How to win a guy?

20 techniques of effective seduction: how to make a man go crazy quickly and for sure

How to turn heads with someone you like and become the most desirable for him?

In this article we will tell you how to pump your sexuality and seduce a man that you “open the hunt”. cope with the difficult task, designed to engage the male subconscious and instincts, will help coach Svetlana Pavlichenko.

1. Tune in to the desired state. We seduce in a state of readiness for pleasure, in a so-called state of permissiveness. No man will not miss a woman who radiates sexuality and his inner “I want”. It’s not about clothes or behavior, it’s about the inner attitude. You’ll never confuse it with anything else, because that’s when you’re in a state of slight excitement, like during foreplay, and your eyes light up with a special light.

2. use makeup with an accent on the lips. Let the hits about the eyes come out of every iron, let them pass your ears. Bright (red) lips are an attribute of seductresses of all times. They draw attention to what a woman is saying, arousing a man’s ears.

3. adjust your voice. A seductress speaks in a voice coming from the lower abdomen. The “sexy” voice is lower than usual. The mechanism is quite simple: the more stress or excitement, the higher the voice. A low voice evokes a feeling of depth, confidence, and calmness in the interlocutor.

4. Speak slower. A woman who churns out words at the speed of a machine gun does not arouse desire in men. Fast speech indicates rather frivolous, nervousness, lack of self-confidence. A seductive woman speaks slowly, alternating words with her breathing, as if savoring a lollipop.

5. Speak more softly. A loud voice can be associated with aggression, and can backfire or (worse) cause aggression. It betrays anxiety and fears that have very little in common with temptation. In the famous movie “The Honest Courtesan” there was the phrase “a woman’s voice carries seduction. This is true, but remember that only a properly tuned voice has this incredible effect.

6. Speak on the exhale. If you want your speech to flow like a stream and mesmerize, hypnotize a man, use the technique “inhale – delay – exhale (sound). So, you take a deep breath (preferably through a barely open mouth), then hold your breath for a second, and already with an exhalation begin to speak. Try to say so a couple of phrases under the recorder, and you’ll notice how your speech became smoother, gentler, deeper, and, of course, more seductive.

7. Speak with your mouth open. Ever heard the expression “peeking through the mouth”? Well, a real seductress speaks so that the man is ready to listen to her and look at her endlessly. When you speak with your mouth open, it seems that the speech is not finished, it pours, it spills. Imagine that you have a runny nose, and you have to breathe only through your mouth, but without anyone noticing it (your teeth open, your lips slightly open).

8. Use “tasty” words. From the words that fall into a man’s ears, his subconscious creates a fantasy – a picture of your love. Imagine the scenario if you use the words “bitter”, “disgusting”, “bad”, “hard”. And now replace them with others: “sweet”, “spicy”, “sharp”, “soft”, “gentle”, “enveloping”, “pleasant”. Use as many expressions as possible in conversation with which we describe food and pleasures. These are the things that truly caress a man’s ear, and those associations will be all about you from now on.

9. Speak one-two-three. In ordinary life we are used to speaking one-two, for example, “Let’s go for a walk”, “It was interesting”, “It’s delicious”, but the speech of a seductress should be long and smooth. A similar effect is achieved by being able to speak one-two-three, for example: “Let’s go for a walk,” “It was incredibly interesting,” “It’s amazingly delicious.” Is there a difference?

10. Don’t forget good manners. The seductress behaves like a true lady, she is slow and fluid in her movements, she knows her worth. She knows how to savor food, feeling the taste, smell and enjoyment of each bite. And allows a man next to her to feel like a real gentleman.

Be Positive. Eternally whining woman with problems is not interesting to a man. If you decide to seduce, forget about your problems and seduce. If you choose to discuss your problems and complain about life, forget about seduction. Problems and whining can cause pity, a desire to help, a desire to protect, but not a desire to possess the woman herself. Moreover, the desire to help precludes the desire for intimacy. Keep this in mind when you follow the old-fashioned “a woman’s strength is in her weakness” attitude. Don’t go overboard trying to appease her with your helplessness.

12. use “secret” gestures. Man reacts to our movements, for him it’s one of the signals of your readiness, which he perceives at a subconscious level. Unobtrusive stroking of the neck and neckline, twisting hair on your finger, licking your lips – all this signals your desire. Do not actively gesticulate during the conversation – otherwise you will be perceived … as an aggressive competitor.

