How to win a Gemini?

How to win a man who is a Gemini: what girls they like, compatibility with other signs

People born under the patronage of the air element and the planet Mercury are distinguished by vivacity in the spiritual and physical sense. To win a Gemini man, you need to analyze his outlook. Such a man needs complete freedom, he will determine how to dispose of it.

Guy-blitz easy to find out among the crowd of people, as he never long holds his sight, unusually fluid and easy in motion. It emanates the elusive charm even when he is silent (which is very rare). But once he speaks, many women at the same time fall into his net.

People born under the patronage of the air element and the planet Mercury are distinguished by vivacity in the spiritual and physical sense. To win a Gemini man, you need to analyze his outlook. Such a man needs complete freedom, he will determine how to dispose of it.

Guy-blitz easy to find out among the crowd of people, as he never long holds his sight, unusually fluid and easy in motion. It emanates the elusive charm even when he is silent (which is very rare). But once he speaks, many women at the same time fall into his net.

General characteristics of the sign

The male Gemini is born between May 22 and June 21. People of this sign absorbed all the charms of the end of spring and early summer, when nature comes alive and blooms in bright colors. Character of representatives of the air element is fickle and inconsistent, as the choleric temperament does not allow them to remain without forward movement. Lucky shades range from bright yellow (in between: blue, green, silver) to dull gray.

This fully describes a man’s mood, which, like a bright sunrise, is upbeat and cheerful. By lunchtime, overwhelming longing and disappointment replaces joy (very much like a gray cloud), and by evening the mood is again playful and cheerful. The man has the same attitude to work and family. He needs fresh impressions, because without them the guy just starts to get sick. He is not inclined to do routine work and spend hours with his beloved looking at old photographs. He needs a change of scenery in every way.

The Gemini man is too smart to pay much attention to things that are known to him. His desire to learn new things does not allow him to stay in one place of work or communicate only with one woman. His knowledge in all areas he seeks to convey to a vast number of listeners. The guy does not care what gender they will be, as he is only interested in spiritual communication. In his character qualities, the man is able to combine almost incongruous traits. An example is the boundless generosity and simultaneous stinginess. The Gemini Boy possesses:

  • A sharp analytical mind;
  • an aptitude for the sciences;
  • a quick grasp of foreign languages;
  • literary ability;
  • oratory;
  • liveliness of mind;
  • an eagerness for change;
  • lovemindedness;
  • tactfulness;
  • politeness;
  • intelligence;
  • ease of mind;
  • the gift of persuasion;
  • intuition;
  • generosity;
  • a stinginess for small things;
  • the ability to seduce women;
  • the ability to change people’s minds;
  • the talent to run a business;
  • organizational skills;
  • inconsistency;
  • lack of desire to make long-term plans;
  • high competitiveness;
  • morality;
  • freedom-loving;
  • An unparalleled sense of humor.

A male Bliznets can live his entire life with one woman without ever cheating on her. But the duality of his nature will certainly compensate for this “monotony” in love. The guy will have two cars or two apartments, two parallel jobs or two hobbies.

What women are attracted to the Gemini guy

Conquer the man-blitz you can, if you give him complete freedom. He always appreciates this kind of care from a woman. He does not care about the sexuality of the partner, her husbandliness, and even appearance (these qualities will affect the decision to guy only at the initial stage of communication).

The most important thing is an exclusively spiritual affinity as it implies the presence of each partner’s own space.

How to attract the attention of men

To snag a Gemini guy, you need to have an original appearance. A guy likes everything unusual. He will like a girl not for her beauty, but for the unusual hair color, style in clothes and creative approach to life. Actively participating in the conversation a girl who has a good sense of humor has all the chances to interest a guy. When meeting for the first time you should not be shy and be withdrawn. It is necessary to tell about your interesting observations, to give the guy a compliment or to thank him for some small things.

A huge plus will be the fact that the girl is engaged in an unusual for the fair sex sport or has an original hobby. This will bring the guy into excitement. Gemini is a very sociable, active sign. A man likes to be in constant contact with his girlfriend. After the date, it is necessary to call, to participate in correspondence. Do not ignore his communication, even if the woman is tired and wants to sleep. A man will immediately switch to another object.

