How to tell a guy that you like him in SMS?

Confession of love to the guy in his own words

I remember our meeting, when all circumstances came together for us to find each other. It must have been fate. Perhaps everything was supposed to be just so and no other way. And I’m just happy that it happened that way. I want to confess that I’ve loved you very much from the minute we met. -20

You know, I’ve been wanting to tell you for a long time. It’s been bothering me for a long time. A very long time. Ever since we started dating. A lot has happened lately. These days. I thank you for every nice minute you’ve given me. Anyway, I guess that’s enough of a drag. It’s time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. I just want to say that I love you madly, just madly! -42

I think about you all the time and I love you very much, I want to give you all my tenderness and caress, to spend unforgettable days and nights with you, to whisper the words of love in your ear and just murr-r-r-cha from pleasure! 21

What is love? You can’t explain it. To understand it, you just have to love! I love you, more than anything in the world! You are wonderful, my favorite and very dear person to me! 30

Without you, I’m afraid it would be impossible for me to breathe, to exist, to live! You are my bright ray of happiness, I live you, I want to fall asleep in your arms, to wake up from your warm breath. I want to sit with my legs tucked under me and watch you do your business, I want to watch movies with you, take walks, I feel good next to you, because I love you madly! 5

My sweet little cat, I love you madly! You are the dearest person for me! You are the clearest sunshine, which pleases me every day! I adore you! I need you more than life! I love you! 37

I’m happy beside you, happy at the thought that I’m yours, happy a thousand times when I see your face, your hands, your lips. Love lives in my heart, the most beautiful feeling for you! And it will never leave my heart, because I want madly to be near you! 16

I want to make you the happiest man on this earth! I want every minute to enjoy you and I want to give all my tenderness, warmth, care, caress … I love you! -3

I love you for your insanely beautiful eyes, which look at me with tenderness and care. I love you for your body that warms me at night. I love you for your hot kisses that make me dizzy! I love you madly! You’re like a gentle sunshine, which pleases me every day! 11

I thank fate for giving me you, I love you so much, and I want our relationship to be the brightest, most positive, beautiful and happy! 21

I don’t need gifts, I only need you, your attention . Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, I realize that I live for you. I want to be always with you. I love you more than life. 22

I want to enjoy you and your smile every day, I want to see how happy you are. I love you very much and always look forward to seeing you. 12

I want to kiss you for a long, long time. And then just look at you for a long, long time. 5

I can’t imagine myself without your smile, without your eyes, without your kisses, without your hands. You are my happiness! I love you! -2

My sunshine, breeze, tenderness, my happiness and joy! When you are with me, it takes my breath away. When I’m with you, I breathe often and often. I can no longer imagine how I would live without you! I’m grateful to fate for giving me the opportunity to love you! 18

We are together – and I guess this is fate. I want to confess that I have loved you very much since the minute we met, and I hope it’s mutual. 18

I love you the way you can only love once in a lifetime, with a pure heart and soul! You are in my dreams, my dreams and thoughts! When I’m with you, the whole world is filled with joy! 21

You are the dearest and most loved person in the world. When you’re not around for a long time, the world becomes uninteresting. But when you’re with me – there’s no happier person on earth. You’re like the air that I breathe and without which I can’t live a second. You’re my whole life and I just can’t live without you! 7

You’re my hope, you’re my love! You’re my soul mate, my destiny. Let our constellation of love shine brightly – brightly. I love you and want to be only with you.

My beloved, dear man on this planet, I want to tell you that I am not me when there is no you! You bring to my world crazy feelings, which cannot be explained with words, you are the meaning of my life, you are my soul, my heart. As long as you’re around I don’t exist, I don’t live. I love you very much.

My beloved, my only one, my dear man. It’s not just hard to breathe without you, it’s impossible for me to breathe without you, because you have become my air, my oxygen. Without you there is darkness around because you have become my sun, my sunshine in the sky. Only my hand in your hand is all I need from destiny. Only your eyes that look into mine. Is that too much to ask?

The strongest and most beautiful feeling in the world is love. Each of us has experienced those exhilarating moments of meeting a loved one. From a small spark, this feeling grows into a huge, blazing fire, which can never be extinguished. And so in my heart, my love, you lit up this big feeling. Seryozha, I love you, and I want to be always near you. Only with you I can be really happy, only next to you I feel protected and loved like a little child.

