How to understand his feelings?

How to check: “Does a man have feelings for me?”

It is important for every girl to see a man near her who loves and adores her. But how to determine his true feelings and intentions? By what signs can you tell that a man is in love? About this we will talk today. After reading this article, the question: “Does a man have feelings for me?” – will fall away. You will understand exactly how he really feels about you.

After reading the article to the end, you will also know what to do if the man does not have any feelings for you. Recommendations will be universal and will be useful to all girls regardless of age.

How to check: “Do I have feelings for a man?” – Five signs

In this article, you and I will consider two situations, namely, when there is not yet a relationship between you and when you are already a couple. Let’s start with the signs of a man’s interest when you’re not yet in a relationship.

Sign #1 – Excitement.

If a man likes a woman, he will experience excitement. Adrenaline and noradrenaline (stress hormones) will be released into his bloodstream when he sees the object of his affection. At the root of this stress is the fear of getting rejected by the person he likes.

So when you communicate with a man – watch his emotional state. If he is talking to you worried and nervous, the high probability that he likes you. And if he is acting very relaxed and free, then either he is not particularly interested in you or he has extensive experience in communication with women.

Sign #2 – Looking for an opportunity to see each other

Remember: If a man really wants to meet, he will find the time to do it. No matter how busy he is.

If a man is looking to see you, invites you to a meeting and makes time in his busy schedule, then he likes you. But if he’s busy every time and doesn’t have time, the likelihood of sympathy and feelings on his part is extremely low.

Sign #3 – Is genuinely interested in you.

We are very good at sensing when a man asks a question for the sake of a tick, and when he is genuinely interested in knowing our personality. If a man wants to get to know you better and he asks a lot of questions, it shows that he cares about you.

But if he does not ask anything about you, talks only about himself or discusses only abstract topics, then the likelihood that he is interested in you is very low.

Sign number 4 – Help

To understand how a man treats you – ask him for help. If he finds 1001 excuses why he can not help, then we can not talk about high feelings. But if he immediately agrees to take part in solving your problem, it’s very good.

Men do not like to solve the problems of women they are not interested. But if a woman is valuable to him, he will beat the hell out of you, but it will help.

First, ask him for something minor. Because if you ask straight away for something serious, the man may not agree. For example, helping to nail down a shelf is not the same as helping to pay off a mortgage. Start with the shelf.

Sign #5 – He keeps in touch with you

Even if a man works as president, believe me, at least once a day he will find time to answer your texts. But if the gentleman disappears for a long time, does not get in touch and all the time for you is busy, the sympathy from his side is unlikely.

But in no case a man should not make a claim, if he does not get in touch. Do not sit and wait for his reply or call. This is an irrational waste of time. So the man will understand your neediness and excessive interest. So just mind your own business and draw conclusions.

If a man writes to you, is interested in your affairs and finds time to call – he likes you.

How do you know if a man really loves you?

And now we will talk about the signs of a man’s love and his feelings for you when you are already in a relationship.

1)He strives to make you feel good.

A man who loves you is altruistic. He puts his beloved’s interests above his own or at least on a par with his own. But if your beloved demonstrates selfish behavior, not caring about your interests, then there is no love. You can be convenient and comfortable for him, but not beloved.

2) Respect

Respect is not always a manifestation of love. But if respect without love can exist, then love without respect – no. If a man is rude to you, shows a dismissive attitude, what kind of high feelings can we talk about? Such an alliance is toxic and co-dependent.

And if he considers your opinion, respects your thoughts, decisions and views, that’s very good. That is one of the manifestations of love.

3)Physical attraction.

Physical intimacy is the foundation of a relationship. It’s probably the most important aspect around which everything else is built. And if you are desirable to your man, then all is well in your couple. Love and feelings at the right level. But if for some reason his libido has dropped, then we can talk about either a psychological problem or a physical one.

A psychological problem is stress (at work or just in life) or a strained relationship with your partner. If the relationship has become uncomfortable and the attraction has fallen, then love may also soon fall.

A physical problem is illness. Any illness can have a bad effect on a man’s health. From cardiovascular disease to infections.

Why did I write about the reasons why there can be problems in bed. Because if your partner has stopped wanting intimacy with you, it’s not always an indication that his feelings are gone. Maybe he had a decline in health and the problem must look elsewhere. Always look at the situation from different angles.


