How to spell a guy at home?

Love spell without a photo at home

Not always girls can fall in love with guys with the help of their charm. In the most extreme cases, they have to turn to magic. Despite the great risk, love spells without a photo at home are very popular among girls. They try various rituals in the hope of finding happiness.

But not always the rituals work in the proper way. There is a probability that the charm will not only be ineffective, but also will attract misfortune. In that case, read the rules of carrying out of charms without a photo. And in order to prevent yourself from possible negativity, ask for help from our clairvoyant. She will invite you for a free consultation and will tell you how not to make a mistake in choosing a charm.

Contents of a photo divination

Rules of the rituals

It is possible to perform any kind of charm at home without a photo. But before proceeding to the ritual itself, it is worth familiarizing yourself with some rules:

  1. The best period for carrying out of charms without a photo is a full moon or a rising moon. In such a time, it has the best energetic properties.
  2. The worst day to put a curse on a guy is Sunday. Try to make the rituals on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.
  3. The best way to make a spell is to use a spell for a man. It is desirable to tune in a positive way and concentrate attention on the desired person.
  4. Do not be subjected to doubts or fears during the ritual. So it is possible to receive a negative return. It is better to tune in to the good and imagine a happy life together with the person you love.
  5. If during the reading of the incantation you experience anxiety, feel otherworldly signs, it is better to stop the ritual. It is worth to leave the room and read a prayer.

Top 4 love spells without a photo

It is not always necessary for a love ritual an image of a person. This article contains the best ways to make a charm without a photo.

Important! Even white magic rituals can cause irreparable harm not only to the victim, but also to the performer. If you are not confident in your abilities, ask for help from a proven specialist. Our clairvoyant will perform a free of charge charm, keeping your life safe.

1. A simple guy charm

To enchant a guy at home without a photo is very simple. In a short time, the effective ritual will cause the man to have light feelings of love for you. Such a ritual is different in that it does not need a long preparation.

On an auspicious day, late at night you need to sit on the bed and recite the incantation by heart:

“There is a magic stone high in the mountains. Under this stone, there is a huge power. I am mentally releasing magic power and directing it to you (name of the guy). The sacred power penetrates your body, takes possession of your heart. And forever it will belong to me. The feeling that is born in your soul will warm your body. My words will be effective, and your love will be mighty. You will be there for me always, as I will be from now on. Amen.”

2. A spell without a photo on candles

In extreme cases, desperate girls begin to read the charms without a photo at home. The ritual with candles is carried out for various purposes, including love rituals. The fact is that wax has tremendous power, which stimulates a person. It can be used for its own purposes, for example, for the love spell of a guy.

Candles of different colors have different abilities:

  • Red ones purify and bewitch;
  • Yellow ones remove obstacles that prevent you from getting a man’s attention;
  • Blue ones fight with fears that do not allow you to make the first step.

For a love spell, you need to buy three candles – red, yellow and blue. To begin, you should light the blue candle and say:

“The flame of the blue candle, deliver me from the fear of people, which prevents me from getting the attention of my betrothed.”

Place a yellow candle next to it and say the words:

“If you want to get the attention of my betrothed, you must put a yellow candle next to it and say: “Yellow candle, help me to lose all boundaries on my way to my betrothed, save me from rivals on my difficult road.

The last candle will be a red one. It is necessary to light it and read the incantation:

“If you want to get rid of my rivals on an easy way, you must light a red candle. If you will have a heart of your beloved, do not forget about it. I promise to love and cherish him, and not to leave him in trouble.

The candles must not be extinguished. If the candles will burn down, the ritual will come into force.

3. An incantation on a sheet of paper

A spell of a guy can be performed at home and without a photo. For this ritual, you will need a sheet of red paper and black paste. On the paper, you need to write the words in a neat and legible handwriting:

“Paper is like a symbol, it does not blush. Only (guy’s name) blushes when he remembers me. I will burn the paper and throw away the ashes. As the ashes will not be, your love nagryanet.

Then it is necessary to read three times spell, dripping at the same time wax on a sheet. The paper should be burned and the ashes scattered in the window. After several days, the person will start to pay attention to you.

