How to start a new life?

How to start a new life and change yourself

How often have you said to yourself, “That’s it,” From Monday I start my life again!”? And how many people make a similar promise to themselves on New Year’s Eve or their next birthday. Even the happiest and most prosperous person can have those moments in life when he or she wants to quit. You want to erase the past and start your life completely from scratch. Why are people so eager to say goodbye to their past and start a new unknown voyage of discovery? This desire may arise from extreme fatigue, surfeit of commonplace or as a result of stress. The reasons for such a radical change are many and all of them are strictly individual. But, having made the decision to say goodbye to the past, many are faced with a problem of not knowing how to start a new life and change yourself.

After all, a significant portion of life is lived according to certain principles and motives, was aimed at achieving any specific goals. And the new life implies total changes in all spheres of human life and activities. Where to find strength for this and where to start such global changes?

Reasons to say goodbye to the past

Of course, it’s impossible to identify any causes that are relevant to everyone. But there are many typical and similar situations in which people simply need to start over.


One of the most common reasons is the divorce of a married couple, separation after a long relationship. Most people who find themselves in such a situation, it is quite logical to ask the question of how to live further. Most likely, life will have to start over:

  • to revise the usual home routine or completely from scratch to build a life
  • Get used to a new family situation
  • Learn to live independently, without a partner’s shoulder.

It is believed that the separation is twice as hard for those who were abandoned. Which means they will have to work twice as hard to figure out how to start a new life after a divorce.

Death of a loved one

Another reason is the death of a loved one. In such a situation, before starting a new life and changing yourself, the bereaved person needs to cope with a difficult state of mind, overcome depression and stress. After all, such psychological trauma is characterized by a state of apathy and constant fatigue, and building a new way of life requires a large amount of energy and vitality.

How to encourage a desire to change

The most compelling reasons for a person to have a desire to start life anew are stressful situations and complete dissatisfaction with the present way of life.

Whatever the reasons may be that have prompted one to undo all past experiences, there is one fact that must be clearly understood and fully accepted to begin with. A negative past experience is like a suitcase without a handle: it’s a shame to throw it away, and it’s hard to carry it. If you’ve learned all the lessons you need to learn from such experiences, you need to be able to say goodbye to painful memories without regret. You need to be able to forget the events of bygone years and stop reflecting on your past without end. Instead, you need to evaluate your present and develop ways to begin a new life.

The past is as dead as a broken gramophone record. Chasing the past is a thankless exercise, and if you want to be sure of that, go to the places of your former struggles. © Ernest Hemingway

How to let go of the past

If you carry the weight of bygone years under your belt and you’re always thinking about the past, it’s not just difficult, it’s almost impossible to start a new life. But for many people it’s very hard to let go of past memories, even if they are sad and painful.

So how do you let go of the past and start living again?

  1. Stop replaying possible scenarios in your head. Exclude from your thoughts: “But what if then, I did so-and-so. What was done, you can not return, so do not fill your head with useless thoughts.
  2. Try not to make mistakes in the present, so then do not regret them. For some reason, human memory is arranged in such a way that the negative memories linger in it longer than the happy moments. You create your past by your actions today. And it is in your power to make it cloudless and pleasant.
  3. Chase away the fear of change. Give yourself the attitude that the new life will be much better and happier. If you yourself believe it, then, without a doubt, so it will be.
  4. Carry out an audit in the house, getting rid of all the things that remind you of the past. The same can be done with regard to the people around you, with whom, for whatever personal reasons, you have long wanted to stop contact.
  5. Love yourself . After all, for the person you love, you always want to do everything in the best way, fence off all the troubles. Become such a person for yourself.

Where to start a new life

An easy way to start a new life is to follow the tips below.

