How to understand what a man wants?

How to know if a guy wants you

When you meet a man, you can notice some signs that will show his sympathy. Usually it is a long look, attempts to touch, etc. It is useful for every girl to know how to understand that a guy wants you.

Correct decoding of signals allows you to build a strong relationship

Signs that a man wants a woman

No one is born with the experience of recognizing other people’s feelings. It is acquired through life experience. You can learn some things from literary sources.

How to know that a guy wants you, not every girl knows. Psychology can help her. Experienced physiologists have watched many couples, studied facial expressions, gestures, poses.

If a man is attracted to a woman, he tries to spend as much time with her as possible. He also unconsciously invades her personal space, trying to shorten his distance. Touching hands, feet, fixing hair – these gestures show interest in the lady.

Some people do not know how to restrain themselves. Then such a young man can start stuttering, embarrassing, shyness, rubbing things. Sometimes a man literally seeks to undress a girl with his eyes.

Self-confident guys who like tactile contact may hug, attract to the body, take the hand. All these gestures look involuntary, as if everything happens by itself.

Excitement manifests itself on a physical level. Therefore, an observant woman can notice many things. For example, how her sweet companion could be thrown into the heat.

Important: the level of physical excitement depends on the work of the nervous system.

A few more signs of excitement – wet palms, sweat on the face, rapid heartbeat, goosebumps on the skin. According to them, you can determine the degree of man’s interest.

Strong arousal is manifested by biting the lips, licking them, and salivation. There may be the impression that the companion wants to kiss the girl.

It is not always easy to figure out and understand what exactly the representative of the stronger sex wants. It is important not to forget one thing: everyone has its own characteristics of the nervous system, its own behavior, so not all of the above signs may appear.

Signs that a man wants you 7 signs that will give him away with his head:

  1. Stare;
  2. Rapid breathing;
  3. Desire to touch;
  4. Sweat on his face and hands;
  5. Gestures;
  6. A penetrating voice;
  7. A desire to spend as much time together as possible.

Ways to understand and how to behave

It is important for girls to know what to do if a guy wants you. To begin with, you need to be sure of your conclusions. To do this, it is worth observing your chosen one.

If the guy is interested in communication, he will do everything to meet you and will always find a free minute

Facial expressions and gestures

A charming smile, an interested look, a moving facial expression – these are signs that the girl has begun to please. At moments of conversation, the man’s voice will seem to change: it will become velvet, low, heartfelt.

Sometimes the young man may start to joke ambiguously, on the verge of decorum. This is how he tests the boundaries of what is permissible. In moments of excitement he twirls a trinket in his hands, wrinkles a napkin, etc.

Words and innuendos

How to understand that a man wants you is to listen to his speech. It is unlikely that he will directly voice his sexual desire. The topic of conversation can be anything, the most important thing is that the young man will try his best to interest the companion.

Certain marker words that indicate the continuation of the meeting – an invitation to privacy, frivolous topics, the personal sphere. The man may propose to go to a cafe or to his home.


The eyes show a man’s real feelings, so it is the first and main sign of sympathy. A young man stares intently, does not look away, as if trying to undress. He can look not only in the face, but also below.

Important: A shy guy will try to look away, yawn and show his indifference.

Sometimes a man demonstrates a ingratiating look. This does not mean that he has begun to be afraid. It is a sign of indecision and a request for approval.


Determining arousal and attraction is not always easy. You can do it by a number of external signs. The young man will rest his hands on his pelvis, slip his fingers into the belt loops of his pants, sway on his feet.

During the dance the companion will try to hug the waist tighter

Involuntarily the man pushes his torso forward, so he demonstrates excitement. If the guy is near his beloved, he will try not only to look at her, but also to touch her.

Subconsciously the young man will seek to show his best side. To do this, he will straighten his shoulders, flex his chest and straighten his back. With all his visions he will show his mood.


