How to tell a guy that I love him?

How to decide and tell the guy that I love him

A declaration of love is a truly romantic and magical moment, tremblingly stored in the memory of all lovers. Unfortunately, young people quite often do not dare to say the cherished words, being afraid of being rejected. In such a situation, the girl has nothing to do but throw away all stereotypes and tell the guy about her feelings herself.

Tips for girls how to declare their love to their boyfriend

“How to tell a guy that I love him?” – A rather delicate question. Before you start the most serious conversation, analyze your feelings, whether you are sure that this is true love, and not just a crush. If you’re sure, think about exactly how you’re going to make your confession. You can even practice a little in a quiet home environment, for example, in front of a mirror, but without irony. Picture his image and say how you feel.

Some subtleties of feminine confessions:

  1. Look the young man straight in the eyes without looking away.
  2. Choose the right moment for a revelation, do not confess your love before or immediately after intimacy, as well as when intoxicated, because the words may not seem sincere to your chosen one.
  3. The confession itself should go from the heart, you should not use clichéd phrases.

The most important thing is to collect your courage before the conversation. Make sure that no one and nothing will prevent and interrupt the frank conversation, because you will be interested to see the response of the young man. The presence of strangers will constrain you.

It is best to do it alone. You can invite your chosen one to visit. Cook his favorite dish. A great reason for the invitation will be an upcoming holiday that you can spend together.

In the recognition be sure to use a brief succinct phrases that are peculiar to your style of speech, so that the guy does not have the idea that you read the advice on the forums.

How to tell a guy that you love him:

  1. “Lately I’ve been hovering in the clouds all the time, thinking about you all the time and reliving all the minutes we’ve spent together. I haven’t known how to say I love you for a long time.”
  2. “Just recently I realized that I don’t want to be apart for one more minute because I love you.”
  3. “When we are together, I feel silly and distracted and awkward. This has never happened to me before because I fell in love for the first time.”

After you tell a boy that you love him, it’s best to blush naturally, well, or not really, blush. The stronger sex likes moderately shy girls.

If you fail, and his chosen one did not reciprocate, do not cry. Try to restrain his emotions, removing the conversation on another subject. The extent of your frustration is understandable and should be clear to the man. Chances are that he himself will try to stop your meeting, citing urgent matters.

Perhaps the young man is simply not ready to reciprocate, at least he is not cheating on you. If the guy tries to comfort you, it is a sign that the desired words will sound, but a little later, so do not get upset and blame yourself for the ill-considered action.

The nuances of love confessions in texts and social networks

“How do I tell a boy that I love him?” – many girls think, timid at the mere thought of a frank conversation. An excellent alternative to a personal confession is a message on the phone or social network.

Such a love message has advantages over a personal heart-to-heart talk:

  1. The ability to think about and edit the text of the message.
  2. The lack of visual contact will eliminate the stiffness of the words.
  3. The interlocutor has the opportunity to think about the answer.

“How to write a guy that I love him, how to choose the words?” – easy! If you observe some subtleties in this matter:

  1. Do not use poems taken from the Internet. It is best to express your feelings in your own words. You can simply write three cherished words after your date. It might even make the young man come back.
  2. Lovers of long and lengthy explanations should reflect on the text in advance. Describe in a letter all the intangible virtues of the guy that you never tire of admiring. Be sure to mention how he impressed you the first day you met him. Be sure that these memories will bring a smile to his face.
  3. Tell your man that you can’t imagine your life without his smile and laughter.
  4. It’s best to make the confession in the context of your correspondence, rather than writing him about it when he’s offline. This will help you understand how puzzled he will be by the revelation, and you won’t have to wait long for an answer at the monitor or phone screen.
  5. If the young man hasn’t read your heartfelt message because he’s busy, just call him and ask him to visit your page.
  6. Do not give your words a touch of irony, he may think that you are only flirting with him, and do not understand the hint.
  7. You can attach a romantic picture to your letter, or a song that reflects all your feelings.
  8. Make your message more heartfelt with themed smiles and kisses. Serious at first glance, the young man can be very emotional and will gladly continue the conversation, impressed by your courage.
  9. Asking the question “How to write a boy that I love him,” think about whether someone else is using his phone or computer, so that your confession does not become an object of sharp jokes.

