo must show patience and persistence, so that the relationship is renewed. The woman does not forget offenses and can take revenge.

If Virgo realizes the futility of the union, she will be able to tame her feelings and part with Leo. She is irritated by the irresponsibility, the man’s communication with other women, his inflated self-esteem. Easily disappointed in the chosen one, but she will be ready for a new relationship is not soon. After each parting with a man becomes more suspicious and unavailable. Therefore, the older Virgo becomes, the harder it is to find their ideal man.

Can the friendship between them.

Virgo and Leo can become true friends. They are not hindered by the fact that their friend is of the opposite sex. For the man it is an additional reason to feel attractive, and the woman appreciates the personal qualities of the man. In a friendship, Virgo helps Leo understand himself and cope with difficulties, and the man finds a kindred spirit. They have common interests, may have the same favorite movies and hobbies.

The formation of a friendly relationship is facilitated by mutual respect between Virgo and Leo. Both are intelligent, sensible, and decent. They enjoy being in each other’s company, they know for sure that a friend will not betray, will not build intrigues behind their backs. They are united by the same understanding of morality, principles and honor.

Compatibility in work

One of the most successful combinations in joint work is Virgo and Leo. They perfectly understand and complement each other, are able to think big and set distant goals, which they easily achieve. Their tandem is always successful, they are intelligent, goal-oriented, quick to solve problems.

Female Virgo and male Leo – colleagues

They enjoy working together and can handle the most difficult and risky projects. Virgo is attentive to small things, and Leo knows how to get things done and has a responsible attitude to work. Both are careerists, but their rivalry is more friendly and always honest. Unfree Leo and Virgo romances are rare, both value their partner and family.

Virgo woman and Leo man are bosses.

Virgo is demanding and Leo loves flattery – that’s the only thing that can cause them misunderstandings. Otherwise, they get along great and cooperate. Their projects are promising, and problems are temporary and quickly resolved.

Virgo woman and Leo man – subordinate and superior

The Virgo woman leader appreciates her Leo employee. He recognizes her leadership, but keeps his dignity. Performing a large amount of work, a man can overlook minor details than upset meticulous boss.

The leader man Leo get along well with the subordinate Virgo – she is executive, intelligent and always supportive of the leader.

I know such a couple in close consideration. Very much matched. At the beginning of the relationship passion, then there was lapping in their life together for about 3 years, periodically quarreled as written here, packed their bags, tore wedding photos. From the maiden really a lot of criticism. They both tried to take their partner under them, then the kids came along and the adults calmed down. About the children all the same is true, the maiden with her precepts really zalyabyvanitsya, with the older child a conflict and misunderstanding. From the child as written – a protest, a mess at home and domestic laziness. Papa the lion, on the contrary, does not dote on his children, takes all the shenanigans, scolding of course when it is very edge is not visible. But he takes him to all sorts of circles and sections, if a child wants something new in the classroom, then change circles. In short about this couple I can say that the durability of their relationship is a constant work on themselves and the ability to accept the partner. The horoscope does not give them harmony from the beginning, earth and fire well such a combination. But if people love))

With Virgo, I had my first experience. From the sight, the most ordinary girl, nothing particularly did not stand out, but if closer – it’s just a volcano of passion! So much ardor and sexuality, I did not even expect from her! I do not know about the other virgins, but this one is very fond of communication and attention, the main thing with her is not to keep silent, and constantly need to talk and consult. In life there was, a very difficult period that separated us, but she says, – that maybe I will come back to you. As for leadership, I do not know, I am Leo, but somehow I do not like to command and pressure people, and even any person, it is always better to be able to agree. Yes, it is possible that everything is very individual, – there are no identical people in the world. A friend of mine, for example, never trusts horoscopes, but always trusts the psychomatrix of Pythagoras.

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