How to start communicating with a guy by correspondence?

What to write a guy on the dating site: some tips that everyone should know…

A guy should make the first move… A man should write first… A girl should wait for her betrothed… All these phrases from an early age are fixed in the women’s consciousness, completely discouraging the desire to meet her love. And if before the creation of the family did not think much about feelings: if you liked a girl, you came, you got engaged, the wedding took place and the family began. But now times have changed radically, and this approach is not relevant at all.

Today’s girls need to forget about the passive search for a soul mate and waiting out the weather, and take the position of the predator: a bold, sociable, assertive. And the best platform for finding his “prey” will be dating sites. Here, without much difficulty you can get any kind of acquaintance. But first of all, you need to determine their goals.

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Dating goals

It would seem that what could be the goal of online dating? Of course to find a husband. But it is not so! The purposes of communication on the Internet are quite diverse, and here are the main ones:

  • Serious relationships – undoubtedly, this is the most important purpose of dating on specialized services. Every girl dreams to become the happy owner of a wedding ring and a noble prince.
  • Friendship and communication – oddly enough, but this goal has a place on dating services. After all, love is not the only pleasure, sometimes you just want to communicate with a person close in spirit, and it is not always easy to find such a person among your acquaintances.
  • Finding a sponsor – who said “You can’t forbid living beautifully” was absolutely right, and some girls know how to make their dreams of a luxurious life come true. There are a lot of websites with sponsors and concubines on the internet, searching for generous men, who are able to fulfill any desires of the fair sex.
  • Intimate relationships – where to go without them! It is not always men who need this kind of relationship. Girls also want affection and tenderness in strong male hands. It is stupid to begin a serious relationship just because of the lack of sexual gratification, because it is much easier to find a companion for the night on the network.

Properly setting goals, you will be able to immediately cut off all the unnecessary services that do not intersect with your plans and narrow your search by registering only a few sites with the right audience.

Where to start?

When the goals are identified and set, it’s time to take it a step further and prepare the ground for future communication. And here comes the question, “Where do I start?” .

And you have to start with yourself. After all, without the proper wrapping, even the tastiest candy will attract little interest. That is why, after registering on the site, do not immediately terrorize the search, looking through thousands of photos and profiles. First of all, you should pay attention to your profile: is everything good in it, is the information needed stated and, of course, are the photos worthy? They play an important role in “catching on bait”. It’s no secret that you meet a guy by his clothes, but see him off by his brains. So if the photos do not lure the guy, then the conversation may not come to this. Professional photos, shots that hide flaws, no selfies a la home at the table, against the wall, by the tree, etc. – These are the main rules for choosing a photo to attract the opposite sex. If you are not looking for a sponsor, you should also refuse intimate photos.

Do not forget about the information in the questionnaire. A woman will look at your profile before she contacts you and if it’s empty or full of junk, she’ll just ignore it. Provide a brief introduction, including your real personal information and your dating goals. But don’t shout over the web that “this girl needs a husband right away, and she’s ready for anyone, and this is your last chance. These examples can be listed forever, but the result of them is the same – men run from these women, running without a glance, “forgetting the bathrobe and slippers”, run. So do not forget about your dignity.

Don’t forget about the guy’s profile either. Do not write to men just looking at their main photo, because it’s the best a priori, so before the first message you should evaluate everything else in the profile of a user, deciding for yourself whether the work is worth it.

So, the profile is put in order, and the portfolio contains only selected photos. It would seem that you are armed and ready to go into battle at any second, but it is worth to re-insure and read a few more rules of online dating.

The Beginning of communication: a few important rules for successful online dating

Men’s profiles are selected, likes are built – now it’s time to write your first “Hello”. But before you send your first message, perhaps your destiny, remember:

