How to win a Leo woman?

How to date a Leo woman

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So, what can be said about the queen among the zodiac signs, the Leo woman? Ardent and enthusiastic, cheerful and open-minded, they make terrific friends and lovers. The Leo woman is the epitome of romance: passionate, poetic, fiery and adoring. Never doubt, however, that she expects, reciprocal love with the same intensity and enthusiasm, passion and devotion. These women are born between July 23 and August 22.

  • Lion girls treat guys with the utmost respect, and will place them on a very high pedestal. In return, she expects you to do the same. You are “her Lion, the leader.”
  • For a truly meaningful relationship, she chooses the most unique people who are different from her usual suitors.
  • Ruled by the 5th house, her sign rules the heart. She is extroverted by nature, and her sign is fixed.
  • A potential partner of a Leo woman must be sensitive and intelligent. The presence of intelligence is a must. Leo is constantly asking questions, so you must be able to reason and articulate, as well as know everything in the world. There must be strength and confidence in you so that you are always ready to take the initiative. These qualities are very attractive to her, and she will purr with pleasure and enjoy. They don’t always want to decide everything and take responsibility.

Independence. She wants to make sure that the person next to her craves independence as much as she does. She is looking for a guy who will guide her, not control her. Any partner of such a Lioness girl must have a strong and somewhat independent character, otherwise your romance will become the subject of this girl’s domination over you.

Lioness women like to be admired. Yes, they love praise for their special uniqueness and creativity, as long as the praise is sincere. Compliments can get you far, and will very often make her blush. Lion women are known to love to be creative and hate established routines. Win her over by loving her unique style and the way she lives her life. And always show up on time, or you’ll find yourself facing payback!

Intensity of emotion. In anger, the Leo woman can be fiery and dramatic. The best thing to do in this case is to let her keep her pride, apologize and show that you care. No matter how reserved and aloof she may seem, know that she is grateful to you. Leo women love tolerance in character. In case you encounter an enraged Lioness, make sure you express your opinion firmly but calmly.

In her head. Underneath those shiny outer laces and nail polish, you may find, to your surprise, an insecure woman. She has a fragile heart under a shield of smiles and laughter, so you must have a sensitive heart. She will be very timid at the beginning of a relationship if she really likes you. You need to not just date her, but become her friend and talk to her. The way to Leo’s heart is through friendship. They treasure friendship and trust with all passion.

The Lioness versus the Lioness. A young Lioness will seem arrogant, vain and shouty. But the mature Lioness will seem very generous. Her level of generosity and caring will become so high and warm that she will tend to forget about herself.

Lions, in general, love luxury things. Her tastes are known for their extravagance and grandeur. She purrs when she is presented with good quality wines or chocolates during her courtship, or when asking for a date she is pre-reserved at that elegant upscale restaurant. If you can’t afford it, your Lioness would prefer a picnic in the park or a slow walk around town at night or a nice dinner at home. She loves sparkling lights and deep romantic situations.

  • When a Leo woman takes the plunge into love, she tends to be very shy. You may have to prompt her and make the first moves and assure her of the seriousness of your intentions. She longs for your love, but she is too insecure to ask you for it. She will enjoy your movements.
  • If you neglect your pussycat’s ego for too long, she will withdraw from you, become destructive and gloomy. A Lion woman’s pride is always on the line, and no matter how loudly she growls, her ego is thin and fragile.

Lions may indulge their desires, be stubborn and prone to resentment if they don’t get what they want in the way they want it. Other times they can be needy and demanding. Don’t let the Leo woman feel that she is giving and not getting the same in return. On the positive side, they are warm, demonstrative, theatrical, spectacle-loving.

  • The phrase “I love you” means vulnerability to Leo women. Lion women stand by their well-being; she will find pleasure in teasing you, teasing you and making you nervous. She’s as playful as a kitten and is likely to start teasing you once she gets used to you.