Every man at a deep level has a mechanism to protect the woman he loves. He will always stand up for her if there is any danger. Always – this means in any situation, even when there is a threat to his life. But if in a situation where there is danger over you man is doing his feet, then he does not love you. This is a 100% criterion by which you can check his feelings.

Let’s take an example. Have you ever seen the following picture: a man and a woman (a couple) in a public place. And someone starts to hit on his woman, and in response he doesn’t shut the offender up, but tells his companion to calm down and apologize to the other person who first started hitting on her.

Such a situation shows not only that the man is not in love, but also that he is a coward. It doesn’t matter if his woman was right or wrong during the conflict, for a man in love she is always right in his eyes and he will defend her to the end.

What to do if a man does not love? – Instructions

If you realized that a man does not love you, then there is one way out of this situation – to stop communicating with him.

I strongly recommend to adhere to one rule in life.

Rule: Communicate only with people with whom you have full reciprocity. If the person is not interested in you, don’t hold on to them.

At first it can be difficult to let go of the person you love. And understanding his indifference is even harder. But you need to develop the habit of not communicating with people who don’t like you. It’s really a matter of habit, develop it in yourself it will be easy to live and you will be surrounded by people who are interested in you.

Conventionally we can divide the men into three groups:

  1. Interested;
  2. Neutral;
  3. Uninterested;

Let us begin with the last type – disinterested.

We immediately discard them from our lives. And it is also very important to understand that if the man is not interested, then the problem is not in you, but in biological or psychological incompatibility. To better understand how people choose their mate, I recommend reading the article: How the chemistry between a man and a woman (opens in a new tab).

The second type of man is neutral.

These are men who like you, but not enough to build a relationship with you. Again, it’s not about you, it’s about how the other man perceives you and what his inner beliefs are. You can make a neutral man into an interested man so that he wants a relationship with you and is in love with you. But this requires a good understanding of male psychology and behave correctly with him.

But practice shows that neutrality from the very beginning of communication is not good. Of course, you can use psychological tricks to make him run after you, but the question of how long it will be is still open. In my experience, any kind of manipulation does not work in the long term.

The third type of man is interested.

This is the type of man who is interested in you right away and for no reason at all. Or rather, there are reasons, but they are not logical, but the unconscious. Such a man is usually interested forever. If of course you do not go to extremes and do not make his life difficult.

An interested man will genuinely be interested in you, ask questions, his non-verbal signals will show his sympathy for you.

Tip: Get in touch with interested men. Neutral and disinterested immediately filter out and cross out of your life.

The more confident you are, well-groomed appearance and developed personal qualities, the more interested men will be around. So do not run after those who do not care about you. It is better to spend this time on yourself and your development.


Now you know the answer to the question: do I have feelings for a man? You know the signs you can learn about the man’s interest and how to check his true feelings. Also, you learned how to act in a situation where a man does not show interest in you – you need to reciprocate.

I highly recommend that you stick to the rule: Don’t talk to people who aren’t interested in me. It will not only make your life easier, but it will also let in cool people who will love and respect you.

And that’s it for me. If you enjoyed this article, please share it on social media. If you still have any questions – write them in the comments.

How to understand that a woman likes a man and recognize sympathy

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Expert – Margarita Lopukhova

Family psychologist. For 8 years I save “family units” from collapse. I help couples regain love and understanding.

If a man’s happiness is above his own, then he really fell in love. But, sometimes it becomes very difficult to understand a man’s feelings. If he is harsh, he will not show his interest, and his expressions of sympathy may be too crude. So where to look for the truth?

  • 1 Standard signs of male crush
  • 2 A man in love is mysterious and ambiguous
  • 4 Hidden love
  • 5 Sight and body language
  • 6 7 Psychologists think there are 7 signs of sympathy
  • 7 7 Signs of Sympathy According to Sexologists
  • 8 Romance from a Stale Man
  • 9 Summing up

Standard signs of male crush

Psychologists tend to generalize, so highlight the standard signs of falling in love. But if he does not have such manifestations, it does not yet indicate a lack of interest.

  1. The man is on the same wavelength as the girl, encouraged by her. Accepts the common goals and views on the future, considering her happiness as his own.
  2. Sees her flaws, but still considers her perfect. He likes her body, her eyes, her smile, her gait. Little antics and peculiarities.
  3. Fulfills all his obligations and promises. Proves his feelings with actions.
  4. Deeply respects a woman’s life, her interests and dreams. Makes decisions based on her opinion.
  5. Develops relationships and strives to keep them, shows activity and involvement.
  6. Ready to help and give support. We are talking not only about physical, but also emotional support in a difficult moment.