  • Brevity is not only the sister of talent, but also your sister. Men do not like a lot of lines, so if in the greeting message you set out to him a whole petition, with a story about your whole life, plans for the future and all your relatives, then do not be surprised that you will be in the admirer blacklist without a single “Hello”. From poems and aphorisms is also better to give up: men will not appreciate this.
  • “How are you?” – A little help to start a conversation. No matter how interesting and unusual the greeting was, further communication can stagnate on it, but the question about how the man is doing will be an excuse to continue it. Moreover, the culture of the interlocutor will not allow you to ignore the answer question “And how are yours?”, and then it’s up to you.
  • Grammatical errors are a concrete wall on the way to meeting a man. Not all of us, of course, know your native language by 5 +, but to make mistakes in banal words and phrases is unacceptable. Some men can “turn a blind eye” to gaps in the knowledge of the interlocutor, but such individuals are few, and for the most part, their level of culture and education is not far from zero, and they simply have not noticed your mistake. In most cases, the error from the first message prompts men to say to these ladies not just “Bye”, but a loud “Goodbye!
  • Specificity is the basis for fruitful communication. And it is appropriate even in online dating. Men are not like us, so all these poems, sweet romantic stories about eternal love and discussions about beauty are simply incomprehensible to them. They are not interested in it, and, consequently, the interest in the girl with such conversations will fade instantly. Choose topics that are relevant for this particular guy to talk about and add a little knowledge about them. If it’s just the beginning of a conversation, discuss the news, the weather, interesting events – anything not related to romance, household chores and ladies’ stuff with your interlocutor.
  • Refrain from complimenting the man. Taking the initiative to start dating first is certainly a good thing, but do not get carried away with “trying on” male behavior. Therefore, no matter how you would like to please the chosen one, you should refrain from praising him (especially his appearance). Do not forget that all men are hunters by nature, and if the victim of one of their words melts, then all desire to win her vanish without a trace.
  • Down with worry. No need to worry about what to write first, how to establish themselves. And definitely don’t get upset if things don’t work out as smoothly as you’d like the first time around. It’s just a dating site and it’s not worth the hassle. If one guy doesn’t work out, a better one will.

The first phrase that will not leave a guy indifferent.

And here comes the moment of truth – the first phrase! How not to “fall in the mud” here, so that the guy you like will not run away from you, barely after reading a few messages. A banal “Hello” and “Hello” has long been failed to surprise any man, so you have to take the “surprise”. We surfed the internet and specifically for you have selected unusual phrases that will certainly interest guys and cause a desire to get to know you better:

  1. Good evening, mysterious stranger!
  2. Hello, aren’t you by any chance the prince I’ve been waiting for?
  3. I’m usually a modest man, but I can’t be modest here. Let’s get acquainted already!
  4. Hey, can’t you help me? What can I get a guy I really like?
  5. I’m doing a social survey on online dating, can you answer me a few questions.
  6. What kind of shirts are in fashion right now? I have to buy a gift for my dad, and I know about shirts like I know about drills.
  7. Do you think you can build a serious relationship online, or why are you here?
  8. Were you looking for a princess? Here I am.
  9. Do you think I like you better than you like me?
  10. Oh, hello. Tonight’s a great night, can I cheer you up?
  11. Greetings, man! How are you feeling?
  12. Do you know what an electric shock is? That’s what came over me when I saw your picture.
  13. Hi! Are you on social media, too? So do I. Do you play the trumpet? Neither do I. See how much we look alike?
  14. You’re so thoughtful and serious and yet cute!
  15. You look like the guy in my dream. He was accompanied by a white horse. Isn’t that you?
  16. I bet you can’t guess my name.
  17. Hey, did you hear you’re good-looking?
  18. Can you give me a hand? Can you tell me how to change the oil in a “car brand”?
  19. Hi there! I’m selling happiness! I can give it to you for free.
  20. Hi there! I’m your fairy godmother!
  21. What’s such a handsome man looking for a girl online? I’m sure there’s no shortage of girls in real life.
  22. I’ve been waiting for you to make your first move, so hi!
  23. Hi, did you sign up to be my prince?
  24. I want to dispel the myth that a good-looking guy can’t be an interesting conversationalist. Can you help me?
  25. I look at you and I realize it’s about time we got acquainted!
  26. What kind of movies do you like? Especially after 11 p.m.?
  27. I want to ask a question – what should I write in a message to someone I like?
  28. I looked at your pics and forgot to meet you. Hi there!
  29. Hi! My name is… What’s yours?
  30. Why so sad in the picture? Don’t be sad. Life is amazing and interesting because I’m in it.
  31. Shall we start talking or stop with the likes?
  32. Hi, how’s your sense of humor?
  33. I, too, like this square (city, place). I wonder what else we have in common?
  34. Do you remember me? You dreamt about me!
  35. You know, I dropped my happiness somewhere. A longing in my soul. Didn’t you find it in yours?
  36. Want to flirt?
  37. Hey, do you mind if I come into your life?
  38. It’s amazing how an ordinary photograph can convey so much emotion.
  39. Would you help me learn how to talk to guys?
  40. Yay! I found you!
  41. So much mystery in that look. Can you tell me any of the secrets?
  42. Hello, I’m doing a census and I want to start with you.
  43. How is a guy like you not already ringed?
  44. Hi. I’ve been looking for you for so long. And it turns out you’re here.
  45. Hi, can I trade my free time to talk to you?
  46. Have you ever been in love? Tell me, what was it like?
  47. I stumbled across your profile and now I can’t help but wonder…
  48. Would you forgive yourself if you ignored me?
  49. Hello, how does a man like you let his wife go online alone?
  50. Can I start a light flirtation with you?
  51. What’s new in your town? I used to study there!
  52. You don’t mind flirting?
  53. What are you doing tonight?
  54. To cheer you up?
  55. Did you emerge from a fairy tale?
  56. What is more important to you than friendship or love?
  57. What is your attitude toward enterprising girls?
  58. I’ve definitely seen you, can you remind me where?
  59. How do you feel about love from the first night? I’m personally in favor of it!
  60. Why do guys like stupid girls?
  61. Hi! The places in your pictures are amazing. Where are these?
  62. You know, I think you and I have a lot in common!
  63. How about a casual conversation?
  64. Are you into archery? I’ve always wanted to meet a guy who reminds me of Robin Hood.
  65. Well, I’m familiar with the advantages in your profile, but what about the disadvantages?
  66. Hi! I’m writing an article about what are the best phrases to start dating a man. Can you help me decide?
  67. I’m writing an article about web dating. Can you answer some questions?
  68. Man, can you tell me if you’re interested in me?
  69. Man, would you like to meet me?
  70. Is it true that men are polygamous or do I have a chance to be the one?

