How to understand a man’s intentions?

How to understand a man’s intentions in a relationship with a woman

Probably every woman intuitively senses when a man likes you. But you can like him for a year, five years, ten years, and there will be no continuation. How to understand the intentions of a man in a relationship with a woman and not to make a mistake?

Signs that a young man is serious.

Perhaps we should start with the most interesting – how do you know that a man is not pulling dust in his eyes and is set up for a serious relationship with you? Fortune-telling, advising to hide a picture or a note of your loved one under the pillow and wait for a dream.

But consider the question from a psychological point of view.

A man who is in the mood for a serious relationship can be recognized by several signs.

  • Constant communication

The young man is constantly communicating with you, does not disappear from sight. If you live separately, every morning he wishes you a good day, and in the evening is interested in how the day went. It is not difficult for him to call you, write a message.

It’s not just a routine “good morning” or “good evening. He’s really listening to you, asking you questions, asking you if there’s been a continuation of incidents that have happened before.

The man who sees the future with you remembers even things about you that you yourself forget. For example, you once told him about an encounter with a classmate that pissed you off. The next time you are in a bad mood, he will ask if you have not seen her again.

During the conversation, he’s not looking momentarily at his phone, not reading messages or surfing the Internet, not being distracted by others. He is focused on you. And this is a very important sign of genuine interest on his part.

  • Sincerity .

The peculiarity of deep communication, which unites people, consists in sincerity. A man who likes you, who would like to continue to build a relationship with you, does not close, does not hide his desires, thoughts, the past from you.

He talks freely about pleasant and unpleasant things, recalls situations in which he looked funny, can tell you how he sees the future. At the same time, you retain the feeling that the young man is open to you, focused on communicating with you.

False signs of a man’s serious intentions

If, at the same time, he is happy to learn about your worries and dreams, and you are not afraid to share them with him, this is a good sign. A sign that a seed of sincerity and trust has been planted in your relationship and it has a future.

This item sounds a bit mercantile, but if the man is investing his resources into the relationship with you and directly into you, he’s taking you seriously and may be preparing to propose.

What to look out for:

  • He’s willing to regularly buy food, groceries, or cook for you.
  • Offers money at a difficult time for you to do yoga, so you can buy a new jacket.
  • Finds an apartment for you to live in and pays for it.
  • Helps you make repairs in your home, buys materials if necessary, without requiring you to pay.
  • Is willing to send you on a little vacation to give you a break.

It is not necessary to invest money, he gives you his soul, a part of himself, he tries to make you feel good.

  • Getting to know your relatives

There are men who like to introduce their girls to their parents or friends. For them, this can serve as proof that all is well in their personal lives, and an excuse to get away from them with asking questions.

But for most young men, introducing a girl to their parents is an important step and a sign that their intentions are serious. After numerous requests from your parents, your attempts to get to know them, he finally introduces you to them.

This, too, is a sign that the dam of basic doubts has been broken.

It’s even harder to convince a man to meet your parents. On the one hand, he’s afraid they won’t approve of his candidacy for their favorite baby girl. On the other hand, getting to know them is an acknowledgement that you may be considered as a future relative.

The next important sign, which, by the way, Gary Chapman points out in his book The 5 Love Languages, is time.

If you spend time together, not paying attention to the phone, work, you are giving it to each other. Remember your relationship to time – when you are with different people, you treat it differently. Let’s take two situations as an example.

Your friend called and said: “I just went on a date, and I just lost four hours of my life. The guy was stupid, rude, talked about something all the time.” She’s angry, regrets every minute she spent with him, and thinks the time is lost forever.

But there is another situation – you spend time with your young man and do not notice how the minutes and hours fly by. And he doesn’t notice it. Not only that, he is ready to continue to give you precious minutes, to be happy that he spends them together with you.

And if you feel that you do not strain the man, he easily gives you his time, then most likely his intentions towards you are serious.

Convince you of this can and the following signs:

  • If it’s a choice between a party and a night out with you, the guy will choose you. No matter how it will be – invite you to the party or sit with you in a cafe.
  • When talking about what the future holds, the man includes you in it. Perhaps he does not mention the wedding, but gladly mentions that in three years you could go to the Maldives, because just in time he will pay the mortgage.

Signs that a man is in a frivolous mood.

The situation is not always so rosy. It happens that the man you are in love with is not in the mood to take you seriously, at least not yet. Here are a few signs that indicate this.

Like any man in love, your young man gives you gifts, treats you to coffee, and gives you flowers. He may even invite you to a restaurant or spend a weekend at the sea with him. But no more than that.

No financial help, no gratuitous support for you in a difficult situation is out of the question. Even if you’re sick, he’s likely to get along with the duty “Get well”.