13. Use the right poses. If your posture is too tense, a man will see it as unnatural and will see it as a desire to be liked, not as a sexual appeal. The seduction pose is natural and relaxed, you should be comfortable. For example, you are sitting with your foot on your leg, the shoe playfully removed from the heel of one of your feet and swaying – such a pose is able to hypnotize a man. Let me remind you the basic things: the pose with the body forward indicates interest, with the body backward or with the hands in a lock – about closeness and not willingness to make contact.

How to win any man in 12 minutes

In 1968, Kenneth Cooper, an American physician, came up with a series of human physical endurance tests. Each one lasted 12 minutes. For example, the farther you were able to run in that time, the stronger your body and the better your athletic training. Later it turned out that “Cooper’s 12 minutes” has a wider application. That’s how long it takes for firefighters to get to the source of a fire, for a housewife to make sure the egg is cooked, or for Michael Jackson to perform Thriller. AXA research with two thousand couples proved: 12 minutes is enough to interest the partner. How do you pass the “Cooper test” during a casual encounter or on a first date and win a man’s heart?

1:00 minute. Smile

The expression “love at first sight” can be boldly paraphrased as “love at first smile.” 64% of men say that it is the smile with which a girl meets her potential partner that is the deciding factor in the matter of further communication. It happens even before you exchange a few words.

2:00. Appearance .

How beautiful you are at heart, he has yet to find out. Provided that the second minute of the test you spend brilliantly. It is at this point, partners subconsciously evaluate each other’s appearance. Old-fashioned shoes or bad hair, more than half of those surveyed could still ignore, but an unpleasant odor would give up on further communication in 60% of cases.

3:00. Synesthesia

Remember Pavlov’s dog for whom the light of a light bulb has always been associated with food? Humans, like other animals, can respond differently to different stimuli. For example, a certain scent triggers unexpected memories from childhood, and a color “turns on” a melody in the head. A sexy smell, a comfortable environment or a pleasant taste will help seduce your partner unnoticed for himself.

4:00. Visual contact

For 58 percent of men visual contact with their partner is very important. Do not forget to look confidently into the eyes of your partner. But don’t overdo it. It’s not a good idea to constantly stare at him.

5:00. The timbre of your voice.

In the world there are those rare lucky women who were born with the seductive voice of Scarlett Johansson, others have learned to simulate it, so as not to be rejected. Statistically, at least a quarter of men pay close attention to a woman’s enchanting voice on a date.

6:00. Three questions.

It’s time to strike up a conversation. Harvard University rushes to the rescue. Forget clichés like “What do you do now?”, “How was your day?” or the infamous “About the weather.” Using a mathematical algorithm, Harvard experts have calculated four win-win questions that will determine your compatibility: “Do you like horror movies?”, “Have you ever traveled alone?”, “Wouldn’t it be great to leave everything behind and live on a ship?”, “What ingredient would you add to pizza?” If your partner answers the questions as you do, science gives the green light to your relationship.

7:00. Whatsapp?

82% of men are annoyed by the sound of their date’s phone vibrating or ringing when they first meet. Going on an important date, forget about the existence of messengers and social networks and do not get distracted to answer the next “very important message”.

8:00. Flattery

There are two types of flattery: quite sincere and the kind that makes your eyebrows go up in surprise. Yes, men are certainly hungry for compliments, but you must avoid sugary flattery. False notes in the voice in the best case will be ignored, in the worst case – will deprive you of a second date.

9:00. Work Interview.

The most common mistake on a first date is when communication turns into a tennis tournament or a question-and-answer job interview. Feel the ground: what topics your interlocutor willingly supports, and which he does not like to talk about? Famous taboos – topics of material well-being and former relationships. Do not ask closed questions, that is, those for which the answer implies “yes” or “no. Choose lines that will help your partner to open up. And you yourself answer any question as if you are talking about something very pleasant. And then your conversation partner will surely want to call you back.

10.00. Speed .

The speed at which a man lets a new woman into his life is statistically much lower than that of his partner. Don’t rush things and don’t do anything too fast! And on all fronts. If a woman is too pushy to invade personal space, giving a lot of information about himself, or banal quick to talk – with 83% of it causes discomfort. For example, scientists proved that the most seductive pace of speech – 125-150 words per minute.

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