How to keep your interest in correspondence

With the first phrases solved, now it’s time to do battle! And here it is already sent – an interesting phrase that solves everything. Will it respond or not? How long the time lasts in these minutes of anticipation … And then the answer … And then what? How to hold his attention so his interest never wanes? ¶ How do you win him over? ¶

Causing interest in guys – a task that most girls can cope with, but to keep this interest for a long time, translating communication online into real life – not an easy task, but if you try, it is feasible.

Do not think that after the first phrases sweetheart will fall in love with you and run to the jewelry store for a wedding ring. This, alas, does not happen. You will have to work hard on yourself.

  • Learn how to generate themes: so you will have the opportunity to switch from a boring conversation to a fresh one without a hitch, thereby maintaining the interest of the interlocutor. Learn in advance the most popular “male” topics, so you can conquer the admirer with your erudition and competence in such “non-feminine” matters. And better yet, ask good questions of the guy and learn everything about him.
  • A regular correspondence is often quite boring and boring, so don’t forget to “spice it up” with interesting photos.
  • Even if you are an “iron lady,” do not show it in communication with a man in any case. Guys do not like strong women. Show yourself weak and defenseless, requiring his support and care.
  • Mystery woman – communication with a girl like this not only excites interest in the interlocutor, but also supports the desire to unravel all of her secrets, which means that you will still correspond and not just once.
  • Interested in the life of interlocutor, talk about him, his hobbies, but without superfanaticism, otherwise a pleasant conversation for a man will turn into an obsessive pursuit, from which they will quickly escape without looking back.
  • The same goes for endless messages like “Where are you gone?”, “Why don’t you write?” – If you make it clear that he’s your last hope, he won’t be.

Now you are prepared to communicate fully online and find the one with whom you want to spend the rest of your days, so go for it! Good luck!

How to talk to a guy online

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When communicating with a guy online, sometimes it’s not so easy to keep the conversation going! However, don’t worry. Asking him a few questions will be enough to get him started, and a conversation will start in no time. One great way to keep him talking is to ask him about himself, and then work on finding common interests.

  • For example, say, “Hey, what will you choose, Star Trek or Star Wars?”-or, “Your last meal of your life: steak or lobster?”

  • For example, you might say something like, “What adorable short shorts. Did you steal them from your sister?”, or, “Did you borrow that cute baby to attract girls?”

  • For example, if he says on his profile that he likes heavy metal, you might say, “Do you like heavy metal? Can you recommend a good band? I’ve always been interested in this genre, but I’m a little confused by the abundance of choices.” If his profile doesn’t have much information, you could try, “I’m new to the area. Can you recommend a good grocery store (or restaurant/cinema)?”

  • For example, you could say, “I see you work at Coca-Cola. What do you do there?”, or, “Your profile says you’re into music. What’s your favorite band? Do you play any musical instrument?”

  • You could say, “You have a very beautiful smile!”, – “Are you a teacher? Super!”, – or, “Your profile is amazing! You can write beautifully.”

Wait for the guy to respond so you don’t seem overly impatient. If you send five messages in a row with a set of questions in each one, you’re likely to seem too annoying. Although you want to show your interest, don’t look like a stalker! Ask one or two questions in one message, and if he doesn’t answer, look for another interlocutor. [6] X Source of Information

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