  1. Above all, follow the rule of immediacy . Don’t start your new life on Monday, the first of the month or the new year. If you have already decided to change, now is the time to do it. Most likely, you are delaying the moment, because you subconsciously succumb to the fear of change. Remember that in any case the most important thing – it is to start to act, and then the changes will rapidly move, like a snowball.
  2. The next task after parting with the past, will be a farewell to the present. If a person thinks about how to start a new life and change himself, it logically follows that this individual is not quite satisfied with his present. Think about what and from whom you would like to get rid of, what you would like to change. You can make a list of all these things and symbolically burn it – by eliminating the material evidence of your present, it will be easier to let it go morally.
  3. Change your habits. It is better to get rid of negative habits in general, but you should also reconsider the usual everyday things that you do purely on automatic. For example, instead of the usual morning cup of coffee, start taking a cold shower. Are you used to sit in an armchair after work and aimlessly watch TV? Try not to turn on the TV at all. Yes, it won’t be easy at first, you’ll have to step over yourself, but the positive results won’t be long in coming. After two months – according to psychologists, that’s how long it takes to get rid of old habits and develop new ones – you’ll notice that you have become a completely different person.
  4. Change your hobbies, find new hobbies. How do you start a new life and change yourself if you don’t start trying to do something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, but were afraid or couldn’t afford? A new life is the time to make all your wildest dreams come true.
  5. Change your social circle. Make new friends, meet people, communication with whom you enjoy and benefit. Seek to communicate with positive and successful people – they will motivate you to strive for your ideal and achieve your goals.
  6. Make drastic changes, like a change of home or job . Maybe you’ve wanted to change your activity in general, to try something completely new. If you have long wanted to learn cycling, then why not change the office chair on the saddle of a bicycle.
  7. Do not be afraid of failure. Everything in this world is learned by trial and error. And if you stumble on something that is not a reason to stop moving forward.
  8. Work on yourself. And do it all the time. After all, the permanent self-development – the right path to success and harmony in the soul.

Changing yourself – 10 effective methods

In order to find the strength and energy to change your life for the better, you need to make adjustments to his personality, change character and habits. Otherwise, how can you change your life for the better, remaining the same? After all, you are exactly as you are now, you have created a present that does not suit you, and which you are trying to radically reshape in a new way. If you haven’t yet developed your own individual strategy on how to start a new life and change yourself, then take a look at the collection of psychologists’ tips below in our article.

10 methods on how to change for the better:

  1. Nurture a positive mindset . If you constantly set yourself up and think in a positive way, over time you will notice that the world around you also accepts you with joy. Known psychological law of exchange: what you give, you receive.
  2. Learn to see the positive in others, try to be optimistic. Surely you yourself enjoy communicating with smiling and hospitable people. So why do not become the same, that you will reach out to people.
  3. Do not forget about your appearance – because the appearance perfectly reflects the inner changes. Do not dramatically and dramatically change their appearance, if you are not ready for this. Enough will be neat and clean appearance to endear yourself to others and most feel comfortable.
  4. Eliminate bad habits. Smoking and alcohol are active depressants that are irritating to the psyche. It is difficult for an addicted person to find harmony with his or her inner self.
  5. Stick to a daily routine. Sleep at least 8 hours a day, accustom yourself to get up and go to bed at about the same time. A daily routine is good for the psyche as well as the physical health of the person.
  6. Switch to a proper diet. Down with food junk like fast food. Include only healthy and natural products in your menu. In addition to avoiding gastrointestinal problems and improving your well-being, eating right is an unusually practical and low-cost option.
  7. Exercise . It is not necessary to torture yourself with exhausting workouts in the gym. It will be enough to have a light jog or daily morning exercises. Even minimal physical activity will keep the body in tone.
  8. Become the master of your emotions. A restrained person who can control his inner impulses is less susceptible to everyday stresses. And thus it is easier to adapt to changes and new conditions of life.
  9. Find your motivation . If you know exactly why you need to change, then all the changes and work on yourself will be given with ease.
  10. Engage in self-development . Read books, listen to good music, improve in your favorite business. Self-development is a great driving force, which makes a person better and better every day.

