How to understand that you do not love?

How to understand that you have fallen out of love with a person and what to do next?

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What to do and how to behave if you fall out of love? Alas, but love for life – a phenomenon in fact quite rare. If this were the norm, the posts on social networks or entertainment portals about the couple who lived together for 60 years would not cause so much emotion and enthusiasm. In any relationship, even the strongest and most ideal at first sight, feelings can fade. And it’s good if both partners at once. And if it turned out that the feelings have gone only one?

How to understand that you have fallen out of love

And whether feelings for the partner really gone completely and irrevocably? How do you know that you have fallen out of love or you have fallen out of love? Perhaps this is just a period of apathy to everything, including relationships. The reason for this may be emotional and physical fatigue, problems at work, poor health, etc. And even if feelings have really cooled down, suddenly it will be possible to return it. So do not immediately panic, despair, and imagine how to explain to your mate that you have to break up.

By what then are the signs to determine that there is no place in your heart for your once loved one?

  • There is a feeling that there is nothing to look forward to in this relationship.

The partner has not lived up to expectations, attempts to reconcile or fix it have come to nothing. Communication with your partner happens by inertia, by force of habit. But there are still attempts to hold on to him. Why? Possible material dependence on the person or a desire to benefit from the relationship. Or he has already done something good, for example, helped get a job. Then it may be a banal gratitude, unwillingness to hurt a person. But this feeling is gradually losing its force.

  • There is no trust in the partner.

There is a constant and oppressive feeling that the other half is lying, deceiving, something is hiding.

  • There is a loss of interest in what is going on in the person’s life.

There is no longer the question, “What’s new? Tell me everything!”. And even if it sounds, it is not interesting and frankly boring to listen to your partner, your thoughts are drifting somewhere far away. There is no desire to delve into the problems of the person next to you.

  • There is no desire to show your best side.

At the beginning of relationships, both men and women try to be perfect, to meet the standards of their chosen one, to adjust to him. It’s a common desire to be liked. When love passes, there is no point in that anymore. Neither is there any point in making concessions.

  • “I’m fine without him.”

There is no longer a craving for a partner. If in the past it was difficult to live with a loved one for even a couple of hours, now you can safely do without calls and correspondence, and a week of parting with him at all is not frightening, but even happy.

It used to count the seconds until you can see your loved one again. In the present, going on a date or returning home does not bring joy. The once beloved face or voice does not make the heart beat faster or smile happily.

  • It has become miserable to waste time and money on a person.

Once it was easy to devote a whole day to a partner, to present him with expensive gifts, but now that desire is gone. There are more interesting things to do.

  • Everything that the partner does not do, causes a feeling of irritation.

This can also include the character of the person, his habits, characteristics, manner of behavior and communication. Previously, this might not even catch the eye, because they were blinded by love, but the veil has fallen.

    Quarrels occur more often, but this is not frightening at all.

Conflict in a couple can cause any little thing that they would not have paid attention to before. And after numerous quarrels, there comes a moment when there is not much worry about what happened. There is the thought that this could have been avoided. By putting a final stop to the relationship.

The realization comes that it is possible to live life without him. It is perceived with ease, without fear, with detachment and coldness.

  • Gone is the feeling of jealousy.

There was a time when communication with a partner of the opposite sex made you anxious. Even if he or she just call in the evening by a colleague to discuss an important issue. Now it is gone.

  • Gone is the passion.

Sex is want much less often, it is perceived more as an obligation.

What to do if the love is finally gone

If it became clear that there is no longer any feelings for a partner, then there is a logical question: how to behave if you have fallen out of love?

In no case you should not cling to such a relationship for fear of remaining lonely, with nothing, or because of addiction. It will not be better, and attempts to restore everything will bring even greater disappointment. And both will suffer in the end. The best solution is to talk to a once dear person. The conversation will not be easy, but it can not be avoided. Leaving without saying goodbye, without explaining anything will be even more cruel.

No correspondence or even phone calls – only a live conversation in private, in a quiet atmosphere. It is important to try to convey to your partner that no one is to blame for the situation, to explain your position, why it is happening. The main thing is for the person to understand the seriousness of his intentions. Realize that there is no turning back.

You don’t have to give false hope for the restoration of relations through your behavior or words. The main thing is for the person to understand the seriousness of their intentions. Realize there is no turning back. You shouldn’t give false hope of restoring the relationship with your behavior or words. Everything should be very clear, without prevarication or ambiguity. But you should also not be rude, insulting, raise your voice. Even if the love has passed, you need to remain human.

There may begin entreaties and attempts to try to wait, to return the former love. Former partner is able to put pressure on the pity, resort to hysterics, tears, and even threats. You should not fall for such things.