I am the happiest girl in the world, because I have you, my beloved. My feelings for you are sincere and bright, and I really hope for reciprocity. I want so much to snuggle up to your shoulder, and forget about everything in the world. With you it’s easy and simple for me. Your attention, tenderness, tenderness you just enchant me. Let the fire of our love burn brighter and brighter, let all my plans come true. I will thank fate all my life for giving me you, my only and most desired!

Confession of love through correspondence: how to tell the guy about his feelings in VK, Vatsapa and by SMS

Hello, female readers in love! Love is the brightest event, as well as the most emotionally complex. Not always the object of adoration boldly makes the first step, you have to come up with your own way to confess to the guy in love with correspondence, or how to openly approach, and say it in his eyes. The first option is preferable because you can think out a phrase beforehand, even a whole text, and pronounce it without hesitating.

Below we will consider in detail on the blog reasons why guys do not approach first and how to recognize reciprocity. We also tell you all the secrets of the correct approach via text message, in a dialogue of social networks, messengers. We will analyze examples of the text itself and decide how to respond correctly in case of failure.

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Why doesn’t he say anything?

There are many reasons why the chosen one does not rush to his feet with confessions. These depend on them, what will be the male reaction to the confession from the girl. Be prepared both for reciprocity and for harshness, sometimes even mockery.

  • Shyness and shyness;
  • Fear of being the first to make contact or move to a new stage of the relationship;
  • fear of rejection (because guys are sometimes more vulnerable than girls);
  • Your relationship now is full of romance, awe, he gives you flowers, walks you home, but he is afraid to scare you off by rushing;
  • non-verbal messages, feelings are more important to him, he values actions over words;
  • the loved one hasn’t yet determined his or her feelings, has sympathy, but not love yet.

It is important to recognize the temperament of your loved one. If the guy is a narcissist by nature, constantly surrounded by girls, the recognition will only tickle his ego. In the opposite position, a shy man, a follower of traditional views, will be dumbfounded by such pressure, will try to disappear from the environment. Tactics need to think carefully, not just go for broke. And, in general, do all men like it when they are confessed to love, because then they are assigned the role of the lead partner? Let’s look into it.

Where to start

The main thing is that you do not have to resort to clichéd texts, fake poems or come up with something that does not fit into your normal life. Guys love with their eyes, it’s true, but they also appreciate honesty. Therefore, you should not radically change the image, just to please a man, do not confess your love, as if trying to seem like a different person. It still can not last forever, and the one who does not appreciate or does not accept you as real, and is completely unnecessary to the fate.

It is also worth to listen to a number of recommendations for everyday behavior. This will allow you to prepare the ground before the confession, and also to check or even make sure that the feelings are mutual:

  • Try to support your chosen one in matters meaningful to him or her;
  • Activate non-verbal cues (smile more often, try to touch his hand casually in conversation);
  • notice his actions, try to praise and compliment him more.

Watch his reaction carefully. If the guy is in awe of the attention, gets lost, or is active in response, there is every chance of success. If he is cold, ignores any signs of concern, and even worse reacts aggressively, it is better to save your emotions. Apparently there is no reciprocity, so is it worth the risk if in response to a declaration of love may be followed by rudeness or ridicule? Sometimes, in the pursuit of popularity a guy becomes extremely cruel, and is able to expose your confession to the public, followed by bullying.

Chatting on the Net

Getting to know your chosen one.

The proliferation of social networks greatly simplifies the ways of dating and finding out the juicy details of your personal life. Sometimes the page hides all the details of the guy (unless, of course, he’s a poser, skillfully hiding his true face behind beautiful photos and poses). Convenient if the object of desire sits at the next desk, or attends the same practice, or is a member of the firm where you work.

In order not to make a mistake, it’s worth starting from afar. Look through his daily photos, feeds. Make sure there is no sweetheart. If the road is free, you can start with a few likes, or marking in the general photo. If appropriate, you can write a comment under one of the posts. Refrain from all kinds of love emoticons, outright flattery. It would not understand the environment, and the guy himself is unlikely to be pleasantly surprised.