How to start a new life and change yourself

That’s exactly where you should start. All changes in life start in our heads. Only by setting the right mental attitude can we make changes in our lives.

People are so afraid to take a step toward a new life that they are willing to turn a blind eye to everything that does not suit them. But it’s even scarier: waking up one day and realizing that everything around you is wrong. © Confucius

We hope that in our article you were able to find for yourself the answers on how to start a new life and change yourself. According to a well-known saying, if you think you need to change something, you don’t. Discard all doubts and fears, and boldly go forward to a new life and new victories. Remember that only you yourself – the creator of your own destiny, and only you decide – whether to be content with the gray present or to turn the page and open yourself to a new and better life.

How to start a new life?

Have past attempts, to start a new life, ended in futility? It often feels like it’s too late to change things, life is spent and all opportunities are lost. Don’t be timid. All is not yet lost. How do you start a new life and become truly happy?

How do you know you need a change?

“If you’re not happy with the place you’re in, change it. You’re not a tree!” Jim Rohn

Sometimes we get overwhelmed with depression and frustration with life that we can’t figure out what the cause is. Something is holding us back, there is no happiness, and all we are left with is fatigue and irritation. Do we need a change in life? How do we know that a life change is urgently needed?

  • Hate every morning as soon as you open your eyes.
  • Hate Mondays and other weekdays
  • Hate your job and what you do.
  • Feel like a tired, hunted horse going in circles.
  • Every day is similar to the previous day and nothing new happens
  • You are bored with absolutely everything and everything disgusts you
  • You don’t have people who understand or are like you
  • You have no free time and there is only rut, vanity and boredom around
  • Burnt out emotionally, nothing appeals or inspires you
  • Experienced disappointment from the relationship, divorce or separation
  • Can’t remember when you were happy. Rarely smile and sad all the time
  • The words “depression,” “irritation,” “quarrelsome,” and “apathy” are familiar to you
  • Tired of living and want to start all over again

When all of this is very familiar, then clearly something is going wrong in your life. More precisely, everything is not as you want it to be and what you dreamed of. In such a situation there is only one solution – change. The more items coincide, the more drastic and sweeping is required.

You can use the method of Steve Jobs. He imagined that today was his last day of life. Would he want to do today what he normally does? If you answer “no” for several days or weeks in a row, you need to change something urgently. It’s time to start a new life with a clean slate. But what exactly to do?

How do you start a new life from scratch?

1. Don’t wait for ready-made answers.

“When I am freed from who I am, I become what I can be.” Lao Tzu

Do you need advice from a psychologist on how to start a new life? No one will give you a clear and detailed plan for changing your life. There is no universal advice or instruction for change. Why? Everything is individual. Everyone has their own life, their own goals and their own dreams. Everyone has their own unique and unrepeatable path. That’s why other people’s success stories don’t work.

Don’t wait for ready-made answers for change, but look for it yourself. How do you know what to look for? The answer lies deep in your heart and soul. Even if you don’t know what you’re looking for, an initial change can provide the answers you need and new opportunities. Small changes will be the impetus for larger victories.

2. Recognize your life mistakes.

Want to start a new life with a new leaf? Try to figure out what you’re most unhappy with in this life. What are your problems and difficulties? What is the main reason for your sadness and depression?

Are you unhappy with your relationships, frustrated with your job, lack of free time, problems with your loved ones, lack of money, lack of education, no prospects in life, people around you do not understand, cannot do what you love?

3. what do you really want?

“You can change anything. The main thing – to be able to spit on the routine of endless problems, to promise yourself a dream. Promises to yourself are usually the most categorical, because you don’t want to lie to yourself. Especially when you are often lied to by those around you…”. Elchin Safarli

Years or decades have passed, but you are still somewhere far away from your dreams and desired goals? You can start a new life only when you clearly understand what you want. And that’s the hardest part.

