How to spell a guy with his period?

How to enchant a man with his own period?

This spell is considered very strong and is often used when all means no longer help.

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It is necessary to know how to bewitch a man with a period correctly, so as not to cause the opposite reaction.

It is important to consider:

  • the ritual is done not on the first day of menstruation;
  • one drop of blood is enough;
  • necessarily on the rising moon.

Powerful rituals with periods

There are several basic principles of such a ritual. Either a pouch is made on menstrual blood, or it is added to food or drink. In both cases, the effect is immediate, but not as long as other, safer rituals.

The blood ritual itself has a special power, the reading of certain incantations will direct the charm to a specific action: ignite passion, make obey or bind with invisible ropes.

Another question – whether it is possible to bewitch a man with periods for a long time or forever. Magicians say, if you have decided on such a step, it is better to perform it once a month. Because it is during this period, the strong initial effect decreases and the other side of this spell is manifested – aggression or indifference.

Nevertheless, menstrual blood, getting into a man’s body, forever leaves its charming effect.

Another way that will cause an instant reaction in a man is adding to a hot drink (coffee, tea) a piece of sugar with a drop of blood. Prepare such sugar in advance. The blood should be completely absorbed and well dried.

Sugar should be divided into several small pieces and added each time in a cup with a drink.

Plot for wine or food

A drop of menstrual blood is added to a bottle of red sweet wine, a spell is read:

Afterwards, the man is treated to the wine. The time of day does not matter.

Also, during the preparation of dinner, a drop of blood is added beforehand. It will be correct to add it to the already prepared dish. The words can be repeated the same as in the first version. You can come up with something of your own. The important thing is the call itself.

A suggestion on the blood

buy in advance a white cotton shawl, but you have to use only a small scrap of it. Place a drop or two drops of blood on a fabric and leave it on a piece of paper until it dries. Then, during a full moon, burn it on a dish. If you will hear a knot on a piece of paper, put it on a board of a stove.

Now, when you will have an opportunity, simply sprinkle a small pinch of ashes in a meal or a drink of your beloved.

This method will immediately manifest itself in a changed behavior of the man. This time, you should rediscover the negative power of the negative spirit.

A spell according to a photo

If a man is far away or you do not have to be in the same company, you can do a spell by photo and menstrual blood.

Buy new three wax candles, a white handkerchief or a cloth. Prepare all necessary before midnight.

In this case, you will be able to see a picture of the chosen man and to see the picture, and then you will be able to see it:

Wrap the photo in a white handkerchief and hide together with the candles in a safe place, so that no one can see. After that, wash yourself completely and go to bed. Do not talk to anyone, and think more about the action of the incantation.

A drop of blood mark the bed where the chosen one sleeps, he will dream exciting dreams, and in reality will think of you often.

This is done as follows:

  • A drop of menstrual blood is applied to the inner seams of the bed linen, so that it is invisible.
  • If your curl, firmly tied with a red silk thread and soaked in blood is stitched into a pillow, you can be sure that your husband will not look at other women. (The bundle should dry well before this).
  • Also, a small sack with grains of wheat and a drop of blood is sewn into the pillow. This ritual is performed on the night of the full moon. On a dish they scatter grains, mix with blood, say the words:

Ritual for a married man with his ring

There is a proven and strong way to bewitch a man with his period if he is married and wears a ring.

The difficulty is to get his ring for a while. If this succeeds, it is necessary to pass your menstrual blood through the wedding ring of the married man.

For this ritual, prepare in advance a vial of blood and a clean glass. When the candles are lit, hold the ring over the glass and drip or pour out the blood so that it passes inside the ring. Three drops are enough for the charm to gain power at once.

Then the ring is washed, wiped dry and returned to the beloved. After this, he will not be able to be with his wife in one bed, in one house.

Simple charms

The inner insoles in the man’s shoes are marked with a drop of blood, while saying the words:

As the man comes into the house, “seal” the door. In the four corners, inconspicuous marks are made with monthly blood. You can say arbitrary words, that now this is your home, you stay here and do not get out.