If you do not have a photo of a man, use it as an incantation and send it to him.

If you do not have a picture of the man you want to charm, you can do a charm without a photo using a personal thing. It is not always possible to get someone’s thing and discreetly return it. In this case, you can buy some gift, which the lover will gladly accept. This thing and need to talk.

A simple ritual is performed in complete solitude, after midnight. In this case, you will have to make a tablecloth for the table and prepare a red wax candle. Light it, and place the object in the center. Say the words:

“Let the power of my thoughts be embodied in this object. Make the candle, bewitch my beloved with love. Let it be so!”

The strongest spell without a photo

One of the strongest spells without a photo is a ritual with monthly blood. When used correctly, the blood is able to excite feelings of love in the partner.

To perform the ritual, you will need your own blood and a glass of red wine. The blood must be collected on the 2nd or 3rd day of your menstruation. The ideal period is the rising moon. The ritual should be performed at midnight.

Get alone in a room, add a few drops of blood in a glass of red wine. Light a red candle and concentrate on your partner. Say the incantation:

“As you drink my blood, so you give your will.”

Then you can go to bed. The next day, you should make the guy drink a glass of wine. If he does not drink alcohol, you can put the potion in food. Fast and effective result is ensured.

How to understand that a charm works

Any spell for a guy without a photo takes time and effort. It is impossible to fall in love with a man in one day, even using the strongest ritual. If you have performed the spell correctly, then the first signs of attention will start to be given to a man in a few days. The guy will begin to experience unexplainable feelings, ask for a date and give gifts. The victim will become more romantic, will surround you with care and affection.

But you need to remember that even a strong guy’s spell gives temporary results. Gradually the magical love weakens, and the man begins to think with his head. Without a proper return, he will not be able to love you for the rest of his life. It is important during the period when the guy is surrounded by magic, to fall in love with him, also to show care and tenderness. Then the bewitched will not suspect that the strongest ritual has been performed over him, and his feelings will not fade away.

Testimonials of people who have done a charm without a photo

Before you read the charms without a photo, it is worth getting acquainted with people who have tried the magic on themselves.

Anastasia, 23 years old:

After a failed relationship, I lost the sense in finding men. I was not able to build a family on my own. Not so long ago I met a nice man, and decided to go to extreme measures – to do a spell at home. In a week, my beloved moves in with me.

I did not notice any special results after doing the spell. The man began to pay more attention, but the relationship never began.

Svetlana, 25 years old:

I did not have a picture of my soulmate, so I decided to do a spell without a photo on candles. A week later the guy asked me out.

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How to quickly cast a spell on a guy at home?

In life, there can be many situations when the question may arise, how to charm a guy at home. Usually, various magical rites seek to take advantage of those girls who are faced with unrequited love. But in this case, you should always remember that the influence of an incantation, when carried out carelessly, can harm not only the guy who is enchanted, but also the girl.

The rules of carrying out of charming rituals

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In order to bewitch a guy, read at home a charm with confidence in your rightness. You must not have the slightest doubt in your soul. You need to prepare for the spell in advance. You must refuse to take alcoholic beverages for a few days and try to save your own energy. This means that you should try to be in a balanced state and not waste energy on negative emotions.

In order to charm a guy, read at home a charm should be in a separate room. In it, it is necessary to create a special magical atmosphere. Certainly, it is necessary to clean it first and take out of it unnecessary things, because clutter can greatly reduce the energetic message. It is also important to pay attention to one’s appearance: one should remove jewelry and hair. It is desirable to conduct the ritual in loose-fitting clothes of light shades.

The first step should be to understand oneself before choosing the most suitable type of a charming ritual. To do this, it is necessary to have privacy, focusing on the image of the person whom you plan to bewitch.

Then honestly answer yourself the following questions:

  • You want to build a serious relationship with your chosen one and maybe in the future even a family.
  • Are you not afraid of the fact that the influence of an enchantment will strengthen your own feelings.
  • Will not change your attitude towards the loved one, if he changes his character, because it often happens after the use of magic.
  • You are absolutely sure, that you by your action do not destroy relations of other people.

