How to tame the Leo man?

Tame the king: how to make the Leo man fall in love with you for life

Impeccable in style and manners, flashy and commanding – this is what characterizes Leo men. Their charisma can be seen from afar. Women have only two choices when meeting them: to suffer silently or to conquer. How to do this: read the article.

His character.

As in the wild, male Lions are distinguished by the behavior of a king. He wears the crown proudly and with his head held high. He is charismatic, polite, and conquers at first sight. He is usually the soul of the company.

He is characterized by openness, a polished sense of humor, confidence in his rightness and impeccability. And no one allows anyone to doubt it.

Leo man psychology is dominated by self-esteem. If someone encroaches on it – they get rid of such people. Therefore, in the society of Leo you should not point directly to his shortcomings or mistakes. A woman who is near him should firmly believe in his rightness and perfection.

Fall in love with a man-Lion can constantly unvoiced reminding and affirming his dignity. The more praise, flattery in your face, stories about his brilliance, beauty, intelligence and charisma, the better. This should be done sincerely and, preferably, in the presence of third parties.

He does not believe in doing well what he does not know how to do. But his strengths should be emphasized in all angles, and a woman’s eyes should reflect admiration.

It seems that admiration and attention are little things, but this is what he expects, what he feeds on, what he is filled with.

How to communicate with a man-Lion?

Compliments to the man-Lion can do all around, but what does he need from “the one”? In communicating with him, simple tips from a psychologist work. It is enough to give him:

  • respect;
  • recognition;
  • The right to decide for himself;
  • gratitude for signs of attention.

The way to his heart is through a woman’s complete trust and humility. If she is open and peaceful – he will adore her, surround her with attention and care. There is a difference between sincerity and patience. One who is patient will not attract the attention of the Leo man.

Who is he looking for?

What should be a woman of such a man? To fall in love with him is not difficult, but to keep his love and not to disappoint – more difficult.

He is looking for a woman who will sit next to him on the throne and rule. She is the queen. She nourishes him with her energy, and causes admiration and delight. She has no right to be a gray mouse. He can pay attention to a woman who is already basking in the advances of others and win her over.

He is looking for a radiant, bright, well-groomed and charismatic woman at whose feet he will throw the world. She must stand out from the crowd, catch men’s eyes, with a proud posture and dressed to perfection. She has to be intelligent, able to support any conversation, to be well-read, joke around, be knowledgeable in many areas.

The qualities that interest him in it: honesty, openness, generosity, attentiveness. He does not like to pettiness and deceit – he expects the same from her.

A woman for Leo is an indicator of his status. Wherever he appears with her, he should be sure that she will be admired.

But be careful: do not overpower him with your magnificence, be a bit in his shadow. You need a balance: be admirable enough to impress everyone, but not outshine him.

What do lions love?

They can’t stay in the shadows. They need company. It can be clubs, restaurants, or parties at his home with a glass of wine in a sophisticated interior. Mandatory requirement: he must be the center of attention.

He has a weakness for beautiful things, the best wines, elite drinks and fine cuisine. He is interested in discovering new places. But at home Leo is a real master and affectionate husband. Sometimes he can pamper a woman with his own dinner.

He strives for beauty and style. And makes efforts to this end. He also expects the same from the woman.

Taboos in relationships

Leo men repel perpetually sad, critical of women. Her displeased face, he will be difficult to digest.

In his mind, a woman should shine with a smile, be happy with herself and life, not be able to criticize and give him joy. He can not stand manipulation by jealousy.

Himself can sometimes flare up on the increased attention of other men to his woman. But that’s no reason for her to shut herself in her tower and not go out.

He expects her loyalty and devotion. In gratitude, he will shower such a woman with all the blessings of the world and will protect to the last. Spontaneous gifts and unexpected actions are peculiar to him.

Having conquered Leo once, you can get the most faithful and generous husband. He will never run around with mistresses and will not leave the family. A woman with such a man will be confident not only in tomorrow, but also in the next year.

Rules of seduction

If the romance swirled rapidly, a woman should be prepared for interruptions and sudden disappearances of the Leo men. In this situation, the right way out will be to do nothing. Just wait. He needs a little time to think things over.

If the woman will not pester him – he will appear. Perhaps forever.

So how to seduce and excite the Leo man?

Despite their self-confidence, Leo men are quite vulnerable in intimate relationships. In this area, he can not be completely sure of his superiority. Therefore, from a woman he will wait for the initiative, compliments, that he is the best.

In sex, as in life, not accustomed to receiving rejections. Waits his partner looseness, willingness to experiment and full confidence. If she agrees, he will surprise his desire to surpass himself.

Leo to conquer easily!

In a relationship, such a man needs little – the best. If a woman is able to delight everyone around her, but not outshine him, she will be his.