The main difficulty is that non-verbal signs can mean different behaviors. Therefore it is impossible to judge only by them. Any person is made by actions, the relationship sphere is no exception.

If a guy wants you, it doesn’t necessarily manifest as a straightforward desire. He will want to spend more time around you. Therefore, the young man will start inviting you to go out often.

In correspondence, a man in love will begin to ask about how you are feeling, the past day, may offer to solve problems. Another important sign that will help sort out feelings – the man will seek to spend all his free time with his chosen one.

Next to his beloved, the young man tends to touch her hands, waist and other body parts. If the girl is sure that she is lustful, then she should take things into her own hands and try kissing or another manifestation of feelings.

7 Signs of Sympathy

Sometimes it takes years before a woman learns how men feel about her. In order not to waste so much time in vain, you need to know the signs of interest from the stronger sex:

  1. Physiological symptoms – increased sweating, rapid breathing and heartbeat, confusion.
  2. Long and concentrated stares.
  3. Constant interest and offers to meet.
  4. The man seeks to learn as much as possible about his chosen one.
  5. Manifestation of a sense of protection and protection.
  6. Hints of privacy.
  7. Kisses and hugs.

How to find out that a man only wants sex

When recognizing other people’s intentions, it is easy to make a mistake, because people are not ready-made templates, so you can not unequivocally judge. In the course of communication, a girl can change her opinion about her chosen one, for example, she finds out that he is married.

The reason for discord can be different views on the relationship

The woman wants to love and be loved, but the man is only interested in sex. Such a man often begins to hide a lot, it becomes offensive to spend so much time on him in vain. Such behavior is typical not only for teenagers.

Sexual interest can be determined by the desire to move things quickly into the intimate sphere, lewd jokes, and unambiguous gestures. It is as if the young man is in a hurry to pass the stage of acquaintance and move on to something serious.

If a girl is set up to build a long-term relationship, she should be able to determine the man’s intentions. If he behaves impudently, invades too quickly into personal space, stroking the waist insistently, this may express his sexual interest.

It takes years of practice to understand the language of feelings. You can’t learn this skill quickly. You should not worry about this topic, as different social contacts and communication will allow you to develop the right qualities. Over time, a woman will begin to literally read her chosen one as a book and understand his thoughts.

The ability to decipher non-verbal signals will be useful not only in personal life, but also at work. So it is worth to improve your knowledge in this area. So a man can achieve success in many areas of life.

How to understand what a man wants?

It is not necessary to look through his history of visits

Just take our word for it, you have nothing to do there. Many of the things that you will seem like a real perversion among guys are considered the norm. But if you do decide to check out your guy’s browsing history, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

A man’s friends are sacred.

Your friends were there for your man way before you were, and no matter how much your guy loves you, he’s not likely to cut his best friend out of his life if he’s not to your liking.

Don’t try to change him.

It won’t work out for you anyway, and trying to do so can only ruin your relationship. Love your man for who he is or find another.

Don’t worry if he’s attracted to someone else.

If you notice that your date throws furtively (rather than carnivorous eyes) look at a passing lady, just ignore it. It’s a reflex inherent in nature, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Never criticize his mother.

It’s okay if he does it himself and you sympathetically listen to him. But not the other way around. Maybe he fell in love with you for the qualities that are inherent in his mother. In any case, try to understand what these qualities – so you can easier to build a relationship with his mother.

Old hurts need to forget.

In a relationship can not do without conflict. Know when to end a quarrel, do not remember past offenses and do not operate with the old arguments. As the saying goes, who remembers the old, out with the eye! Otherwise, men can lose confidence, and, ultimately, will change their attitude towards you.

Do not ask questions that you do not want to get answers.

It is natural that the man before you had his life, and you have your own. Accept it and love him for who he is now, do not ask unnecessary questions, the answers to which you may not like.

Don’t pester him with talk as soon as he walks in the door.