You need romance. Leo will love anything that has the magic of the moment and romance. Lions are dreamers and their day consists of random moments. She may even respond with romance in return. Your Lioness will appreciate anything you put your idea to, whether it’s a sudden trip to nowhere, red roses hidden in her mailbox, or a homemade map under her doorway and so on. If a Leo woman loves you, she’ll go more than halfway, just so long as your plan works, and she’ll see everything in rosy colors. Courtship her or she will seriously question the right choice about you. She loves gorgeous romantic gestures and the process of courting. Nothing is ever too much as long as it is sincere.

Under the sheet. Your kitty needs a man who can make her purr. Yes, you need to be dominant in bed when it comes down to it. Your kitten is a pleasure man, she will do everything in her power to please you. In bed, the Leo woman wants you to be her leader (lion). Accept the challenge and show her passion and romance, and she will be yours alone. Leo’s favorite area is said to be the lower back. A back and neck massage is a treat for her. Some Lion women can be quite strange and like to play seduction with fluffy handcuffs and blindfolds.

How does a female lion (lioness) like you?

To please a woman who has a feeling of sympathy or love, not every man can. Some people are hampered by self-doubt, the other indecision, the third and even the lack of ability to talk and basic experience. Why? Yes, because this unique inherently unique ladies, queens, to achieve that much harder than the rest. Even Scorpios can not compare in this regard with the Lioness.

But if you are caught in a network of love with a Lioness, and now you can not get out of them, then you can only work, a complete work on yourself. You have to work on yourself, to do everything possible in order to win her, to do their own re-education. And if she did not even pay attention to you at the first meeting, then your case and can be considered neglected – will have to make even more effort. But do not get upset before time.

How to attract, to attract the attention of girls Leo (Leo)?

Well, immediately we would like to warn you that it will be very, very difficult to attract the attention of the Leo girl who did not pay attention to you, because, if she has not paid attention, most likely she has already made her conclusions about the weight, made a decision and put you in the category of “unpromising. Now it will have to make a lot of effort to change her opinion. And in the case of the Lions, it is a task literally impossible. But the effort is still worth it. What to do? Well…

– Learn to be the soul of the company.

Never be able to please a woman Leo “man of the crowd”, gray, inconspicuous, such as the bulk. She will pay attention only to the special, to the one that stands out from the crowd. And who stands out from the crowd? Only the soul of the company, the one who knows how to attract attention, the one to whom people are interested. So you have to try to become one. How to do it? We’ve already talked about this in a previous topic…

– Learn how to talk confidently.

The Lioness will never pay attention to a “mumble” or a person who can’t express his thoughts well enough. You should be able to express feelings, thoughts, emotions, be able to communicate as equals, confident and decisive, not to stammer, be interesting, so people listen to you with open mouth. Then the Lioness will like your company, and that’s when she will pay attention to you.

– Be neat and groomed.

She needs a king, a tsar, someone with whom she’ll feel special. And believe me, a dirty, just not neat, or a man in an unironed shirt or dirty shoes, just will not be able to draw her attention. Such on the contrary will cause her to feel disgust. Look after yourself, and do everything possible in order to be perfect in this regard.

– Gentle words, praise and admiration

You should at least sometimes tell her about her virtues, praise her, admire her. For example, you can say something like: “I admire your sense of style, all women should be like that! It seems like nothing special, but it’s sure to hurt her, make her pay attention to you. But do not overdo it. Admire her, but don’t let her think you’re obsessed with her. She definitely doesn’t want you around her.

– Develop and improve.

Lioness women pay attention only to those who do not stop on the achieved and go forward. a man who stopped in one place will not attract her attention, be sure of this.

How to please a woman of the zodiac sign Leo?

If the Leo woman has already drawn her attention to you, then it will not be difficult for you to like her. All you need now is to maintain the opinion about yourself that you were able to create. And also, try to follow our recommendations…

First, be a person for her to rely on. She must feel that you are a reliable man, strong, ready to defend her, to keep her from bad things, to protect her. Only such a man can truly please a woman Leo, and maybe even make her fall in love with you. You have to be a wall behind which she can hide in case of emergency. And do not let the fact that she can cope with any problem herself, confuse you.