Someone or both of them may want to keep the friendship. It is better to forget about it, at least for the first time, to wean themselves off each other. Otherwise, it may be misunderstood as an attempt to rekindle a former love affair.

Breaking up is not the most pleasant thing, but sometimes there is no escaping it. Feelings for a person can go away as suddenly as they appeared. It’s nobody’s fault. If there is no more love, do not torture yourself and your partner. Discuss the situation and move on.

10+ sure signs that you have fallen out of love

Helpful tips

“If a guy stops responding to cute texts, does it mean he’s fallen out of love with me? If he’s avoiding me, does that mean he’s grown cold? If he stops saying ‘I love you,’ does that mean our relationship is over?”

In this article, we’ll tell you how to figure out if your boyfriend has fallen out of love with you and the relationship is no longer worth continuing.

How to know if a guy has fallen out of love

He suddenly demands more space

When your boyfriend, or already husband, demands more free time or rest – he may just be a little tired. However, if you haven’t changed your behavior and he suddenly starts avoiding you, that’s a red flag. You should think about your relationship if you realize that he does not want to work on spending time together to get rid of the routine, preferring to just not see you.

Ask him what caused this behavior. If he answers that he is just tired, think of a new activity together, offer to find a hobby that could help him, visit a new place – this will bring freshness to your relationship. However, if he says something vague, vague and avoids close physical contact – this could signal that his feelings for you have cooled.

He begins to compare you to other girls

If a man really loves a girl, he will never allow himself to humiliate her or even say things that will hurt her. Hints or direct indications that you should act or look like other girls should be a red flag for you. Pay attention to the following questions: “Why don’t you dress like her?”, “She’s so confident, why can’t you do the same?”, “You’re too jealous, why can’t you take an example from my friend’s girlfriend?”.

If they show up in your life, it means you need to run – the person’s feelings for you are not as strong as they used to be. If it’s not happening on a regular basis, but, for example, for the first time – let your partner know that you don’t intend to tolerate this kind of thing. Ask him how he would feel if you compared him to other men. And if after this conversation, this kind of behavior continues – it means that he loves you no longer as much as before.

He stops responding to messages

One sure sign that for your other half of the communication with you has become a drag – this unwillingness to respond to the message. This does not mean that he will not respond at all, but it can take a very long time. In order to make sure that he really is not busy, find out if he is at work at the moment.

Similarly, if you have any doubts, you can ask his friends about his reaction when he receives a message from you. If he’s showing he’s uncomfortable and taking his time responding, he’s not responding. You will immediately notice a change, because it will take much longer to respond to your messages, if not stop altogether.

At first he will make up insignificant excuses, trying to explain such a delayed response. However, after a while, he will simply get angry and lose his temper every time you ask him why he hasn’t responded. This is exactly the moment when you should realize that there is no longer room for warm feelings in your relationship.

How to know if the one you love has fallen out of love

He spends more time with his friends than with you.

Routine, fatigue, relationship problems, and quarrels often distance lovers from each other, and they may spend some time apart. However, if feelings are really strong, these quarrels are insignificant and the separation is temporary, until all the silly arguments run out.

If your lover has drastically reduced the time he used to spend with you and significantly increased the time he used to spend with friends, ignoring your requests and suggestions – ask if anything is bothering him. If he’s not doing it on purpose, he’ll do his best to make you feel the difference again.

If he’s deliberately shortening his time around you, however, he’ll look for excuses and reasons, perhaps not even so much in himself as in you. This is a signal that he has become significantly cold towards you.

He is becoming selfish.

When a man is no longer interested in the relationship, he begins to behave as a very selfish man. And this happens in most cases, and rather suddenly. He will stop being interested in your opinion on many important issues, and he will rely only on his own experience and desires.

He will become selfish in bed. He will not think about how to please you, because his feelings will be more important to him than yours. All he will care about in life – his friends, work, school, games and more, and you will pay attention to you in the last place. If you continue to go on dates, he will stop asking your opinion, and will choose the places that he likes. In addition, he will not notice your behavior, even if you point it out directly to him.

Your tenderness irritates him.

Tender and sensual conversations, cute nicknames and hugs, even if in very small quantities, are an integral part of any loving couple in which there is no place for routine. They usually flatten out and become less noticeable when the couple is closer together and has been together for a long time, but they never completely disappear.

Irritability of your loved one may also appear if you abuse affection and cute nicknames, which you should never do. However, if you occasionally allow yourself tenderness, to which he previously responded positively, and at this stage in the relationship they annoy him – it is worth wondering whether you are really in a couple as smoothly as before.

