How to understand his attitude towards me?

How to understand how a man treats you: the signs of feelings

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Men – the creatures to the extreme secretive. And they especially do not like to show their feelings, because it makes them vulnerable. So if you want to understand a man’s feelings, you should immediately adjust to the fact that you have to be both a psychologist and a spy.

How not to make a mistake: the simple signs of a man’s real attitude towards a woman

In fact, men prefer to show their feelings not by words, but by deeds, especially since they think that in this way their sympathy is less noticeable, so in order to check the male feelings, you can, for example, ask the one whom you suspect in the sympathy, to help you, preferably at some inconvenient time like on weekends. A man in love will agree to anything, because it will give him an opportunity to show himself at his best in your eyes.

Also help identify attitudes and less obvious manifestations of care – for example, a representative of the stronger sex to hold the door, help take off your coat and so on. But here it is important to show your spy skills and watch how he treats other girls – there is a possibility that this is just politeness.

In addition, some catfishermen who read the same articles behave in this way, so there is a risk of falling for the tricks of an unscrupulous man. But unfortunately, it always exists.

What definitely does not lie is body language – even the most confident seducers can not fully control themselves. So if during a conversation the body of the interlocutor is turned to you, but the toes of his shoes look in the opposite direction, most likely, he is not really interested in you. But if the toes of his shoes are turned in your direction, it indicates the maximum attention. Also, you should keep an eye on his feet when one is thrown to the other – in case the interlocutor was interested in the toes of his shoes again directed to him.

When a man in the presence of a woman begins to adjust her hair and clothes, this is actually quite telling: the male representatives really are generally indifferent to their appearance, so the attention that he shows may indicate feelings for you – everyone wants to look more attractive in front of the beloved woman.

Love, not love: the bitter truth about feelings

It’s no surprise that it’s hard for you to accept the truth about his true attitude – no one wants to understand that he’s not loved. Sometimes your heart doesn’t seem to be in the right place, but all of a sudden it really just seems. In order to accept the cruel “it doesn’t seem”, you have to convince yourself of that. Remove the rose-colored glasses can be painful, but still do it is absolutely necessary.

So, what are the signs of dislike that are easy to spot? The most obvious is when a man himself states it, indirectly or directly. He may warn you not to fall in love with him or talk about the most tender feelings – but none of this is about love. If that’s what’s important to you in a relationship, it’s worth distracting yourself and looking for someone more suitable.

Cheating is, of course, a clear sign of faded or absent feelings, because a man will not cheat on the woman he loves – there is no other woman in the world, why should he have sex with someone he doesn’t know? He may even try to keep you, talking about the polygamy of all members of the stronger sex without exception, but this only means that he is comfortable with you. So in this case there is nothing complicated about how to understand how a man treats you: if he cheats, there is no love at all.

A man may even talk about love, but, as mentioned above, his actions are more eloquent. For example, if a young man compares his girlfriend with others not in her favor without remorse – can this speak of any good feelings? Or if he is not burning desire to get acquainted with her close friends – and with their own does not introduce? All of this, unfortunately, is a sign that he does not have feelings, no matter how much you talk yourself into the opposite.

A man who doesn’t call, keep promises, or make your life easier is just a user who, for whatever reason, now wants to take advantage of you. So get a grip and send him on his way.

Why situational awareness is important

Because women do tend to wear rose-colored glasses, and some even superglue them to themselves. They can, on the one hand, see things about a good-looking guy that aren’t there, and on the other hand, fail to see the obvious. If you don’t want to get into trouble and find yourself in a difficult situation, being able to determine a man’s true attitude towards his person is very important, regardless of whether he likes you or, on the contrary, doesn’t like you at all.

So turn on the psychologist, bring out the spy – and go in search of your happiness, which is likely very close. And learn to cut off the unnecessary – it will come in handy. Arm yourself in advance by learning how to understand that a man is in love, but hides his feelings in our article at the link.

How a man treats you: ways to help you understand his feelings

The situation in which a cute suitor drives you crazy, but to understand how this man relates to you, still can not be – a very common phenomenon. To decipher the feelings of a young man you should study the peculiarities of psychology and astrological characteristics of his zodiac sign. Knowing this, it is easy to determine his true feelings: sympathy, infatuation or carefree flirting.

Checking the intentions of the suitor by correspondence

When a guy is far away from you and there are no face-to-face meetings, there is some ambiguity in the relationship. If you communicate in absentia, you can understand a man’s sympathy by the following signs:

  1. He responds to your messages always and immediately. If you can not write, he explains the reason for being busy.
  2. Writes to you even during working hours, not when he misses in the evenings.
  3. Man is interested in you, has a fascinating correspondence, asks personal questions, showing that he cares about you.
  4. He doesn’t chat with other girls on social networks. If he simultaneously corresponds with different women, it means you are only a candidate for his future sympathy, and he has no specific feelings.

Signs that indicate a man’s true feelings

The representatives of the stronger sex are less emotional, so it can be difficult to understand how a guy feels about you. How to distinguish the attitude of a friend from the very first sympathy? How to notice that the feelings of a colleague turned into love? What will tell about his readiness to tie his life to you? And how to unmask the womanizer in all this, wanting only sex? Each feeling has its own manifestations.

Experiencing sympathy.

Men behave differently when their heart starts to beat more often. But the main signs that psychologists highlight will help you understand that you are definitely sympathetic to a guy:

  1. He tries to spend more time with you, finding various reasons to do so.
  2. At your appearance, his mood rises, he becomes talkative and active.
  3. Demonstrates attention, interested in your plans for the evening, interests and mood.
  4. He changes his appearance: he pulls in his belly, straightens, his pupils dilate, and a smile appears on his face.
  5. He tries to stay as close as possible, touches.
  6. When talking looks into her eyes and listens attentively.

