How to stop loving your husband?

How to fall out of love with your husband

Getting married, none of us are planning a divorce. We hope to live happily with our betrothed and die on the same day. But it happens, he does not meet our expectations and separation is inevitable. The trouble is that feelings live on their own, and a stamp in the passport, ruthlessly crossed out your family does not cancel them. What to do if the attraction to her ex-husband does not disappear, how to unglue him?

First honestly answer yourself the question – but do I have to? Maybe you want to join the ranks of those who suffer from love addiction? For years to look at expensive photos, wiping away your tears? Spend evenings chasing away intrusive thoughts? Or come up with excuses to meet again? If that prospect seems terrifying to you, and you’ve made a firm decision to get over this love, congratulate yourself – one important step on the road to freedom you have already made.

IMPORTANT: Uncontrolled passion, obsession with the object of love – a kind of co-dependence, the power comparable to alcoholism and drug addiction.

How to ruin her husband, who betrayed.

It is not uncommon for marital infidelity to be the cause of a broken family. We all put our own meaning into this concept. For some people a stumbling block is a friendly correspondence in a social network, and someone and the casual intimate connection will consider the trifle, not worthy even a good quarrel.

It would be nice to find out the views of the chosen one before marriage, but who thinks about it when he is in love? More often than not the betrayal comes out of the blue, and we cannot bear it and file for divorce. What should we do in this case?

Give vent to your anger.

Do not talk yourself that you are “above it” and he is not worth your tears. He is not worth it, but you are not crying about him. You’re crying about your unfulfilled dreams, your misguided trust. Your anger is a natural reaction, take time for it.

Stop looking to yourself for what happened.

A man who goes to the side, he does it, even if his wife is a beauty queen who can bake delicious cakes and has unique abilities in sex. Don’t dig around inside yourself, looking for the mistakes that supposedly pushed him to take that step. Maybe they were, but your husband had a chance to talk to you to change the situation together, but he chose adultery.

Don’t get stuck in the past.

No matter how much it hurts, what happened cannot be undone. It is a reality that you will have to live with. Accept this fact and shift your focus to the future.

IMPORTANT: You don’t have to rush into the arms of the first person you meet. The principle of “like cures like” does not work here. There is a great danger that in a hurry, you will choose inappropriate object of love, and then the craving will only intensify.

What to do if you are still living under the same roof.

Sometimes spouses continue to live together after a divorce, because the process of exchanging an apartment and finding a place to live is delayed. How to peacefully coexist in the same territory with the person you do not want to see at all?

  1. Agree on the management of the household. Meals, maintaining cleanliness, payment of bills – these and other issues are better to discuss.
  2. Try to spend less time at home, load yourself up on sports, meetings with friends, trips to the theater.
  3. If there are children, distribute the responsibilities for their education. Do not involve the child in your relationship, offering a new version of a “bad” dad.
  4. Don’t be reflective about “Maybe I jumped the gun?” and don’t fall for your ex-husband’s “Let’s go back to the way things were” suggestions. You know yourself that it will not work.

Is it possible to fall out of love with her husband quickly

The desire to quickly forget everything is understandable. Many people try to force themselves into a bright future, ignoring their worries. Some burden themselves with work, others are trying to disconnect with alcohol, and some pretend that nothing happened, and imitate a storm of fun. Nothing good comes from such strategies.

Disappointment in a loved one is very painful. As one famous song says: “Parting is a little death. You have to reconstruct not only the settled way of daily life, but also the thoughts that every action habitually correlate with the still beloved husband. How long you will have a clenching heart at the memory of the betrayal, no one can say. It all depends on mental plasticity and personal mood. On average, psychologists dedicate a year to this process, so have patience and remember Solomon’s “all things pass.

IMPORTANT. If you feel that you can not cope alone, if all around have ceased to please, do not want anything, and in thoughts you are constantly chewing the same thing, then consult a specialist.

This does not mean that you should passively wait for everything to go away by itself. Any illness has to be treated. Co-dependency, as nothing more than a disease, needs urgent surgical intervention.

