How to surprise a Virgo man?

What to Surprise a Virgo Man

Man-Devo your even temper and calm demeanor to understand that you have a reliable character and will not bring him a countless number of claims. This is a basic condition for the continuation of the relationship with a representative of this sign of the zodiac.

The devil, as they say, is in the little things, and Virgo, like no one else, pays attention to them. According to the words and actions that may seem insignificant to you, he will conclude whether you can become his good companion, reliable support and support.

Purely feminine qualities are important for him: for example, the ability and desire to cook delicious food, cleanliness and order in the house, neatness and, of course, soft and gentle nature.

Most of all representatives of this sign appreciate in people orderliness, accuracy, simplicity and kindness.

A woman who radiates calmness – that’s who he needs. If you can not live without violent passions and constant outbursts of emotions, it is better to immediately part with Virgo.

Knowing how to please a Virgo man, what he will like, still do not flaunt all of their strengths, otherwise it may scare him away. In addition, the element of light mystery in a woman like all men.

Even if you see flaws in your lover, never and under no circumstances do not point him to them. This will not add points to either you or him. Let him know that he is the best, praise him, even for the most trifling occasions, and then he will try to reach the ideal and meet your expectations.

Virgo men avoid conflict and do not like fighting, so do not give your favorite behavior reason to be angry at you. Once the loss of confidence Virgo, then it will be extremely difficult to return it.

Men of this sign will never link their fate with a frivolous coquette, so all these “feminine things” like a shorter skirt, lighter makeup, more relaxed behavior, leave it for someone else.

Any manifestations of irresponsibility, carelessness, lack of discipline are unacceptable for Virgo, including the sphere of feelings and emotions.

Despite the apparent “dryness” at heart Virgo men are very vulnerable, it is extremely easy to hurt and offend. Most of all, they are wounded by the slightest manifestation of indifference, as well as injustice to them. If you want your man to feel happy, let him know that he is the only, unique and the best, and you – a worthy match for your prince.

What to surprise a Virgo man?

There is an opinion that men born under this sign are very stale and imperturbable, it is impossible to surprise them with anything. Yes, indeed, the restrained nature of Virgo does not give them to express their joy, admiration or surprise to the extent that you would like to in response to a pleasant surprise, for example. But this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like or don’t like your gift.

If you do not know how to please your beloved Virgo, think of his practicality and natural modesty. The main thing that he will like the gifts are things that will be useful in everyday life. And the main thing for him is your attention, that’s the secret. Remember or write down the dates that somehow or other matter to him, and do not forget to congratulate. The very fact that you remember that you are involved in his life will be the most precious and pleasant gift.

How to marry a Virgo man?

Before a Virgo man decides to get married, a lot of water will leak out. Even at the very beginning of your acquaintance, he will wonder whether you are the one and only beautiful one who will make his marital happiness, whether he has been waiting for you for so long… But a wedding is out of the question until he is one hundred percent sure of it. Be prepared for the fact that he will look closely to you and look for flaws, while the advantages are taken for granted and not worth the attention.

Man-Devo will wait as long as possible to allow you to fully reveal, and then in married life there were no unpleasant surprises.

Sometimes he can visit the desire to get married, but he will banish this thought with all his might: too high is the price for making the final decision – he and his entire future fate. That is why there are so many hardened bachelors among the representatives of this sign.

Virgo men understand that getting married is a very serious step. As a rule, making it once, they did not go back: there are few divorced among the representatives of this sign.

If you want to marry a Virgo man, your first task – is to convince him that the decision to marry – this is the most timely and wise of all that he can now take. The sooner you inspire confidence in your Virgo lover, the more likely he is to marry you.

Virgo Man in bed

Loving an outwardly cold Virgo man can suddenly turn into the most exciting adventure if you follow certain rules in bed with him. Virgo is impressed when his partner takes the initiative and regulates the tempo and peculiarities of movements. He can make his mistress believe that intimacy is not important to him. Do not pay attention only to the physiological side of the relationship, because Virgo appreciates the aesthetic component, such as pleasant music, champagne, strawberries.

Like all people, Virgo waits for bliss and thrills. To understand how to satisfy a Virgo, it is necessary to understand her psychology. At the beginning, with her you need to show affection and caution, but when it comes to intimacy, you can and need to give vent to passion. Such people will not show their feelings first, but willingly respond to the call of the partner. With cold partner and it will remain in the “shell”.

