How to take him crazy in bed?

How to make a man crazy in bed? Use blowjobs and kisses

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Women dream of being a sex goddess. Charming and sexy nymph, the best partner for your chosen one. She longs to possess such qualities, capable of driving a man crazy in bed.

Varied and hot sex attracts men like a magnet and binds to the mistress. While the boring intercourse gets bored and pushes the representatives of the strong in search of a new partner. Wise women want to have the qualities of an ideal mistress in order to bind and fall in love with the guy they love.

18 ways to drive him crazy

  • Enthusiast

First of all, men want to see an active partner near them, full of enthusiasm. When a girl perceives sex as a favor, sent down by a queen to a simple commoner, the guy gradually loses his sexual desire. The young lady is obliged to give herself to her chosen one with pleasure and joy. Enthusiasm beautifies a woman. A man is pleased when the partner herself with a great desire to seduce him and with passion accepts his advances and caresses.

The representatives of the stronger sex experience excitement at the most inopportune moment: early in the morning, in the middle of a late night. The girl sleeps sweetly and soundly, and the guy scours her body with his hands, intending to enter the desired body. In such cases, women scowl, push the lustful hands away, and roll over on the other side. It is not uncommon for them to “protect themselves” from intercourse with tears and utterances. Under deep doubt is the fact that such a lady will be able to hold and crush her partner’s head.

  • The erotic female voice

Women are chatty creatures. Newly during sex they surprisingly lose this property. Sexual intimacy proceeds in an atmosphere of profound silence or sullen sniffing. From the outside it may seem that a man is sleeping with a sexy rubber doll, or with a partner who suddenly fell asleep. This is wrong.

A woman’s voice is a powerful seductive tool aimed at driving a man crazy in bed. When used intelligently, it gives a man great pleasure. During sex it is important to whisper affectionate words and compliments to your partner, to guide his actions affectionately, to moan and to talk about how much pleasure his caresses give you.

A love date always takes place according to a “scripted” scenario. The seductive maiden sits in a pose of a fragrant rose, waiting for active action and caresses from the guy. After all, foreplay is so important to excite the girl, and to show how desirable she is in the eyes of her partner.

Women forget that men also want to be seduced and pampered. They are no less than the weaker sex in need of caresses, hugs, kisses and love confessions. To make a man crazy in bed, you need to cast away all doubts and caress his body, head, face, ears, neck … Men like a gentle touch no less than their partners.

  • Conquer the male gaze

It is an old truth that men love with their eyes. It is important for them to see their partner’s half-naked (or completely naked) body, her shining eyes and moist lips, her admiring and beautiful face. But the young ladies, however, immediately rush to the switch as soon as the date begins to get intimate. In their heads immediately thought that the partner will notice the extra pounds, cellulite, curvy legs or disgusting birthmark on the butt.

Do not be so worried about male criticism. If the young lady is sexually aroused by the guy, he will not notice any imperfections of the figure or appearance. Therefore, you can safely leave the room lit up and enjoy the burning and passionate gaze of your partner.

  • Active seductress

A passive mistress, even in the person of the beloved woman, sooner or later gets bored. A man wants to see activity and return from the partner. It is necessary to discard all the complexes, laziness and lack of initiative. Fondling and kissing your boyfriend is no less pleasant than receiving a gentle touch in return. You can seduce the guy, switch roles and give your partner a rest, performing the “commanding role” yourself.

  • Charm with conversation.

It is important to fill a love date with exciting moments. Men appreciate not only a beautiful appearance, but also an interesting conversation with a woman. Falling in love with the attractiveness and wisdom of the girl, the guy will become firmly and permanently attached to her. It is possible that forever. Communication is of great importance for the partners. To please a man, you need to show sincere and active attention to his words. Often women are trying to show their best side and make some mistakes:

  1. Overburdening their partner with talk;
  2. Are high-minded, trying to impress a man’s mental abilities;
  3. Giggling foolishly or bombarding a guy with naive questions.

Interesting conversation matures with a sincere interest in the partner’s stories. It is important not to interrupt, express your thoughts carefully, not hurting the feelings of the interlocutor. Praise for reasonable statements to the man, will play into the girl’s hands .

  • Lifesaving humor

A sense of humor is a constant attribute when speaking to the stronger sex. They appreciate a sharp tongue not only during oral sex. Humor helps with awkwardness and embarrassment. Even during bed scenes, humor relieves tension and helps partners relax. An awkward situation can easily be corrected with a good joke. That said, humor requires caution. Incorrect jokes, criticism and ridicule can backfire.

  • Name of the chosen one

The sound of your own name is everyone’s favorite word. Sometimes, to drive a man crazy in bed, it is enough to whisper his name passionately and often. During a conversation, foreplay, sex, you should call your partner by name, to use affectionate turns. This turns them on, excites both partners.

  • Tempting lingerie

Beautiful lingerie can drive a man crazy in bed, and women are happy to use such a sexual weapon. Fortunately, the lingerie industry is full of the most diverse and interesting combinations. Get openwork “closet” can women with the most different figure.

