How to text a guy?

Touching romantic texts to your lover

How sad that time and distance separate us from you! I want to be in your tender embrace again, enjoy your scent… a pity we’re not together now. I want to weep for the hopelessness of the situation. But I know that the moment will come when I will be able to hold you tightly against me and feel all the warmth and love. I believe time will pass quickly, but how can I make myself not think about it? We’ll get through this, I know we will, honey.

Waiting for you, missing your sweet and bossy lips, your strong and tender hands, your tender and alluring eyes. Without you the day lasts like a year, and everything around is faded, lost its taste. Dreaming of our reunion, anticipating how we’ll hotly catch up every second of separation!

My darling, my sunshine! I love and appreciate you very much. You are a worthy, wonderful man, and I am happy I met you. I will always be with you, warming you with my care, warmth and love. And all will be well with us. Let’s make wishes together and strive to achieve our goals together.

My favorite, dearest and the best man in my life, the one I’ve always dreamed of! You are the most desirable and unique, the most beloved. Be always so irresistible and perfect. I’m grateful to fate that we have successfully met. Sincerely admiring you, I love you infinitely. You have kindled a fire in my soul. I am happy with you. You have become much for me, and I will be glad to follow you to the ends of the world.

Good day, dear subscriber. Your mobile network operator is here to talk to you. Our staff noticed that you have not called or written to the woman you love for several hours. Urgently call her or at least write a sms: your beloved is very bored and is waiting for your call. If you do not do it within five minutes, we’ll cut off your cell phone!

Every morning when I wake up, I think about you. Every night when I fall asleep, I also picture you, your eyes, your smile. And I can’t stop thanking the Universe for giving me you, for bringing our fates together and intertwining our lives. I love you very much, appreciate you and treat you with awe and tenderness. Just know it!

Sweetheart, I miss you so much, I think about you all the time. I would like to be with you always near. I want you to know that I love you and cherish you so much. I want to fall asleep and wake up with you!

I miss you very much. Miss you. I want to always be near you, to touch you. Know that even if I’m not around, my heart is always with you.

My love, I love you very much. You are the best thing I have. When you’re near me, I feel happiness with every cell of my body. You give me a feeling of lightness and infinite peace. With your arrival, my life is filled with light and joy. I hope you feel the same way, and that we have the best things ahead of us!

I miss you very much and am constantly thinking about us, remembering the wonderful time we spent together, your sweet smile, your loving gaze, your passionate embrace. I miss you so much. I love you dearly, kissing you tenderly, hugging you tenderly, waiting for a joyful meeting.

You are my soul mate, my man, my heart…We just need to be together! I know that there is no other person in the world with whom it is so joyful to be near, to communicate and even to be silent…

I want to see, hear, feel you every minute. I write this text message and imagine your eyes, your lips, smell your hair, hear your voice. My love, my feeling is bigger than the universe. I want my love to warm you always and make you incredibly happy. I want to guess all your desires and light up your sweet smile.

You are far away, and the minutes are now as long as hours… And I count the seconds until I meet you, for without you there is no special joy in anything, no fun. And happiness seems impossible until you are near. I miss you very much and am waiting for you very much.

I thank fate for your appearance in my life. I want to be near you, to hold you tenderly, to meet the dawn. Memories of you warm my heart and help me to live the dream of our meeting. I want to be in your tender hands and feel our spiritual unity.

Maybe I’m very stupid, but I want to shout to the whole world how happy I am with you. More than anything else I am afraid of losing you. I’m afraid of becoming uninteresting and boring. And to make these thoughts come to me less often, you must always hold me in your arms. I must feel every cell of your body, every millimeter of your skin. I love you, and there is nothing more beautiful.

You’re the only one In the world, The best of men, Without you I have no life, I love you! You’re my light, My happiness, my joy, My darling, my sweetness. I whisper to you, playboy: Be with me always, my darling.

My beloved and most faithful man, I can’t imagine life without you, without your caressing whisper in my ear, without your touch, without your alluring body odor. I love you with all my heart, I dream to keep our connection forever, I wish that our passionate relationship will become more romantic and reverent from day to day. I can’t go a day without seeing you, without hearing your voice, you are my most affectionate man in the world.

To the most worthy and intelligent, desired and loved of all men I send a thousand kisses, gentle touches remind me of my love. If it were possible to become a warm ray of the sun, I would caress your shoulder and warm you where you are now, my good man. Take care, let the minutes in the distance run by unnoticed. I look forward to seeing you again!

Darling I am so happy to have once met you! Your presence, your support are very important to me. When you are near me, I feel safe, calm, harmonious! I will try to do my best to make you happy, smiling, positive. And if it’s mutual, we have a bright beautiful future ahead of us!

When you hold my hand, I feel so secure and happy that I want it to last forever. When I fall asleep tucked into your shoulder, there’s nothing else that could be better for me. And now you’re not there. My hand catches the emptiness, and in the evenings it’s so painfully lonely without you. I miss you so much, please come to me soon.

100 playful texts to a man to make him think of you


Not sure what to write to a man or a guy you like?

Nice words will make his heart beat more often and constantly think about you.

This selection will help you more easily express your feelings to the object of your attention.

Send these playful, sweet and exciting texts to a guy or a man to make him look forward to your next meeting with pleasure.