He no longer says he loves you.

This cherished phrase boyfriend and girlfriend say to each other immediately after they realize the reciprocity of their feelings – because it is so important that your loved one knows how much it means to you. Because it puts a lot of meaning, and it should not be thoughtlessly thrown around, it is important in a relationship.

If your relationship has been warm for a long time and is not moving from the dead point – the absence of the phrase “I love you,” especially in response to yours could mean that his feelings for you have long cooled. If, however, you are sure that the relationship is not just a routine and cannot be revived, the best solution is to end it and start life with a clean slate.

Ending a relationship signs.

He does not try to cheer you up, even when you feel bad.

A man in love will notice in any situation that his woman is ill or not in the best mood – and always, after finding out if she needs help, will try to do everything necessary to make her smile again. After all, everyone needs the presence of a loved one in a difficult situation. This is a simple truth, no matter how often the couple quarrels. And, if a man considers it acceptable that his beloved suffers without his help – such a relationship is better not to continue.

In fact, in order to make your loved one happy, you do not need much – you just need to be there. If your boyfriend is a burden, and he prefers in a difficult situation, not to hug you, and play or go out with friends – do not even discuss it with him, because it immediately becomes clear that the man does not care about your feelings.

He is digging into an unpleasant past.

Everyone knows that unpleasant feeling when he is reminded of something that happened in the distant past, and about which a person would prefer never to remember again. When you begin to go over and over in your head the events of that unfortunate day and think what could have been changed. To forget an embarrassing act, harsh words or unpleasant moment, it may take a person several months, if not years.

If during an argument, as an argument or, guided by the principle “the best defense – is the offense,” your boyfriend starts to remember this unpleasant event, trying to shame you – run away from him and never come back. This means that he no longer cares about your feelings, he only wants to get out of the quarrel a winner, and how you will feel in doing so – he does not care. Do not continue this toxic relationship, because one day he may remember something else.

He no longer flirts with you.

Flirting and flirting is the best way to expose all the chemistry going on in a couple. It’s an absolutely normal part of every relationship. No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship with your lover, you give each other various compliments, praise new images of your lover, tell each other how much you love, look each other in the eye and make your partner feel attractive.

If your lover has suddenly stopped doing this, avoids compliments, does not notice changes in appearance and, most importantly, does not look you in the eye – this means that he stopped feeling for you the same as before, and your relationship will no longer be the same. You can try to return to the former passion, but the chances of success are small. It is worth starting with a clean slate and finally think about yourself.

What to do if a man fell out of love?

He no longer feels attracted to you.

If a man stops loving, it is significantly reflected in his embraces, kisses and touches. Chemistry, passion and physical attraction, if they used to be the norm in your relationship, are an integral part of it. Over the years, they may become a little duller and less frequent, but they definitely will not disappear completely, because truly in love forever young. So when something of them disappears – it’s a reason to worry.

If you suddenly have doubts about your lover’s feelings, ask yourself some simple questions: “Do we still embrace each other as long and tenderly as in the beginning of the relationship?”, “Does my boyfriend often touch me with tenderness when we are alone?”

Reflection on these topics will give you a clear understanding of what you should do – close your eyes to what is happening and look for the problem in yourself, or ask your lover what is wrong. Also, a sign that you are drifting apart emotionally and physically, may be partial or complete lack of intimacy, if the early stages of the relationship was it.

He often gets angry for no reason.

Usually, people who snap at others are not naturally angry and aggressive, but are struggling with problems at home, in the family or at work. If your lover begins to take his anger out on you – try to figure out what this is all about.

In the case where such behavior is caused by problems at work, try to unobtrusively offer him your help and say that you do not like his attitude at this stage. If such strong irritation is caused by a lack of feelings for you, do not try to clarify anything, you risk getting under the hot hand. Try to break up the relationship and start your life with a clean slate, so that you are not threatened by anything.

He’s starting to get annoyed with your old habits.

Have you noticed that your lover began to point out to you the little habits that seem to accompany you since childhood and previously not catch his eye? Worth thinking about why he began to notice these shortcomings, and why it happened now, and not at the beginning of the relationship. If you are familiar with this situation, ask yourself the following questions: “Did I have these habits before I met him?”, “If so, did they cause any problems in our relationship before?”.

If you do find that these habits formed in you long before the relationship and already in the process did not cause discomfort, ask your lover about the possible reason for this change of heart. If he begins to think up answers or is silent at all – perhaps the answer is somewhere deep in his heart, which no longer beats for you. Remember that you should not pull the failed relationship, no matter how hard it was to break up. After all, life can always start from scratch and live as your heart dictates.

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