It is worth to show interest in his hobbies. This should be done openly and without flattery. Gemini has too developed intuition, they are able to expose the presence of pretense and trickery. If you ask him to tell you what he is interested in, the guy will appreciate the role of a worthy listener to his never-ending story. These impressions of the meeting will be enough for him to think about the girl again and try to meet her.

The first intimacy with a guy is possible at the beginning of a relationship. Here you need to look at the situation. It will not become an obstacle and will not be judged if people become emotionally close.

How to please a man

To charm a Gemini, you need to treat life exactly as he does. A girl needs to have the following qualities of character:

  • Intelligence. A male Gemini will be able to win only intelligent, well-read girls. It should be well versed able to support any topic of conversation.
  • Energy. Easy on the rise, mobile, energetic women immediately be able to attract the attention of a representative of the sign of Gemini. The guy does not like to sit still, he needs a change of scenery. A woman of this type he is extremely close.
  • Communicativeness. A man will always prefer a woman who is easy to contact with people. Looseness in the eyes and movements of the girl will allow the guy to immediately find common ground with her.
  • Positive character. A Gemini man can only be interested in a kind, sympathetic woman. She should be generous and compassionate. Willingness to come to the rescue is always a priority for the guy.
  • The presence of a sense of humor. You can hook a Gemini guy not only with anecdotes and funny stories (this also has a huge priority), but also with the ability to get out of any situation with humor.
  • Enigma. The air sign suggests a desire to comprehend something unexplored. A woman’s ability to surprise with the presence of original views and qualities of character will allow to achieve his/her disposition.
  • The presence of personal interests. The girl’s interest in original hobbies or sports will be a huge bonus in her personal qualities.

A very important point, which draws the attention of the male Bliznets, is the interest of the woman in his life priorities. For joint harmonious communication it is necessary to show your participation in all events, to love your partner’s hobbies and to be able to correctly give wise advice. A woman’s aloofness and fascination solely with her problems will quickly bore the guy, and he will imperceptibly disappear from her life.

What is forbidden in communication with Gemini

A guy born under the constellation Gemini has an independent character. There are such qualities of a girl with which he will not categorically put up with. Fortunately, the man will not need much time for this. The guy will very quickly stop communicating if he notices the following characteristics of the chosen one:

  • Uneducated. If the girl is not clever and educated enough, the guy will not even talk to her. The man determines the presence of intelligence on the first minute of communication.
  • Pessimism. A man will never choose a pessimistic woman as a mate. The problems of her past and present life will be ignored, because the guy expects from the communication the joy and pleasure.
  • Lack of a sense of humor. The male Blizzard is distinguished by a refined sense of humor. If the girl will not understand his jokes, will ignore them, take them too seriously or be offended, they will quickly break up.
  • Insociability. The man seeks constant communication with people. In love Gemini requires endless attention. He constantly calls, participates in correspondence, looks for meetings. If the girl will be busy with her own affairs or she gets tired of this way of communication, the guy will not linger near her.
  • Impracticality. If a woman has no material or moral base in life and seeks to get it all from a man, her choice is wrong. The twin does not want and cannot take responsibility for a helpless, unfit woman.
  • High Morals. A male Bliznets remains a child for the rest of his life. Sometimes he wants to fool around and fool around. If a girl will take such behavior too seriously, the couple is in danger of breaking up.

The most important tenet for all women who want to tie their lives to a Gemini Man will be to give them complete freedom. This guy does not tolerate control and does not allow violent actions on the part of a woman. If he is pinned down and forced to answer the question posed, the man will find a way to avoid responsibility. It is impossible to keep the air in his fist, it will definitely break out. Gemini can never be forced to do what they do not want to do. All the necessary things he will tell or do when he sees fit.

How to fall in love with a Gemini guy

To fall in love with a man born under the air constellation, you must be prepared for his mood swings and unexpected decisions. He is able to beautifully courting, declare his love and dream of further meetings. Then suddenly disappear for an indefinite time, return completely different mood and will not remember about past meetings. A woman needs to restrain her emotions and do not give the appearance that something has changed in the relationship. After a short amount of time the guy will become even kinder and friendlier than on the previous date.