Secondly, you have to be a promising man. Only a promising man will be able to please a lady like the Lioness. Lionesses always want all sommgo best, they crave expensive things, expensive courtship, crave comfort and opportunities to not deny themselves anything. But can an unpromising man give them all that? No! It may sound a little too self-serving, but that’s just the way life is. Yes now in general, and not only women of this sign of the Zodiac reason…

Thirdly, you have to woo her like a queen. Believe me, simple dating and moonlight walks will not help here. They will have some effect, but not a strong one. You will have to resort to something more powerful. This can be a candlelit dinner, some unusual pastime, a joint vacation in nature, or something else. She needs to see that you spent a lot of money on this, and you had to think hard to come up with something like this for her. She should understand that you are trying to surprise her, because it’s the only way she feels that you care.

Fourthly, always be a man. What was that about? Yes to the fact that you, as a man, must be decisive, confident, ready to defend their views. Do not dare to become malleable and agree with all of her opinions and words. No, you can agree, but sometimes you need to argue. Only in arguments be sure to apply the facts and arguments.

Also, to please a woman Leo, you should be interesting, should be able to support any topic, should always have in reserve subjects for conversation, that she was interested in you. By the way she will understand that you are not stupid and educated enough, and it is also quite important factor for the Leo woman.

And what is equally important, you should radiate loyalty, devotion, honesty. A womanizer who can lie and cheat, such will never pay attention. Consequently, and like it just can not.

How to fall in love with the Lioness?

If a Lioness woman is dating you, and if she has already clearly shown that she likes you, then now you can relax. But do not even think to stop doing everything that you did in order to please her, because she will immediately end the relationship with you and put an end to it. She will simply realize that you were pretending, and this equates to cheating, lying, which Leo hates with all her soul. Now for the main point…

Serious intentions – you have to show that you are serious about her. Lionesses rarely immerse themselves in affairs, they crave seriousness, they open up only to those with whom they can build a serious relationship. You have to show with all your appearance, your words, your dreams and desires, your plans for the future, that you want a serious relationship with her.

Change – you must always show that you are willing to change for her sake, to work on yourself. That way she’ll understand that you value your relationship with her, that you need her. And we already said earlier that this is very important for the representatives of this zodiac sign.

Sacrifices – fall in love with a woman-lion will allow herself only in that man, which will be ready to make sacrifices for her. She must be sure that in a stalemate situation for her sake, you will sacrifice your goals, dreams, desires. And believe me, it’s likely you will not have to sacrifice in reality. When the time comes, she herself will sacrifice everything for your sake.

Surprise her – do not stop to surprise her, stay for her a person she will always have to guess, to unravel. Once she unravels you, she will lose interest in you, and then her love will fade away. And by surprising her, you will warm up her interest in you, you will be able to make her fall in love with you, and keep her close.

Trust – For Lionesses, trust is a very important factor, and these women never allow themselves to fall in love with men they don’t trust, even over small things. You have to earn her trust. How do you know when you can do it? It’s easy – she’ll start to open up to you and tell you what she has never said, admit what she has never shared with anyone.

Loyalty – she will not share her chosen one with anyone. If you don’t prove to her that you will be faithful, you won’t make her fall in love with you. And by the way, keep in mind, the representatives of this zodiac sign are unique, and are almost one of a kind in terms of love. The point is that they control their feelings until they fall in love. Once in love, they turn off the “fuse” in his head, but the very emergence of love they control one hundred percent.

How to keep her around?

Keep a woman Leo can anyone, because if she let herself fall in love with a man, she will hold on to him until the last. Just her feelings will have to feed, to feed the relationship with positive energy, to work on the relationship. Well, to be more specific, just follow at least the following recommendations:

– Give her compliments – always continue to admire her;

– Do not violate her trust, do not give any reason to suspect you of lying;

– Surprise her with your fantasies, your imagination;

– Be faithful and do not give a reason for jealousy;

– Do not forget about the important dates for her;

– Develop, always move forward;

– Don’t limit her freedom and independence;

– Don’t become a jack-of-all-trades.

And most importantly, always remain sincere, honest with this woman. Also, don’t forget that she is your queen – respect her!

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