The beginning of communication

If after giving attention to the chosen one did not knock on his friend’s door, you should do it for him. It is important to try to start a correspondence, and not about spatial things, and in every way lead the guy to communicate on the topic of confession of feelings, ask about favorite activities, about how he spends his free time. It’s proven that people are better at talking about themselves than listening to other people’s stories. So ask more questions, listen to how quickly and what he answers, whether he is interested in continuing the conversation.

Try to organize the mode of your communication. That is to get in touch with him at the same time. In this way, he will get used to the messages, and it will be time for the next test – the disappearance. That is, one day do not write or do not go online at all. If the young man starts calling, trying to find out if everything is okay, you can safely move on to a confession.

Confession .

  • VK. All this long preparation was needed so that he would reciprocate. To be sure that the guy also cares about you. The confession must be brief, restrained, sincere. The text should have a beginning, an explanation and a logical conclusion. So it’s worth considering an example:

Hi!”Name”, you know, you and I have been in touch for a long time, we correspond a lot. And every day I realize more and more how interesting and wonderful you are. When I wake up, I check messages from you, and I really miss them before I go to sleep. I miss you during the day. I think that’s what true love is, the feeling of constantly missing you. I want you to know, I LOVE YOU !

  • In Vyber or Watsap. Messengers are another great way to say how you feel. They are more impersonal, but they are used more often, and additionally hint, about the need for meetings and calls. If social networks are a virtual world where it is more comfortable to stay if you are shy or afraid of a real date. Then messengers are just a means of communication, hinting at real, traditional communication. Here’s a possible text option:

Hi, “Name,” you know, I’ve wanted to have a serious conversation with you for quite some time. We probably don’t know each other very well yet, and if you think I’m in too much of a hurry, I understand. But it’s hard for me to hide my real emotions for you. Our communication has become too precious to me, I am constantly thinking about your words, about you. I want you to know – I Love you!

  • By text message. Another one of the most classic variants of communication, gradually disappearing into the summer. But in some regions, it is still the only way of communication, so it can not be bypassed. In order to ensure that he did not send a rejection by SMS, with your favorite must first meet several times offline. Reveal his character in a private message format is unlikely to work. So you need to be more in common places, take an interest in his hobbies. You can do this through mutual friends, and, for example, get to a general party. A variation on the sms format:

Hi!”Name”, I find it very difficult to find the words to confess my love to you by looking you in the eyes. I am afraid of being rejected by you. Although that is your right. But the uncertainty of our relationship torments me greatly. I wait every day for our meeting, I miss very much without your look and smile. Know that I love you!

There’s no need to mindlessly copy the text, it’s worth adding your own feelings and emotions to it. Men’s response directly depends on how he feels the sincerity. If the guy reciprocates, it will be a real victory. But there are also reverse situations.

If there is no reciprocity

If there is no response from the man for a long time, there is silence in the messages, there are probably two outcomes. Either the guy is shocked by what he has heard, or the feelings are not mutual. To check the first theory, it is worth waiting a few days for a response. During this time, do not bombard him with messages, questions, or phone calls every hour. Give your loved one everything to think calmly. Perhaps he will gather his thoughts and come with a bunch of roses. Otherwise, do not lose heart and get depressed.

So what should you do if you declare your love, opened up to the guy, but he does not feel the same way and rejects you? In this case there are a few taboos:

  • Do not give in to emotions, do not write angry messages, insult him;
  • No need to impose, to beg to be together, do not throw his beloved hundreds of messages, do not call.

You need to respect the chosen one and take his reply with dignity. You opened up, no longer suffer vain doubts. Perhaps in the future he will change his mind and be ready for a serious relationship, but for now you can let go. Now you know for sure that you can make the first step, that you are a confident and strong person. Let this loss be a great lesson, help you look at other guys differently. Probably, while you were busy, there was the only one around who was trying in every way to show his affection.

Conclusion .

Making the first move is always scary. But modern technology has still greatly simplified life, as it allows you to declare your love to a guy in a test form, by correspondence, in real time and get an immediate response. Previously, this required months of waiting for an answer. Despite the fact that after expressing your feelings you may not hear reciprocity, the decision to try, in many ways transform life. Rejection hardens your character, makes you stronger, even if at first you don’t believe it. Life is full of love, you just have to look around.

Were you able to declare your love first? Or are you still waiting for a guy to take the initiative? Write, what is more correct: to wait or make your own fate? In any case, let love be mutual. Good luck!

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