In love

A man does not always talk about his feelings directly. You can understand that he cares about you by his behavior and actions:

  1. Jealous of a woman, does not allow other members of the opposite sex to show interest in her.
  2. He is persistent, wins over the object of love.
  3. Makes gifts, at this stage you want to pamper and please your beloved, so presented with flowers, candy and other pleasant surprises.
  4. If he calls you by pet names or nicknames, it means that you awakened feelings in him.
  5. Actively solves the problems of his beloved himself, even without her request.
  6. He stops talking to other girls because all his free time is devoted to you.

Interested only in sex.

The unfamiliar man shows interest in you, so there is no doubt that you are his type. Only what lies behind the beautiful words? It is not difficult to ascertain that his intentions are not serious:

  1. Try to find out what kind of relationship was before you. If he is a typical womanizer or married, you should not believe a single word he says, lest you become another piece of his collection.
  2. The guy constantly shows a desire for physical contact: hugs, kisses, cuddles, but talking or participating in your life does not arouse interest.
  3. If on your hints about a life together he jerks off and walks away from the answer, then most likely he is not ready for a serious relationship.
  4. Pay attention to the compliments that the man makes. Aren’t they only about a beautiful cleavage or a firm ass, ignoring your rich inner world?

Wants to push away.

It is easiest to find out a man’s attitude towards you when he experiences indifference, because then there is no point in expecting attention. On his part there are no active actions: calls, invitations and compliments. When a man borrows money and then disappears, his interest was originally self-serving. If he ignores calls and communication with the woman, it means he has no intentions, he just does not know how to get rid of her.

Ready to become a husband

A young man in love actually performs the function of a spouse. You can tell that the guy is absolutely serious about you by the following signs:

  • Takes care of the girl without expecting anything in return.
  • A man begins to think about his career, changes jobs to provide a comfortable life for his future wife.

  • When a man wants to get married, his attention spans all areas of the girl’s life.
  • Introduces her to friends, relatives and parents. Ready to declare to the whole world that this woman belongs to him.
  • When a man cherishes a girl, he seeks to legitimize the relationship. Otherwise, he is just passing the time in search of a suitable party.
  • If you are present in plans for the future, then it is time to look for a wedding dress.

Degree of manifestation of feelings, taking into account the zodiac sign

To understand what a man you know, it is easy if you know what zodiac sign he belongs to. Tactics guy behavior can vary dramatically depending on his character . Let us understand how peculiar to show sympathy and love representatives of different signs:

  • Aries. An impatient man immediately shows what he wants. His attitude can be understood by the amorous look, gestures and passion. Aries begins to act, to show all his best qualities. His feelings are ambiguous because he behaves in the same way with all the sympathetic to him. If he is not reciprocated, he quickly switches to another object.
  • Taurus. The guy is not used to procrastination. If he likes a woman, he will immediately begin to approach her, trying to win her attention. The cautious guy is afraid of being rejected, so he starts courting from the friendship stage. Invites him to an exhibition, a movie or other event. Courtship Taurus in the classic style – with gifts and flowers, but are in no hurry to develop a relationship, so the initiative should take the girl.
  • Gemini. This man is able to whirl you in the vortex of love, because he loves to do crazy and daring things.Bored woman with him just will not be, he loves to tease and organize jokes. But the fickle nature of the young man leads to the fact that he can be disappointed in a woman and silently disappear.
  • Cancer. The guy shows sympathy in caring and attentive attitude. If there is love in his heart, he will patronize and protect the woman. For this sign, comfort and family are very important. He will show his positive qualities, fulfill all the requests of the girl.He may also feel jealousy and resentment.

  • Leo. A confident and ambitious man will show that the woman belongs to him. He will not allow anyone to approach her. The guy will become gallant and courteous. If he is in love, he will show interest in the chosen one. Leo courted beautifully, showering the girl with luxurious gifts.
  • Virgo. The guy approaches the choice of the girl consciously. He manifests his feelings with hints, but first he should find out all the information about the person he likes, which he collects from different sources. After this presents gifts that hit the target. If a man is in love, he hastens to propose marriage.
  • Libra. Arrogant man knows how to conquer a woman’s heart, so he courts beautifully. He chic compliments, but wary of commitment and responsibility. Serious feelings will show if he introduces his parents and hints at a closer relationship.
  • Scorpio. Representatives of this sign do not like to hide feelings. The man has an incredible magnetism and an enchanting smile. If he tells everyone that you belong to him, then most likely he plans to be together with you forever.
  • Sagittarius. An independent man will show his sympathy with flowers and poems. He will show his love by constantly being near his soul mate, trying to entertain her and surprise her.
  • Capricorn. The guy is mistrustful and seeks to be sure of his choice. He does not rush things, so his sympathy can be understood in relation to the girl. If he begins to consult with the woman and trust her, then he begins to fall in love.
  • Aquarius. When love appears in the heart of a representative of the sign, he changes – he becomes talkative and draws attention to himself. The guy quickly becomes close to the person he likes. But if feelings die down, he disappears from view. On the serious intentions may indicate the coincidence of your life values with him.
  • Pisces. A man in love becomes romantic and sweet. Opens his feelings and tries to be around all the time. But may hesitate for fear of rejection. A man in love forgives a lot, but he is indecisive, so a woman needs to take the initiative.

Understand how to relate to you not indifferent man, you can, looking at his behavior. Serious feelings are manifested in the actions. Now every girl can easily identify sympathy, infatuation or flirting.

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