Because of the strong restraint Virgo can become “explosive”. A good relationship helps Virgo get rid of internal tension. Tenderness and perseverance are what Virgo values in close relationships. They will be faithful and loyal partners to those who can unravel their contradictory nature.

Virgo Men’s Sexuality

The Virgo man does not entice girls. If she tries to remember how it all started, she will realize that she herself suggested somewhere to have dinner. He is too shy. They only met because a mutual friend introduced them to each other or they knew each other from work. She had better show up on that first date on time exactly, not late, and it’s a good idea to keep that rule – punctuality is extremely important. In addition to punctuality, he admires tact, composure, good manners (including good table manners), and the ability to converse on a variety of topics. He prefers to choose his own date, and he is perfectly aware of whom he would like to talk to.

Don’t expect him to touch your knee under the table, hug you publicly, or stand in the doorway, hoping to get an invitation to a “lap”. That’s not his style. When the moment comes for an intimate candlelit dinner at your house (which you hope will culminate in a breakfast together the next morning), you better make all the arrangements with him ahead of time. He’ll want to bring his own pajamas, shaving supplies, a toothbrush, a fresh shirt and tie, clean socks, and maybe his alarm clock to get up on time for work. He might even want to discuss with you how you prefer to make love.

There will be no vulgar expressions of passion, no intrusiveness. His preliminary caresses will be somewhat methodical. He is very familiar with the female anatomy. Knowing how to arouse a woman, he will provoke the right erotic reactions. His methods are more aesthetic than sensual. Incorrect vibrations can adversely affect his behavior. If this happens, he blames the circumstances, not himself, for the failure. He tends to go for it, and an assertive woman will always be able to get anything she wants from him. Don’t expect much imagination from him in bed. He will try, and a woman who has not experienced an orgasm can only blame herself. Ready for self-sacrifice Virgo man will do everything to bring pleasure to his partner. Some women are pleased with this.

Unusual circumstances can sometimes light a fire in him. Without much stimulation, the Virgo man is prone to the most traditional methods – the most conventional positions, at night and under the covers. He responds to new methods if they are offered in a non-violent manner. Think of him as a bud that must be treated with love and care so that he will bloom in all his sensual beauty. One good tip: bite him gently on the buttock. This will affect him faster than a hot bath.

Not all stories about Virgo’s coldness in bed are unfair. His lack of attention to sex can turn into indifference. Sometimes he is married and yet not bound by marital obligations. There are times when Virgo men satisfy their curiosity by contemplating erotic scenes. He may have strange fantasies.

How to surprise a Virgo man in bed

This man is cold, but this is only an external manifestation. In fact, he is passionate and wants to see a manifestation of love in his partner, she must rely completely on instinct, and he will satisfy her desires. However, it is quite difficult for him to meet such a woman. And it’s all about his squeamishness and primness. Still, you can surprise him if you try to understand his desires, and this can only be done after experimentation.

High standards

If you decide to surprise him, you should follow the golden rule of high standards. For example, when trying out new positions, you should give it your all, so that he is not disappointed. Experiments must be thoughtful, otherwise there will be no surprise. And everything should be done at a high level, because he is used to everything being done at a high level, and not just to be.

Surprise him with tenderness.

Many women try to surprise him with tenderness. This is the right way, but it does not always bring the desired result. First of all, you need to pay attention to his mood, as busy at work, he will not seek entertainment. If he is configured for intimacy, then tenderness, caresses his erogenous zones will be by the way, and he will be surprised, satisfied and madly happy.

Surprise by simplicity.

He is woven out of a variety of rules and tenets, so simplicity can be a real revelation to him. It can be about poses, caresses, and everything else. After all, he is so used to the complex, and here the simple and unpretentious, that it becomes interesting and easy for him. All of this gets his attention more than anything else. She can even dress in a simple nightgown with no frills, and that too will cause a storm of delight and wonder.

The most important thing!

To surprise this man, you do not need to go the hard way. You can go simple and offer him something simple – light caresses, simple clothes. And you can perform all the actions in accordance with high standards. In either case, the surprise will be achieved. You should know that you need to surprise him not only at the beginning of the relationship, but also after years of marriage, because this man is quite ardent and passionate and expects the first step just from the woman. Thus, it may seem that it will be almost impossible to establish an intimate relationship with him. But in fact, this is far from being the case and, perhaps, the situation even looks quite the opposite.

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