If you unambiguously answer all questions “Yes”, then you can start choosing a spell. In this case, it is better not to use magic and try to attract attention of the person you like in other ways.

Requirements to pronunciation of magical words

In this case, it is better to pronounce the words of the incantation by memory. But if it happens that the text is too long, it is allowed to read it from a sheet, which should be decorated neatly and look like an additional attribute of the rite. It is better to write charming words on a white sheet of paper in a beautiful clear handwriting. Before the beginning of the ritual, it is necessary to read the magic words several times, it will allow you not to lose your way during the ritual, which is very important.

In this case, you have to read the words of the magical ritual in a very clear and understandable way. In intonations, there should not be any begging or pleading notes. All prescriptions of a particular ritual must be observed. During the ritual, it is necessary to think only about the goal, in the head must not be any extraneous thoughts. Any negative thoughts can reduce the energetic message, and sometimes harm participants of the magical action.

Effective simple rituals

To charm a guy without consequences at home, it is necessary to have confidence that your love for him is sincere and strong. Use incantation magic for mercenary purposes is strictly forbidden. The girl should understand that if she is going to put a curse on the guy at home, you must first carefully examine all the conditions of the ritual. If a mistake will be made, then an incantation can harm not only the chosen one, but also yourself.

Often the question how to bewitch a guy at home arises in people who have no experience or in general did not use magic to solve those or other problems in real life. In such cases, preference should be given to simple rituals. Despite their simplicity, such rituals are very effective, but you must necessarily believe in yourself, in your natural abilities in the power of magic.

Accessible ritual with an Orthodox icon

The peculiarity of this ritual is the simplicity of performance. The main thing to do is to make an enchantment with the help of a spell, which, in its turn, is to make an enchantment with the help of a spell.

For an incantation rite you need to have:

  • An Orthodox icon;
  • Church candle;
  • A little incense.

In the evening in a separate room, set the icon on the table, light a candle in front of it and concentrate on the image of the beloved. As soon as you could do it, light incense from the candle flame.

Then recite this incantation:

“As the holy incense melts and burns in the flame of a church candle, so let the heart of my beloved, Slave of God (name of the chosen one) burn with love to me, Slave of God (own name)”.

Short-term ritual with a note

This charm ritual is very simple to perform, but it requires an increased concentration of the performer. It is safe to say that the positive result of the influence depends on the power of the energy message of the performer.

For the ritual, it is necessary to have a photo of your beloved, a sheet of white paper, a pen and a red wax candle. If you want to take a picture of a person you are bewitching, it should be fresh and the eyes of your beloved should be clearly visible.

In a quiet room at late evening, put on a table a photo of a person whom you plan to be bewitch, and next to it set and light a candle.

On a sheet of paper, you must legibly write the words of the incantation:

“I direct my own sadness-sadness I, Slave of God (own name) to my beloved Slave of God (name of the chosen one). In this case, you will have to use the mirror and the coin, and then you will have to use it for your own good. Let him see my image in his dreams, let him dream of how he caresses me and kisses me. My words are strong and affectionately affirmed. Only so and not otherwise.

Then the note is set on fire from the flame of a candle and the smoke is smoked on a photo of the beloved.

At this action other magical words are pronounced:

“My sweetheart’s blood boils love and passion boils. In this way, it is possible to imagine that you will have to use the power of the moon. In this case, you will be able to make a fire and his soul will be filled with love to me.

In this case, it is not necessary to make a fire, but it is necessary to do it on a piece of paper. In a short time, the bewitched guy will begin to show you signs of attention.

With the use of a photo.

This enchantment influence can be very strong, but only if you can correctly pronounce the magic words and concentrate to perform a strong energy message. The photo used in the ritual must be fresh. But at the same time, it can be printed in any way, for example, on a computer. It is desirable that in the picture, the beloved should be printed in full size. In a ritual, it is impossible to use a blurred photo.

