How to text a man that you want him?

100+ exciting texts to a man that will drive him crazy


These messages will definitely get his attention and make him think of you .

Dating, flirting and developing relationships these days are hard to imagine without text messages. They are a new way to interact and bring a spark to a relationship.

We’ve gathered ideas for 100 playful and exciting text messages for the guy or man you like . They will suit both those who have just started communicating, and those who have been in a couple for a long time and want to diversify the relationship, and those who are at a distance.

Try to send him these sms to surprise and add spice to your relationship with your man.

Exciting text message to a man in his own words

1. I would really like to be in your arms right now.

2. I recently remembered how we …(remember a spicy time)

3. Do you want to know what the first thing I’ll do when I see you? Turn on your imagination.

4. Making love to you is my favorite thing to do.

5. I have this desire right now…

6. Next time I see you, I have a surprise for you.

7. I want to play a game with you.

8. Let’s spend time doing nothing, in each other’s arms.

9. Put away your phone and come to me.

10. Hey, sexy!

11. I’m in the mood for love.

12. I have a bottle of wine chilling…

13. Let’s get comfortable and warm each other up.

14. I feel so good when I’m with you.

15. What are you wearing?

16. Put me on your list of important things to do.

17. I just got out of the shower and wanted you to know that you were in my thoughts.

18. How soon will your lips touch mine?

19. I was just wondering what we would be doing right now if you were here.

20. Just so you know, you’re very sexy, and I can’t stop thinking about you.

21. I could text you all night, but I’d rather be alone with you.

22. I’d rather do now what we did last time we were together.

23. So. how soon can I touch you again?

24. Can you help me with something?

25. Let’s blow off some steam.

26. Our meetings are much better than dreams about you.

27. You forgot something at my place, won’t you stop by?

28. I could give you a massage to relax you.

29. My thoughts are very indecent today for some reason.

30. You are the first thing I think about in the morning, even before coffee.

31. I bought some new underwear today. How about a fashion show?

32. Imagine me whispering to you how much I want you.

33. Do you know what dream I had last night?

34. I woke up smiling. Guess what I was thinking?

35. I have a secret I wanted to tell you personally.

36. I know one way to make my day better…

37. I was just thinking about how sexy you are.

38. I can’t concentrate and it’s all your fault.

39. I’m making dinner tonight, what are we having for dessert?

40. I plan to seduce you, just so you know.

41. I’m always tossing and turning in bed when you’re not around.

42. The bed is so cold without you…

43. I want to hold you tight.

44. You realize that I’m writing to you instead of sleeping, and you know how much I love to sleep.

45. I go to bed thinking of you and by morning you are still in my thoughts.

46. I know you’ve had a rough day, and I promise to help you with that later.

47. I have plans for us today after work.

48. Shall we meet at lunchtime?

49. I have a surprise for you tonight.

Exciting text messages to a man from a distance.

50. I want you. Now.

51. I’m dirty now and I’m going to take a shower. But when I come back, I want you to make me dirty again.

52. I think it’s time we tried . (fill in the blank).

53. Looking forward to seeing you tonight.

54. I have so many unseemly thoughts today. Guess who the culprit is?

55. Lying in bed and bored. I wish you were here so we could play.

56. I’m under the covers and I’m still cold. I should probably get dressed…

57. I have a secret – I’m watching some very naughty videos right now.

58. If we were together, what would you want me to do to you?

59. I type with one hand because my other hand is busy.

60. This new underwear touches my skin so nicely.

61. I’ll only be wearing shoes today.

62. I’d rather be in bed with you. Right now.

63. When I think of your touch, it excites me.

64. I imagine your hands on my body, your lips on my body and your body on mine…

65. When your name appears on my screen, my knees go weak.

66. The next time I see you, I’m going to be very naughty.

67. It’s weird, but I can’t stop thinking about us last night. I replay it over and over in my head and it makes me feel so good.

68. I was thinking about you and me and all of a sudden I realized I was lying there with no clothes on. How did that happen?

69. Tonight you are going to be a special guest between my legs.

70. Last night you said dirty words, do you want to say them again?

71. I’m touching myself. I wish you were here.

72. My thoughts of you were so dirty I had to take a shower.

73. I’ll be home alone this weekend. You can scream all you want, and I plan to tear down the walls.

74. I wanted to make something clear. When we meet, there will be no foreplay.

75. I’m very shy, but you have no idea what I’m thinking.

76. Wait a minute, are you alone right now?

77. Tell me about your secret fetish. I’m sure I’ll like it.

78. Send me pictures of you without your clothes on, and I’ll send you mine.

79. You know what? I so want to feel you now.

Exciting text messages to men.

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80. Just wanted to tell you that I’m lying naked on the bed thinking about you.

81. Tonight I want you to slowly undress me with your strong hands and bite every inch of my skin.

82. I wanted to tell you that my new red underwear is very nice to the touch and looks amazing. I would show it to you if you were around.