As the man leaves you, you should drop a few drops of blood directly into his marks. This will keep him coming back to you again and again.

Leave an inconspicuous drop of blood on his clothes or an object he often uses and carries with him. For example – a jacket, a bag, a purse, a glasses case.

If you take a man’s hair, bind it with yours. Mix it with three drops of blood, dry it, burn it, and then scatter it in the wind – a man will be strongly attracted to you, he will shadow you.

The influence of a paternoster on a woman’s body is very strong.

If you do not know what to do and what to do, then you will not be able to do it with the help of a spell. This is a very strong negative influence on the physical strength of the pinion, which is necessary for the future development of the physical body. Moreover, that only a few strong witches can remove such a spell.

Many magicians do not advise to perform such actions and do not take them. How long the effect of passionate love will last depends on both the woman’s energy and the strength of the man’s spiritual state.

Real repeated cases show that one of the main side effects of such a spell is alcoholism of a man. He becomes withdrawn, dejected and aggressive. He loses his taste for life, he feels like a weak-willed and worthless person. He is haunted by failures, all plans crumble.

The woman, seeing such a turn, is disappointed. Passion fades into the background, quarrels and scandals often occur in the home.

A man really cannot leave this woman after such a spell. But the life together does not bring joy either. Sometimes everything ends tragically.

A girl should think before asking for such help from the magical powers. Whether she needs this man so much that she is ready to sacrifice her health and fate, for the sake of short happiness and passionate nights of love.

A spell for period blood at home

In love magic, you can find a huge number of strong and useful incantations. Therefore, we suggest you to read 13 strong love spells for monthly blood, acting at a distance, which work instantly and work immediately. Learn how to read them at home without consequences.

However, it is important to understand that in front of you is a type of black magic. You should think several times before using a ritual, and never forget about the potential negative consequences and dangers.

Menstrual blood and magic

There are a large number of legends associated with “women’s blood”, but you can get by with a simple explanation of the power of such magic. Essentially, the monthly blood stores that colossal reserve of energy that has not been used to form a new life. Therefore, it is possible to correctly apply this reserve in a ritual and attract love from the person you like.

Such black rituals are most effective, because blood quickly delivers information, and menstrual blood instantly awakens passion and romantic feelings. And the power is sometimes so huge that a love spell begins to work immediately after the utterance of magical words.

But the influence of such a black love spell is always difficult to predict. Monthly blood presses on instincts, awakening animal desire as well as aggression and violence. Therefore, sometimes it is difficult to predict how the person being bewitched will behave.

What is the effect of a period blood spell?

This is a black charm, so through magical actions you influence the will of the bewitched person. All his thoughts, desires and goals will be directed only at you, so from the outside it may even seem possessed.

If white rituals influence softly, then in such ritual, the transformation occurs instantly. The person is tormented by the fact that he does not possess you, so he will act more persistently and persistently. This is a magic ritual, which can be used for a period of time, but it is also a magic ritual, which can be used for a period of time.

How to conjure on a period blood

In order not to run into trouble and not to bring misfortune on yourself, clearly follow the basic rules:

  • Witchcraft exclusively in the phase of the Growing Moon;
  • Use only your own blood;
  • If you have a magic power, you must draw blood only on the third day of your menstruation, when the magic power is strongest;
  • Reverse almost impossible, so conjure only if you are 100% in love with the person and will not regret the decision;

How to strengthen the action of the blood

Monthly blood has a great influence, but you can enhance its magical abilities. Collect the blood on the third day in a glass container after sunset. Light a candle, put it near the vessel and say:

“My blood is red, hot as the flame of a candle, bring your beloved to me! If you want to become a real owner of a house, you must divide it in two or three parts. Let no earthly forces separate us. The word, the castle. In this way, you will have a strong will and a hard will.

Close the lid of the container and say:

If you want to become a friend of yours, write the words: “As my blood is dear to me, so I will love you”.

You have to make a black candle with a white candle on it.

Love spell with food

In this case, you have to make a cake with a drop of menstrual blood in it. Bake it and before serving, say:

“My blood, enter into the servant of God (name). Let him burn with love and passion for me slave of God (name) and dream only about me. My word is the law! Amen.”