As in any relationship story, there is an important balance and the golden mean. If you can find it and keep it – get a strong and harmonious relationship with Leo.

How to win a man Leo women of different zodiac signs?

Man Leo – a real “king of beasts”, to achieve the location of which many women want. A few tricks and a drop of feminine wiles will help as a man to win a Leo, and make him an affectionate “SEAL”. Astrologers say: to charm and seduce the Leo is simple enough, if you take into account the peculiarities of his character.

Character traits of Leo

Before figuring out how you can win a Leo man, you need to understand what is so remarkable about men of this sign and what you can expect from them.

Outwardly, the Leo is a proud man, confident in his abilities. They are born leaders who are well aware of their power and know how to use it for good. They need power over other people and admiration. Representatives of this sign should always be at the top, however, they usually succeed easily.

The lion is the true savior of the world. He takes on various problems with an important look, even if he is not asked to do so. Unlike Sagittarius and Aquarius, who make more noise out of nothing than they do, Leo can really save the world, even if he does not want to. Astrologers joke that all the superheroes in Hollywood movies are typical Leo.

Positive character traits of the representatives of this sign:

  • A sense of justice;
  • leadership qualities;
  • open-mindedness;
  • masculinity;
  • loyalty and constancy;
  • generosity.

As a true king, Leo is fair. And to others he is fairer much more than to himself, because of which often grow internal conflicts of representatives of this sign. The sense of justice of Leo is so great that it can pretty mess up their lives.

Due to the impressive leadership qualities Leo will always take on itself the decision of various issues and the creation of plans. This manifests itself already in their childhood years. So, a boy in middle school kindergarten, which gathered all the children to fight evil – this is certainly Leo. And he will be the first to score a bump and hurt his knee, the first to burst into tears, and also the first to complain to the teacher about the cruelty and injustice of the world. This pattern of behavior is also observed in adult male Leo.

Leo men are always and in all things loyal

A man of this sign is always generous and open. It is easy and pleasant to communicate with him, immediately you get the impression that this is a strong and noble man. Leo never judge others (at least out loud), do not stoop to gossip and are reputed to be generous people. They are never petty and everything they undertake, do qualitatively and with a royal sweep.

Another positive quality of the representatives of this sign is the loyalty and constancy. Leo is always faithful to his ideals and beliefs, friends, the woman he loves. Once making a decision once, he will not give up on it. Leo turns reliable husbands who are always faithful to his woman and do not exchange on fleeting communication.

During the day the Leo shines and saves the world, and in the evening he returns home, takes off the “crown” and turns into an affectionate cat, which needs a good meal, a warm bed and affection. Tame the man of this sign is easy enough, but you need to initially conform to its ideals.

Negative aspects of the character of a man of this sign:

  • selfishness;
  • narcissism;
  • powerlessness;
  • vanity;
  • self-confidence.

Lions are always confident that they are right. They believe that there are only two opinions: theirs and the wrong one. It is impossible to change the mind of a Leo. They can prove their case to the point of hoarseness in their voice, arguing and getting into personalities.

Leo needs power over his environment. In family relationships, this can manifest itself as tyranny on the part of the man. However, a woman Leo will never hit (it is below his dignity), but can try to subjugate, and sometimes humiliate.

Arguing with the Leo and finding out about the relationship is more expensive. Their selfishness at such moments reaches colossal proportions. If Leo is accused of something, his crown will be shaken and he may stoop to showdown and get into personalities. However, this can all be avoided if you play by his rules. A little cunning and flexibility of character, and every woman can both fall in love with a man-lion and make him an affectionate kitten, who will not move away from his mistress.

Before we figure out how to charm a man Leo, we should consider what is in love “king of beasts” and what can be expected of him.

How do Leo men in love behave?

If a man Leo makes a lot of compliments to the object of his attention – it means that he is in love.

Despite all the shortcomings, Leo men are very much in love, literally like cats. At the same time, they are hard to enter into a serious relationship. If Leo has asked the lady on the third date – you can be sure that his intentions are serious.

Leo men never hide their feelings. Men of this sign create their own rules of the game and always follow them.

Leo likes to be the center of attention. The in love Leo does his best to make sure that all eyes are glued only to him. His goal is simple and clear – you need the girl you like to join the general admiration and enlarge the army of Leo fans.

Thus, the first sign of the Leo in love is playing to the audience. Leo becomes the soul of the company, joking and laughing, telling funny stories, and sometimes it is very interesting to watch, because they have little or no sense of humor. Leo is not deprived of the ability to appreciate a sophisticated joke, but he himself jokes quite primitive and flat. In no case you can not point this out to him – the king’s resentment and anger know no bounds.

