How to tie a girl to you?

How to keep a girl to yourself? Top 8 Best Practices.

You have to write in such a way that you can not not read. I think I know the magic of words.

The expert – Margarita Lopukhova

Family psychologist. For eight years I have been saving “family units” from collapse. I help couples regain love and understanding.

Many modern girls are wary of new acquaintances. They rarely go to the contact and build themselves “snow princesses”, because they want to be treated like in the old books of love – reverently and carefully, seeking for many months. On the other hand men are just as wary of women – how to understand that she is interested in him, not his purse?

In general, relationships are complicated things, and it is not easy to bind the girl you like. But you will definitely come to success, if you follow some tips.

What to do in order to attract and fall in love with a girl?

  • The most important thing – self-confidence (not to be confused with self-confidence). Show your masculine qualities. Be stronger than her. For almost any woman it is a determining factor in choosing a man, because it is inherent in nature. A man should be able to stand up for his woman, to protect her and his offspring. Be her hero, but do not miss the moment when you sit on the neck and hang down – everything must be in moderation, and both must contribute to the relationship.
  • Girls are very dependent on positive emotions. Be original and varied, pay attention to her, be interested in her affairs – just lift her spirits. You should be able to give her absolutely everything emotionally, so she did not go in search of missing feelings on the side.
  • Don’t forget about the physical contact. This does not mean that you should brazenly paw her on the first date – you need to look at the problem more broadly. Tuck her dress, remove the fallen on her shoulder lock of hair, give her a hand, hold – girls love these gestures, though often pretend to be very confused. If she accepts your touch, you can be sure that she is hooked, and feel free to move on to the next step.
  • Don’t give her everything all at once. You can also use the “carrot and stick” method in a relationship, if I may say so. Change your behavior and do not be too straightforward and open – she will quickly get bored with your goodness and generosity. Do not constantly call her and accompany her every move. Do not forget that besides the girl you have a lot of things to do – even if you fell in love with her with no memory. Balance is the key to a perfect, strong relationship.

And the most important advice – never try to look like something you’re not. Just be yourself and don’t forget your needs. A relationship is a dialogue where everyone can have their say, but no one should disadvantage anyone. Think about her and her desires, make surprises and gifts, take her to the movies and exhibitions, but be sure to leave time for their own, male entertainment in the company of friends.

Family psychologist. For eight years I have been saving “family units” from collapse. I help couples regain love and understanding.

It’s not hard to get a girl attached to you – just give her what she wants. Another question is whether you want it. Are you ready to constantly live in this mode, to meet the expectations of your beloved, to improve and literally jump out of your skin to constantly maintain this attachment? The key to a strong relationship – honesty and naturalness. Sooner or later you’ll get tired of playing a role and be someone you are not. So I recommend that you initially choose a partner who will be willing to put up with your “cockroaches”, and not constantly nagging and “ride on the brains. Believe me, it’s real!

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The main thing is to make sure she did not cheat, because women are windy, no matter who says what, if there has been cheating but keeping in check will be difficult. ((((

wow, looks and status still matter and a woman will tolerate a shallow guy in a Ferrari, but will never agree to be with a simple hard working guy from the village :(:(

I would not say that this will not work =) it depends on the guy, if he is well-off and showy it will be effective and if it is a short-tempered wimp from the area there is nothing that can help xD

imho, it is better to understand what not to do, because men and women have different ways of thinking. sometimes it is necessary to adjust.

I do not understand why such things should keep a girl)) a girl will not go anywhere if she likes everything))) and you just need to understand what to do))

oh man, what the hell? nothing practical and nothing that will work with a mature woman, only works on schoolgirls, I remember it myself hahahaha )))))))))

my girlfriend is very showy and like a lot of people, so i’m afraid that someone will be able to take her away, that’s why i am here, not because i am a loser! but because i chose the best!!! like this!

It’s not necessary to show off, but here with the manifestation of character I really liked, no one likes shenanigans and these guys who do not understand whether girls or guys lol

I don’t like that guys will come in and read and try to copy it exactly, I think the consequences won’t be very good, the artificiality spoils the impression very much.

not a fact, I had a husband who I told a hundred times exactly what I wanted, not always material things by the way, sometimes there was just a lack of mental warmth, and he did nothing for a year, the second year, that’s why we broke up.