Now make sure that such a treat will be eaten only by the person you ridded. Already after the first bite, his feelings to you will strengthen.

A charm with wine

If you dream to bring a love child to you, make use of red wine. Fill the glass, drop the blood and say:

“As the blood was in me, so now you are with me! Amen!”.

It is important that the man drink the offered drink at once. Only do not add blood to hot or strong alcoholic drinks, because it risks curdling.

A spell on tea or coffee

Before you another uncomplicated ritual, which can be carried out on strengthening the relationship with a permanent partner. For three days, constantly add monthly blood to the guy’s tea or coffee, saying:

“As soon as you drink my blood, immediately give me your will. Now I am the only one important to you!”.

You should not miss a day, otherwise the ritual will lose its power, and you will have to start again.

The spell for sugar and blood

At midnight, stay in private. Light the candle, look at the fire and try to imagine that the beloved person is near you now. Add 3 drops of menstrual blood to the sugar and say:

“Blood and sugar will help me to enchant my beloved, the servant of God (name). If you do not want to have a dream, you must say: “Truly, I will help you to get rid of me. You will never dream of me. Amen!”.

Allow the candle to burn up to the end, and hide the sugar under a bed for a week. Then add it in food of your beloved during three days. Only after that, the magical spell will begin to work.

Love spell on a fabric

Prepare a candle and a white cloth. At 12 o’clock at night, light the candle. Drop menstrual blood on the fabric and light it from the candle. When the ashes form and cool down, say on it:

“As this blood was with me, so now you too are only with me. Amen!”.

If you want to have a love spell, you must use the same words and the same words. Such a love spell has an incredibly strong effect for a long time.

A love spell on blood and candles

Take 13 consecrated in a temple candles, a red plate and cahor. Place on the floor the plate with red wine. Place 13 lighted candles around it (burn against the clock hand) and stand in a circle by yourself. Add 9 drops of menstrual blood to the wine and say:

“Forces of light I call, in a way-road I equip. In this case, you will be able to take your heart and soul in the palm of your hand. In this case, you will have to do it in your own hands. We will be together from this hour forever. And no misfortune will separate us. And no misfortune will separate us. Amen.

Now cover the plate with a towel and in the reverse order extinguish the candles. If it is necessary to pour over the drink and keep it in a secret place. It is necessary to add it little by little to dishes with which you feed a man.

You can use a ritual for three candles. Buy them in a temple and witchcraft at night. Draw on each candle a name (yours and your beloved’s). Light them. Fill a pot with a small amount of water, put at the bottom any non-religious ornament and add 7 drops of menstrual blood. Now bring the container over the flame of candles and let the liquid boil. Say:

“If you will have a big heart, you will be able to see and hear the sound of your heart. If you will have a big dose of your beloved’s blood, you will get a big dose of your beloved’s blood. He will suffer in loneliness, waiting for a meeting. I am the only one he will desire, so be it”.

As soon as the water boils, extinguish the candles. Take out the ornament and hide it. Pour the water over your left shoulder at the nearest crossroads. Now, when you meet the person you want, try on the jewelry, and you will surely attract him or her.

A spell at a distance with a photo

What to do if you and the loved one are separated by distance? In this case, a love spell from a photo comes to the rescue. To carry out it, stock up:

  • wooden spoon;
  • salt;
  • monthly blood;
  • an iron container;
  • a picture of a man;

Place the photo in such a way that you can always look at it. In the process, all the time think with love about the person you have wished. Place on the stove an iron vessel (pot) with water. Add 7 pinches of salt and 7 drops of a month’s blood. Stir with a wooden spoon and say:

“You will be mine always, the ties of blood will never break”.

When the liquid boils, dip the image of the man inside and stir until the photo completely dissolves. Send it to the crossroads and pour it all into the ground. Witchcraft in such a way that no one can see you.

A strong love spell.