In order to do this, you have to sit for some time in silence and look at a photo of your beloved. If you want to do this, you have to sit in silence for a while, looking at a photo of your beloved. You must turn on all your imagination and imagine happy pictures of your life together with your beloved. Very well, if you remember the phrases that your chosen one uses in speech and his or her witty jokes. So, you will establish an energy channel through which you will influence your beloved, that is, you can charm a guy without consequences at home.

When you will feel a complete estrangement from the outside world, then utter these words:

“Falcon, my clear, my beloved, (name of the chosen one)! If you do not want to see a falcon in the sky, you have already seen enough of it. As water in a swift river swells and rolls to the blue sea, so your soul is filled with true love for me, and you strive for me with all your heart. Rainbow can not appear in the blue sky without rain, so you can not live without me. Waking up, you’ll be sad for me, and on a clear day you’ll long for me, and in the evening you’ll want to stay with me. The sun will go around the earth, but you will not see its light. And as soon as the moon rises in the sky, it will bring even greater sadness. And your sadness will go away only when you are near me. Amen”.

Say the words of this incantation must be pronounced clearly, without stuttering, realizing each phrase. This time, the magical rituals of the incantation must be strong enough to bring about the same effect in all its forms and at all times.

Different spell-casting actions at home

The question of how to enchant a guy at home can be answered in different ways. You can use a variety of ways. For example, to influence at a distance on your chosen one by strengthening your energetic love message with different methods.

With a glass of wine.

Thus, it is possible to use a glass of strong wine. At first, you should whisper a magic incantation over it with deep feeling.

It sounds like this:

“Powers of heaven! You will be able to see and hear all your feelings. Assist me, Slave of God, (own name) the power of witchcraft, so that I can enchant my soulmate, Slave of God (name of the guy). As soon as the wine in a glass will be poured, the blood of my beloved will get hot and love will wake up in him. And so it will be, as it is said.

Then, you must carefully but thoroughly shake the wine in the glass, and then drink it with closed eyes in small sips. After that, you should immediately go to bed with thoughts about your beloved. If you will have a dream about your beloved, you will have a dream about him, and then you will have a dream about the fact that the action was successful.

With milk

Instead of wine, you can use milk. It is necessary to drink it several days in a row before you go to bed, until you will not notice the first signs of attention from your beloved.

It is necessary to pour the milk into a very beautiful glass and invoke the following words:

“Almighty and Mighty God, help me, Slave of God (own name). You will be able to do it with your own hands and your own hands. Let him not be able to live without me, as a newborn cannot live without mother’s milk! Amen.”

With sunflower seeds.

To charm a guy, you can scatter sunflower seeds outside on the windowsill of your own room. After pigeons will arrive and will peck the seeds, it is necessary to put aside household chores.

And quickly say these words:

“Nice lovebirds between themselves, they also feel my sincere love. If you will not be able to do it, you will not be able to do it with your own hands. If you do not want to lose your heart, you must give up all your secrets and talismans. Let it be so that my darling will always be attracted to me and strive for me. I want, that it on me as a pigeon on the pigeon looked at”.

Make a pigeon, a pigeon, a pigeon, and a pigeon. In a little time, and the guy that you like will begin to give you signs of attention. In this case, you should stop using magic because it will be better if the relationship will develop in a natural way.

With a walnut at a distance.

If the guy that you really like is very far away, then you should not despair. After all, with the help of magic, you can awaken love in the soul of your chosen one at a distance, the main thing is to want it very much. For this, it is necessary to split in two halves a walnut. In order to make a hole in it, put a scarlet thread through it. After that, it is necessary to fill a basin with water and lower an improvised boat into it. Wrapping a thread on your finger should be imagining the image of your beloved.

At the same time, utter the following words:

“Mountains and valleys – not an obstacle, the sea – not a border. So aspire to me my beloved (name of the bewitching guy). Love is always right – I am waiting for you”.

It is important, choosing a ritual, to approach it from a rational position. It should not be complicated and confusing, as this will prevent you from focusing on the goal. It is important, before starting the ritual, to carefully study its rules and realize the smallest subtlety.

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