If a man really loves you there is no need to invent a bicycle, women are very sensitive to the manifestations of real feelings, so gifts will not be necessary.

it is better not to try with gifts, because then it will become a habit and the absence of a gift will cause resentment, or in general she will satiate and leave for someone who will give them more often =(((( already passed the stage

pfftf no one will ever work with me in life, especially the carrot and stick method will never be appreciated, because it will immediately be seen that this is a method of restraint and domestication, like bdsm, and I’m not a fan of such extreme things!

I think that tying a girl to yourself without a rope is unreal, because people are constantly changing, it is impossible to pick up only one way that suits everyone for a long time)))

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How to tie the girl to you so that she thinks only about you

Psychological tricks and a little harmless manipulation.

If you want to bind your girlfriend, borrow a large sum of money from her. It will definitely work, I guarantee it.

Well, but seriously, there are a lot of psychological techniques that help you catch the attention of women. They work at the initial stage of the relationship, when you feel that your chosen one is hard to get close to you and not too interested in you. Most of the following techniques – this manipulation. So be careful. Many women are well aware of them and react negatively. I will tell you how to avoid this and how to bind the girl to you.

Closer-Farer Technique

This is probably the most popular advice of pickup artists and “experts” in female psychology. And it really works for most people of both sexes. Many ladies have more than once witnessed such manipulation to their address and have already developed a kind of allergy to it. But you can try the method in dosage.

How to do it?

From the beginning of communication give a girl a lot of time: respond quickly, call her for a date, write first. Behave like this for about a week, and then stop writing for 2-3 days. She will start to think about why this is happening. And the more she thinks about you, the better.

Perhaps she will start to write first – this is a positive development. If she doesn’t write within 2-3 days, write again yourself. Repeat the trick, but disappear for a longer period: 4-5 days. If she once again did not write herself, then do not resort to this manipulation again.

The only condition that does not depend on you – she must like you on an instinctive level. To increase your chances, eradicate the qualities that discourage girls.

Invest in you.

People are so built that they hold on the most to what they’ve invested a lot in. That’s why it’s much easier to break up a relationship that lasted a week than a connection that has existed for several years.

For a girl to get attached to you, she needs to invest in you her resources: time, emotions, attention. If she will try to please, to allocate her time, she will feel attachment. If you do everything in the relationship instead of her, she will lose interest.

Kinaesthetics (touch and feel)

To make a woman think of you more, you need to give her different bodily sensations. This includes touches, smells, sounds and other factors.

During walking do not be afraid to put his arm around the girl, take her hand, to correct her scarf, tuck in behind the ear is a broken lock. Representatives of the fair sex are very good at remembering such little things and reproduce them in their heads after the meeting.

Important: Be careful, because not all people like a lot of tactile contact.

Hold her by the back as you pass her forward. Offer your hand as you get out of the car. Confidently kiss her goodbye. Stroke the palm of your hand at the movies. This will show the girl your desire and excite her fantasy, which will help tie her down.

Spontaneous Acts

They create a “Wow” effect and show you as an original partner capable of interesting ideas. This can be an unexpected surprise, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a walk in the rain, petting in a public place (if you have already had intimacy), an unexpected trip to another city, etc.

This is not manipulation, but a very nice sign of attention that can be used in an already long-term relationship as well. A spontaneous act will refresh your emotions and give you new impressions, as well as distinguish you from other men who are limited to trivial gifts on holidays.

Demonstration of masculinity

As she sees it, masculine behavior is a willingness to solve her problems, to help, to take responsibility when she can not do so. For example, if your girlfriend is sick – send her a package of healthy vitamins, flowers to cheer her up, or order the delivery of food. If she has a problem – solve it or find someone who will do it.

Try to take care of the girl as an adult and a conscious person. Respect her opinion, but don’t let yourself be bossed around, otherwise you’ll look like a little boy doing your mother’s bidding. Argue if you disagree with her (but no insults or rudeness). Stand up for your opinion. Then she will get attached to you.

Finding common interests.