Liked the Leo man begins to conquer very quickly. Simultaneously with the constant game of publicity, he demonstrates to her his generosity, caring and ability to solve all problems (or organize others to solve this problem). Charming the girl, Leo is not stingy with compliments and signs of attention, but here his imagination leaves much to be desired: if flowers – then red roses, if candy – only in the form of hearts. But do not think that he is trying to save money, in fact Leo is very generous.

After winning the girl’s attention, Leo perpetrates his favorite trick – to disappear from sight for a few days or weeks. This strategy is used by both men and women of this zodiac sign. Then, after a couple of weeks, Leo appears, and continues his courtship as if nothing has happened.

Leo values stability in everything, including personal life. After his sudden return will have to free up time for daily meetings – this is what Leo demands. And they know how to choose a place for a date in order to make a lasting impression on the lady.

How to fall in love with the Leo?

Men – Leo like smart and educated girls

To understand how you can win a Leo man, a woman should first understand his ideals, and start to match them. Leo quite demanding to his life partner. Surely every Leo has a list of 30 items that must be fully consistent with the chosen one. However, if something went wrong, the royal Leo can break the rules, because he was the one who made them.

Leo is attracted to bright and confident women. In other words, the king chooses his queen and no other way, so “gray mice” and home girls do not attract Lions. A woman must be intelligent, interesting and majestic (a little less than the man himself).

Despite the fact that the Lions are attracted to strong women, it is important to the man that his chosen one is fully submissive to him. At the same time, the Lions do not tolerate servility, they need a woman to recognize a man’s right to be the strongest.

For Leo family comfort is very important. It is at home they rest after their great deeds and gain strength for the next world salvation. The ability to run a household will help both to conquer the heart of the Leo man, and to become the only queen for him.

It should be taken into account that Leo is looking for a woman who will admire those around him, thereby emphasizing his own greatness. The queen must be not only attractive, but also very intelligent, well-read and able to support absolutely any topic of conversation. As already mentioned, Leo is very vain and loves to arouse the envy of others, if not by their actions, then at least by their companion.

How to conquer the Leo: a step by step strategy

Men – Leo always appreciate if a girl can cook well

After figuring out what kind of girls these men like, it is necessary to figure out how to fall in love with a Leo. To do this, astrologers recommend to use the following universal strategy.

  1. Before going out hunting, you should take care of your appearance. Expensive elegant clothes, leaving room for imagination and emphasizing the dignity of the figure – yes, but the cheap costume jewelry, low-quality clothes and vulgarity – definitely not. A woman should be well-groomed, beautiful and happy with herself. For Leo important posture and hairstyle, the ability to present yourself, but the disadvantages of the figure they often do not notice, so they are equally often associate their lives with the pudgy and the skinny.
  2. For the first time you can attract his attention with compliments. It’s good if a girl can praise his work or express admiration for his approach to this or that issue. Leo is very hungry for flattery, so a few compliments – and he is ready to turn into a kitten.
  3. “Finish” the Leo can be done by asking him for advice or help. Men of this sign should always feel necessary, important and significant.

It is not enough to win the heart of Leo, it is also important to know how to keep his interest to build a lasting relationship.

Lions love it when their companion gives them signs of attention in public. So, they have nothing against the public expression of feelings, the main thing is to do it unobtrusively and delicately. In love, the Leo man will melt if a woman publicly corrects his tie, gives him a handkerchief or gently take his hand.

To conquer the Leo man, it is also recommended to master the haute cuisine. Men of this sign love to eat, and greatly appreciate when something is made especially for them. At the same time, they are gourmands, so you will have to put a lot of effort to surprise Leo. However, after the first rapture will pass, Leo can easily demand borscht and pies, so a woman should think through several menu options in advance.

Fascinating Leo always tries to get closer to a woman as possible, so girls should also take note of this technique. Leo is easy to bind to himself, genuinely interested in his affairs, opinions on various issues, and crumbling in compliments and flattery.

How not to behave?

Knowing how to win the heart of a Leo man, you should avoid behavior that repels representatives of this sign.

  1. You should not provoke jealousy by paying attention to other men. This will not make the Leo man cherish the woman more, but on the contrary, it will lead to a quick breakup.
  2. Career women of note: Leo will not tolerate that he is not in first place in a woman’s life. The career will have to be put on the back burner.
  3. Leo does not accept criticism and ridicule in his address. You should not try to hurt his feelings, because it is fraught with scandal.
  4. If a woman in a relationship with Leo wants to be happy, she will have to learn that the man is always right and nothing else.

In general, getting along with Leo is quite simple. The main thing is to convince the Leo that the game goes by his rules and nothing else.

Tips for women of different signs

In a couple where a man and a woman Leo, you should initially set the priorities of life

Astrologers know how to subdue a Leo man to a woman of any zodiac sign so that a passing infatuation leads to marriage and a happy family life.

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