How to surprise the Taurus man?

Taurus Man in Bed

Taurus can be called a conservative sign in bed and love relationships. He never has many affairs. And to imagine a Taurus man who simultaneously meets with several partners at once is simply impossible. Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac quite often keep their virginity until marriage. And in marriage Taurus usually maintain ideal fidelity to their partner. It is difficult to call them experimenters. But Taurus in bed is very gentle and understanding lover. It is difficult to call him a passionate partner, but at the same time representatives of this sign of the Zodiac always seek to satisfy the person next to them.

Taurus men are usually physically developed. Therefore, sex with them is characterized by activity, and some partners are sometimes even scared of this activity. Taurus men do not tolerate that someone dominates them. And therefore immediately seek to take power into their own hands. Horoscope Taurus love indicates that this sign knows very well its own value. He has a magnificently developed intuition, so it is very difficult to deceive a Taurus. He can not tolerate any pretense, especially since he has a very good sexual performance.

Sex with Taurus can not be called dull and boring. Due to its thoroughness, the representatives of this sign are just the same approach. However, if Taurus is in love, he may give in to persuasion and go to some new actions for himself. But, if he does not like it, sooner or later he will refuse to participate in such cases.

Sexuality of the Taurus Man

He is very fond of making love. This may sound strange – who doesn’t? But there are people who use sex to relieve stress, to satisfy a sense of possessiveness, to feel masculine or just for fun – they don’t enjoy it. Taurus enjoys it. In many ways, Taurus is the perfect lover. He is sensual, he understands his partner. He does not need to be coaxed and encouraged.

Taurus has been dreaming of women since he was young. He is strong, and his desire is to reach his goal. He knows how to approach any woman. He is insatiable. But don’t worry. He will find a way to help you satisfy him. His foreplay is almost a whole theatrical performance. No quickie intercourse. Only when he feels the moment is right. He prefers it slow and easy, not slapdash, thank you, madam. He has a wonderful imagination. Don’t expect him to take you down unknown sexual roads. He will take the tried and tested path, but he will design it in such a way that you will not be disappointed with the results.

Some believe that Taurus is a bit primitive when it comes to the act of love. He needs things to be uncomplicated and clean. Such a lover is harder and harder to find. Taurus can overcome anything. His great advantage is strength. If he sometimes lacks imagination, he makes up for it with his ability to move forward. You will have to take the initiative if you want to try exotic positions.

Remember that you can’t control Taurus, you can only try to make assumptions. Persistence on your part will make him turn away from you. Taurus is an earth sign and very stubborn, and subtle hints are more likely to lead you to the goal. Since a Taurus man likes comfort, a bed lined with fur, soft light and quiet music is his idea of a sexual paradise. Another thought that could give him special pleasure: offer him to drop a few drops of liquor on your bare skin and lick it off. Turks call this “yalomak.”

A man reacts to body odors. A woman’s scent has an arousing effect on him. He may even lick the sweat off her body, although he will certainly like “yalomak” better. He likes to rub massage creams into his girlfriend’s body before getting down to business. He can start by kissing all of her toes one by one. Don’t try to stop him, he has his own ritual and all in good time.

Cleanliness is not necessary for the sexual pleasures of a Taurus. Addiction to filth – the weakness of some Taurus women – is also peculiar to men, at least to a greater extent than men born under other signs. In extreme cases, a Taurus can insist that his partner shares his passions.

How to surprise a Taurus man in bed

For this man, love is made up of a number of factors. It is not just blind adoration, but something deeper and stronger. And of no small importance is the intimate sphere. That is why his chosen one should think about how to make the satisfaction of his man full. Understanding this issue will not only help to achieve a harmonious relationship, but also the possibility to stay with him forever.

Surprise the Taurus man.

He likes everything unhurried, so it is worth surprising him with her desire to be unhurried, peaceful and gentle. In addition, he will like her constant freshness, and attractive appearance for minutes of intimacy. You can choose special lingerie, or you can wrap yourself in a delicate mesmerizing scent. Then he will have something to be surprised about, the main thing is that her doing surprise will not turn into a routine.

Unexpected moments

He likes the comfortable state in moments of intimacy, but her unexpected desire in a special setting will create even more attraction to the act itself. To do this, you can think of the entourage, wear special clothes and desire intimacy in an unexpected moment for him. This will allow you to surprise him and desire your partner even more. Surprise in intimacy for him is not just a charge of adrenaline, but also a silent declaration of love.