83. Guess what color my panties are? If you guess, I’ll do anything for you tonight.

84. You’re too hot for me to resist you.

85. It excites me wildly when you touch me there.

86. What are you wearing now? I hope nothing.

87. I just got out of the shower and I’m all wet.

88. What if I gave you three wishes? What would you like me to do in bed tonight?

89. It’s time to try those new poses you’ve been telling me about.

90. I want you so badly. Can you come over right now?

91. I wouldn’t mind giving you a hickey tonight.

92. I like sitting on your…

93. I sit on the kitchen table and think of you between my legs.

94. I wish you could fall asleep with me tonight and keep me warm because I’m only wearing panties.

95. I imagine you holding me against the wall…

96. I love it when you control me.

97. Guess where my tongue will end up on your body.

98. What turns you on? Let’s try that next time.

99. I had a very hot dream tonight. Do you want me to write you about it or listen to it at my house?

100. What can we do tonight…in bed?

101. What do you like best about our lovemaking?

102. You’ll have to help me take all the straps and clasps off my body tonight.

103. Just wanted to remind you. Don’t stop today.

104. Wanted to invite you over for the weekend, but I can’t guarantee to keep my hands to myself.

105. Kissing burns calories. I can help you burn them all off your body.

106. I get distracted at work all the time, especially when I think about you and your

107. Who gave you the right to be so sexy?

108. Will you help me put cream on my body? I’ll thank you by taking off my underwear.

109. You’re so hot and attractive. Can I keep you for myself?

110. If you were around, we wouldn’t be hugging and kissing. Do you know why?

111. I’ll meet you in bed when you get home.

112. Do you have fantasies that need to come true?

113. I feel like I’m missing something. You, between my legs.

114.I have a lollipop in my mouth. Guess what I’m thinking.

115. I need to change my underwear because I’ve been thinking about you.

116. The bed is so empty without you.

117. Do you want to do it in public places?

118. Good morning, best lover ever. We can check it out tonight.

How do I text a man that I want him? 100 phrases.

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Words – a powerful weapon, which, depending on how they are used, can produce the most varied effect.

A man, when he is interested in a woman and especially in having sex with her, fires all kinds of weapons. But know that men aren’t the only ones capable of being eloquent when they need to be. You, too, can get your point across in an unusual way.

Top 100 Phrases.

Who decided that only men can be vulgar in correspondence? You, too, can add fire to your communication by stating your desire and wrapping it in pretty words. It’s not always fun to talk “straight to the point.” You want to be original. So, the following message options will help you.

  • I have such a fire raging inside! Do you want to come over tonight and put it out?
  • My dream right now is to caress your body and listen to your heartbeat. I’m enjoying it.
  • I can’t wait for tonight. I want to warm up your dinner and your bed.
  • Tonight I’m going to give you… me.
  • Shall we resume our experiments last night?
  • My diagnosis calls for bed rest. Care to join me?
  • Would you like to take a shower together tonight?
  • If you’re thinking of me, then come and do whatever’s on your mind.
  • Let me know when you’re near the house – I’ll meet you in the hallway…and I’ll be wearing “nothing”!
  • Hurry back, I plan on not letting you rest for a whole week.
  • How do you feel about continuing at night what we started in the morning?
  • You always get me so excited.
  • I did a reading on the cards and they say you’re going to have some roofie sex tonight.
  • Imagine me kissing every inch of your body in detail.
  • If you were satisfied with last night, let’s do it again tonight.
  • I’m dying to feel my body under yours.
  • I plan to appear naked in your dreams tonight!
  • I’ll take off all my underwear in an hour.
  • It’s morning, but I can’t wait until evening.
  • I want to see your naked body on the silk sheets.
  • I miss your cock.
  • I can’t take my eyes off your body when you’re walking around the house with no clothes on!
  • My body is longing for your hugs and kisses.
  • Imagine me in your favorite lace lingerie.
  • I’m still recovering from last night, but I’m ready to keep going.
  • I have a lot of work to do, but all I can think about right now is our passionate sex.
  • I want you to rip my clothes off and push me onto the bed.
  • I want to feel the tenderness of your hands and the heaviness of your body.
  • I want you so badly I’m literally ready to go crazy.
  • I dream that you were next to me, gently embraced me, and we merged in a passionate kiss.
  • I plan to prolong tonight the pleasure we started this morning.
  • Keep in mind that as soon as you open the front door, I’ll immediately pin you against the wall in the hallway.
  • I’ve never felt this desire before. Come, not a millimeter of your body will be left without my caresses.
  • I’m not complexed, but fully liberated and waiting for your signal.
  • I don’t care what movie we watch tonight, I only think about one thing.
  • My head is not thinking, my thoughts are confused by how horny I am and I want to be yours.
  • Fantasies about you never leave me: your beautiful eyes, your smell, your strong arousing hands on my heated body! Let’s do it again.
  • You taught me not to undress myself-who’s going to undress me today?
  • I think I’ve mastered a new yoga pose, do you want to come check on me?
  • I have only one thing planned for tonight, to be yours. Ready to obey and make fantasies come true.
  • Stunning dessert awaits you at home: strawberries and cream on a hot woman’s body.
  • I can’t wait. When you get here, I’m going to eat you up.
  • I can’t sleep, I want you by my side now. My bed is so empty without you.

Be original and don’t hesitate to turn on your man. They love initiative, and it’s important for them to know that their woman is burning with desire and delighted with sex.

Even the smallest veiled message can ignite in a man an irresistible desire to rush home. So, do not be afraid of anything.

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