A remote way of declaring your love will help hide the excitement, but do not forget that the man may conclude your determination and in future relationships will be waiting from you initiative.

No matter how you want to express his feelings, remember, love – it’s beautiful, and there is nothing wrong or shameful about it. Confess your feelings the way you feel most comfortable.

Options for original declarations of love

Using template phrases for a declaration of love is not the best idea. But if you do not know how to start an explanation, you can take as a basis the examples of our texts and change them as your heart and soul prompts you:

A beautiful prose declaration of love to my lover

I don’t know how my life would have turned out if I hadn’t met you. And I don’t really want to know, because with you every moment is filled with happiness. You managed to give me the world I had dreamed of for so long, which I would never give up to anyone. You allowed me to feel life, you taught me to perceive in a different way, as it seemed to me before, the ordinary things. You are the best and brightest thing that could have happened to me. Your love warms me, cheers me up, and gives me strength. I love you so much that I can’t even describe in words all the feelings I have for you. I want to live with you forever, I want to watch the happiness of our children and grandchildren, gently holding your hand. I don’t want to imagine even a day without you, because parting with you even for a minute is like agony. You are the only one to whom I am ready to devote myself wholeheartedly, without demanding anything in return.

I love you. And you know, it’s the most beautiful feeling in the world. Thank you, darling, for being in my life. I want to spend every second of my time with you, I make dreams and plans for our happy future every day. I want to take care of you, inspire you, make you happy, and surprise you!

There is one person in the world who can guess my mood, who can inspire me with his smile alone. That person is you. I have the brightest feelings for you. You are dear and important to me. I love you. And with you I want to continue my life’s journey.

Words cannot express how precious you have become in my life. You got too close to my heart, and I didn’t even have time to notice when the doors of my soul opened before you, boldly inviting sincerity and love. Yes, I love you, and those butterflies in my stomach help me feel real happiness – happiness to love. Nothing compares to that.

Ever since you came into my life, I’ve learned to dream and rejoice like a child. Thank you for that. You inspire me. You are like a talented artist who paints pictures of happiness for me. Next to you, I blossom. I experience incredible feelings – feelings of joy, tenderness, passion. In a word, this is love. I love you.

My dear man, my desired, only, the best, I love you very much and with all my heart I wish that everything will always be not just good, but the way we want it. You are my reward for all good deeds and all efforts. I am very grateful to fate that I met you, that I fell in love with you. With you I am not afraid of anything, with you I am absolutely happy.

I am very happy that I have such a wonderful man like you. The one who shares every moment of my life with me, gives me warmth, support and peace. I love you!

Beloved, I feel tenderness and love in every glance, in every touch. I melt in your arms and sink in your eyes. I think of you when I open my eyes in the morning and fall asleep thinking of you. I need you like water, like food, like air. I love you very, very much!

You are handsome, smart and funny. You are a worthy man and a wonderful person. With your appearance in my life I began to dream again, like a child, I again believed in miracles and magic. You are like a magnet, which attracts me every day more and more. And now I can safely say that I am not just attracted to you, but I truly love you.

You gave me a real miracle, giving me the opportunity to enjoy such a beautiful feeling as love. You lit a fire in my heart, letting me know that I am not alone in this vast, simply infinite world. You are my inspiration, you are my joy. I love falling asleep with you and waking up, spending evenings cuddled up under a blanket, listening to the music of the rain outside the window. I love all our moments, because each of them is filled with happiness. You’re not just my lover, you’re also the best friend in the world, with whom I can discuss any problem. I feel good with you. No, a little different. I am incredibly comfortable with you! And it’s a comfort I certainly won’t agree to share with anyone else!

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