This man loves a gentle touch, as his sensuality is at an all-time high. And to figure out how to surprise him, you will have to use experimentation. His body is extremely sensual, so it is worth touching different parts gently. This will not only surprise him, but also very much enjoy it. And such a partner will take a firm position in his life, it is unlikely that he will want to change it for a more attractive one.

Most importantly!

Appreciation of pleasure for him is one of the most important when choosing a partner. Surprise this man is not difficult, but a woman will have to seek out different methods for this. It is enough to use different techniques, to study her partner to bring him real pleasure. Only in this case, she will hurt his most important and delicate strings of his soul. And this will not only allow you to be with him, but also to become a kindred man for life. So, if you follow all the above recommendations, you can easily give both yourself and him great pleasure.

How can a woman in love satisfy a Taurus man in bed?

A girl who dreams about an ideal relationship with her lover is ready to use any means for this purpose. And some of them may not always have good consequences (for example, hex). In search of such methods, she sometimes misses the easiest one: an appeal to astrology. After all, all people are born under their constellations, which give them certain attitudes and endow them with certain traits. And it has long been proved that you should not ignore the horoscopic data. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to use the advice of astrologers to win the heart of your beloved.

Our article will help a woman to find out what a Taurus man is like in bed and how you can excite and satisfy him.

Taurus sexual temperament

Horoscopic bulls attach great importance to the intimate side of the relationship. At the same time, for them, the sexual act is precisely a lovemaking, in which they fully give themselves to their partner and want the same from her. After all, such a man is not inclined to fleeting love affairs and numerous novels. He prefers the majority of women one-on-one, which can long and carefully choose and then love for the rest of his life, to be her faithful husband and tender lover. Because of this, some Taurus men get married as virgins. But in today’s world, this fact is still not as frequent as in the old days, and the young man wants to have time to get to know several representatives of the beautiful sex, before binding himself by the bonds of matrimony.

Taurus is a great jealous man, so if the girl has other suitors, he will not waste his time on her. Rivalry gives him no joy. And flirting right and left young lady will cause only dislike. If you want to be the only one for your beloved bull, which he will give all his passion and tenderness, do not provoke him jealousy. It is better to demonstrate love and devotion.

The older the representative is, the more temperamental he is in bed, and the stronger his desire. Some Taurus because of their conservatism tend to the classic sex. But most of them still prefer to experiment, and no complexes in this area will not stop them. The main goal in sex – to get real pleasure and to deliver the same to the chosen one.

By nature, bulls are dominant and always take the initiative in their own hands. Being physically advanced for the most part, they are very active, which can even scare some partners.

Being a pragmatic sign of the zodiac, Taurus is serious about erotic action and tries to constantly enrich his theoretical and practical sexual knowledge. Therefore, it is never boring in bed with him. Compared with other astrological signs the representative of the horoscopic bull understands women better than anyone else, and thanks to well-developed intuition always bring the intimate case to the end. After all, he easily guesses the desires and preferences of the partner.

Thus, the tireless Taurus suits the girls who have an active temperament in bed and giving sex one of the first roles in the relationship.

What kind of lover is he: the characteristics of sexual behavior

Most women who have been lucky enough to be in bed at least once with a representative of this sign, will confidently say that he is the perfect lover. And in proof of this, his basic intimate qualities:

  1. Indefatigability. This guy can make love for hours, and will enjoy every moment. A brief act will not bring him moral satisfaction, because it is considered by Taurus to be disrespectful to his woman.
  2. The primary condition for him is to satisfy his partner. Taurus will do his best, but his chosen one will be satisfied and happy after a night with him. After all, he is capable of long introductory caresses, gentle continuation and passionate conclusion of the intercourse. And considering that the smell of a woman just captivates him, the young lady will be subjected to the most gentle and skillful kisses and caresses.
  3. Looseness. He will not be ashamed of any moments, shut down or afraid to do something wrong. This man is fully confident in his actions and wants reciprocal confidence from his beloved.
  4. Good intuition and observation. These qualities allow the Taurus to guess any desire of the companion and make with her, seemingly unreal actions. He will always find the right point to touch, guessing the most appropriate moment. Any erogenous zones are not ignored.
  5. Developed imagination. This allows you to make simple sex simply luxurious, as well as sometimes use some experiments in the process of intimacy. But Taurus will never allow himself to cross the line and allow a rough or dangerous moment. Therefore, all his innovations and desires are realized within safety for himself and his chosen one. Role-playing games will give him great pleasure, but if he is in a leading position.