What is your ultimate point of change and journey? What do you really want? What do your goals look like concretely? What will work, relationships, life, hobbies look like? What does your new life represent?

Many people make the one mistake of thinking in patterns of luxurious, bohemian and slack life. Don’t imagine yourself as a lazy billionaire lying by the pool in the company of beautiful girls. That’s not the goal, but the result of some specific actions and some goals. Ask the question, “What do I want to do and how do I want to live?”

4- Change your habits and remember the discipline

“But what’s the point of traveling if you drag your comfortable home habits with you everywhere. No, let there be a new life in a new place.” Max Fry

How do you start a new life? To get something new, you have to stop doing something old. Over time we become slaves to our habits. We go to bed late and get up late. We rarely exercise and eat junk food. We often sit on social networks and watch endless soap operas. We do nothing and spend our time aimlessly.

Big undertakings require a lot of energy, vitality, and discipline. Change starts small. Go to bed on time, get up earlier, surf the internet less, avoid alcohol, get into sports, watch your diet, do the right things, stop being lazy.

5. Do what you like to do.

Adult life makes us forget our adolescent dreams. We dreamed of playing the guitar, racing a motorcycle, kayaking, painting pictures, climbing mountains, traveling. But gradually we gave up what we loved and wanted to do the most.

As you ponder what should be in your new life, think of your passions, hobbies and pastimes. Do the things you love to do. Most of the time they don’t require anything more than some free time and money. If you really wanted to, you’d find both.

Usually people are not satisfied with their job, profession, or salary level. Here you fall into the time trap of needing to start from scratch and a lower position at a certain age.

Most people prefer to pull their weight rather than change things. But don’t blame them for their cowardice. They have families to feed or are used to the old way of life. But then there’s no one to blame here. You yourself are unwilling or just afraid to change anything in life.

The bolder ones retrain, get another specialty, study or do self-education. Often a new life begins only with a new job. Job satisfaction and pay appear. It is always possible to find a more interesting and well-paid job. But only when you really want to.

7. Get to know other people.

When we were kids, we weren’t afraid to socialize with our peers, adults, and seniors. We were friends with classmates, friends in the yard, with our parents, with our aunts and uncles, and with our grandparents. But growing up, we narrow the circle of communication to the bare minimum.

New meetings will bring a lot of interesting and fresh to life. If you’re having trouble finding friends and soulmates, this will definitely help you.

Negative thoughts keep us from changing things. They pull us back. Down with the sad face in the mirror. Down with depression and pessimism. No more whining and complaining. You can’t stand people like that. Why be one of them?

Be cheerful, cheerful, cool, laughing and smiling. Be the person you’ve always imagined yourself to be. Be the person you’d want to be. Be someone you’d want to be friends with.

Watch your moods and emotions and then adjust in the right direction.

9. Make a plan. Take it one step at a time.

It’s hard to become the person you dream of all at once. Especially when the goal is big and ambitious. But you can always go step by step. Fight bad habits, study, play sports, communicate with people, grow professionally.

How do people start a new life? Make a clear, clear, specific and absolutely realistic goal, and then expand it.

  • Dreaming of the perfect girlfriend and family? Try to start approaching girls instead of missing out on opportunities time after time.
  • Dreaming of a million dollars? Set middle ground for the move. Get a new job or try a new business. Start learning a new specialty and gain new knowledge.
  • Dream of an athletic and beautiful figure? Go to the gym 2-3 times a week.
  • Dreaming of becoming an artist? Buy a drawing tablet or just a notebook with a pencil.

Make a plan to achieve your dreams. What should you do today, in this week, month, six months, year, and three years? How are things going, what do you need to change, what strategy should you follow?

Set new small goals and go for them. Move inexorably toward your dreams day by day. Celebrate your every victory over every goal, however small.

10. Don’t expect instant change in your new life

When you start a new life, you face challenges and obstacles. Change will not always be easy or easy. But any difficulties are part of any growth. When you get out of your comfort zone, you have to try and struggle.