Tempting panties, frank bras and gently stockings enthuse the stronger sex. Especially stockings. The miracle of Lycra causes a strong excitement and desire for men. Yes, and a woman in stockings feels more feminine and sexy.

Guys adore active women. Oohs, sighs and embarrassed downcast looks are the prerogative of great-grandmothers and ladies of the last century. Today’s men are crazy about proactive girls. Perhaps that is why most young guys are trying to start a relationship with older and more experienced young ladies.

An active woman is the fruit of men’s sexual fantasies. The flame of desire in a girl’s eyes, stiff flirting and other active actions act on men excitable. Even if a woman is not the leader in bed, on rare occasions it is worth taking the lead and seduce your chosen one. Otherwise, the guy will think that he is indifferent and boring woman.

Sexual intimacy on a comfortable romantic bed is a great help for newlyweds. Sooner or later such an environment gets bored and ceases to arouse sexual desire.

Spontaneity is the best advisor in love affairs. Surrendering to love and passion, do not drag your partner on the couch. It is better to have sex in a place where the couple is at this time. Armchair, washing machine, table, garden bench, a secret corner in a dark park will serve a great role for seclusion lovebirds. Beautiful memories for the partners are assured. Routine kills all romance and passion. Spontaneity will pleasantly surprise and impress a man.

Drive a man crazy in bed, perhaps, with your own sexual fantasies. You can not only share your frank thoughts, but do not be shy in their implementation. Role-playing games, strip cards, sex with bound hands – these are the bed scenes that men and most women dream about. Striptease is a wonderful demonstration of your body and abilities. You do not need to have the chic gifts of a choreographer to dance and undress to the music.

  • Guess and realize intimate ideas

Talking about sex with a guy can help to indicate his intimate desires. Usually, partners are not always completely frank about a sensitive topic. A man may not admit his BDSM inclinations, and secretly dreams that the meek and quiet partner handcuffed him to the radiator, and used the whip.

Worth paying attention to his jokes or phrases spoken in passing on a sexual topic. Perhaps they conceal a true desire of the partner to realize one of his sexual fantasies. However, do not go overboard and agree to what she herself would not like. Let’s say: a threesome, a gangbang, “golden shower” and other things.

Cursive words are disgusting from the lips of a beautiful young lady … but not in bed. During sex, vulgar and dirty phrases excite men more than reverent words of love. You can praise a man, give compliments, admire and encourage him with swear words and “insults”. Sex with a “naughty and dirty slut” will elevate a man’s pleasure about the limit. It is important not to overplay and not to overdo it, so that the insults do not have the opposite effect

  • Amazing blowjob.

Oral sex – an important step to take a man crazy in bed. Do not even hope for the title of “the sexiest woman in the world” if the young lady is contemptuous of blowjobs and afraid to take the penis in his hands. To the sexual organ of his man to treat with deep awe, reverence, admiration and love. It must be stroked, kissed, sucked, caressed with a groan of pleasure. Swallowing cum will show the man how much he is appreciated and accepted by his partner. The guy will be delighted.

Men are very sensitive about their penis. It is important for them to know that it is “the biggest, the best, and gives great pleasure” to the girl. The offer of oral sex should not only be accepted positively, but also come from the partner’s mouth. Never a guy will refuse such a pleasant pastime, but will appreciate the desire and ability of the girl. Information from the Internet will help to acquire the skill of fellatio: videos, articles on the subject of blowjobs.

Someone – someone likes a more gentle caress, someone cautious biting the shaft of the penis. During the blow job it is important to pay attention to your partner’s reactions, listen to his advice and moans. Successful oral sex is the ground for building a stable sexual relationship. A grateful man will want to respond in the same way, and somehow surprise his mistress with giddy cunnilingus.

  • Frank messages.

At a distance from your partner, erotic messages help maintain the existing connection and attraction between people. Intimate suggestions, compliments and candid photos keep men in tone and fuel interest in a follow-up meeting.

A woman’s activity is important to distinguish from intrusiveness and annoyance. Do not bombard the guy with numerous questions, rants and brainwashing. A wise combination of caressing words, hot phrases and short-term detachment will make a woman more desirable in the eyes of men.

  • Erogenic male zones

To bring a man to madness in bed, you need to examine his body for the presence of erogenous zones. Not only women are sensitive to caresses on the chest. Most guys love it when they rub, kiss or bite their nipples. A man’s behavior will tell you what and how he likes it. It is important to pay attention to any little thing. One night a man will want to possess an “obedient partner”, the other night he will want to feel her domination over him. You have to agree with everything, and to enjoy intimacy and your own sensations.

15 simple and crazy things in bed that drive men crazy

Incredible facts

The bed is an integral part of every couple’s life.

However, sometimes physical intimacy does not bring joy, becoming boring and routine.

Experts believe that the key to a happy intimate life is, above all, variety, and a few other things that not everyone knows.

How to bewitch a man to make him love and want you?