Thus, able to surprise any woman and satisfy her wildest dreams, Taurus, without a doubt, will be a desired lover for the beautiful half of mankind. And intimacy with him will be just extraordinary.

What the representatives of this zodiac sign like in bed

For the horoscopic bull, the intimate side of the relationship plays a big role in love. Therefore, if you want to keep a Taurus man near you for a long time, it is important to know how to please him correctly.

What can interest him?

Interest the horoscopic bull in sex is not very difficult due to his irrepressible desire. But certain things should still be to stick to not scare away your favorite and get a pass to the love adventure of a lifetime with your beloved Taurus. It is useful to take note of the following recommendations:

  1. Prepare the room and the intimate bed for the upcoming intimacy. The horoscopic bull is notable for being thrifty and can be picky about the surroundings. Clean up in advance, make the bed with fresh linens, leave the light dimmed or light candles. Taurus prefers to make love in semi-darkness, so there is an opportunity to observe your partner.
  2. Take care of your appearance. It is important to look elegant and sexy, but not vulgar, as this may cause a man’s dislike. Artificial fragrances are better not to use at all or use a minimum of them. After all, it is the smell of natural female body will excite the guy as nothing else.
  3. Do not hurry and accelerate the moment of intimacy. After all, it is important for him to give himself completely and leisurely to this action in order to get maximum pleasure. In principle, Taurus does not like a quick moment, because he seeks calm and peace.
  4. Share your erotic fantasies without being shy. The main thing in sex for a bull man is to give the highest pleasure to his lady of the heart. Tell even the most insignificant details – it’s important for him to consider everything. And do not forget to mention what you absolutely do not accept in lovemaking, so as not to cause a moment of discomfort.
  5. Be natural and honest. Overplaying it, portraying pleasure, is not the best tactic. After all, Taurus senses everything on an intuitive level and notices any falsity. And such a game can cause a totally undesirable reaction, up to the fact that this will be your last meeting.
  6. Take the initiative, strive to study his body and the most sensitive areas, presenting him with a gentle touch. Sincerely interested in his desires and fantasies. And the guy will be happy and blissful and will not make you wait with the answer.
  7. Try to bring something new and different to your intimacy. But do not overdo it. This man does not like rudeness and intrusion of dangerous moments in blissful intimacy.
  8. Do not hurry to leave the bed after the intercourse and head for the shower or the kitchen. It is very important for Taurus to feel your love in these moments. Therefore, if you just lie down next to him, hug your loved one, stroke his body, say a few warm words, your loved one will be satisfied. And if you abruptly leave him, he will feel insulted and may be seriously offended.
  9. Be confident in yourself. Do not be ashamed of your imperfect figure, puffy forms or unfashionable underwear. The Taurus in a moment of intimacy look completely clouded with desire, and he simply will not pay attention to the features that you think the flaws. But a confident liberated partner will only increase his excitement.
  10. Do not be afraid to show your temperament in bed. The more true passion will watch your partner, the more he will admire you. And it will cause him to give endless bliss and infinite love. Too withdrawn and constrained partner will cause the desire to avoid sex each time because of the certainty that you do not want it.
  11. Praise him for beautiful moments of pleasure, for exquisite efforts. It is important for Taurus men to feel the support of the lady of the heart and his complete satisfaction.

It should be remembered that it is important for a Taurus man not to remain hungry, not only in sex, but literally. Therefore, if you offer him a fancy dinner before or after intimacy, he will feel the happiest man in the world and will certainly want to spend the rest of his life with you.

What not to do

Wanting to interest your man in sex and give him maximum pleasure, you should take into account the moments that you should not allow with Taurus:

  1. You should not criticize him, give harsh advice or command him. By nature, he is a leader and an egoist and always confident in the correctness of their own actions. Therefore, he may be genuinely offended by criticism.
  2. Do not ignore his offers of sexual intimacy. This is fraught with serious quarrels up to a divorce or marriage. After all, when they refuse him, it means to show their dislike and lack of interest in him as a man.
  3. Do not show rudeness and excessive insistence. For a Taurus girl should always be gentle and nurturing.
  4. Do not be passive and insensitive in bed. This will not please not only the Taurus, but also the representative of any other zodiac sign.
  5. Do not look vulgar, tasteless and exude pungent extraneous odors. No bright makeup, perfume fragrance or provocative clothing will not replace the desired natural attractiveness of his beloved girl.

Stay a real woman and make sure that your beloved man Taurus will be satisfied. And then you will find a strong relationship with a great lover and a caring partner, which the majority of the fair sex dreams about.

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