Some men even recommend inventing these interests, just to find a thread that will connect you. But I don’t recommend doing that. If you don’t have anything in common, you won’t be able to make up interests all your life. You don’t just want to bind the lady to you, do you?

So try to find some common ideas that you both like. For example, movies or music, stories from childhood and past relationship experiences, interests and hobbies.

You will find a lot of useful information in the article on how to get a girlfriend.

Abundance of emotions.

This is one of the most important factors, because without an emotional swing, you will not be able to bind your chosen one. Emotions make us feel alive, they are an obligatory part of the relationship. And in order for the girl to fall in love with you, you need to cause her positive emotions.

But feelings are necessary both positive and negative. I do not advise to cause bad emotions to a girl on purpose. They will appear by themselves if you do everything correctly, and deliberate ignoring, claims and ugly actions will only hinder your goal. Let’s discuss this point in more detail.

There are two concepts related to emotion:

  • emotional swing;
  • emotional swing.

They mean far from the same thing. Swinging is not manipulation, but mutual pleasure. For example, one day you spend together: you go on a date or have a movie at home. The next day you go out with friends, devote time to your interests or work. That is, you do something separate from your girlfriend.

On the second day, there will be a negative emotion – your lady of the heart will be bored, feeling her dependence on you, on those feelings she had on the date. But the situation will not bring her suffering, because everything remains good in your relationship, just everyone spends time separately, and that’s normal.

Emotional swing is manipulation and constant warfare between the two. Fights and reconciliations. Vivid dating and cold ignoring. Deep night conversations and conflicts over conflicting interests. This situation is not the norm. It will take away your energy. Some time on the “swing” you will last, and she really get attached (if not run away immediately), but then she gets tired, and you break up.

So use the method of emotional swing, but make sure that the ratio of positive feelings to negative feelings was about 80 to 20.

Active Listening.

This thesis was put forward by John Gray in his book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. I read this book and found a lot of truth in it from my own, female perspective.

According to the author, when a woman shares her problems with you, she does it just so you will listen. She does not expect advice, moreover, your attempts to give a recommendation will really annoy her.

In order for the girl to get attached to you on an emotional level, you need to listen to her carefully, not distracted by extraneous matters. Maintain eye contact, hold her hand, nod, tell her you understand how hard it is for her. She will appreciate it so much more.

Let me tell you an example of my own. I used to work in a very stressful position in an office. And often, when I came home, I would complain to my partner. He would not even listen to the end of my “whining” and trying to help, began to give advice. He recommended me to talk to your boss, delegate responsibilities, quit, in the end. I was offended, it flowed into an argument. When I read the entire John Gray book aloud to him, he realized what he was doing wrong. And now he never gives me advice unless I ask for it. It’s more important to me than even gifts and emotional rocking.

I’m sure if you use this trick with your girlfriend, she will get attached to you.

Shaping her need for you

What follows is far more useful than all the manipulations put together. Pay attention to this if you want to build a long-term relationship in which the companion will be deeply attached to you with real feelings.

In order to form a girl’s sense of need for you, three components are important:

  1. Your objective importance as a person in her eyes. To do this, you need to become self-sufficient, have your own goals, hobbies, interests, personal space. That is, you have to provide a part of life that is not related to your girlfriend. Otherwise you risk being annoying and boring her quickly.
  2. The objective value of your relationship for her. This shows how comfortable she is with you. For the value to be high, you must have: common interests, a spiritual connection and most importantly, compatibility. To do this, you don’t need to play the role of alpha male and try to dominate. You need to form an understanding and honest dialogue, not train your companion through manipulation.
  3. Prospectivity of your connection. Does she have a chance of becoming your one and only mate? Does she see a future with you? If you do not meet her ideas of what a real man should be, then she is unlikely to get attached. Most likely, it will be a relationship for sex and short-term emotions.

If you can provide these three components, no tricks or gimmicks will be needed – the woman will be yours.

Accessible video on the subject:


Manipulation can be useful if used in dosage. This is the most powerful tool to hook a girl, to get into her soul. In the beginning, use the “closer and farther away” technique, don’t forget about touch and emotion. But for a long-term relationship, it won’t be enough. What’s more, a woman is capable of making you out. So be wise and sincere in your quest to win the one you like.

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