You can enhance your own menstrual blood and then add it to the man’s food or drink, or simply drop it on the man’s picture. Hold the container of blood with your right hand and say:

“My blood, into (man’s name) enter,

You will be able to see that you have a passion for me!

You have to say: “I have to say it with a black candle,

You have to say: “I have to say, ‘I have to say’.

Let my hot body feel,

He’ll be longing for me alone,

“So that no power will ever

I and (man’s name) will not part!”.

If you want to make a magic spell, you must do it in solitude and only in the phase of the waxing moon.

Black incantation with blood and an icon

This is a black incantation, so turn to it only on condition that it is the last chance. Beforehand, stock up:

  • a pair of red candles;
  • an image of the Mother of God;
  • a bowl;
  • a knife;

At 12 o’clock at night, light candles and put the icon upside down. Place a bowl in front of it. With a knife outline a circle around these magical instruments. Fill the bowl with menstrual blood (an odd number of drops, for example, 21). In this case, you have to use a finger of your right hand to move the bottom of the bowl counterclockwise, saying:

“My blood is hot and bubbling. As I fell in love with you (man’s name), so you will fall in love with me (your name), we will be friends forever. I’m not helping, I’m not helping, I’m not crossing myself, I’m not praying. And the Mother of God and the unclean helper are looking, and they promise you longing for (your name). If you will have a longing for (man’s name), you will have a longing for (man’s name). As it is said, as it is said, so the deed is marked by a devil.

If you will hear a voice of the incantation and the voice of the incantation, you must hear a voice of the incantation. Let the candles burn out to the end, and then hide the bowl in the freezer. Now, you will need to add the blood to a drink or food within three days.

A love spell on a month’s blood

To perform a love spell, stock up:

  • A picture of the man (full-length);
  • black candle;
  • needle;
  • vodka (100 grams);
  • horseradish root;
  • black pepper (5 peas);
  • menstrual blood;
  • piece of charcoal;

Witchcraft at midnight in the phase of the New Moon. Put on a table a lighted candle. Soak a needle in menstrual blood and stick it in a photo in the groin area. Now prepare a potion by mixing vodka, horseradish root, black pepper and 3 drops of menstrual blood. Close the lid and shake well. Seal the picture with a needle in an envelope and let the candle burn to the end.

Put the potion on an envelope with a photo and keep it in a secret place so that no one can discover it. At night, expose it under moonlight. Add it in food of the person until fully used. This will make it possible to enchant him forever.

A spell to awaken feelings

Blood magic also allows you to revive feelings in a permanent relationship by awakening the former passion in the man. Add to red wine a few drops of menstrual blood, saying:

“Blood I give you, I receive you in return.”

Make sure that a man will drink every last drop. In this night, it is important to enter with him intimacy to fix the ritual.

A spell in a cemetery

This is a black dangerous spell, but it will have the greatest impact and will definitely fulfill your desire. You need to visit the cemetery and take the earth from the grave of a person who lived a righteous life (don’t take from a suicidal person).

Throw 7 coins on the ground to give a payoff to the dark forces. Go home, and pour the earth into a plate where you stick a black candle. Put a photo of a man, and around it in a semicircle place 13 ordinary candles. At 12 o’clock at night, light a black candle and drip wax on the picture, drawing a cross. Say three times:

“From the sinner the earth has taken, his earthly passions have taken with him. As he indulged his passions, so you will obey me.

Add 3 drops of a month’s blood on a photo and burn the image, mixing the ashes with grave earth. On the next day, scatter it all near the house where a man lives.

When will the charm start to work

It all depends on how powerful you have chosen the ritual. Some begin to influence the next day, and others need a month. Therefore, do not repeat the ritual and do not try anything new until at least 31 days have passed.

Also, you should not forget that menstrual blood allows you to perform love spells from black magic, and this always carries the threat of potential backlash and negative consequences.

If you made a mistake, you risk facing depression, apathy, mental disorders, ill health, illness. A man may also suffer from addiction (alcohol, cigarettes, gambling), become aggressive and pursue you. Some people may even have suicidal thoughts. Therefore, if you dare to conjure, then do everything according to the rules and don’t make mistakes.

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