How to Succeed in America?

How to Succeed in America / How to Make It in America – reviews

“How to Succeed in America” is a comedy series from HBO. The cable channel that gave us: “Chernobyl,” “Underground Empire,” “News Service,” “Deadwood” and “Vinyl.” The project was completed in 2011, with only two seasons of eight episodes each. The producer was Mark Wahlberg.

This series has become one of my all-time favorites. And it didn’t hurt that it was shut down after only 2 seasons due to lack of funding. I am holding out hope that someday it will be renewed, but in the meantime I am rewatching the 2 seasons I have had.

It’s a good thing this book is freely available on the internet, you can save money on that! Because buying it would turn out to be quite unsuccessful. I fell for the cover design, which is made by Jana Frank, whose books I have already read. And the description is loud.

Mm-hmm. I decided to watch something with the actress Stéphane Audran (she was in Bunuel’s “The Humble Charm of the Bourgeoisie”). Well, and on the list of her films, I was attracted to this stupid title. Turns out it also stars Jane Birkin and Jean Rochefort (I’ve seen them somewhere, too).

Unique in its own way, this is a book that will become your close friend and reconcile you with yourself and the world around you. The hypersensitivity test + photo of my bookmarks.

Good afternoon, dear readers! Today’s review I would like to begin with a quote from a famous American writer, which, in my opinion, most fully characterizes hypersensitive people: And now let’s get acquainted. My name is Xenia and I am a naked nerve person.

This comedy can be watched endlessly. It is cheerful, upbeat, full of sunshine, bright emotions and positive mood. The main engine of the whole picture is magnificent James Belushi.

The best movie about cheerleading, friendship and teamwork. 3 reasons why I love Brooke over Kirsten

I love cheerleader movies and the Make It Happen series. This installment is my fourth and is #1 in my personal ranking, surpassing the previous installment. The screenshots were made by me personally, but some of them are of average quality because I tried to show different characters’ facial expressions and moments.

“One trouble is the pests. Usually it’s mice, or there, mosquitoes, but with us. Dragons.” as well as what Toothless looks like or how we found his brother.

Good afternoon, everyone. On the heels of the popularity of this year’s third installment of How to Tame a Dragon, our family did get around to watching it and, of course, we have to start at the beginning, from the beginning.

Hello, everyone! ! ! We all know how hard a man’s work is! It requires strength, courage, bravery. It’s hard and it’s not good for everyone. These are miners, welders, lumberjacks, and not our main characters. Our heroes work in a magazine publishing house and are not discouraged. They’re like Kerry and his girlfriends from Sex and the City.

A drama that left a very warm impression. An unusual love story, great soundtracks and a terrific cast

A couple of weeks ago my provider connected a new TV channel – “Dorama”. With great voiceover, quality video… A channel that broadcasts only Korean doramas and nothing else. But it’s not always new, but it broadcasts more “old” serials.

A fun, adventurous mini-series that should not be taken seriously! Tips from Moll Flanders on how to never get discouraged and start life anew. (Bonus: Daniel Craig!)

Hi everyone, today I want to share with you a review of the mini-series “The Successes and Failures of Moll Flanders.” This is a positive, hilarious mini-series in which events alternate with each other at such a breakneck speed that the viewer just can’t get bored for a minute, and the plot is full of incredible funny events,…

Banderolka has fulfilled my long-time dream! A great service for ordering goods from the U.S., Germany and the UK. How to order? Described step by step. Unpacking my order.

Good day all, dear readers) For many years I prefer to shop in online stores and the reasons for my choice are obvious: First, it’s convenient, because you can shop at any place and at any time, no need to go anywhere and go out of your comfort zone; …

How to Succeed in America

The story of two young men, Cam and Ben, striving for the cherished “American dream”. They are obsessed with fashion and are well versed in it, which allows them to earn money by selling designer things. Heroes go to fashionable parties, love to spend time in nightclubs, but they have not yet found themselves in life. To come to the American dream, the guys have many difficulties to overcome. “How to Succeed in America” is considered a successful nonpop series, where the third main character is New York City.

Reviews and reviews of the series

“Get rich or die trying,” seems to be the famous phrase rapper 50 Cent took as his life credo two best friends Ben and Cam. They’re young and optimistic about the future, but they don’t have rich relatives from Manhattan, and the fresh-smelling dollar is not a frequent guest in the pockets of their worn-out jeans. Speaking of jeans and heroes’ charisma, these are their only trumps in the game they’re up to. Opening their own clothing line is what interests them, and as with any business, you have to start small. Ben sells clothes at Barneys, and Cam generates business ideas at the speed of a race car, though she hesitates to execute them. Together they have a great time hanging out at the many parties, meeting new people, and you can easily see them as the most ordinary guys in the world. They could even be your roommates, your classmates, or someone who walks past you in a crowd every day. Simplicity in everything – it is this choice of storytelling that makes the series stand out from the masses with the same theme. Here, the star-studded pompous youth from “Gossip Girl” is not illuminated by the spotlight, and after all, the city of action of the series is the same – New York. And though the handsome Chuck Bass tried to build his money empire on his own, it all looked more like a fake musician who is so lazy because of his busy lunches. In “How to Succeed in America,” the guys have only the swag and the belief in their dreams. Here it is already looking at them from the glossy covers of magazines, all that’s left is to touch it! I want to quote the words of Steve Jobs, who, like our heroes, started small: “Stay hungry, stay reckless.

As mentioned above, New York City has many faces. You can look at it through the tinted windows of your own limousine, or from under a dirty hood with an embittered gaze. In the show, it’s a city of possibilities, realized and freshly conceived with ideas. Ben and Cam still have a long way to go through the thorns to their American dream. One way or another, from the opening credits of each episode to the final minutes of the timeline, their lives are not easy. And, thanks to “How to Succeed in America”, you instantly want to get out of your chair and start acting.

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