How to understand that a girl wants a relationship?

How to understand that a girl wants a relationship. 7 obvious and 5 indirect signs that she sees in you a man of dreams

Cute looks askew, with her head bowed low? I don’t think she’s squinting, buddy. She’s probably interested in you as a man. And if she touches you a lot, it’s not because you have a new cashmere sweater, but because she likes you.

If she walks past you and accidentally bumps her shoulder or thigh, don’t think she’s having trouble coordinating. Most likely she perfectly calculated the trajectory of the movement and all of her “skids” – a sign of strong sympathy. How do you know if a girl wants a relationship with you? Open your eyes! And everything will become clear. This is what we will talk about.

How to understand that a girl wants a relationship. 7 obvious and 5 indirect signs that she sees in you a man of dreams

Does she want to-not want to? Why is it hard for us to understand what’s in a girl’s head.

She’s already trying on your last name, imagines what pictures of you she’ll post on Instagram and what kind words she’ll call you, and you go around not blowing a dick. It’s a classic.

All women’s statuses in social networks that if you look at a girl for a long time, you can see how she marries another, are devoted to such dull-witted people like you. She flaunts her cleavage in front of you during dinner with friends, and you’re afraid to hit on her because “what if she screws me? what if I get it wrong?”

Now I’m going to break down for you all the signs and secrets of how to know that a girl is hinting at a relationship.

Lips in a bow, ass in a knot. External signs of her interest in you.

If before you came she was sitting with a lean face, shrunken and picking her nose, and you came – and now she’s stretched out, smiled and left her nose alone, it’s kind of clear why and for whom she did it.

Another thing is that we men are not very observant in this respect. And we need to learn. Remember an important thing: if your appearance girl changes, suddenly runs to paint the lips, sits up straight and beautiful, folds her lips appetizing bow, pushes back her ass, fixes her hair, put her tits in a beautiful composition and covers the spot of ketchup on her dress with a napkin, then she definitely has some spark for you.

    She’s trying to be even prettier.

I understand that you’re not up to observations, but if you want to know how to figure out if a girl likes you, you have to turn on Sherlock and note patterns. For example, she goes everywhere in a T-shirt and jeans, and there, where you will be – in a dress and heels. Constantly tying her ponytail, and in front of you, she blows out her hair.

Sits down in an uncomfortable, but beautiful pose. Tries to show off her strengths. She plays with her hair, shoots her eyes, and generally shows the goods with her face.

This performance is for you, the only one.

Of course, we all look at each other. Sometimes we even stare. And it’s not always a sign of unearthly love, you can also stare at a homeless man in the crosswalk. But you can’t mistake that look for anything else. The girl will be staring at you all the time, will literally devour wet eyes.

Depending on the degree of her modesty she:

– will look furtively when you do not see, and as soon as he crosses your gaze, he will immediately take his eyes off to the side;

– Will always look without any modesty. Some girls may even be so brave that they won’t look away even with prolonged eye contact, will smile, play with their eyes, flirt.

In any case, you will notice that her attention is drawn to you.

Again, to understand her atypical behavior, you need to know what behavior is typical of her. For example, she lives smeared phlegm with an absent face, and when you show up – begins to throw jokes, as Garik Martirosyan, laugh, fidget in place and offer to crack a glass of beer right now.

Or she lived her life cheerful, relaxed girl, who is said “no complexes,” but in front of you forgets the words, answers inappropriately, it is observed atypical tightness and modesty.

In general, she will behave strangely, and this will be a signal to you that she has feelings for you. Falling in love does amazing things to girls, fact.

We all like good (in our mind) people and don’t like bad people. To make someone like us, we are willing to create an image of a good person, and in a way that will make them believe it. Girls do the same thing.

As if by chance, she will tell you what delicious cake she baked yesterday, what serious new book she read, how she likes to play Mortal Kombat, and how much she adores anal sex. All in all, creates an image of the perfect best girl in the world. To whom? For you, of course!

How do you know if a girl loves you? You do not love her friend!

Imagine a simple: a woman pines for you and, of course, shares her suffering and throwing herself with her best friend. Poor girlfriend hears your name a hundred times a day, knows how you laughed today, with whom you drank tea, what you wrote, what you said, how you farted, and where you grew a new pimple.