Text a man in your own words

1. Hello, stranger. Stop being a stranger.

2. Good morning! Hope you’re having a good day.

3. What do you say I invite you to come over to my place?

4. I decided to write to you first, and I hope you kiss me first.

5. I’m the one asking you out on a date. Shall we have a cup of coffee on Saturday?

6. No one understands me like you do.

7. Come over. I’ll be right there. I’m home alone.

8. I wish you were by my side right now.

9. Stop thinking so much about me.

10. Last night I had a dream about you.

11. Do you have plans for the weekend? Because I don’t.

12. How about getting comfortable and watching a movie?

13. Come over, I’ve got everything you like. Pizza, beer, and of course, me.

14. I’ve been looking at your Instagram, and I’m not gonna lie, you look beautiful.

15. All I’ve been thinking about all day is your mouth.

16. How about we take tomorrow off and spend the day together?

17. I’d invite you to my place for the weekend, but I’m not sure I could keep it together.

18. Do you have any lunch plans? I was thinking of stopping by so we could have lunch together.

19. Every message from you is like a little gift for me.

20. I don’t know why my thoughts are obscene today. I think it’s your fault.

21. it’s very sexy that you take your time with me. Trust me, it’s worth it.

22. Do you miss me already?

23. It’s been a rough day today. Can we blow off some steam tonight?

24. I’m in seventh heaven when I’m around you.

25. You. Я. Pizza. Today.

26. I’ve been waiting for you all day.

27. I like it when I’m home alone because I don’t have to walk around in my clothes.

28. Shall we have burgers and beer tonight? Are you okay with that?

29. I’ve been dreaming about you all day. You’re distracting me from my work.

30. I just listened to a song on the radio, and it describes our relationship perfectly.

31. I wanted to wait another day or two before writing you, but I can’t wait that long.

32. Let’s drop the idle talk and get right down to the flirting.

33. I can’t even remember the last time I talked to you. We need to change that.

34. Be honest. How long have you been waiting for a message from me.

35. How can you hold on so long without texting me? I’m such a cutie.

36. How is your week going? Do you have time for me?

37. You’re going to love the outfit I wore today.

38. Stop looking so sexy in pictures. You’re killing me.

39. I don’t like that you’re so far away. If I could, I’d be in your arms.

40. I was wondering how long it takes you to realize that I like you and admit that you like me.

41. I adore you, just so you know.

42. I had a dream that we were texting each other frankly and I woke up and decided to make it real.

43. 43. You look beautiful today. How do I know? Because you look beautiful every day.

44. Every time I close my eyes, you’re the only one I see.

45. Did you smile when you saw my name pop up on your phone screen now?

46. You’re the part of me I’ve missed.

47. You are so incredible. Don’t ever doubt that.

48. I’m a little drunk, a little horny, and alone.

49. I’m so hungry right now, and I’m not talking about food.

Text message to the man I love.

50. I keep thinking how good you looked the last time we were together.

51. Why are you so handsome?

52. I always smile stupidly when I get messages from you.

53. You have no idea how much I want to see you now.

54. I won’t hold myself back the next time I see you. Get ready.

55. You’re sexy. I think I like you.

56. If you want to make the first move, today is the perfect day to do it.

57. I can’t work properly today because I can’t stop thinking about you.

58. I’m sorry you had a bad day today. Can I make it better?

59. You know how I feel about you. What are you going to do about it?

60. Can we take the day off and spend the whole day together?

61. I can’t stop thinking about you and your smile.

62. I took some pictures, but they’re too indecent to post on Instagram. Do you want to see them?

63. I just saw a new picture of you. You look even sexier.

64. If you want to stop by my house tonight, I’ll make sure it’s worth it.

65. I can’t imagine what I’d do without you.

66. I sometimes ask myself: do you really exist? I mean, are you really real?

67. I’m still single, in case you were wondering.

68. Do you know that you’re one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met?

69. What emoticon makes you think of me?

70. Did I tell you I want to kiss tonight? Because I want to kiss.

71. I like you. What are you going to do about it?

72. I’m ready to do nothing with you forever.

73. We should stop texting and start seeing each other.

74. My cheeks hurt from how much I smile. What are you doing to me?

75. Can’t stop thinking about last day/night.

76. I would do anything to be with you right now.

77. Do you like it when a girl makes the first move, or should I wait until you do?

78. I really want to be with you right now.

79. Are you in the mood to have some fun?

80. I know you’ve had a hard day. Just know that it’s going to get better.

81. I’m watching a movie and the main character looks just like you, except you’re prettier.

82. When I walk into a room, the first thing I look for is you.

83. Guess what smiley face I put next to your name on my phone?

84. Has anyone ever told you that you have beautiful eyes?

85. Just so you know, I usually behave a lot better.

86. I really appreciate you making me a better person.

87. I can’t stop thinking about how nice you are.

88. It didn’t take me long to realize what a special and amazing person you are.

89. I won’t lie to you, you’re always in my thoughts.

90. I can’t tell you anything interesting, but I really wanted to talk to you.

91. What was I even thinking before I met you?

92. You’ll think I’m lying, but you’re the man of my dreams.

93. I don’t usually like horror movies, but with you I know I’m safe.

94. You know what could be better than your message? An invitation to dinner.

95. I’m so cold. Would you like to come and warm me up?

96. I can’t believe I met a man so smart, funny and sexy.

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