Surely many women are wondering how to make a man just lost his head from passion every time he crossed the threshold of the bedroom.

There are a few simple and crazy things that turn any man, and from which he will go crazy.

How to drive a man crazy in bed

Enthusiasm woman.

Enthusiasm is what every man wants to feel when he is with a woman.

Believe me, when a partner sees physical intimacy as a favor, it turns few.

Making love must give pleasure to both partners, accordingly, and the enthusiasm must also come from both.

2. Accompanying Sounds

Absolute and complete silence when making love does not always imply something good. It usually means that you are not enjoying your partner’s company or worse, you are just asleep.

So, being sound during intimacy with the person you love is quite normal and natural. Your voice is the best barometer by which your partner navigates whether he or she is doing things right.

3. Prelude

Foreplay is incredibly important. Without foreplay, intimacy becomes like a roller coaster without a slow ascent to the top of the track.

As everywhere else, anticipation itself is the key to any intimacy. Don’t think that foreplay is just a woman’s desire. Believe me, men also enjoy this phase of physical intimacy.

4. Lights on

Men love with their eyes.

So most of them, of course, enjoy seeing their partner during intimacy, looking into her eyes.

So do not turn off the light, do your man a favor: let him enjoy your body and face.

5. Giving back on the part of your partner.

No one wants to do the job alone.

Therefore, it makes sense that your partner expects the same total commitment from you as he does from you. Do not assume that only a man should give himself in bed.

Love requires the presence of both partners.

What makes men lose their head.

6. Compliments

You think men don’t like compliments? Then you’re wrong.

Any man will be happy to hear about how macho he is and what a great lover. Praise him, appreciate his skills and abilities in love affairs.

A little bedtime talk never hurts.

7. Communication

Communication is crucial in understanding the partners of each other, and thus ensures better sex.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to shout out memorized phrases from plays or stop in the middle of the process to vent a few comments.

Just remember that your foreplay can be watered down with some words and phrases.

Communication can include talking, but it can also be wordless. After all, it is possible to understand each other without too many words. Sometimes our eyes, lips and hands speak more eloquently than any words.

8. Variety

Variety is especially important when it comes to love affairs.

Without it, intimate life becomes a boring, sluggish flowing routine. For your man every time lost his head from you, make sure that your love games present at least some variety.

9. The initiative .

Most women believe that the first step should always come from a man.

The initiative is the prerogative of the strictly strong sex. That is how we were taught since childhood, and it instills in us numerous articles teaching how to build the right relationship.

But sometimes there are times when a man wants the initiative to come from the partner. This actually turns him on and excites his fantasies.

The fire of desire in a woman’s eyes, severe flirting, all this drives a man crazy. And even if you are not a leader by nature, but only a fragile sweet woman, try at least sometimes to depart from their own rules and take the initiative in the bedroom.

After all, if you don’t, your partner may think that you are a cold and unapproachable snow queen.

10. Beautiful lingerie.

To continue the topic of what a man loves with his eyes, we should mention sexy women’s underwear, which most men pay attention to.

So try to at least occasionally wear lingerie that he will surely like.

Even if you suddenly thought that your man paid absolutely no attention to what you have under your dress, know that he probably liked this sexy lingerie and appreciated your efforts to be beautiful for him.

11. Spontaneity

Now many would argue that it’s nice to make love in a beautiful place, with candles and silk sheets ready.

But what if you give in to passion and desire spontaneously and unexpectedly, departing from the usual schedule, rules and place?

Agree, it sounds tempting.

Do not be afraid to make changes in the usual routine and daily routine. After all, routine and routine kills all romance. Believe me, a certain spontaneity will please your man and make him lose his head like in the first days after dating.

12. Fantasies and Trust

Fantasies are an integral part of intimate life.

Offer your partner something new, share your fantasies, ask what your man wants, what he fantasizes about. It is possible that you have a common fantasy that you both want to realize.

Think through together a scenario that would be nice to play in bed. So you’re not only open to a different, more interesting side to your partner, but also let him know that you are open to new experiments, and fully and completely trust him.

After all, our thoughts and fantasies are the most intimate things we have.

13. A Sense of Humor

If you think that in the bedroom there is no place for a sense of humor, you’re very much mistaken.

Humor should always and everywhere, and the bed is no exception in this matter.

If something suddenly went wrong, such a moment can always be turned into a joke. However, be careful. Jokes should also be appropriate and correct. Remember that jokes and mockery are not the same thing.

14. Hearing your name.

Psychologists say that nothing turns you on like hearing your own name spoken by your partner.

Your name from your partner’s mouth is always pleasant to hear, including in bed. Use this information, don’t be afraid to say your man’s name while making love.

15. Sleeping after lovemaking

Many women are offended when a man, after getting everything he wanted, immediately turns away to the wall and peacefully begins to snore.

However, if you know the male physiology better, it is possible that the female sex claims to their partners immediately diminish.

Making love exhausts the male body. He needs a full recovery. And sleep in this case, the best solution. So let your man rest and gain strength before a new fight.

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