Her girlfriend may talk to you once every six months, but you’ve already fucked her up. And on occasion, she is sure to roll her eyes in your presence, and even feel a kind of dislike. How else could it be, when her life is now revolving around discussions: “Do you think, Lucia, do you like me? What if he winked at me today, do I like him? And if he came in wearing a green T-shirt, that means I have the green light, right?”

Anyway, if you’re feeling a little aloof with her friend, you know there’s a reason for that.

Seriously, you can tell from the outside. While you’re worrying about “likes/dislikes” and not making the first move, and she’s wandering back and forth in a tight dress somewhere nearby and looking like a piece of cake, others have already figured out everything about you. And if you’re constantly being hinted at subtly and thickly that a girl is attracted to you, then you are.

Whether you communicate alone or in company, the focus of her conversation and attention will be on you. She will ask about you, your childhood, parents, emotions, plans and interests. She will enjoy listening to your stories and tales, laughing at your jokes. Absolutely all of your jokes.

By the way, this is one of the most powerful markers: if she is laughing like a sick person even at a clearly unsuccessful joke, this means she wants to make you feel good and to please you.

In addition, in communication, she will praise you, emphasizing your strengths. Many guys don’t understand what it means if a girl says you are nice, sweet, interesting. It means, my friend, that she looks at you with loving eyes and is ready to start a relationship with you right here and now.

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How to understand that a girl wants you. 5 indirect signs of her sympathy

Well, and if you don’t understand the obvious hints, here’s another list of signs that indirectly indicate a girl’s sympathy for you.

    For you, she’s always available.

How do you know if a girl wants a serious relationship? Make her change her plans and see what she does. If she’s constantly changing her plans for you, always free and ready to go anywhere anytime, then she’s all yours!

For example, you know for a fact that every Friday she does yoga or goes to a restaurant with her friends. You unobtrusively say that you would spend this Friday night with her (or something like that). If she immediately changes her schedule, throws her yoga mat in the corner, and texts her friends that she’s suddenly sick, it means she really wants a relationship with you.

Yesterday she giggled with you and flirted in every way, but today she looks like a surly hedgehog, or even passes by as if you do not exist? There are two possibilities: either she’s bipolar, or she really likes you.

She might freak out because of your indecision, your doubts, or the fact that you never asked her out. Then she first makes you “warm” because she really likes you. And then she goes “cold” because how much fucking pulling the cat by the balls can you do?

Don’t piss the girl off, ask her out soon.

She might not answer you for weeks, but she’ll answer you as soon as you text her. Whether it’s a work-related message, a simple “hello,” or a funny picture. She responds with reactive speed and is always in a good mood.

Trust me, she’s been waiting to text you. So she really wants a relationship with you.

It’s a game she invites you into and is watching closely to see how you react. Will you take offense or will you respond in kind? Will you engage in this flirtation with a touch of irony, or will you sit there pompous nastiness?

Understand, with her banter she’s trying to get your attention and invites you to play.

There are girls who don’t give a fuck about all the women’s studies with advice like “don’t write him first and don’t call him. They don’t care about public opinion and the stereotypes that are imposed on them. Girls like that are worth their weight in gold! First, with them it is easier and clearer. Secondly, they have their own opinion. And if she wants you – you can not turn away

So if she knocks on your door first, it’s kind of obvious!

We got her sympathy figured out. Now you need to figure out how to hint at the relationship.

There are a lot of articles on this subject on my blog. But if you boil it down to one point recommendation, just don’t be a dick. You like a girl – let her know it with your mouth, ask her out, and don’t piss. If she makes you feel bad, in all likelihood she makes you feel bad too. Try it, you will succeed!

18 Signs to Know a Girl Wants a Serious Relationship with You

It’s always hard to know what other people are thinking and what they want. That’s why this article will help you pay attention to the signs of how to understand that a girl wants a serious relationship.

You’ve been dating for a while now. You enjoy spending time with her. But if she’s been showing signs that she wants to be your girlfriend, you may not know how to recognize them.

  • What if you only see what you want to see?
  • How do you know if she’s ready for a relationship?

If she’s showing signs that she wants to be special to you, here are tools to recognize those signs and respond accordingly.

Does she want a relationship? How do you know if a girl wants a serious relationship? Read on to find out.

How to know if a girl wants a serious relationship with you

In addition to everything you can see in her behavior toward you or in the words she uses, it’s important to figure out if you want a serious relationship with her.