Less self-pity, depression, negativity and anger. Anything that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Difficulties toughen you up and make you even tougher.

Don’t wait for momentary changes in your new life. It takes daily workouts to build abs. But each one gets you closer to your dreams, even if you can’t see them right away. Once you’ve started, you’ve got to win!

11) Do I have to change right away?

There are only two plans for change: prepare ahead of time or chop things off. Each has its pros and cons.

Plan #1. Prepare the ground for change.

Is it worth dropping everything at once, chopping loose ends and zeroing in on the past life? Is it really as bad as you think it is? Can things be fixed and corrected? Wouldn’t it be better to enter the change prepared?

Prepare a financial safety cushion, get a new job, learn a new specialty, pump up your professional skills. Prepare your insurance, and only then embark on the change.

Plan #2. Start your new life abruptly.

Sometimes it takes a long time to prepare when you don’t have the strength to endure right now. When everything in life is falling apart like a house of cards. When a breakup or divorce has happened. When you are unexpectedly fired from your job. When the cup of patience has long been full. When filled with strength, energy, and hatred for the old life.

I know many people who have given up absolutely everything in one moment. They’ve cut the ropes of failed relationships, quit a job they didn’t love, and moved on to other cities. They had only a backpack and dreams under their belt as they started a new life with a new leaf.

None of them regretted that leap. They considered it one of the best decisions of their lives. They plunged into the new life with a bang, like jumping off a cliff into the sea while other cowards sit on the shore. It’s scary as hell, but also pretty fucking cool.

12 What’s stopping us from starting over?

Change is always hard.

  • Are you hoping for a miracle? We always believe that someday something will help us. There won’t be a miracle, the rescuers won’t come, and we have to make our own choices.
  • Are you afraid of problems and difficulties? No one blames you for wanting to remain a caterpillar for life. Not everyone is born to be a butterfly. Born to crawl can’t fly.
  • Are you lazy and not trying hard enough? You’re looking for brakes and excuses instead of moving forward. You are too weak. Natural selection has never been abolished.

Do you need more motivation to change? If you need the strongest motivation possible, go to the mirror and take a hard look in your own eyes. Right now, go to the mirror and look at yourself intently. Go ahead.

You’ll figure it out for yourself and you’ll find the right answer. If you don’t get off your butt and just lazily keep reading the article, how do you hope to make a difference in your life?

You can read all the answers to your doubts in your look. It’s hard to lie to yourself by looking straight into the depths of your soul.

Tips for starting a new life

“Change is always scary. But no one will change your life for you. You understand the choices you have to make, but despite the fear, you move forward. That’s the main rule of success.” Paulo Coelho

Everyone expects change with a new year, a spring or a Monday. The chimes have struck, spring has passed and Monday has come, but what has changed? We can only start a new life ourselves and without any date on the calendar.

The road to the dream seems long and unreal. But the main thing is to start and get into the fight, and then we’ll see. On the way there will be many interesting forks, great companions and good opportunities. A couple of pieces of advice that can be used by everyone.

  • Get your life in order and get rid of unnecessary things
  • Change your appearance for the better
  • Start working out.
  • Limit the Internet and television.
  • Break bad habits.
  • Forget the past mistakes and defeats.
  • Find the resources and strengths you already have.
  • Make a clear plan for the future, but time-bound.
  • Don’t tell strangers about your plans.
  • Change your mood in a positive way.
  • Find like-minded people and fellow travelers in your dreams
  • Take a step toward change and a new life every day

Good luck and success with your new life. When will you start working on it? If there are only two answers. Later, tomorrow, Monday? That means everything will stay the same. Today! That’s the only right answer.

If you don’t do anything, that means you’re fine. You should just hit the road today instead of waiting for a sign from above. But if you needed a sign, here’s the sign: “Let’s go!”

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