If the girl passes this test, she will be worthily rewarded. Do not be offended and think that the guy is doing it on purpose. This behavior occurs involuntarily in a man, and he appreciates the endurance and understanding of his chosen one (or does not remember that he behaved differently at all). A woman should also present surprises to her boyfriend. There is no need to tell everything about yourself to the smallest detail, it is necessary to leave an element of mystery. When the relationship strengthens a little, it is recommended to repeat the behavior of the young man and to disappear for a while.

Then appear and tell a surprisingly realistic story of your disappearance. The guy will be interested and intrigued. It is necessary to remember that it is not recommended to drag out your absence, because the man will run to look for another companion.

How to keep a representative of the air

To stay in his heart for life, you need to become a true friend to a man with whom he will always be interested. It is recommended to trust the Gemini. A guy with such character, strength and discipline is impossible to keep. It is necessary to give him personal space and participate in his interests as much as possible. Praise and thank the representative of this sign should be several times a day. The main conditions should be honesty and sincerity.

If you follow all these recommendations, the guy will never leave his chosen one. He will not cheat on her, because the physical proximity will not be a priority for him. The man himself will try to create such conditions for a woman, which all the wives of the world dream of. He will allow her to develop, will put all the finances in her hands, will always listen to her decisions and help in all matters. A huge advantage is that Gemini men try not to infringe on the interests of women and always treat them with respect.

Compatibility by zodiac signs

The airy representative of the sign Gemini loves all people. He treats women well because they raise his self-esteem. Worth a guy to start a conversation, as girls even stop paying attention to his appearance, so charismatic and charming is this man.

Man Gemini in love and relationships

A man born between May 21 and June 21 has an easygoing attitude to life and numerous connections in society. Effortlessly wins the location of the fair sex through charisma, innate charm and the ability to make non-trivial compliments. But for a woman to get a man is not easy. However, knowledge – power. Understanding the features of his complex character will help pick a key to the heart of the interesting representative of the Zodiac sign.


The Gemini man has much in common with his sister element Air. He is just as easygoing and mobile, in constant activity. It is difficult to find him at home: Figaro here is Figaro there. Going from ship to ball is just about him. Such a pastime, as if it does not cost a man a Gemini special effort and even on the contrary, gives great pleasure.

Always in search of fresh emotions and feelings, this man constantly fountains of ideas. He is valued at work for his creative approach. With ease, with him you can brainstorm in a team: always throw up a couple dozen different ideas that then have to implement the less resourceful, but more tenacious and responsible colleagues.

The mental capacity of most representatives of the sign is much higher than average. Mercury patronage gives their mind a lively direction, so that there is no unsolvable task for them: with ease and grace they will find a way out of any situation. They are multi-taskers and switch easily, but they often drop what they have in mind and rarely bring it to an end. This property prevents them from achieving significant success in their career. Therefore, they are often in the position of rank-and-file employees with a reputation of not very responsible, but brainy employee.

You can change the situation if the Gemini will find a job to his liking, associated with constant business trips, negotiations and communication without a lot of routine and paperwork. He has good qualities as a negotiator and salesman, because he can convince anyone with his eloquence.

Adventurism and the ability to shine in the society are attractive to women at first. Gemini are gallant gentlemen who can easily win over anyone they like. However, they will not spend time on too difficult and inaccessible prey. They have too many different activities to waste themselves on one person. In addition, it can imperceptibly grow into an attachment, which Gemini are trying to avoid in every possible way. Strong deep feelings are not for them. Much more interesting to such men with each woman to experience her novel and her story in all the versatility of feelings.

For all the external ease of Gemini is a difficult sign because of the bifurcation and diversity of sub-personalities that are within the man. They easily change their mind on any issue and are alien to permanence. Find a woman for a long serious relationship, even if he wants to, it will not be easy. These men themselves are quite jealous, but give incessant cause for jealousy. Few people will agree to tolerate their flirting with others, the constant absence of home and superficial attention to family matters.

Most often such men make friends of women. In the circle of men because of their carelessness and irresponsibility, they are often called unreliable people and idle-minded. However, even a female friend of the Gemini will not be in a hurry to help. He leaves small requests without attention, shifting it to the mercy of fortunate circumstances. Serious requests for help will be complied with, but without much enthusiasm. A Gemini man believes that ideal relationships should be completely unselfish.

Such concepts as mutual aid and mutual support are alien to him: he quite easily copes with many things or just forgets about the small annoying misunderstandings, the same requires that others.

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