The answer to the question “how to understand a man’s feelings” is simple, because a loving partner proves with actions, actions. If he is comfortable with his chosen one, he considers this relationship as a long-term one. Interested in their continuation.

“With Mashka and I in general turned out to be interesting. I fell in love with her at first sight, I was shaking next to her, my knees were shaking. I walked around for two weeks. And then I bought two movie tickets, approached her and affirmatively said that today we were going to the movies! She smiled and agreed. After the movie we went to my place and she stayed with me. Eight years of marriage, I’m happy.

A man in love is mysterious and ambiguous.

Sexologists repeatedly insist that you should only judge a man by comparison. Evaluate his condition before the moment of falling in love and after. If there is a dramatic change, then you can count on a long-term relationship. If there is no change, then the guy is indifferent.

Ladies tend to build castles in the air. He holds the door to the office for her, and she’s already picturing herself in an ayvory dress at a gorgeous altar covered with flowers. He puts an engagement ring on her finger, and here they have three children. But in fact, the behavior of a man in love is not always logical, and often he tries to confuse the girl he is interested in because he is afraid of rejection.

The reasons may vary, but the result is the same: the relationship ends before it even begins. The woman gets tired of waiting for the first step and switches to a bolder applicant for her hand and heart. This does not do the chickenshit man any credit. It seems to them as if the girl will be waiting for action from them all her life.

Konstantin, 29.

“I remember when I worked in a big office, I fell in love with Irka from the second floor. Such a beautiful, chubby girl! But I was so afraid that she would refuse me, that all the time shy in front of her, afraid to talk. For six months I was angry with myself until I saw her with Pasha from accounting department. While I waited, he acted. After that incident I never fell in love. I’ve been alone for three years now.”

Why does a guy hide his feelings?

What are men afraid of and how to understand what they feel if they are constantly hiding and showing disinterest. The reasons for secrecy can be psychological and emotional in nature. They are afraid to look weak. Such specimens believe that only girls show emotions, a man should be tough and firm! Preserves imaginary dignity and loses the woman he likes – two in one.

The fear of getting rejected and finding out about the lack of reciprocity is much deeper. Fear of rejection begins to outweigh strong feelings, leading to emotional suffering. Such guys accumulate suffering into anger and take it out on those who are close to them.

A separate category of men simply do not believe their feelings. It is difficult for them to understand that they really fell in love and have strong emotions towards the girl. Logically want to trust the mind, but the heart is torn to the chosen one. Materialists long analyze their feelings and make the first move only when convinced of their veracity.

Independent, decisive – lonely. Unfortunately, many men give up on the relationship just because they are afraid to fall into dependence on the fairer sex.

“My love began with a struggle with myself. I fell in love so that my palms were sweating as soon as I saw her.

Now we have been married for nine years with Lilya, two children. Back then, I was afraid to find out that she was unsympathetic. How I called myself names mentally, forced myself to approach and could not. At work everyone was already joking with me. But Lilya just smiled and waited for me to make the first move. I remember in the morning I brought her a box of chocolates, where I put the invitations to the theater and wrote that she could come with me or with someone else. By the end of the day she came up and gave me a second ticket, saying she agreed.”

Hidden crush

Psychologists and sexologists agree that most men tend to hide their feelings. The renowned journal of psychology twice published the result of a survey: 74% of guys deliberately hide their feelings. Of these, only 21% decide to make the first move in the next couple of weeks.

All the rest either drag out the story indefinitely, cherish their fears and old grudges, or decide to pull away. It is noteworthy that 9% of respondents decide to abandon the relationship even without finding out whether he is attracted to his beloved.

Predict the actions of a man in love is difficult even for a professional psychologist. Lyrical impulses, passionate compliments, sudden talk about art. Men are even less able to control mood swings in love than girls.

He wants to be around in every way possible. His girlfriend likes sports? So instead of having a beer in front of the TV, she will sign up for the same fitness center. Does she like to run in the morning? Going for a run at the same time. Providing help for a man means showing your interest. Helping carry bags, hang a picture, fix a computer.

How do you know a guy likes you? After reading our article this question will no longer arise.