Psychologists’ tips for getting rid of codependency

  1. Learn to shift attention to yourself and your feelings. Not “Oh, what a bastard he is!”, but “How do I feel about this?” Write down everything that comes into your head. It will save you energy.
  2. Take a biased view of your husband. If he was capable of stabbing you in the back, surely he will have other faults. It’s time to notice them and look closely under the magnifying glass.
  3. Start taking care of yourself. Think about your strengths, ask your friends to tell them why they love and appreciate you. Make it a rule to praise yourself for everything you are good at. Make a good borscht or beautiful knitting? What a clever girl! You’d be surprised how many women can not do it!
  4. Do not strive to be good for everyone. If you have a choice to go to the beautician or once again replace a colleague for a couple of hours, choose yourself and the beautician. Sometimes it’s good to put yourself first, it means you respect yourself.
  5. Stand up for your boundaries. Be straightforward about what you’re not comfortable with. Learn to say no and do not feel guilty about it – your right not to accept what you do not like, no discussion! You’re not going to eat something you’re disgusted with. So why tolerate, for example, rudeness man, justifying it with fatigue or a difficult period at work.

And remember, the most important thing in treatment is regularity. Take small steps, but every day and the results will show very soon.

10 tips on how to fall out of love with a man

How to fall out of love with a man, you should think about exactly when this feeling brings not joy, but only frustration. Understand that the task seems impossible only at first glance. In fact, there are a lot of ways to get rid of a toxic relationship.

If you have made a firm decision, then our article will definitely help you understand where to move forward. It is important to understand that it is necessary to pass this difficult path in order to give yourself a chance for a new mutual great love in the future.

7 situations when you need to break up with a man

More often than not, women fall in love with men who are not right for them and have no chance of being together. If a woman has had the misfortune to fall in love with a man but cannot be with him, it is likely one of the following reasons:

The man has admitted that he doesn’t love you and has decided to end the relationship. If you don’t agree to unrequited love, it’s best to leave right away and think about how to break up with a man who has left you.

You realize that you love a man and he only allows himself to be loved, purely for physical pleasure.

Man puts strict limits and conditions, for the opportunity to be with him: quit your job and devote himself to taking care of the family, not to communicate with girlfriends, not interested in the family finances, and sit in the kitchen and cook borscht, etc. If you submit to such a tyrant, you will quickly lose yourself as a person. After a while your obedience will be taken for granted, and the slightest disobedience will be immediately suppressed. You lose yourself, and the man quickly get tired of the faceless, submissive wife. In addition, men begin unwarranted attacks of jealousy and dissatisfaction. And sometimes it can be a real threat to health and life. Not many have the strength to withstand the rigid pressure. To be near such a man is impossible, even if it is still a lot of his love.

For many men, the main woman is always a mother. He always listens to her opinion, her problems are in priority, and you also have to please her and agree with her every step. Few brides have succeeded in overthrowing their mother from the throne. So don’t waste your best years in a futile struggle. It’s better to leave your son to his mother and go away yourself.

Your man is spineless stooge and happily shifts responsibility to your fragile shoulders. You turn into his mommy, or become the man of the house. Or vice versa, the man – a tyrant with a bad temper. Next to him you have to adjust to his whims and fulfill all his requirements. In any of these cases, long to be near your loved one is not possible. It is easier to force yourself to stop loving a man.

It happens that the words “faithfulness” and “love” people understand differently. He may without conscience cheat on you. Or give signs of attention to the girl at the next table, even though he invited you for a romantic dinner. And sincerely indignant in response to your rightful indignation. It’s up to you to decide – or constantly worry about this, or to find a way to ruin a man who does not appreciate you.

The most common and hopeless case – you fell in love with a married man. You sincerely believe that he will leave the family for you, and you will build a strong relationship with him. But this is not the case. Your fate – to be with him as a mistress. And as long as you cling to this relationship, your own happiness will be moving away from you further and further. Know – a married man is happy with everything, and he will not change anything. Only you can end this farce. There is a particularly severe form of falling out with a married man, if you yourself are married. Here’s one piece of advice – shift your attention to your husband. Take advice to make it easier to get over the suffering after the breakup.

Read the system, where the detailed “instructions” of how to break up with a man. You will go through “rehabilitation” quickly and painlessly. Applying the system, sometimes you get the exact opposite result – after seeing the changes that have occurred, the man again shows interest and returns to the woman. But often he is no longer needed.

10 tips on how to break up with a man and learn to move on

1. stop complaining

After a divorce, women make a huge mistake – complain about the ex, talk about his shortcomings, revealing details of an intimate nature.

There is no need to ask for advice from everyone you meet. Their advice may not suit you, or even harm, because based on their personal experience, not yours.

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