The more you give your signals, the more likely she is to pick up on them and show more of her own, including the following:

  • Body language – leaning toward you, touching you, smiling more.
  • Laughs at your jokes, even if they’re not funny.
  • Real with you – because she doesn’t feel she has to hide her true self
  • Best mood when you’re around – she perks up when she sees you.
  • Shares her secrets – because she trusts you and wants a closer relationship.

How to know if a girl wants a relationship with you, pay attention to the following signs listed, and if you notice them, it’s time to talk to her about how you both see the relationship developing.

Pay attention to the following signs and think about your internal reaction to each of them.

She is changing her habits to spend more time with you.

Maybe she’s been spending certain days of the week with her friends. Or maybe she spent some of her time alone doing her own thing.

But now she leaves more time in her schedule for you – even declining friends’ invitations to socialize. She asks if you want to do something together during her usual alone time. If she’s an introvert, that’s a big deal.

It’s clear that she wants to make you a bigger part of her life. If she doesn’t see any future with you, she will be less inclined to change her habits because of you.

She wonders if you’ve deleted the dating app from your phone.

Chances are, you don’t save the phone apps you don’t use. You’ve deleted the dating app you used to meet her (or someone else), which suggests that you’re no longer looking for a date, because you have one. How do you know if a girl wants a relationship with you? It’s not hard at all, especially when she’s showing in every way that she wants to be your girlfriend and wants to see signs that you perceive her that way. If you’re keeping the attachment, it tells her that you don’t perceive her as your girlfriend yet.

She asks if you’re seeing someone else.

She can ask you directly if you’re seeing someone else. She herself can make it clear that she’s not seeing anyone else and wait for you to tell her the same thing.

In whatever form she asks, if she sees you as someone she wants to have a serious relationship with, she’ll want to see the same attitude from you.

If you’re still seeing other people, that’s a clear sign to her that you don’t feel the same way about her.

If she’s the only one you’re dating, that girl has a good chance of showing more signs that she wants a serious relationship with you.

She asks if you see yourself as married or having children.

If she’s interested in marriage, she’ll likely only broach the subject with the guy she thinks is suitable for marriage. If she wants kids, she’ll want to see if you want them too.

On the other hand, if she doesn’t want kids, she’ll want to understand that you don’t expect her to put her career on the back burner to be able to have children with you.

Either way, she’ll want to make sure you’re both on the same page. If she asks a question about marriage and children, then you have a clear opportunity to know that the girl wants a relationship with you.

She creates a scrapbook / photo album for the two of you.

You can assume that you’re not just another page in the scrapbook of her life. If your names are the only ones in the album title, you’re in a good position.

Not every guy is worth shopping around for scrapbook supplies. Same thing if she created a rendering board with you.

You don’t have to be a visionary to find a way to know a girl wants a serious relationship. Keeping pictures of your adventures together in her house is a clear sign that she wants you around for more than just casual dates.

She looks at bridal magazines or marriage books.

If you’re looking through her reading material and see bridal magazines or books about marriage or serious relationships-open and highly visible-it’s a sure sign that she’s thinking about more than spontaneous dating.

Try going to the bookstore with her and see what she’s most interested in reading. There’s no guarantee that she’ll be reaching for books and magazines about marriage or marriage. But either way, it doesn’t hurt to find out what she’s interested in reading. The range of her preferences will tell you a lot about her, and you can partially answer yourself the question, “How do I know a girl wants a relationship?”

She wants to make a list of her desires with you.

You’re still asking how to tell if a girl wants a relationship with you – if she has a wish list and she wants you to take part in fulfilling it, it’s a clear sign that she wants to be special to you.

She probably wouldn’t ask some random guy to go skydiving with her or take a trip to her ancestral homeland. Anyway, she wants you to be with her.

Take her wish list as seriously as she does. At the very least, if she includes you in something so close to her heart, she will think of you as someone worthy of that trust.

She makes a financial investment in your relationship.

If she is investing in wanting to go to the movies with you, theater performances, exclusive events, making travel plans, etc. – she definitely thinks of you as someone worth spending a lot of time, money, and energy on.

She probably won’t invest much (if any) of her personal resources in a guy she only views as a one-time dating partner.

The mere fact that she spends her own money to attend such events with you indicates that she is willing to make some sacrifices to spend more time with you. Her time is an invaluable resource that will show and explain to you how to know that a girl wants a stable relationship.

She asks to meet your family or friends.

She wants to meet people who have known you longer than she has. A girl is interested in getting to know the people you love and who reciprocate.