If you are a temporary companion for a man, he communicates accordingly:

  • He doesn’t remember dates and events that are important to you.
  • When you talk to him, he may call a friend or just turn away.
  • He won’t let you inside himself. When you try to understand his motives, his relationships, you run into a wall.
  • He doesn’t try to get to know you better.
  • It can often feel like you’re just communicating to kill time or exchange words.
  • Secrets

A man who treats you as just another lover and is not going to build a serious relationship definitely cannot be called sincere. There are always things in his life that you can’t access. This can be his family, his friends, his hobbies, his past.

You can ask him as much as you want about what he will do in the evening or on the weekend, in response he will only shrug his shoulders, smile, and even ask not to meddle in his affairs.

The man who treats you with attention, loves you, will be focused only on you. Someone for whom the relationship is not particularly important and who thinks he can always find another, easy to look at the girls around them, even in your presence.

You only manage to draw attention to yourself with extravagant antics or something that sets you apart from others. However, you can not guarantee that he will be satisfied with it. Your attempts to attract attention, more likely to be annoying.

How to understand a man’s intentions

By education I am a school psychologist. Work experience in the field of copywriting for over 7 years. For me, copywriting is an art.

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It is very important for girls to know about the sincerity of feelings for yourself. How to understand a man’s intentions if the lady is in love and looks at him through rose-colored glasses. To lay out all the details will help psychologists’ tips. Of course, you can enjoy the moment of love and enjoy the relationship, but the development can go on an undesirable path, the union may fall apart at all.

Signs of serious intentions

The most important indicator of a relationship is investment. A man should not spare any time, money, fantasy or affectionate words for his beloved. Investing time and effort in building a relationship is a pledge of their durability, because the more you give – the more you appreciate your investment.

For different men may be different priorities and values. And if a wealthy partner spends his expensive time on meetings, cancels important negotiations – this is a sign of higher value of the girl to him.

In the same way, a poor student can invest in his date with nice gifts of insignificant value, care and attention. You should not just believe beautiful words, you need to draw conclusions by deeds.

Talking about a joint future, about children, about a house by the sea brings all the girls to their hearts. This can take advantage of the cynics to charm girls and captivate her. But most men do not start a conversation on such serious topics, without any plans for the future with this particular girl.

Signs of a frivolous relationship

How to understand the intentions of a man? The lack of real interest in a girl is easy to recognize by the following points:

  1. A man is always busy, he has little time for meetings, calls, messages. That is, if a man is busy, he can still find at least a little time to spend together, or he compensates the lack of attention with other pleasant moments.
  2. Gifting gifts to buy a girl’s attention.
  3. Constantly talking only about sex.
  4. Does not introduce friends and family.
  5. Does not start conversations about the future together.
  6. Flirts with other girls.
  7. No involuntary tactile contact when communicating.

How to treat inducement to intimacy on first dates

The male organism is built in such a way that when communicating with a beautiful woman, there is a desire to possess her. And this is a normal physiology of a healthy man. Someone hides it, and someone tells the girl about his feelings. When a man tells a girl that he wants her, it doesn’t mean that everything has to happen right now and on this day. It may be an element of flirting, a man gets a moral pleasure from the fact that the desired woman is near, he anticipates intimacy, waiting for this moment with longing.

The expectation is also part of the pleasure. If you give yourself to a man at the first hint of bed, you lose that special moment of anticipation. The fact that the guy says: “We are adults, why wait and procrastinate” does not mean that he will cease to pursue the girl if she refuses. On the contrary, on the next date he will prepare better so that this time everything will work out.

Unfortunately, according to statistics, most women who agree to intimacy on first dates, become uninterested in a man for a serious relationship. After all, they want a chaste girl for the family.

How to get a serious relationship from a man

To get a guy to be crazy, you need to become the woman of his dreams: an ideal hostess, a statuesque beauty, a debaucheress. Combining the three roles is difficult for girls, and only the wisest do not disdain this recommendation. Psychologists argue that the subconscious men have two ideal women: chaste and lecherous. At first glance, these two incompatible qualities, but it is not so, they can competently alternate in a relationship. For a relationship, it is important to be compatible in bed, and if there is no compatibility, there will not be a happy union.

Also, to increase your value to the man, you can provoke him to exploits for the sake of his beloved. To be a hero in the eyes of girls is priceless. To do this, you need to ask him to help out in simple situations in which you need male help and support. Choose a moment in which he is strong and will definitely be able to cope, for example, ask:

  • to pick up from guests from a non-human place, citing fear;
  • pick up the phone;
  • set up the appliances;
  • rearrange furniture;
  • teach a language.

How to understand a man’s intentions if he says one thing in words, but there is no action. It is necessary to arrange a test with the above items. For the sake of the girl he likes, for which there are serious plans, a man is capable of not such feats. So, have a great way to understand how a man is hiding feelings.

Relationships with a man: false signs of his serious intentions. Psychology of Men | Growth Phase

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