Guy is ready for compromise, even to the detriment of their own interests only for the one for which he has strong feelings and interest. Makes concessions, agrees with the opposite opinion, supports her views in any matter. He does not play the authoritative connoisseur, but rather listens attentively and nods.

“When I fell in love with Tanya, I couldn’t refuse her anything at all. Anything she wanted to buy, did any thing. I understood that she was taking advantage of me, but I couldn’t help myself. We broke up after three months, as soon as I analyzed the relationship and refused to buy her a tablet.

Sight and body language

It is difficult to understand how a loving man behaves, because all men are different, but to recognize his favorability to you will help non-verbal signs. Complex psychological analysis is available only to a professional, so it is worth dwelling on the simpler eloquent things. A man looks with sincere sympathy. His gaze is filled with delight, admiration! He admires his beloved, her every gesture and body curve.

The man is excited and his palms are sweating. This will easily and quickly give away his crush, because he is very anxious next to the one he likes. It is a bad sign when a guy crosses his arms on his chest or puts his thumbs and index fingers together – this characterizes his indifference and closeness.

Involuntary touching is part of the game. Men try to touch the lady, touch her arm or shoulder. Swipe a lint, accidentally touch his hand while helping him put on his jacket, and so on. He wants to be as close as possible to the object of intense interest. Demonstration of jealousy is another unconcealed sign of how to understand a man’s feelings.

7 signs of sympathy according to psychologists

  • Increased interest in the personal life and interests of the girl. Tries to find out about the current marital status, the reasons for the disintegration of past relationships. Asks for an opinion, asks for advice and cannot hide interest.
  • Long eye contact. Interested man will not “wander” his eyes around the room.
  • Wants to be part of the conversation. Takes a lively participation in the discussion, will try to push the lady to flirt, joke in a kind way.
  • On social networking is always there. Responds to messages in detail and responds quickly. Likes photos and records on the wall, in the network bolder than in life.
  • Ready to help. Especially in social situations and interactions. Will give a ride in the car, help solve problems.
  • A partner in love rejects other young ladies. He communicates only with the beloved, minimizes communication with others.
  • Strives to spend more time together. Chooses the place of the meeting so that the girl liked it and remembered.

7 signs of sympathy according to sexologists

  1. Has begun to devote more time to his own appearance. Visits a barber, dresses stylishly.
  2. Tells about his virtues, unknowingly advertising himself for the chosen one.
  3. Listens attentively to the lady, even if she talks about things completely alien to him.
  4. Finds out information about her from others. Inquires from friends, colleagues and acquaintances.
  5. Examines social media profiles. Examines photos, studies wall posts, communities.
  6. Open jealousy is a bright sign of a man in love, even if he brags about it as a defense.
  7. He strives to be in sight as often as possible. Catches his eye at work, visits cafes too, etc.

“I, when I fall in love, become very distracted. I think about her constantly, I want to spend time together as much as possible. I am interested in everything related to her, even some little things seem important. Men at work laugh at me, but I don’t care. So happy when in love.

Romance from a stale man

Love makes men very romantic, even if they try to hide it. Nice notes, bouquets of flowers, a chocolate bar at lunchtime. Nice nice things that are sure to please the chosen one. A man becomes very kind and a little absent-minded at such moments, he smiles stupidly and gives gifts. With the other young ladies behaves habitually and literally “melts” next to the one he likes.

You can find out how to understand a man’s feelings if you observe him from the side. All feelings are exacerbated, especially responsibility. Even if the girl is not his, he seeks to protect and defend her. Defends the opinion of the lady at work and in the team, protects her point of view, openly in conflict with the “opponents”. The modern model of the office knight.

In love man hovering in the clouds. He can whistle a tune, look out the window for a long time, lost in thought of her. A blissful smile and absent look are telltale signs of unconcealed infatuation. For young guys, falling in love turns into a succession of advances, for mature men it’s a demonstration of their own advantages.

Another factor is that the guy does not seek to rate the lady. On a date where he turns his nose up and down, snorting during her story about her hobbies, the standard “fit” or “not fit” evaluation occurs. A man in love will be absorbed in her story, looking at her with an admiring gaze full of delight!

Read more about how to understand a man at the link.

To summarize.

How to understand a man’s feelings will tell psychologists. But girls have enough natural intuition to make reliable conclusions. His behavior, non-verbal communication and reactions will give away a young man in love. Take the first step towards him or wait for him to act – only she decides. If the sympathy is mutual, you can make it easier for him and just communicate.

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