She wants to know them because she wants to enter that inner circle and become as much a part of your life as they are.

Her desire for you to be a part of her life, she is likely to invite you to family events so you can get to know and get to know her family.

She buys or makes things for your family members.

If she likes your family-or even if the first meeting doesn’t go as well as she had hoped-she might make or buy something for your close family members as a sign of peace or appreciation.

Perhaps she just wants to thank them for their part in making you the person you are.

She doesn’t expect them to be perfect or to accept her without reservation. But she expects them to get sympathy for her when they realize how suited you are to each other.

She expects more from you.

She won’t expect much from a guy she’s dated once or twice and doesn’t see him as her partner.

If she expects you to be on time, being late or not showing up will hurt her even more because she sees you as someone who feels the same way about her as she does about you.

Being late (without a good reason) or not showing up tells her that you probably do not feel the same way about her. If she expects behavior appropriate for a serious relationship, she probably sees you as the person she wants that relationship with.

She’s not afraid to be around you without makeup.

Women often test their men by letting them see what they look like without makeup. After all, this is what a girl looks like in the morning. And if you expect her to always be perfect for you, she will know it by your reaction. This little “provocation” will explain very clearly how to know that a girl wants a serious relationship with you.

She wants to make sure you see her without makeup – and not change your mind that she’s still the most attractive girl for you.

It’s not that she’s no longer interested in looking her best. She just wants to understand that your feelings won’t change even if she doesn’t.

She’s talking about getting a pet (especially a dog).

If she’s talking about getting a dog, there’s a good chance she sees it as training to have children – or at least that she wants to raise a “baby” with you.

A dog is a big responsibility, and if a girl wants you involved in her care, that means she sees you as a partner and potential father of your future children.

If you’re allergic to certain animals or just not interested in caring for a pet, now is the time to tell her that.

She’s talking about cohabitation.

The girl invites you to the store to pick up some dishes. Or, she’s showing you an ad for apartment rentals in the area. Maybe she came right over and asked you what you thought about living together. This is a clear sign to help you know that the girl wants a serious and long-term relationship, possibly leading to marriage and children.

She may also start talking about pets, carpooling, decorating the house, buying new furniture, keeping things, etc.

She remembers the smallest details about you.

You thought she wasn’t paying attention, but her actions show you that those little details are important to her.

Here she remembered that you like sour marmalades, but only in citrus flavor. Or maybe she made you dinner and set the table, remembering that some foods are not compatible for you.

The girl remembers because she wants to and it’s important to her.

The answer to how to know a girl wants a relationship lies in the details.

She does something special to show her affection.

She is capable of doing incredible things that she wouldn’t do for someone else. A girl makes every effort to look impeccable for a date with you. She may prepare a surprise that meets your needs and interests (for example, surprise you with tickets to a show you’ve wanted to see for a long time, and she remembers it).

All of these actions are aimed at showing her affection for you. The girl wants you to know that she is constantly thinking of you. Any little thing reminds her of you, so she can’t get past it quietly.

She asks you directly, how do you see the relationship developing?

This is where it becomes even more obvious. Imagine during a romantic date with her, she suddenly asks: “Where do you see us in a year?” or “What do you want out of this relationship?”

It’s best if you already know how to answer these questions, even if the current answer is “I don’t know yet.” She’ll want an honest answer, even if it’s not the one she wants to hear.

She’s asking because she’s thinking about a future with you. And she wants to know if the interest is mutual.

She’s going all-in.

How do you know if a girl wants a serious relationship? She takes risks and goes all-in. If she suddenly blurted out the words “I love you,” then it’s serious. And regardless of what gave rise to such a bomb, she’ll want to know if you’re comfortable telling her the same thing in return.

Of all the signs that she wants a serious relationship with you, this one is like a bright flash. Do you love her back or not? Because she’s fully revealed herself to you, with her pros and cons.

And she wouldn’t do it if she didn’t think you were worth the risk.

Do you recognize any of these signs that a girl wants a serious relationship with you?

Now that you’ve considered all 18 signs that she wants to be your girlfriend, which ones stood out the most to you?

If you’re still not sure she wants your relationship to be special, there are several ways to discuss and figure it out:

  • Surprise her with something you know she loves.
  • Make her a collection of songs that remind you of her.
  • Go to an event with her that you like and see how she acts.

Respect your time and hers to talk openly about what you want out of the relationship. Then you can both decide where to move forward.

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