How to understand a Virgo man?

Male Virgo: peculiarities of behavior and compatibility with other zodiac signs

When it comes to several Virgo men, they seem to be quite different. Some can be confidently called charismatic brutals, others are distinguished by tenderness and patience with regard to women’s whims, while others are real financial sharks that sweep away everyone on the way to their goal.

Many people mistakenly believe that the root of this contradiction should be sought in the “femininity” of the sign. However, the Virgo men also have certain traits in common. They are united by materialism and rationalism, which is expressed in the desire to listen to reason, rather than the heart. How to get through to the controversial Virgo man and build a harmonious relationship with him?

General characteristics of men born under the sign of Virgo

Virgo men are energetic, confident people who not only set a goal, but also achieve it, despite all kinds of difficulties and obstacles. They are used to independence, as well as always have their own opinion. Nature has not deprived men of qualities such as thoughtfulness, prudence, so do not rush them with a quick decision, first need a thorough analysis of the situation.

One of the main traits of Virgo can be noted the desire for perfection. They can not tolerate sloppiness in themselves, and will not allow others to be sloppy. Men born under the sign of Virgo are very hardworking and responsible, so the work for them is one of the main roles in life, which takes a lot of time and effort. This zodiac is sufficiently meticulous, also knows how to find common ground with the people around them, despite the fact that the close circle of communication is not large. Both in work and in the family can safely rely on him.

Virgo has a rather complicated character. They are demanding but prudent. Before deciding on something important, the man thinks carefully and weighs it, because the risk – definitely not his story. And if you want to change your mind about something, be prepared for failure. Criticism in the direction of this sign will be perceived very negatively.

The Virgo man is endowed with a high mental capacity, which makes him an interesting interlocutor with whom he can communicate on various topics. Even with great wealth, the zodiac will not throw money around. Virgo gives preference to self-development, so in his free time he likes to read, travel, learn something new. He likes to instruct someone, give advice to others and for him it is not a problem to tell the truth in the eye.

Virgo is not lacking in flaws either – nerdiness and meticulousness are the most prevalent. They love to pick on trifles, just enough vindictive and vindictive, modest to compliments and jealous. And if you want to like Virgo – be prepared to meet high demands.

The behavior of Virgo men in love and relationships with women

In love

Virgo treats love as a kind of curse, and every possible way will run away from this feeling. After all, rationalism is above all for him. This zodiac looks very carefully at the opposite sex, choosing and analyzing for a long time. If a woman has flaws, it will not be so difficult for him to say goodbye to her. However, if you will be lucky and the choice will fall on you, prepare to be charmed immediately.

For the Virgo male love horoscope says that such a zodiac is stingy with words, preferring to keep them to himself. Confession of his feelings for you will be generosity, courtesy and politeness. If a man is truly in love, be sure that you will bathe in care, warmth and attention for a very long time.

In a relationship

Virgo believes that relationships are a waste of time, where you need to put a lot of effort and energy. That’s why he will go all the way to the end so he won’t get into it. Unfortunately, you will have to be a special woman to prove him otherwise.

In such a case, how to win and fall in love with a Virgo man will wonder every one of you. In order for you to become that special girl near whom he will be kind, caring and loving, be honest and decent with him. Trust in a relationship is paramount, and lying – the road to nowhere.

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If a Virgo man truly loves himself, how does he behave

Legitimate bewilderment that women experience in communication with men born under the constellation Virgo, it is quite understandable by the peculiarities of the character and the secrecy of the emotional background. Do not be upset about this: astrologers and psychologists have long studied the behavior of representatives of this sign in a period of strong feelings. Based on their data, you can tell exactly how a Virgo man behaves if he loves for real.

Virgo is a real mystery for a woman unfamiliar with the intricacies of the horoscope that defines them as people with a contradictory and complex character. This is an Earth sign with Mercury as its patroness, which is why their inner emotionality is securely hidden behind their cool exterior. At the same time, the tact and restraint inherent in Virgo can easily be perceived as coldness and indifference.

Astrologers consistently emphasize the complexity and inconsistency of men born under this sign. But they say that this is always a reliable person, not inclined to make rash promises, but to keep their word. Their unwillingness to show passion is compensated by the ability to make practical and conscious choices, to look at them realistically and not to start a relationship just out of sport.

A woman who is trying to understand how a Virgo man behaves if he truly loves should learn that this multifaceted nature with unique human qualities constantly balances between several personality traits:

non-conflict, external positivity and the desire to set his own rules for his own life; conservatism and pragmatism and harmlessness to the people around him; wariness to new phenomena in life and craving for stability, reliability, poise; love for expensive and quality things and stinginess, which they sincerely consider rationality.

The task of a woman who wants to win a male Virgo is complicated by their unique ability to contain their emotions, even if they are literally raging under the outwardly unperturbed shell. Virgo males are not only able to control, but also analyze their emotions, discard those that seem useless or harmful to a stable existence in which there was no candidate for a partner.

Ladies like the positive traits of men born under the sign of Virgo, but they do not always take into account that in this case they need to abandon the usual tactics of behavior. Flattery and compliments, frank demonstration of feelings and emotions, insistent and demonstrative attention do not work in this case. Virgo themselves make a conscious and pragmatic choice, all of the above can simply scare them away. There is only one way out – to analyze the behavior of a potential partner on the signs identified by science and astrology, and only after the final confidence to go towards his hidden feelings.

A woman will need all of her insights and wisdom, given by nature to continue the race, to consider behind the external coldness and repression, sullenness and straightforwardness Virgo men signs of true feelings. Their task will be complicated by conservatism, limited interests, and the ability to control emotions until the final decision.

However, there are certain subtleties that allow you to accurately notice how a Virgo man behaves if he really loves:

The first sure sign is the manifestation of absent-mindedness and anxiety, the constant change of the topic of conversation, barely noticeable excitement and quite pronounced embarrassment. The second is attention to appearance. Previously not prone to flaunting and following fashion trends, he begins to buy stylish items of considerable value, makes a new hairstyle and even changes his cologne. Virgo, like Aries, is stingy in everyday life and sincerely believes that rationality, but to his beloved, he begins to give beautiful bouquets and cute, non-trivial gifts. This is the third sign, which, however, should not be particularly relied upon in family life. The fourth, and most unmistakable, is an invitation for a first date at an expensive restaurant. This is not original, but this sign does not have a particular desire to be flamboyant. He does what he thinks is right, and there is nothing to do about it, you can only rejoice that the event took place.

It is possible to encounter an opinion that, in this case, a man begins to make very expensive gifts – jewelry, gadgets, romantic travels. However, all this depends not on the sign of the zodiac, but on the state of his finances. Therefore, you should not especially count on expensive gifts. It is better to look carefully at the behavior, looks (he may squint and immediately look away, but this will not fool and deceive a real woman).

Careful attempts to hide the crush can be caused by jealousy, unfounded suspicions, insecurity, especially if the girl is always surrounded by admirers. If you do not give him a timely and delicate hope of reciprocity, the Virgo of the stronger sex will analyze his emotions and drive them into the subconscious, so that they do not harm the psyche and destabilize the habitual way of life. Here the success and continuation of the relationship depends not so much on the indecisive and shy gentleman, but on the lady who will be able to meet him halfway and not scare him away.

A man born under the sign of Virgo is a complex personality:

You can determine his affection by behavior, but only after careful study. He gives bouquets and gifts when he has finally decided on his choice. Flattery and compliments, especially from women, make him wary. He does not enter into love relationships out of a sporting interest.

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