Of course, during the day you may have accumulated a lot of news that you certainly want to share with your loved one. It is unlikely that, coming home after a hard day’s work, he wants to chat and discuss all the events of the day in great detail. Allow him to be in silence or near the TV with a bottle of beer.

Not having sex is fraught with trouble

If you will for a long period of time to suffer a headache or make up other reasons to avoid marital duty, then we are not responsible for the consequences.

He will always be jealous of his male friends

If you periodically make small talk or, even worse, flirt with other men (even if they are your best friends), your partner will get jealous because he wants to be the only man in your life.

He wants to be needed.

You may be an independent woman, and he likes that. But at the same time, he needs to feel needed. So let him change a blown light bulb or hammer a nail into the wall on his own. This will increase the self-esteem of the man.

Keep in shape

Even if you are sure that your man is not going anywhere from you and will love you forever, do not forget to go to the gym and watch your diet.

Ultimatums don’t work.

Every time you try to force a man to do something, he will resent you. Before you put conditions on him (either/or), try telling him honestly what you expect from him in this relationship.

He wants kids.

It’s normal for a man to want to leave behind offspring – procreation is in his DNA. However, before you stop taking birth control, make sure he’s ready for it.

He can sense when he’s being led around by the nose.

A man will always know if you’re lying or not telling the truth. This is why you should be honest, otherwise he will have the worst possible scenario in his head.

He wants you to share his interests.

It doesn’t matter if it’s movies, sports or cars – men like it when a girl shows a genuine interest in his hobbies. Even if his occupation you, frankly, not to your liking, try to enjoy it – a man will appreciate it and will be happy.

Decide what you want to go out in public.

The more clothes you try on before going out in public, the more impatient the man becomes. Already after the second change of attire, he does not care what you will go out.

You should always take his side.

Of course, everything must be within reasonable limits. However, if he got into an argument, and you do not share his point of view, supporting his opponent, prepare for the fact that the man may never forgive you this.

Bring something new into his life

If you help your man to develop as a person, he will always be grateful for it.

Always be specific about what you want.

A man likes clarity and does not like it when they make hints, otherwise he simply will not understand what you want from him. And as a consequence, he will be left behind.

He doesn’t like short haircuts.

Alas, but short haircuts prefer only a few men. So before you decide to make a dramatic change in appearance, find out what your lover thinks about it.

Become his muse

“Behind every great man is a great woman. Men need to inspire and support, then they are able to move mountains for you.

Give him your shoulder when he’s going through a tough time.

Life consists not only of victories, but also of defeats. It is not necessary to give some advice or make him talk about his feelings – this is more likely to help women, but not men. It’s better to do what he loves most, and then his discouragement like a hand away.

He doesn’t want to know about your past sexual experiences.

You don’t want him to be jealous of your past. We advise you not to brag to him about the details of intimate life with his ex. Convince your partner that he is the one and only one in your bedroom, or at least lie.

Lying once, he will do it again.

Even after sincere remorse and regret, you run the risk of falling into his web again, if a man always gets away with it.

Let him open the door to you.

Great, if a woman by nature a strong and independent. But do not forget to let yourself be a little weak, and a man – to be a gentleman and look after you. Because of this he will love you even more.

Give him the opportunity to feel like a winner

The stronger half of mankind can not stand when women are coping with the male tasks better than they are. Men have a fragile ego, so a woman should sometimes be flexible and cunning, and show your partner how much stronger, smarter and braver.

He likes compliments.

Yes, women are not the only ones who love to hear nice words in their address. Even though men are the stronger sex, they also need approval, praise and support. Praise a man: tell him how good he looks, how strong and smart he is. Relevant and sincere compliments inspire a man.

Do not try to be right about everything.

Do not always stand up so zealously and foam at the mouth to prove that you are right. Men also want their opinion to be taken into account. Don’t contradict him just because you see some things differently.

Men are not as complicated as you think

That doesn’t mean that men are dumber or more frivolous than women, they just don’t like to complicate things. If women will discount this, then the problems of misunderstanding will disappear at once.

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